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Nuna IVVI vs MIXX: Which Nuna Stroller Should You Choose?

Nuna IVVI vs MIXX: Which Nuna Stroller Should You Choose?

Of all the purchases you need to make as a soon-to-be-parent, a stroller has to be one of the most important (and most expensive). Our detailed Nuna IVVI vs MIXX comparison will help you to figure out if a Nuna stroller could be the right choice for you.

Nuna is a great brand. Founded in 2010, its focus on ease of use and simple design has made it a great choice for many parents, and their strollers have won quite a few awards over the past decade.

If you’re looking for a stroller that’s going to last you from birth right up to five years or so – so, for most people, the entire time that your child will need to use a stroller – you might be tempted by either the Nuna IVVI totl or the Nuna MIXX.


The question is, which one is better?

We’ll start by looking at their main differences, so you can quickly see which one suits your situation better. Then, we’ll go through each one, in turn, looking at their design, comfort and safety features, ease of use, features, specs, and pros and cons.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: Both are great strollers, but I really preferred the styling and better manuverability in tight spaces with the Nuna MIXX here

Let’s start with what sets them apart!

Main Differences Between Nuna IVVI and Nuna MIXX

The main differences between Nuna IVVI and Nuna MIXX:

  • Nuna IVVI is a little bulky, whereas Nuna MIXX is a bit sleeker and more compact in design
  • Nuna IVVI includes a bassinet, whereas Nuna MIXX bassinet has to be purchased separately
  • Nuna IVVI has a lot of extra features like the infant tray and rain cover, whereas Nuna MIXX doesn’t include these
  • Nuna IVVI comes in two color options, whereas Nuna MIXX has four choices
  • Nuna IVVI is more expensive, whereas Nuna MIXX is slightly more affordable
  • Nuna IVVI storage basket is very big, whereas Nuna MIXX has a smaller storage basket (but has two compartments)

They do have a lot in common, too. Obviously being from the same brand means that a lot of the features and functionality, as the braking system, how easy it is to fold and unfold, and the comfort and safety features are the same or very similar (as we’ll see a little later).

But the differences boil down to this: if you want a sleeker design and you’re willing to forgo the convenience of having everything in the box ready to go, you’ll be better off with the MIXX, but if you’re not too worried about the design and you’re keen to have everything ticked off the ‘must-buy’ list in one swoop, you’ll probably prefer the IVVI.

We’ll take a look at each one in more detail, so you can see for yourself.

Nuna IVVI totl at a Glance

The Nuna IVVI totl is a stroller that is suitable from birth up to around the age of five. It’s designed to be as simple as possible to use, with everything clicking neatly into place – plus, it comes with the raincover, bassinet, and car seat adapters in the box.

On the Nuna website, the IVVI is actually listed as the ‘IVVI Totl’. Nuna used to sell the IVVI as a stroller without the bassinet included. The standalone stroller has since been discontinued (although you may still see one occasionally in a baby gear store, or second hand).

Now, if you want to buy the Nuna IVVI, you have to purchase the IVVI Totl with the bassinet included. The stroller is the same though, so if you do manage to grab the older version of the IVVI, it should still be compatible with the IVVI bassinet and car seat.

Nuna MIXX at a Glance

The Nuna MIXX series has gone through various re-designs over the years, with different iterations every so often.

The most up-to-date version, the Nuna MIXX (2019), is a stylish-looking stroller that is designed to be both sleek and functional.

It can be used in four seating positions with multiple reclining positions, and it can be used from birth right through to 50lbs.



Firstly, the Nuna IVVI looks good. Although it’s not as stylish as other strollers out there, it looks good in both the black and gray color options. However, it’s a little bulky – you might find it difficult squeezing it around tight corners.

There are four positioning options with the Nuna IVVI:

  • Parent-facing (using bassinet)
  • Parent-facing (using car seat)
  • Parent-facing (using stroller seat)
  • Forward-facing (using stroller seat)

You get the bassinet as part of the package, too, so it’s ideally suited to expectant parents or parents with very small babies. It’s suitable from birth up to 50lbs (the average size of a 5-year-old). So, used right from the start, you’re getting years of stroller use for your money.


The MIXX, in our opinion, is the more stylish of the two. It’s available in more colors (the Birch colorway is particularly nice looking), and the pushbar and armbar have a leatherette accent – making it a little more luxurious. It’s also narrower and more compact.

There are four potential positioning options with the MIXX (but it’s worth noting straight away that the MIXX doesn’t come with a bassinet – you have to purchase the MIXX bassinet separately):

  • Parent-facing (using bassinet)
  • Parent-facing (using car seat)
  • Parent-facing (using stroller seat)
  • Forward-facing (using stroller seat)

Like the IVVI, it’s suitable from birth up to 50lbs, so you’ll be getting a lot of use out of it.

Comfort and Safety


In terms of comfort for your baby, the IVVI is very comfortable. The bassinet is padded, and reviewers say their babies enjoyed long naps in comfort. It comes with a snooze shade, too, to protect younger babies from the sun (with a UPF rating of 50+).

The all-season seat is also padded and can be unzipped in the summer to reveal a mesh panel, allowing air to flow through in the summer, but keeping them cozy in the winter. Again, this comes with a sunshade to protect your older baby from harsh sunlight.

(This also comes with a peekaboo window so you can check in on them from time to time.) The calf rest is adjustable, so even as your child gets taller, they can still sit comfortably. Plus, the seat can be reclined with several positions, so if your older child wants a nap, you can get them into just the right position.

Plus, in terms of comfort for you, it’s a great stroller to push. It feels lightweight despite being on the larger size, and the suspension combined with air-foam tires works really well on bumpier terrain – great for long walks. The positioning of the push bar is adjustable, which is always a bonus.

The brakes are very sturdy – it uses a one-touch rear brake system which is simple to use.


Like the IVVI, the MIXX is very comfortable for your baby. The seat is padded and includes an extendable canopy. However, some reviewers pointed out that the seat is quite open when fully reclined – which doesn’t feel the safest when you’re transporting a newborn. Although it is technically able to be used from birth, it might be better to consider using a bassinet or car seat.


Like the IVVI, the seat cover can be unzipped in the summer, allowing air to flow through. The seat can be reclined with several positions, and the calf seat can be adjusted.

The MIXX is a little easier to push in tight spaces (due to it being a bit narrower in design) than the IVVI. The foam-filled tires are of a high quality, and the suspension is great. Plus, the push bar can be adjusted.

It is on the heavy side, so you might find public transport an issue if you need to fold it up completely.

Ease of Use



The IVVI is designed to be as simple to use as possible. No matter which position you choose, it’s really easy to snap each component securely into place. Straight out of the box, you can unfold it, click on the wheels, and that’s it – done! The adapters make it really easy to attach either the car seat or the bassinet.

The folding mechanism is also great. There are two clips on either side of the stroller which you slide down, gently folding it (it can still be wheeled around whilst folded). It also stands safely, so you won’t have to worry about it wobbling over. To unfold it, just pull the handle towards you and flip it – job done.

They recommend cleaning it with a damp cloth (no abrasives or bleach). Certain parts (like the bassinet mattress cover) can be removed and washed – a fairly straightforward process.

Nuna IVVI Stroller

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Nuna seems to have simplicity in mind because the MIXX is also easy to set up. Getting it ready to go straight out of the box is simple – just a case of unfolding it and clipping the wheels into place. Plus, getting the seat on and off and switching from parent-facing to forward-facing mode is really easy – you don’t even need to remove the seat completely to do it.

To fold it up, you fold the back of the seat forward, then push the whole thing forward. It’s intuitive according to reviewers, and like the IVVI, it can be stored upright. To unfold it, simply undo the clips on the side, unfold the frame, and then unfold the seat. It’s very simple.

To clean it, simply use a damp cloth.

Extra Features


There are a few extra features that come with the IVVI. The toddler tray is useful if you want to keep them occupied with toys or snacks, and the storage basket is pretty big – and deep – so you can fit a lot of shopping in there.

It is missing a parent console, which some people might find a bit frustrating – there’s nowhere to put your coffee on long walks (although you can get universal parent consoles, it would have been nice to have one designed to fit the IVVI).

The IVVI comes with a lot of accessories, including a footmuff, rain cover, and dual footmuff and seat liner. Having these included does help to soften the blow of the price a little bit. It also comes with car seat adapters (although you have to buy the car seat separately).


Where the MIXX falls short of the IVVI is the lack of features. It doesn’t have a toddler tray or a parent console (although it does have a pocket on the back of the seat for lightweight items). Also, the basket is nowhere near as deep as the basket included with the IVVI.

It does have two compartments though to keep your shopping organized, but you won’t be able to fit big items under there like you can with the IVVI.

It also doesn’t come with a rain cover (if you buy from the official website – other stores may have bundles or offers you can take advantage of). Plus, no bassinet. For the sake of comparison, if you buy the MIXX, the MIXX bassinet, and the rain cover, it’s still over a hundred dollars cheaper than the IVVI, but the price gap isn’t as huge as it first appears.



  • Color Choices: Caviar, Charcoal
  • Included in Box: IVVI stroller, IVVI bassinet, dual footmuff and seat liner, car seat adapters, market basket, bassinet compartment, stroller rain cover, child’s tray and handle
  • Compatible Car Seat: Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite
  • Weight: 29.8lb (not including winter seat insert, canopy or arm bar)
  • Size (folded): 25.4 (L) x 18.7 (W) x 29.2 (H) (in)
  • Size (unfolded): 42.7 (L) x 25.4 (W) x 43.1 (H) (in)
  • Recommended weight limit: Up to 50lbs


  • Color Choices: Birch, Caviar, Granite, Oxford
  • Included in Box: MIXX stroller, ring adapter
  • Compatible Car Seat: Nuna Pipa, Nuna Pipa Lite
  • Weight: 27lbs (not including winter seat insert or armbar)
  • Size (folded): 34 (L) x 23.5 (W) x 18 (H) (in)
  • Size (unfolded): 33.5 (L) x 23.4 (W) x 44.3 (H) (in)
  • Recommended weight limit: Up to 50lbs

Reviews + Awards


The Nuna IVVI won the 2014 Red Dot Award for Product Design.

Reviewers really enjoy using the IVVI. The most common word used to describe it is ‘practical’ – it’s designed to be super easy to use. The only downside is the size – for some people (especially those living in urban areas, relying on public transport) it’s just not as easy to use as a smaller stroller.


The MIXX won the 2019 Red Dot Award.

Reviewers say they really enjoy using the MIXX. Reviews are mostly very positive, with users praising how comfortable it is for their babies (no jolts due to the great suspension), plus the value for money given how long it lasts. .

The only issue a few people had was the weight – getting it in and out of the car is a bit of an effort – but it’s actually lighter than the IVVI, so it’s better in that regard.

Nuna MIXX pros cons

Pros and Cons

IVVI – Pros

  • Very easy to use
  • It’s an investment – can be used from birth up to 50lbs
  • Comes with all the accessories you’ll need (except car seat)
  • Designed to be comfortable for your baby
  • Easy to push thanks to the great suspension

IVVI – Cons

  • Not the most stylish stroller out there
  • A bit bulky when navigating through tight spaces
  • It’s on the pricier side considering you have to buy a car seat separately
  • It’s a little heavy to carry when folded

MIXX – Pros

  • It looks stylish
  • It’s very simple to use
  • It can last a long time
  • Designed to be comfortable
  • Great suspension

MIXX – Cons

  • The seat is a little too ‘open’ for newborns – you may need to buy the bassinet or car seat
  • Doesn’t come with all of the accessories you need
  • Smaller storage basket
  • It’s also heavy to carry when folded

Have These Products Been Recalled?

Neither of these products have been recalled.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you’ve got questions about the IVVI or MIXX, we might have the answer below:

Are Nuna products competitively priced?

Yes, we’d say so. In comparison to other similar brands (like UPPABaby), they’re quite similar. Given the materials used and design quality, we think that Nuna products are worth the money.

Are either of these strollers suited for tougher terrain?

Both strollers can handle some bumps in the road, but they’re not designed specifically to use on very difficult terrain. You might find with the MIXX that the smaller front wheels might not be able to cope with very harsh surfaces.

Is the IVVI or MIXX jogging-friendly?

They’re not designed to be used as jogging strollers. The suspension is great, but you’re better off using a stroller specifically designed for jogging (like the Burley Solstice Jogger or the Thule Urban Glide).

Are there any alternatives I could consider?

There are a lot of strollers that last from birth to 50lbs that you could choose from. Here are a few that we have reviewed: – The Chicco Bravo stroller is a 3-in-1 stroller that has great reviews – This UPPABaby Vista vs Bugaboo Fox comparison showcases two great options – The Graco Modes stroller has ten seating positions, making it a very flexible choice

Conclusion – is the IVVI or MIXX better?

As we mentioned right at the start, the IVVI totl is better if you want everything ready right from the start. If you want everything (except the car seat) all in one box, then the IVVI is going to be the one for you. It’s convenient, easy to use, and it has glowing reviews from happy parents. There’s a lot to love about the IVVI.

Bottom Line Summary: However, if we had to choose which one we thought was slightly better, we’d pick the MIXX. It looks nicer and is easier to navigate – this sounds like a small detail, and it might not matter to you, but it’s worth saying – and it feels a little more ‘luxurious’ with the leatherette accents. Design-wise, it looks a little more compact and easier to navigate even in tight spaces.

It’s slightly lighter than the IVVI, and it does work out cheaper even once you’ve purchased the rain cover and the bassinet. The obvious downside is having to get everything separately, but if that doesn’t bother you, we’d recommend choosing the MIXX.

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