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Wonderfold Wagon vs Evenflow Pivot Xplore: Which Should You Get ASAP?

Wonderfold and Evenflo are both different brands of baby product manufacturers dedicated to making life on the go convenient with their innovative designs. However, Wonderfold is more wagon-oriented, while Evenflo is a stroller, car seat, and toddler seat manufacturer. Wonderfold has made impressive wagon designs with impeccable features and has established itself as a go-to …

Wonderfold Wagon vs Evenflow Pivot Xplore: Which Should You Get ASAP? Read More »

Veer vs Pronto Wagon: How to Find the Right One for Traveling

Our Veer vs Pronto comparison is going to explore which wagon is better. We shall start the review with a brief outline of the main differences between the wagons before switching to the individual wagons. Under the individual wagons, we will review how each wagon performs on different fronts, including ease of maneuvering, customization, versatility, …

Veer vs Pronto Wagon: How to Find the Right One for Traveling Read More »

keenz wagon review

Keenz Wagon Review [2021]: Is This Your New Favorite Wagon?

Compact wagon strollers are a necessity for most parents who move around a lot with their kids. Being compact means that the wagons must balance fashion and function, versatility, and style while still managing to be sturdy and affordable. However, most compact wagons aren’t as convenient as full-sized- strollers (check the Wonderfold W4 full-sized wagon). …

Keenz Wagon Review [2021]: Is This Your New Favorite Wagon? Read More »

Veer Wagon Review

Veer Wagon Review: Will Your Child Love Using It?

Their steering rivals that of double strollers. Their functionality combines that of strollers and wagons— whereas their convenience matches full-sized wagons (skip to Veer vs Wonderfold strollers). And for the price, well it is worth the features. Their name, veer wagon cruisers. They are practical, affordable, and easy to maneuver. But just like most wagons, …

Veer Wagon Review: Will Your Child Love Using It? Read More »

Veer vs Wonderfold

Veer vs Wonderfold: Which Baby Stroller Is Better?

The right stroller not only guarantees your baby, or babies, safety, but is versatile, spacious to accommodate all your essentials, is durable, practical and is capable of handling even and uneven terrain. Two companies that have made a name for themselves on strollers are Veer and Wonderfold.

They manufacture practical, spacious and versatile strollers that seamlessly transition from beach to park, grassed pathways to town pavements (see where to use strollers) before easily folding to compact and sturdy stand-alone folds for storage.

The pull or push across different terrains is easy for these strollers. The task, however, lies in discerning between functionality, versatility, durability, and safety when deciding which to buy.

To spare you the trouble

Veer vs Pivot Xplore

Veer vs Pivot Xplore: Which Wagon Stroller Is The Best Pick?

With so many strollers on the market today, it can be overwhelming to even know where to start. In this comparison, we’re looking at the Veer Cruiser vs Evenflo pivot Xplore. These wagon strollers are fairly similar in style, adaptability, and even color.

Finding the best baby stroller depends on many different factors, including; personal budget, stroller style, durability, and the manufacturer, to name a few. A

Chicco Corso Travel System Review

Chicco Corso Travel System Review: Will It Win You Over?

Sporting easy installations and stellar safety standards, Chicco products are a longtime mother and safety expert favorite. Their latest release, Chicco Corso Travel System, features everything one can ask for from a travel system, plus, it includes additional upgrades including both forward and parent-facing options.

Just as is expected of a travel system, it is spacious enough to conveniently package everything you need when traveling. Compact and lightweight when folded to fit into the car trunk. And has a balanced mixture of bold outdoor and relaxed indoor colors ideal for an adventurous spirit.

Here is our detailed Chicco Corso Travel system review to gauge how well the system matches the hype it has so far received. First off are the main features;

Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review

Chicco Bravo LE Travel System Review: Will It Win You Over?

Against a backdrop of exquisite releases that kept pushing the bar higher, features that revolutionized travel systems, Chicco Bravo LE Travel System had its standard clearly set. With a much-anticipated release date, vast expectations, and competitors to beat, the Bravo LE Travel System finally did hit the market.

So is the Bravo LE system (see how it compares with Chicco Bravo) a hit, a near hit, or an outright miss?

Tastefully designed, versatile, convenient with an eye-catching design was the statement is made from the day of launch. The revolutionary travel system was engineered not only to grow with your infant but also to ensure a seamless transition from car carrier, to travel system and then back to a toddler stroller.

Evenflo SafeMax Review

Evenflo SafeMax Review: Will You Love This Seat?

Evenflo often breaks the mold when it comes to car seat safety. They were one of the first adopters of side impact testing in their products, and they were the very first manufacturer to conduct rollover testing of their car seats.

The Evenflo SafeMax comes in two different varieties, so we’ll look at both of them today. The infant car seat has an anti-rebound bar and has passed rigorous testing with its advanced safety features. It also includes plenty of conveniences you’ll love as a parent.

The All-in-One will get you through your child’s infant years all the way up until they’re ready to graduate from a car seat. It has the same safety and convenience, but it’s comfortable, too, so both you and your child will love it.

About the SafeMax Infant Seat

The Evenflow SafeMax infant seat is, of course, for infants only. It’s meant to be rear-facing until your child is two years of age, which is what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends.

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