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Want to see what’s under the hood?

We’re an open book. If you see something on our website you know that it’s been reviewed under our editorial policy which we take very seriously. 

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Our editorial policy

The Baby Swag strives to provide reliable, relatable, inclusive and accurate content for new and expecting parents. Our writers and editors provide well-researched content that adheres to the highest standards of journalistic integrity. 

The Baby Swag’s editorial team maintains complete editorial independence and control over content without influence from advertisers or sponsors. 

We are completely transparent with how we operate and work with our partners. Rest assured that our site remains independent of any advertisement or promotional influence. We partner with brands and people that have the same core values as us to bring you the best content we can.

Where our content comes from

Original content: Articles, slideshows, product reviews, interviews, polls and quizzes are all original content, created by the The Baby Swag editorial team. Any review or article for which a product was provided by a third party will be disclosed in the body of the article.

User contributed content: Some content, in the form of comments on articles, blogs and other elements may be provided by visitors. While this content is moderated, it will contain statements that have not been researched or verified by the editorial team.

Licensed content: In some instances, The Baby Swag may license content to make it available to visitors. This content is reviewed for adherence to The Baby Swag’s editorial standards and guidelines.

Product reviews, comparisons and recommendations

As a team full of parents, most of the products we mention on the website are things we have bought and have real lived experiences with. We don’t claim to do this for every product as that proves to be too expensive, wasteful or not appropriate for certain types of products. 

In addition to our own experiences, our team engages other parents in our community for feedback as well as experts in parenting, health, wellness, fitness and finance to bring our audience a diverse range of valuable content. 

If you’ve got a bit of swag and think you’ve got something valuable to share with our audience, please check out our content guidelines. 

Links to other sites

Some links on leave our site in order to access another site (“Linked Sites”). The Baby Swag provides these links as a convenience to our community. We neither control nor endorse these Linked Sites, nor has The Baby Swag approved the content which appears on the Linked Sites. The Baby Swag is not responsible for the legality, accuracy or inappropriate nature of any content, advertising, products or other materials on or available from any Linked Sites.

Corrections policy promptly corrects or clarifies content when necessary. Any corrections to licensed or third-party content are the responsibility of the creators of that content, although we make our best efforts to notify them of any reported errors.


Please send comments and questions about the site or our editorial policy via e-mail to [email protected]