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If you’re looking for an educational app for your child, our Hooked on Phonics vs ABCMouse comparison might be just the thing you’re looking for.

From picking a nutritious formula to choosing the best toys, there are lots of ways in which parents can support their child’s learning – and therefore, there are lots of decisions to be made.

Modern parents have the advantage of technology, and the two programs we’re looking at today use apps to teach your children phonics. But which one is better?

Straight away, we can tell you that both apps are really fun – but there are some issues that parents have had with ABCMouse that makes us lean towards Hooked on Phonics as ou

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Hooked on Phonics vs All About Reading: Which Reading Program is Right for Your Family?

Teaching your child to read can feel like a daunting task, and you might be considering turning to a reading program to help – in which case, our Hooked on Phonics vs All About Reading comparison is just what you may need!

A good reading program will help to demystify the process of learning to read, breaking it down into simple steps. Hooked on Phonics and All About Reading are two great programs for parents, with a few big differences that set them apart.

But which one is better?

We think Hooked on Phonics just about has the edge, but you’ll have to keep reading to find out why.

We’ll look at each one in de

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One of the most important things your child can learn is how to read. It jump-starts their learning of almost everything else when they can find the information themselves.

While it’s something every child needs to learn, it can be one of the most difficult and frustrating things to teach. Tools and programs like Hooked on Phonics can make it easier and more fun for everyone.

Things to Consider Before Getting a Reading Product

toddler reading

Every child is different. They don’t all learn in the same way. Learning how to read can be very overwhelming for many children. All of the letters and the sounds they make can be confusing. Plus, there are upper and lower case letters and many letters make more than one sound.

When throwing children with learning disabilities or conditions like dyslexia into the mix, it gets ev

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