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About Us

About Us

There’s so much on your plate when you’re a parent – whether it’s your first or your tenth. Raising a baby is never easy, especially in today’s world. Formula recalls dangerous toys, finding ways to afford clothes. It’s a lot to handle all at once. Plus, making sure your baby’s meeting their milestones, comforting them after shots, and those long sleepless nights. It’s a lot.

Here at The Baby Swag, we believe the last thing you should stress about is finding a baby blog that you can trust. That’s why our team members have dedicated themselves to giving you all of the information you need to know before you make a buying decision. 

With every single product we buy, test and review, we’ve dug deep to discover all of the important details and insights and we share them all with you. Not only that, but we want to help you feel less overwhelmed too. So, you’ll always find us looking for ways to help you save money so you aren’t overspending. Our team at The Baby Swag wants nothing but the best for you and your babe. 

All of the products and services we review on our blog are services and products we’ve tried out with our own babies. So, if we’re recommending something to you, know that it’s because we trust it within our own families. 

Our team at The Baby Swag is filled with experienced moms and passionate nannies. That’s why we’re dedicated to helping you learn all about the needs of your baby and how those needs are constantly evolving. But, that’s not all that you’ll find on our blog either.

We love helping moms learn ways to make raising their children less scary. If we can help you discover a new way to spend less time cleaning up spit-up and more time snuggling with your baby, we’ll share all of the info we can. 

And while we love babies, we love their moms too. Each review we craft on The Baby Swag has a lot of love, thought, and passion behind it. Every single product has been ordered and fully tested out before we shared our final thoughts. 

And while it may be hard to fully trust anyone blog as a mom, we’re here to prove ourselves to you. Our team of expert moms will help you to uncover all of the parenting hacks and gadgets that you wish you knew about sooner. 

No matter how many babies you have, whether you’re breast or bottle feeding, or how much experience you’ve had with babies in the past, our team on The Baby Swag will guide you through all of the information you need. Our team will help you to discover the truth you really want to know before you bring a product into your home. 


Our Mission

On The Baby Swag, we want to focus is to test all of the latest, best, and most talked about baby products. We want you to feel confident in the decisions you make to find the best strollers, formula, gadgets, and options for baby care. When it comes to your kid, making smart choices is crucial and our goal is to support you, as parents, to go through that process.

Plus, we know how important it is to get nothing but the best for your baby. We’ll cover comparisons between popular brands, our best parenting hacks, and all of the other tips we can share to meet your baby’s needs. And we’re passionate about finding ways to help you save money on all of your baby-related purchases.

That’s why we take so much time to find all of the important information we can uncover about the product we’re reviewing. At the end of each review, you’ll have a solid idea of whether or not a product provides the value you’re looking for. 

Our Purpose

The purpose of The Baby Swag blog is a simple yet powerful and straightforward one: we want to empower parents. We’re well aware of the fact that your kids are the apples of your eye (so are ours) but, let’s face it, being a parent is a full-time job and, sometimes, it can get a tad overwhelming.

New moms know exactly what I am talking about. We’ve seen, heard, and gone through it all but we wouldn’t change a thing. Each parent is unique but we are all united by parenthood. Although it might feel scary at times, being a mother or a father gives us a strong feeling of pride.

So, let your guard down for a moment and acknowledge that being a good parent doesn’t mean you must be perfect all the time.

How It All Started

We created this blog after our first child was born and we were struck by how many different baby products are out there. At first, our attempt to reach other parents through this website seemed a bit shy but soon enough, we were impressed by how many people decided to become a member of our vibrant community.

After all, I am positive we were brought together by the same values that we cherish and share: being there for our babies every single step of the way and raising our little ones as correctly as we possibly can.

Our kids are everything that matters to us because family, love, and support are some of the most important things you should care about. For us, at The Baby Swag, things like encouraging and supporting others also matter and we are trying hard to accomplish those objectives through our writing and blog posts.

We are blessed with these tiny humans that rely on us to provide the best for them and by that, I also mean to offer them high-quality products which will help them develop in a harmonious manner.

Below, there are a couple of our most popular posts that you will certainly enjoy:

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What Do We Offer?

For every product or baby food out there, we’re ready to offer you a wide range of other alternatives that are safe for your children because not all items are made the same way and not all of them will work for all kids alike. Just to give you a quick example, if you browse through our website, you will discover that we tackle plenty of baby formula choices. We tried to think about all of you and to cover every possible situation.

For instance, a formula might be good for gassy babies while infants who experience food allergies must be fed with a totally different type of formula.

In other words, we want to make sure you’re fully equipped with all the necessary information and details that guide you through the difficult yet rewarding process of being a parent.  

Our Core Values


in all the steps we take, from doing our thorough research to publishing the articles in the most accurate form


all parents should be able to offer their kids the best items available on the market without spending too much money or time – an almost hustle-free approach to parenting, if you may


we’re always trying to find the good parts and features of the products we talk about – functions, ingredients, overall value, etc


we always test and try the products we’re reviewing and you can take our word for it because every time we say we do something, we really do it

Transparency & Honesty

you won’t need a lot of time figuring out our opinion about a certain reviewed product because we will always tell it like it is

Our Editorial Review Policy (How We Handle Product Reviews and Recommendations)

When it comes to reviewing baby products, we are very serious and we constantly work on improving our efforts and content.

Firstly, we conduct all kinds of research to find out as much as we can in regard to a certain item.

Secondly, we try the products ourselves while also looking for other consumers’ opinions.

Finally, our team spends some time consulting industry experts such as parenting specialists, pediatricians, etc. All the articles you will find on the website are comprehensive and full of useful details. For example, when we write about different kinds of baby formulas, we cover all the essential aspects you need to know, from ingredients and taste to prices and mixability.

After that, each blog post goes through a substantial editorial process to enable relevant and high-quality content for our readers. In our opinion, every article must have a clear purpose and should be truly helpful for our followers. So, if you want unique, original, and authentic parenting blog posts, you’ve come to the right place.

Our Team of Contributors 

Sarah Caldwell – Busy & Balanced Mom of 4


Sarah is a mother of four, so if you ask her why she enjoys writing about all things baby, she’ll probably yell it at you over kids fighting, while wearing a spit-stained t-shirt, sanitizing bottles, and coordinating who’s going to get the boys to baseball practice tonight. She’s in the thick of it, knows a lot, and wants to help you get excited about motherhood, too.

Why are you giving advice here on The Baby Swag?

I have four kids and I love helping other parents!

What’s one expert parenting tip you want to share with the world?

There’s no right way to parent. Do what’s right for your family, because ultimately, that’s who you’re responsible for.

What’s your all-time favorite memory as a parent or nanny?

Holding my newborn babies. Best feeling in the world.

Do you have any advice for a first-time mom?

Don’t let anyone else make you feel bad about the decisions you make. Do what’s right for you and your baby. The end. 

What’s one product or toy that forever changed your life as a parent?

Kiwi Crates!

Jodie Chiffey – Authentic & Nurturing Mama

Jodie, a mom herself, loves to help moms figure out ways to focus on themselves. She knows a happy momma is a healthy momma. She believes it’s important to help mothers find the light in difficult situations while parenting. Plus, she always loves a good excuse to go shopping. That’s why she’s dedicated to helping you find the best baby buys on a budget! 

Why are you able to give advice on The Baby Swag?

The Mommy blog culture has grown to an astronomical size. And, with each new influencer, there seems to be less authenticity. Paid-for advice, dishonest messages; enough! I can advise on The Baby Swag because I’m a young mom and I have no agenda. Of course, this means my advice may not always be ‘on-point,’ but it will always be my own – tried and tested.

What’s one expert parenting tip you want to share with the world?

Your children don’t need a perfect Mom – they need a happy one. You’re never going to be the happiest Mom elbow deep in chores, but you certainly will be sitting in a homemade fort eating cookies and watching movies.

What’s your all-time favorite memory as a parent or nanny? 

About a year ago, my son was sitting on my knee one evening when a Save The Children advert came on TV. His little face turned to me, and he said: “Mom, I wish I could swap places with one of those children.” “Why?” I asked, completely confused. “Because then they’d know what it was like to be happy.” This was the moment I realized I was doing a good job.

Do you have any advice for a first-time mom?

It is ok to say no! To visitors, to advice, to playdates. If you don’t want it, don’t do it. Put yourself first sometimes, and remember the saying: ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup,’ self-care is vital.

What’s one product or toy that forever changed your life as a parent?

A buggy board was a fundamental change for me. At the time, I had a single stroller for a newborn and a 2-year old who suddenly had to walk everywhere. Then, I came across the buggy board solution, and life got a whole lot easier.

Alizabeth Swain – Postpartum Support Specialist 

Alizabeth is a #boymom and loves every second of it. After she was told she wouldn’t be able to have kids due to PCOS, she was thrilled when one day, a second pink line showed up on her pregnancy test. Since then, her life is filled with learning everything she can about babies and parenting.

While wearing spit-up stained shirts and unwashed hair, she spends her days looking up all of the different hacks and tricks she can to make parenting just a little easier. But at the end of the day, everything she does is to see her son smile.

Why are you giving advice here on The Baby Swag?

I want to help other young moms. I became a mom at 23 and while I love every minute of it, it’s been difficult. I would love the opportunity to help other young moms find confidence in all of the changes they face in the first year after their baby was born. Plus, I struggled terribly with postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety. I never want another mom to suffer the way I have (and still do). I’m dedicated to helping new and experienced moms feel like they aren’t alone in their journey. 

What’s one expert parenting tip you want to share with the world?

Get help. Even if you don’t think you need it. Seek out professional counseling. I thought I could just “push through” my postpartum depression and anxiety. I ended up developing severe problems with my mental health because I just kept pushing myself. There is no shame in getting help. Seeking out a therapist or someone you trust to talk to can help you to discover intentionally unhealthy parenting habits and nip them in the bud.

What’s your all-time favorite memory as a parent or nanny?

My son’s first laugh. Honestly, the first time he smiled at me – I can’t choose between those two moments!

Do you have any advice for a first-time mom?

Get more than one lactation counsler. If you want to breastfeed, get help with your clogs. Take your breast health seriously. Clogs drastically impacted my supply and I went from being an over supplier to an under supplier. Not every lactation counselor knows what they’re doing and sadly, you’ll pay the price for bad advice. 

What’s one product or toy that forever changed my life as a parent?

Hey Bear Sensory is pretty useful, but I find I watch it more than my son does (lol). For my son, and helping make our lives a bit easier, doggie waste bags!! They have scented ones that you can just throw dirty diapers in and be on your way. You don’t have to worry about anything stinky!

What are my social media links?

Instagram: @curvyhipsandtintedlips

YouTube: @curvyhipsandtintedlips 

Alexandra Gavrilescu – Parenting Technique Ace

The complex yet beautiful world of motherhood comes without a user’s manual and Alexandra knows that all too well. Alexandra spent a lot of her time growing up around kids. Now that she’s older, she loves being an aunt to her niece.

While she doesn’t have any kids of her own, she loves being a part of a village that helps to raise many kids. She’s got experience with many different types of kids from a variety of backgrounds. And she loves breaking family habits by introducing new (and improved) parenting techniques. 

Why am I giving advice here on The Baby Swag?

I love children and I’m passionate about parenting strategies and techniques. I am a fan of the concept of “parenting with kindness” instead of punishments. I don’t have my own kids yet, but as a child, I accumulated several emotional traumas. I’m now in therapy working on myself to heal those wounds.

I’ve learned a lot about the way a healthy and non-toxic parent-child relationship should look like. Moreover, I have two adorable little nieces whom I love, and I’m always giving advice to their mothers regarding certain developmental stages.

What’s one expert parenting tip I want to share with the world?

It’s actually simple, but not many people implement it: listen to your child. But, really listen to him or her, not just pretend. Hear what they have to say and respect their needs. It’s okay to say no to them; in fact, they need to be said no from time to time. As long as you also tell them some solid reasons and explanations behind then no.

Love your kids and validate all of their emotions. Crying isn’t something to be ashamed of, as we were taught. It’s natural to cry, it’s natural to feel sadness, to be furious, to have all the healthy range of emotions. Allow your kids to feel all of those. Instead of making your child be quiet, you should teach him or her how to handle those emotions in a healthy manner. Be present for your child. Gifts won’t make for your time apart. And, in case of a divorce, don’t ever speak badly about your ex-spouse in front of your child. I’m talking from personal experience. 

What’s your all-time favorite memory as a parent or nanny?

My favorite moment of all time was with my 2.5-year-old niece who one time, got scared by a kitchen appliance when it started working (I believe it was a blender). She ran to me, climbed into my arms, took my bands, and placed them tightly around her tiny body. I just melted in an instant with love and affection. 

Do you have any advice for a first-time mom? 

It’s so hard being a new mom, it feels heavy on one’s mind and soul. So, new moms out there, please allow yourselves to cry if you feel the need to. To not be perfect, nobody is. Allow your body to recover at its own pace. Don’t compare yourself with those pics you see on Instagram. Many of those photos are heavily edited. Your body just gave birth to a new human being, so it’s a miraculous thing. Cherish it. And don’t be afraid or ashamed to ask for help every time you need it.

Set boundaries, and take a moment each day for yourself, to reconnect with the woman inside of you. 

What’s one product or toy that forever changed your life as a parent or nanny? 

I believe that high baths with step stools made for infants are truly a wonder. They make bath time a lot easier, almost effortless, and safer. Before, we had to pay attention to so many details, such as holding the baby’s body, without forgetting about his or head, making sure they don’t sleep in a normal tub. With this product, parents have easy access to their babies. 

Candace Osmond – Gentle Parenting Expert 

A mom of two, Candace has been through all of the ups and downs that the journey of parenting can bring on. A working mom, she knows how tough it is to balance a schedule and caring for your family. So, she’s dedicated herself to learning all of the best parenting techniques she can find to help educate other moms about how to balance all things life can possibly through your way. 

Why are you giving advice here on The Baby Swag?

I’m a proud mom of two kids, ages 8 and 11. I’ve been through quite a bit with each of them. From illnesses to building routines and helping them explore their creative sides.

What’s one expert parenting tip you want to share with the world?

If you find yourself muttering the phrase, “When I was a kid…” or “When I was growing up, my parents…” just STOP. In the early years, I constantly compared my life, parenting techniques, and my kids to my own childhood and the way my parents did/didn’t do things. That was a different time, and my parents are not me. Once I let go of that notion, things got a lot easier. 

What’s your all-time favorite memory as a parent or a nanny?

Oh, goodness, there’s so many! But, I’d have to say one of my faves was watching my two littles during the pandemic. Seeing how much they stepped up for one another, watching them play and share, and thrive together. They had each other and that made my heart melt. 

Do you have any advice for a first-time mom?

Please, please, please… don’t be afraid to ask for help. Even the smallest things like watching the baby while you hop in a shower. With my first kid, I felt I had to take it all on, and to ask for help meant I was lazy or incapable. I wore myself down. So, with my second, I asked for help all the time. And you know what I found? The people around me were just waiting for me to ask, waiting for instructions on how they could help without intruding. 

What’s one product or toy that forever changed your life as a parent? 

My son had a touch of colic, and I became a zombie on feet from the lack of sleep. I got one of those self-rocking swing cradle things and it honestly saved me. He finally slept. It may not work for all babies, but I swear by it! 

Courtney Myers


Courtney is a homesteader living in North Carolina who loves helping moms and dads find new ways to enjoy their homes, choosing a more natural, simple way of life and products that are sustainable.