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Triple Paste vs Desitin – Which is Best?

Some of you may have already read our post on the top best diaper rash creams to use for your baby.

However, in today’s article, we’ll be comparing two other well-known brands – Triple Paste vs Desitin. And our objective is to help you determine which one is the better buy for your young one.

We’ll help you come to a conclusion by examining the different features, ingredients, pricing, as well as the pros and cons of each product.

Best Overall - Desitin Diaper Rash Cream
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Main Differences Between Triple Paste vs Desitin

The main differences between Triple Paste vs Desitin are:

  • Triple Paste has a thicker texture, whereas Desitin’s formula has a lighter and creamier texture.
  • Triple Paste’s active ingredients contain Zinc Oxide, whereas Desitin’s cream contains Zinc Oxide and Magnesium which speeds the recovery time.
  • Triple Paste is useful in treating diaper rashes and yeast infection, whereas Desitin’s multi-purpose ointment can treat these and more ailments such as burns, cuts, etc.

Both ointments are fragrance-free and hypoallergenic. They also both contain beeswax. When your baby has a rash you will be advised to use a wet towel in place of wipes. But this is because some wipes contain alcohol and other additives that may cause further irritation on your baby’s skin.

Pampers aqua pure wipes are a great option for your baby’s sensitive skin if you are not up for using a towel.

What is Triple Paste?

triple paste

Triple Paste is a rash cream that provides fast and long-term relief from symptoms caused by diaper rashes. It also seals out moisture between diaper changes in an effort to prevent diaper rashes from occurring in the future. The ointment is widely recommended by pediatricians and is made with a formula gentle enough for everyday use.

Triple Paste Medicated Ointment
$29.99 ($1.87 / Ounce)
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What is Desitin?


Most parents are familiar with Desitin and its products. Generously applying their hypoallergenic cream to your baby’s bum will help treat rashes. And prevents them by sealing out wetness before you put on a fresh diaper.

Because it wipes off easily, it doesn’t leave a mess every time you have to change your baby’s diaper. Asides providing your baby with fast relief, it moisturizes their skin. The cream is available in three variants- Daily Defense, Maximum Strength, and Multipurpose Healing Ointment.

Desitin Multipurpose Healing Ointment
$12.92 ($0.92 / Ounce)
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Triple Paste Vs Desitin – Evaluating their Features


The Triple Paste rash cream offers a slightly bigger size range for customers as its smallest size is 2 ounces and the largest container is 16 ounces.

The Desitin brand offers an equally fair size range for consumers with its smallest size being 3.5 ounces and largest container being 14 ounces.


Popular ingredients in rash ointments are Zinc Oxide and Magnesium. Triple Paste and Desitin contain 12.8% and 13% of Zinc Oxide respectively.

Zinc Oxide is widely used in general rash creams and creams with big names because of its healing properties. Another useful ingredient in rash creams is Magnesium. Only Desitin possessed some percentage of Magnesium sulfate as one of its ingredients.

This puts it slightly ahead of Triple Paste because Magnesium has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. And at little as 2%, it speeds up recovery time and increases your baby’s comfort.

Triple Paste Vs Desitin – Pricing

In all honesty, neither brand can be considered expensive. Rash creams are relatively affordable products compared to other baby items.

However, the Triple Paste rash cream is a more expensive alternative when compared to Desitin. One possible cause for the slight price difference could be the difference in size options. Remember, Triple Paste offers a slightly bigger option of 16 ounces against Desitin’s 14 ounces.

Triple Paste Vs Desitin – Pros and Cons

Desitin Pros

  • Easy to apply
  • Does not contain harsh additives
  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance-free
  • Contains Zinc Oxide and Magnesium
  • Antibacterial
  • Affordable

Desitin Cons

  • Babies may not like the texture

Triple Paste Pros

  • Nourishes skin
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Fragrance free
  • Contains Zinc Oxide
  • Safe on skin
  • Slightly bigger size options

Triple Paste Cons

  • Not easily available
  • Dries skin
  • More expensive option

Alternative Options to Triple Paste and Desitin Rash Cream

Your Best Option for a Natural Rash Cream: Burt’s Bees Baby

burt's bees baby rash cream

Burt’s Bees Baby is a brand many are familiar with and love. They take time in producing their creams compared to other brands and we don’t mind. They use a baby-friendly formula, that is additives free, and contains over 40% of Zinc Oxide. Other ingredients in its formula include jojoba oil, lavender, shea butter, etc.

These ingredients make it suitable for daily use. The only downside of this wonderful product is that it is only sold in a small 3-ounce bottle.

Burt's Bees Baby 100% Natural Diaper Rash Ointment - 3 Ounces Tube
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Your Best Solution for a Rash Cream that’s Good for Severe Cases: Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Ointment

boudreaux's butt paste

Boudreaux is more than a trendy brand with a trendy name. They are known for using tested and trusted formulas in their products. Their product is thick like most butt pastes are. A lot of users may find this discouraging as they don’t like the texture. However, it is long-lasting and contains about 16% of Zinc Oxide with no harmful additives.

Its loyal consumers love it for how quickly they see results using it. The brand sells this formula in two sizes. A 2-ounce bottle and 16-ounce jar.

The major downside to this product is it stains clothes. So be careful with it. If you are interested in purchasing this product then I would suggest you read our more in-depth Butt paste vs Desitin review to see how it stacked up against a competitor.

Boudreaux's Butt Paste Diaper Rash Ointment
$13.89 ($0.87 / Ounce)
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Your Best Answer to a Rash Cream for Sensitive Skin: Seventh Generation Baby Diaper Cream

7th generation coconut care

Babies are known and envied for their smooth, soft, and delicate skin. Sadly, they have sensitive skin that can react easily to anything. But does it seem like your baby has extra sensitive skin? Seventh Generation’s baby diaper cream is the best option for babies with extra sensitive skin.

Their friendly formula is hypoallergenic and approved by many pediatricians. The formula contains coconut oil and Zinc Oxide to moisturize your baby’s skin and fight irritation.

We meant it when we said their formula is friendly. The rash cream ingredients are 99% plant-based. And it is only sold as a pack of two 4 ounce bottles. Its only downside is the thickness which could be a turn-off for many.

Seventh Generation Baby Diaper Cream
$34.00 ($4.25 / Ounce)
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Your One Stop 100% Herbal Option: Baby Smile Organic Diaper Rash Cream

khroma cream

Khroma Herbal Products outdid themselves with their formula for this completely herbal rash cream. If you want a rash cream with as little additives as possible, this is a good option for you. Because this product uses a more herbal approach to treating your baby’s rash Zinc Oxide is replaced with Arrowroot.

Other ingredients are chamomile for its antifungal and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter for its healing properties. And coconut oil for keeping your infants skin moisturized.

Krohma offers a money-back guarantee for anyone who is not satisfied with their purchase. They also got creative with their branding and packaged their product in a 2-ounce glass jar. This is different from the plastic tubes we see everywhere.

The only downside would be the possibility of breaking the jar. However, this can easily be managed by transferring the content of the jar to a non-breakable container.

Baby Smile - Organic Soothing Diaper Rash Cream
$12.99 ($6.50 / Ounce)
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Factors to Consider When Buying a Rash Cream

rash cream

If you have walked to the baby aisle of a supermarket before you know it is no small section. And the diaper cream section will be filled with a multitude of creams to choose from.

To help you make the right decision of a rash cream for your little one, we’ve looked at the common categories and ingredients used in rash creams.

1.Butt Pastes

These are a popular variation of diaper rash creams. Before today, they were only used on a doctor’s prescription.

The doctor would be the one to gather the ingredients and blend it to form the miracle ointment. But today many brands sell butt parts that you can purchase over the counter.

Butt pastes are rich in Zinc Oxide and usually have significant amounts of beeswax or lanolin. They are best suited for moderate-to-severe cases. A good example of a butt paste is Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Ointment.

2.Rash Creams

These are more suitable for mild-to-moderate cases. Unlike butt pastes, they do not form any protective layer over your baby’s skin because they are creamier. This makes it easier to use.

Depending on your budgets, it should be relatively easier for you to come across generic brands that contain Zinc Oxide for your baby. Popular examples of rash creams are Desitin’s rash cream.

3. Anti-fungal Creams

You may not know that rash creams are able to treat more than your baby’s diaper rash. They can also be used to treat cases of yeast infection.

You can purchase these specially made creams over-counter or consult your pharmacist for a prescribed option. Possible causes for yeast infections could be the antibiotics that you are taking. It passes to your baby through breastfeeding.

4. Lanolin Ointments

Lanolin is a popular ingredient used in baby rash creams. It has soothing properties that increase your baby’s comfort as they recover from their rash.

It is made from the skin glands of sheep and other wooly animals. They are a more organic option because they do not contain the many chemicals that other rash creams do. They are also good for general skin irritation.

5. Ingredients

Many brands have realized the importance of using mother nature’s natural ingredients in their products. Below we listed some natural ingredients that you may find in rash creams and how they affect your baby’s recovery.

  • Lavender- it has soothing qualities that increase comfort
  • Almond oil or any other essential oil- it has moisturizing properties
  • Shea butter- it has healing properties that speed up recovery
  • Chamomile- it has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties

A good example of a rash cream with ingredients like this is Khroma’s Baby Smile Organic Diaper Rash and Burt’s Bees Baby.


Do Certain Foods Cause Diaper Rashes?

No, they do not. There is no scientific evidence to back up this claim. The food your baby eats has no direct correlation with them getting a diaper rash.
However, an indirect correlation might be introducing your baby to new foods. It could cause their stool to loosen or give them diarrhea. And this in turn could lead to diaper rashes.

How Do I Know my Baby Has Something Other than a Rash?

A rash is one of the most common skin irritations that a baby and young children experience in the US.
Admittedly, each rash may vary in appearance but the number one symptoms to look out for are:
Pinkness or redness in the affected area
Drying or peeling skin
The other common irritation your baby may suffer from is a yeast infection. As it sometimes occurs with a baby rash. If in doubt of what is wrong with your baby visit your health care consultant.

What are the Signs my Baby has a Yeast Infection and Can Desitin or Triple Paste Treat it?

A yeast infection takes the form of a “beefy” red rash with lesions around your baby’s diaper area. It occurs in skin folds where it is warm and wet.
Both ointments are useful in treating cases of yeast infection.

Triple Paste Vs Desitin- Who Produces Faster Results?

Desitin produces faster results because it has magnesium in its formula. This makes it offer almost instant relief to your infant. The function of magnesium is to speed up recovery and soothe your baby’s discomfort.
Triple Paste also produces relatively fast results as well. You should see improvements within 7 days of use. If not you are advised to discontinue the product and seek professional advice.

Triple Paste Vs Desitin- Can I use too Much on my Baby?

No, you cannot. These formulas are scientifically proven to be safe for everyday use on your baby’s skin.
Use your fingers to apply them generously all over your baby’s diaper area consistently to treat them and even prevent future rashes.

Triple Paste Vs Desitin- Should I apply it Everywhere or Only on Affected Areas?

We would advise you to cover all areas of your baby’s diaper area. Whether you see signs of a rash or not.This may help in preventing future rash outbreaks.

Our Verdict: Triple Paste vs Desitin

Both ointments have proven themselves to be worthy investments capable of taking care of any discomfort your child will face from diaper rash. However, our stronger option is the Desitin diaper rash cream. Firstly, it is a more affordable option compared to Triple Paste. It also contains a slightly higher amount of Zinc Oxide than Triple Paste, allowing it to fight skin irritations better.

Because it also has Magnesium as one of its ingredients, it produces faster results than Triple Paste. It is also more easily available for purchase. Its formula is hypoallergenic and free from additives making it suitable for daily use. Not to mention is it easy to use. Its major downside lies in its texture. Your baby might not enjoy the texture of the cream on their bum.

The Triple Paste rash cream is a more suitable option for people who prefer the extra layer of protection that comes with its thickness. It also contains a good amount of Zinc Oxide to fight skin irritation and packs other benefits such as nourishing and moisturizing properties.

At the end of the day, both ointments will serve you and the young one well. But like we mentioned earlier, higher points go to Desitin and is our pick out of the two ointments.

Best Overall - Desitin Diaper Rash Cream
$12.97 ($0.81 / Ounce)
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