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Having kids is the best. Finding the best baby gear can be a chore. Here at The Baby Swag, we purchase, independently test, and share reviews of the best (and worst) baby equipment.

We have many contributing writers now, but the site is guided by a mother and father team who did it all originally. We still guide the direction of the site and edit EVERY review.

We don’t seek out “free samples” because we are interested in having the same experience as every-day parents. We go into stores, we purchase online, and we test and try to break everything we buy (in a good way!).

Nothing is more important than those early years for a baby. Parents – like us – are understandably nervous about buying the right equipment. This site aims to separate the garbage from the best (yes, there are “bad” baby products). If you have experiences with any of the products we’ve reviewed, please feel free to share and help out fellow parents.

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