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Pretty much everyone knows what a Boppy Lounger Pillow is, and the benefits of having such a pillow to act as a safe and comfortable pillow lounger for babies of varying ages. But because those geniuses in the baby product industry want to keep parents on their toes, there are always new and exciting innovations …

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New moms and dads will desperately try anything to get some extra sleep. I’ve been there 4 times, so I know. There are a ton of products out there claiming to comfort and calm your baby, and the more desperate you get, the more money you’re willing to spend to make something – anything – …

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Anything to get our babies to sleep longer, am I right? You’ve likely read reviews about a lot of different products, including those your friends swear by. Well, here’s another. I had honestly never heard of Dock a Tot, but I did find a travel bassinet to be very helpful when I had my kids.

I think the Dock a Tot would have worked so much better for me, but after reading this full review, you can make that determination yourself. I’ve also included some alternatives, in case you decide that Dock a Tot may not be right for you.

About Dock a Tot

Dock a Tot is like a travel bassinet, but you can purchase accessories to turn it into a play yard for your baby. It gives them a safe space to sleep and play, and it’s easy to package up in the included travel tote and take it with you everywhere you go.

Dock a Tot comes in two varieties. The Deluxe+ is for 0-8 months and The Grand is for 9-36+ months. You can choose the size you want according to the size of your child

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Whether or not you decide to co-sleep with your infant, having a handy infant pod of sorts is always convenient. Instead of opting for something like a playmat to lay your baby in every time or a C-shaped floor pillow, you can go with one of the infant pods currently on the market. Like the …

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