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Some of you may have already read our post on the top best diaper rash creams to use for your baby.

However, in today’s article, we’ll be comparing two other well-known brands – Triple Paste vs Desitin. And our objective is to help you determine which one is the better buy for your young one.

We’ll help you come to a conclusion by examining the different features, ingredients, pricing, as well as the pros and cons of each product.

Main Differences Between Triple Paste vs Desitin

The main differences between Triple Paste vs Desitin are:

  • Triple Paste has a thicker texture, whereas Desitin’s formula has a lighter and creamier texture.
  • Triple Paste’s active ingredients contain
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Being a parent is never easy since from the very beginning you will have to care about whether your baby is fed enough, how to treat baby diaper rash and sensitive skin, which baby detergents to use, which moisturizer and baby wash cleansers to use when bathing your little one, which baby hair gel products …

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