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Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review: Is It as Good as They Say?

Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review: Is It as Good as They Say?

I don’t know about you, but I hate how strollers are so cumbersome and difficult to fold or unfold, especially with a baby in one arm or a toddler running off. If you’re the same, then I’ve created this Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review with you in mind.

I appreciate anything that makes a parent’s life a bit easier. Otto’s self-folding, self-standing capability does just that, and the stroller is also fitted with an instant, one-hand activation mechanism. That makes it a convenient unit for errands and adventures on the go.

About The Evenflo Brand and Company

Evenflo dates back to 1920. Back then, it was a baby feeding manufacturer, creating innovative feeding nipples. Shortly before the second world war, the company released a rubber nipple that attached to bottles using a cap. This innovative solution went on to become the standard.

In 1960, Evenflo started marketing different lines of one-stop-shop nursing kits. This was a first of its kind, and the kits they sold included bundles of bottles, nipples, sterilizers, and more.

Over the next decades, the company underwent several ownership changes, allowing it to grow and include more products. In 1995, its current name, Evenflo, was launched alongside various collections of home goods, strollers, and car seats.

Today, Evenflo continues its dedication to providing parents with high-quality goods at affordable prices.

About the Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller

The Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller is the new addition to the self-folding stroller segment. As one of the latest additions, there’s much to like about the unit. For starters, it’s true to its name. Simply press a button on the stroller’s handlebar, and it’ll automatically collapse.

To fold the Evenflo Otto again, hit the same button, pull up the handlebar, and watch as it snaps into position. When folded, this stroller is also quite compact and will easily squeeze into the back seat or your trunk.


  • Includes a big storage basket to keep items safely out of your baby’s reach
  • Features a convenient one-hand activation method
  • Easy to put together when the product first arrives
  • The money foam padded handles are comfortable to grip
  • The five-point harness keeps your toddler safely secured in the stroller
  • Stylish, lightweight, high-quality, and innovative design
  • Folds compact for easy loading into a vehicle and easy storage
  • Infant car seat ready
  • Features a front suspension for smoother rides
  • The cup holder is a lovely addition


  • The peek-a-boo area isn’t waterproof for when it’s raining (but it does zip up, you just won’t be able to see the baby)
  • Doesn’t sit straight up, which isn’t comfy for kids that like to sit forward

Key Features

Through my in-depth research (and from personal experience), I’ve found that convenience is a priority for most stroller buyers. With that in mind, here are the key features that ensure Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller’s ability to deliver as promised.

Size and Weight

The Evenflo otto Self-Folding Stroller measures up to 40 inches in height and weighs up to 55 lbs. These measurements easily qualify it as one of the best compact and lightweight baby strollers on the market today.


Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review

This stroller is as innovative as it is convenient. Its state-of-the-art features include the self-folding mechanism, a design that allows it to fold automatically without operator assistance. No more awkward and aggressive tugging of strollers.

Unfortunately, the baby stroller could use some improvement in the ride and handling department. The unit uses small foam wheels but doesn’t have much in the way of suspension. As such, sometimes expect the ride to be bumpy, particularly on uneven terrain.

Price Range

Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller’s price ranges between $130 and $250, depending on where you buy it. Below, you’ll find a list of top-rated retail sites through which I think you should buy the stroller.


After feeling satisfied by this unit’s ability to deliver, I got it as a gift for my in-law. Shortly after that, her daughter both puked and peed in her stroller. To say that she was grateful the fabric is one of the easiest to wipe off would be an understatement.

Evenflo suggests gently cleaning minor stains and spills on the polyester, plastic, or vinyl surfaces using mild soap and cold water. Do not use abrasive cleaners, and don’t iron or dry clean.


Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review: portability

The more compact when folded, the more portable a stroller is. This Evenflo Otto Self-Folding stroller can reliably fit in a crowded car trunk or storage-challenged home. You’ll also find that its compact fold and well-placed strap make it easy to carry by hand.

Color Options

The Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller retails in three distinct shades: opal pink, moonstone gray, and sapphire blue. The shade you settle on will depend solely on your personal preferences.


You want a shade that doesn’t make your child feel penned if they are older but can still be moved. The adjustability will be advantageous if your child is small and sensitive to full sun. This kind of reliable canopy and sunshade is what the Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller delivers.


Storage is another area that this stroller excels. The unit is designed with zippered storage space. It’s ample to stow away and protect your car keys, cell phone, or any other valuables you have with you.


I’ve already highlighted that Evenflo is committed to exceeding the standards of performance, safety, and quality in every sense. With this Self-Folding Stroller, they prove their commitment with a limited lifetime warranty, which demonstrates the company’s faith in the product.

Evenflo warrants the stroller’s frame against damage, including, but not limited to, frame tube issues and breakings of welds. The warranty is active until your child hits the stroller’s maximum weight capacity.

Extra Features

Peek-a-boo window

A front basket with easy access, a peek-a-boo window, rear wheel brakes, the ability to stand independently (folded), and a recline. All these are useful extra features whether you’re traveling or using the stroller as your primary option. You’ll also appreciate the stroller’s self-locking mechanism, which keeps your kids safe from slipping when you’re on the move.

Decision Making Tips

In the realm of baby products, sometimes you get what you pay for. Other times, the best baby stroller is actually the cheapest option in the batch. That’s why it’s valuable to list your unique needs and preferences and shop within those parameters.

With the following questions in mind, you’ll be able to pick strollers that make spending time outdoors easy and extra special.

What Is Your Budget?


As with all things, stroller prices vary wildly. As a general rule, reliable strollers will range anywhere from $100 to $400. Top dollar models will often retail with added convenience features: think large undercarriages, rain shields, adjustable handlebars, and even multiple seats.

What’s the Most Important Feature Of A Stroller For You?

Secondly, factor in any special circumstances you may have. Will you be going over rough terrain or running with the stroller? If yes, you’ll need a baby stroller with one of the best suspension systems. Another special factor question you should ask yourself is, “Do you need a stroller that can move multiple children?” Often, these factors will be specific to your situation and use scenarios.

How Big Is Your Baby? And Will You Reuse This Stroller?

Baby Crying

Do you need an infant stroller that you’d like to last through your kid’s preschool years? If yes, pick a different type than you would if your kid is already 30 pounds. Some people prefer the bassinet-style for their newborns. Also, consider whether you’ll need different strollers when your kid is bigger and no longer wants to lie on their back. Some of the best strollers can convert to ‘older-child shapes.’

Your child’s size will also dictate the size and weight of the stroller you get.

Is Ease of Use Important To you?

Particular strollers may retail with complex, multi-handed fold-up mechanisms or a reputation for hard-to-lock and unlock wheels. The best place to find details like this is in the comments section from previous customers.

While at it, check the stroller’s description and specs for the materials list. The best strollers are made with luxury materials that are comfortable to grip. Comments sections will also mention whether (or not) the stroller stains easily or is hard to clean.

Is Car Seat Compatibility Important to You?

Decide if you want a stroller that’s compatible with your child’s infant carrier. This Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller is compatible with car seats, but not all baby strollers are. A great advantage of picking these kinds of strollers is you can use them immediately after birth and months after that.

Check with the stroller’s manufacturer for guidelines on compatibility with car seats.

Where Can You Buy the Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller?

As on any journey, the next step on your stroller purchase is finding where you’ll get one. Chain stores and online shops where you can get the Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller include:

Other Alternatives to Consider

Your heart couldn’t set on the Evenflo Self-Folding Stroller, for some reason? Fret not! I have three alternatives I believe you’ll love.

1. Best Compact Stroller: GB Pockit Air All Terrain

GB Pockit Air All Terrain

A stroller you can fit inside your bag – I’m serious. This travel stroller is lightweight and boasts an extremely compact fold. I was surprised to see it’s in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s most compact stroller, weighing only 10 pounds. As its name suggests, it can even fit into the “pockit” of large backpacks or tote bags.

What’s more? The stroller will push smoothly on a flat surface, thanks to its “all-terrain” construction with 4-double wheels. Pushing it on cobblestones and other uneven surfaces shouldn’t be a hassle, either.

2. Best Budget Stroller: Dream On Me Coast Stroller Rider

Dream On Me Coast Stroller Rider


So, you like GB Pockit’s lightweight nature but still can’t bring yourself to spend $200 on a travel stroller? The Dream On Me Coast Stroller Rider is a compelling alternative that’s significantly easier on your wallet. Like GB Pockit, this stroller retails with an ultra-compact folding mechanism that’ll transform it into a handbag-shaped package. It’s even airplane carry-on compliant when folded.

3. Best Budget Travel Baby Stroller: Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

I’ll level with you. This is the baby stroller you get if you want a deeper recline, a larger storage basket, and a snack tray. That said, I hope you won’t mind the “cheap look.” Who cares that the stroller isn’t the coolest anyway. It delivers as advertised and gives you some bang for your buck. It also has a cool parent tray with two cup holders.


Question: What Is the Best Self-Folding Stroller?

Answer: All things considered, the best self-folding stroller at the moment is the Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller. Besides being self-folding, this high-end stroller also offers a variety of features that make it perfect for busy parents. It’s also been awarded plenty of storage space for wipes, diapers, and other essentials, making it perfect for long days out.

Question: Is Evenflo a Trusted Brand Name?

Answer: Yes, Evenflo is a trusted brand name in the realm of baby and children’s products. The company has been around for approx a century. Over that period, it has proven it’s committed to meeting the needs of parents who appreciate smart designs and leading-edge security.

Question: What’s The Price Range for A Good Folding Stroller?

Answer: It really depends on what you’re looking for and the features fitted in a particular stroller. After extensive research, I’d recommend setting aside between $150 and $300 for the best folding stroller. A folding stroller in that price range should last a while and retail with all the features you need.

Evenflo Otto Self Folding Stroller Review: In the End

So, are you the kind of parent who constantly has their hands full? I hope this Evenflo Otto Self-Folding Stroller Review & Guide has brought you the desired solution. While you’re busy packing up the car and your kids, all you’ll need is one hand to activate the stroller’s folding mechanism.

The unit assumes the packed and ready-to-carry position in seconds, making it a breeze to stow and go. While you’re here, check out our other awesome in-depth reviews of the best baby products on our site!

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