Welcome to Baby Swag, the place where we do our best to provide honest, useful, and authentic reviews, tips, product comparisons, and more. While having children is really fulfilling and a true blessing, searching for the right baby gear, food, and other products can be quite a challenge.

Our Mission

Here, at the Baby Swags, our main purpose is to help you make well-informed purchasing decisions when it comes to your little ones. We strive to give our readers the best alternatives available on the market related to baby care, infant milk formulas, strollers, and a lot of other related topics. When it comes to your kid, making smart choices is crucial and our goal is to support you, as parents, to go through that process.

Investing wisely in your babies should be a top priority. As parents ourselves, we went through a long energy-consuming trial and error phase until we found out the most appropriate products that can meet our baby’s needs. Nevertheless, we strongly believe that all these buying decisions don’t have to break the bank. For that reason, we took the time to dig deeper and find all kinds of important insights about the product we’re reviewing. First and foremost, we never talk about a certain product until we give it a try, investigate its functions or ingredients, and let people know they should have great expectations regarding the value that these items provide.

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Baby Swag blog is a simple yet powerful and straightforward one: we want to empower parents. We’re well aware of the fact that your kids are the apples of your eye (so are ours) but, let’s face it, being a parent is a full-time job and, sometimes, it can get a tad overwhelming. New moms know exactly what I am talking about. We’ve seen, heard, and gone through it all but we wouldn’t change a thing. Each parent is unique but we are all united by parenthood. Although it might feel scary at times, being a mother or a father gives us a strong feeling of pride.

So, let your guard down for a moment and acknowledge that being a good parent doesn’t mean you must be perfect all the time.

How It All Started

We created this blog after our first child was born and we were struck by how many different baby products are out there. At first, our attempt to reach other parents through this website seemed a bit shy but soon enough, we were impressed by how many people decided to become a member of our vibrant community. After all, I am positive we were brought together by the same values that we cherish and share: being there for our babies every single step of the way and raising our little ones as correctly as we possibly can.

Our kids are everything that matters to us because family, love, and support are some of the most important things you should care about. For us, at The Baby Swag, things like encouraging and supporting others also matter and we are trying hard to accomplish those objectives through our writing and blog posts. We are blessed with these tiny humans that rely on us to provide the best for them and by that, I also mean to offer them high-quality products which will help them develop in a harmonious manner.

Below, there are a couple of our most popular posts that you will certainly enjoy:

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What Do We Offer?

For every product or baby food out there, we’re ready to offer you a wide range of other alternatives that are safe for your children because not all items are made the same way and not all of them will work for all kids alike. Just to give you a quick example, if you browse through our website, you will discover that we tackle plenty of baby formula choices. We tried to think about all of you and to cover every possible situation. For instance, a formula might be good for gassy babies while infants who experience food allergies must be fed with a totally different type of formula.

In other words, we want to make sure you’re fully equipped with all the necessary information and details that guide you through the difficult yet reward process of being a parent.  

Our Core Values

  • Integrity – in all the steps we take, from doing our thorough research to publishing the articles in the most accurate form;
  • Accessibility – all parents should be able to offer their kids the best items available on the market without spending too much money or time – an almost hustle-free approach to parenting, if you may;
  • Goodness – we’re always trying to find the good parts and features of the products we talk about – functions, ingredients, overall value, etc.;
  • Reliability – we always test and try the products we’re reviewing and you can take our word for it because every time we say we do something, we really do it;
  • Transparency and honesty – you won’t need a lot of time figuring out our opinion about a certain reviewed product because we will always tell it like it is.

Our Editorial Review Policy (How We Handle Product Reviews and Recommendations)

When it comes to reviewing baby products, we are very serious and we constantly work on improving our efforts and content. Firstly, we conduct all kinds of research to find out as much as we can in regard to a certain item. Secondly, we try the products ourselves while also looking for other consumer’s opinions. Finally, our team spends some time to consult industry experts such as parenting specialists, pediatricians, etc. All the articles you will find on the website are comprehensive and full of useful details. For example, when we write about different kinds of baby formulas, we cover all the essential aspects you need to know, from ingredients and taste to prices and mixability.

After that, each blog post goes through a substantial editorial process to enable relevant and high-quality content for our readers. In our opinion, every article must have a clear purpose and should be truly helpful for our followers. So, if you want unique, original, and authentic parenting blog posts, you’ve come to the right place.

About the Founder

Here, at The Baby Swag, there’s no such thing as one single founder. It’s true that my spouse and I initiated this project but soon after that, several other parents have joined us. Furthermore, we were also blessed with a team of amazing people who are helping us growing and becoming better every single day by sharing their experience and insights. We wouldn’t have done it without all these wonderful individuals who we consider an important part of our Baby Swag family.

Together, we built this blog as a useful tool that all parents can easily use in order to find the healthiest, safest, and best formulas, strollers, nursing covers, and many other types of baby gear, all of which come in handy for moms as well. So, despite the fact that we receive plenty of help from all our dedicated members, the overall site is handled by us, a tiny team made of a mother and a father. We started this and we want to continue doing it. And, believe me when I say that no article is published before we edit it.

Let me walk you through our three-step action plan:

  • We visit dedicated stores to prospect the market for products, see what’s new, and find out the main competitors that are well-represented and visible on shelves;
  • We also research online shops, from where we also buy the products that we want to write about;
  • Then, together with our team, we test the products before creating the review.

Our Team of Contributors

All the authors we select to work with us are either experienced and loving parents or skillful researchers who love children and have a strong passion for content writing. We appreciate the effort that they put into creating frank reviews of the products they test. What’s more important, our collaborators are totally unbiased because they aren’t endorsed by any brand.

Chrissy Bobic

After spending 10 years as a nanny, Chrissy is now all about caring for her own kid and trying to find the time between potty training and sneaking vegetables in food to binge-watch TV. She’s also not above a good poop story, because all parents have them.

Jodie Chiffey

Jodie is a full-time new mom and part-time content writer who loves to help new moms and dads pick the best products for their babies by providing them with all the information they need to make an informed purchase. She closely works with leading baby product brands to test the products first-hand before writing about them.

Adele Mostert

Hi, my name is Adele and I am currently raising two kids under the age of five while juggling work, family life, healthy meals, feeding pets, playdates, nappies and sports! That being said, my family and their wellbeing is the most important thing in my life and I love helping other moms make informed decisions through thorough research and informative articles when it comes to baby products.

Alexandra Gavrilescu

The complex yet beautiful world of motherhood comes without a user’s manual and Alexandra knows that all too well. Although she hasn’t got babies of her own yet, she has already started to document herself and prepare for this amazing journey that her future will bring. Alexandra decided to join us on the Baby Swag blog because she truly feels that she can provide insightful advice and ideas sourced from combined sources: experts’ thoughts and research as well as her personal documentation. She may not be a mother yet but she has a lovely three-month-old niece whom she loves more than life. Due to the fact that Alexandra is fond of babies and due to her skills and expertise as a content writer and digital savvy, she is well-prepared to help parents gain confidence in their parenting abilities who will further raise happy, confident and kind children.

Alizabeth Swain

Spending her teenage years babysitting children with learning disabilities, Alizabeth enjoys taking her free time to help her neighbors take care of their kids. Whether it’s ways to sneak vegetables into their favorite dishes or staying up-to-date on the latest household information to ensure children stay safe, Alizabeth is dedicated to helping moms find ways to make parenting just a little bit easier.