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The Baby Swag guide to baby names

Why names are so important

Our names, those little invisible badges of identity we carry throughout life, are not to be taken lightly. The process of choosing a baby name is like navigating uncharted waters, filled with unexpected twists and turns. Some people find it terrifying, others find it exciting. 

Either way you go, it is usually a delicate dance of emotions, negotiations, and familial pressures, all fueled by the desire to provide our children with a name that will serve them well on their journey through life.

Naming our children gives us an opportunity to dream about every possible future scenario, from envisioning them as a respected philanthropist to ensuring their name can withstand the trials of the playground.

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But how much weight does a name truly carry? 

There is an entire industry dedicated to researching and understanding the importance of names throughout history. In more recent times, studies have shown correlations between political beliefs, career opportunities, discrimination, bullying, self-confidence and identity. So it’s no joke and deserves some serious attention. 

So stop doom scrolling through the gram or binging your latest serial killer documentary on Netflix and get stuck in to thinking about how you’re going to find a name you and your baby will love. If you give yourself enough time and have a good plan, you can actually have a lot of fun with it.

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The art and science of baby naming

The naming process is such a good way to get your prepared for everything else related to parenting. It’s filled with a blend of hope, excitement, anxiety, joy, and yes, that unsolicited advice you better get used to. 

Naming a baby used to be more art than science but that has shifted recently with our modern algorithm-driven name generators that promise to guide you toward the perfect name. 

These sophisticated tools analyze data on popularity, origin, meaning, syllable count, and more, aiming to help you make an informed decision. While they can’t replace your own instincts and emotions, they provide an additional compass to navigate the vast sea of possibilities.

Start your journey here…

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How to choose a name for your baby

If you’re wondering how to choose a name for your baby, we’ve got you covered. Get practical and easy to follow advice to guide you through the process.
Large family photo from early to mid 1900s

The history of naming

Unravel the history of naming – where it started, how naming practices evolved and why it’s worth knowing as you think about a name for your baby.
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How the internet changed baby naming

Explore how the internet changed baby naming 30 years ago and how it continues to shape modern naming practices around the world.
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Name based prejudice and discrimination

Explore the historical and modern ramifications of name based prejudice and discrimination and the complexities of unconscious bias.
Women marching for women's rights

Names and women’s rights

Explore the intersection of names and women’s rights and how naming practices have shaped, and been shaped by, the fight for gender equality.
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The baby name industry

The baby name industry is here and it is growing. We’ll guide you through what it is and how it works.
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Does your name impact your personality?

Research has shown that your name can greatly impact your personality as you grow older. Something to consider as you choose a name for your baby.
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When you can’t agree on a baby name

Struggling to find common ground? Discover practical tips and advice when you can’t agree on a baby name.
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When are you legally required to give your baby a name?

Legal requirements for naming your baby vary by local jurisdiction. It’s important to know your rights when the time comes.