Wonderfold Wagon Review: Can You Finally Travel In Peace?

Our Wonderfold wagon review will give you an in-depth look into the versatile Wonderfold wagons.

We will start the review with a sneak peek of the wagons, their features, and the perks the wagons give their users. We shall then contrast these perks against what the manufacturers could have done better on functionality, versatility, and convenience.

We shall then weigh in on which alternatives are available for those who feel that Wonderfold Wagons don’t check the boxes they are looking for in a wagon. The alternatives will then give way to a concise final verdict that will tie the features, weigh in on what the wagons get right, and what they can improve on.

Let’s start with a brief overview of Wonderfold wagons;

Wonderfold Wagons –In-depth


Most of the Wonderfold wagons combine stroller and wagon features. Like traditional wagons (skip to best foldable wagons), they feature a pull option, and similar to modern strollers, they are all-terrain and have 5 harness points for safety. It is this blend of features that renders them multi-purpose, versatile and has seen them branded hybrids.

The constant features across Wonderfold wagons include a 5 point harness, a removable fabric, a canopy that is both removable and adjustable, and a carrying capacity of two or more. Here is a quick run-down of the Wonderfold features;

Slidable/Removable canopy

The UV protection canopy slides up and down to allow for different head adjustments. This makes it possible for the wagon to easily accommodate older kids who might be too tall for a constricted wagon.

The canopy can also be removed to allow for 180 degrees coverage so that the young minds can comfortably soak in all their sceneries when traveling.

Easy to fold and unfold

There is a push-button ingrained on the steel frame, which easily folds the wagon into a lightweight and portable wagon.

The tires draw towards one another, allowing the support poles to easily fold for storage. When folded, most of the wagons weigh between 33lbs to 50lbs.

One-Step Foot Brake

Attached to the rear tires is a one-step foot brake that smoothly brings the wagon to a stop. The brakes make the wagons easy to maneuver and can be brought to a halt in a second.

Spacious Baskets and side pockets

The wagons have one large spacious carriage slightly below the push handle. On the width and lengths are additional smaller pouches to provide more storage space for phones, snacks, water bottles, among other essentials.

Removable fabric

The steel frame comes covered in a removable fabric that can easily come off and on for cleaning. This makes maintaining and cleaning the wagon effortless and straightforward.

Push/Pull handlebar

WonderFold Outdoor

The pull handlebar is telescopic and has a spring that bounces back to an elevated angle when dropped.

To conveniently fit the heights of different parents, the push handlebar can be customized to multiple positions if need be.

Deep carriage with zippered ventilation

The sidewalls have vented panels to allow for adequate ventilation without exposing the passengers to strong winds. The interior of the wagon is also deep enough to comfortably carry children without risking them tripping out from within when on the move

5 point Harness

Wonderfold wagons have adequately padded 5 point harness safety belts. The safety belts are convenient for restraining younger kids who might want to venture out when the wagon is in motion. Plus, it is an excellent way to securely contain them when moving through uneven terrains.

Bearings and Suspension

The wagons smoothly roll through obstacles in even, and uneven paths as the wheels have bearings and suspension. The wagons can also comfortably support slightly heavier loads due to the suspension but within the wagon capacity and still easily move along.

Easy to Maneuver

The wagons easily pull or push through tight aisles and doors. The wheel suspension, bearings, one-step brake, and adjustable push handlebar all work together to make the wagon maneuver easily regardless of the terrain or load.


Wonderfold Comfort

The push handlebar has improved grip performance, making them easy to push through different terrains. The safety buckles are also padded on the shoulder, crotch, and torso to reduce infernal chafing.

The interior of the wagon is supplied with a footwell to allow the toddlers to swing their legs comfortably. For ventilation, the sidewalls are vented hence allowing for proper aeration.

Raised Seats

The wagons have slightly raised seats, making it possible for the passengers to hang their legs comfortably. Other than comfort, they create more space for the storage of essentials.

Safety Reflective strip

Similar to Proton wagons, Wonderfold wagons have a reflective safety strip on the canopy. With this strip, evening and nighttime strolls are safer and more secure.

Front zipper Door

The wagons have a front zippered door that can only be opened or closed from outside. The open/close feature ensures that toddlers cannot open and crawl out of the wagon.

The door also makes it possible to quickly load and offload items without necessary lifting them over the sidewall.


The wagon is made of a 600 polyester fabric that can withstand a significant number of laundry trips. In addition to this, the steel frame is capable of comfortably bearing all the loads and terrains with little to no wear.


The wagons can easily convert into a bassinet to make room for a toddler to get an occasional nap in. For slightly older kids, the seats can be easily removed to make a more spacious stroller-like carrier.

The wagons also do allow for significant customization, especially for fabric colors, canopy, and a few accessories.

Once your kids or toddlers outgrow the wagon, the seats can be detached, converting the wagon into a carrier for your sports gear, grocery cart, or even garden trolley.

All –Terrain XL PU tires

The tires are made from premium PU materials, making them durable and able to pull/push through different terrains. The tires are also supplied with bearings and suspension making them capable of soaking bumps and impacts along their path.


Wonderfold wagons have seats each with a weight capacity of between 45lbs to 99lbs and are designed to support babies of ages 6months + to kids of 8 years.

Heavy Duty

The wagons comfortably support kids and toddlers of up to 8 years or a cumulative weight load of 300lbs. This is courtesy of the sturdy steel frame that forms the skeleton and base of the wagon.

WONDERFOLD W2 Stroller Wagon | PishPoshBaby

Allows children to crawl in or out of the wagon without the need for parents to carry them in. Also provides an easier method of storing items without having to lift them over the wagon.

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Wonderfold Wagon Passenger Capacity

The 2 passenger capacity wagons include;

The 4 passenger wagons are (skip to Wonderfold Quad Wagon review);

Main Features

  • One-Step foot brake system with bearings and suspension.
  • 5 point safety harness.
  • Removable Fabric.
  • Spacious storage basket with extra pockets.
  • All-terrain wheels.
  • Slidable/Removable canopy.
  • Adjustable push/pull handle.
  • Easy fold/unfold system.
  • Seat capacity of between 2 to 4.
  • Seat with footwell.
  • Weight capacity of between 150lbs to 300lbs.
  • Seat limit of between 45lbs to 99lbs.
  • Most weigh between 33lbs to 50lbs.
  • Front Zipper door.
  • Raised seats.
  • Safety reflective strip.
  • Deep carriage.

Pros and cons of Wonderfold Wagons


  • They are multi-purpose.
  • They bear more load than most wagons
  • Have spacious storage baskets and extra pocket pouches.
  • They are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Sturdy and durable.


  • They are relatively bulky than most wagons.
  • They lack rear wheel fenders.

Reviews of Wonderfold Wagons

Most users note that the wagons are pretty versatile and do make for a comfortable ride through different terrains. They also note that the diversity of the wagons in terms of fabric color and passenger capacity is quite impressive. More significant to them is how easily the wagons maneuver and the weight they gracefully bear.

Those who have registered their disappointment note that some versions of the wagons lack a footrest making kids uncomfortable and fighting over legroom.

Alternatives to Wonderfold Wagons

Veer Wagon Cruiser

Veer Cruiser

Among the long list of features Veer wagon Cruisers have included is a telescopic push-pull handlebar, two three-point safety harnesses, and seats that are both vented and contoured. The 3 point harness, together with the vented seats, means that this wagon best serves kids who can sit upright (1 year +).

For infants and newborns, however, Veer provides for two additional modifications. It is compatible with most infant car seats (proceed to the best infant car seats ), and two, you can turn the bed into a bassinet (here are the top 5 bedside bassinets). The second alternative, however, will accommodate only one child.

This makes the Veer wagon cruiser (skip to Veer wagon review) one of the most versatile wagons that can easily double up as both a double stroller and wagon.

The wagon’s handlebar nicely folds down, while the sidewalls collapse onto each other converting the wagon into a portable easy to store fold. To make it even more portable, the all-terrain tires can be detached. The tires have front-wheel swivels, wheel bearings, and suspension to withstand more weight and make the ride smooth.

The wagon has a relatively short width that will allow it to fit in tight aisles, narrow doors, and be easily maneuvered by use of the push/pull telescopic handlebar. It also can be accessorized with a retractable canopy (purchased separately) to keep your kids safe from intense sun or occasional showers.

To inspire confidence in its users, the wagon boasts of being JPMA certified as well as compliance with ASTM standards. These notwithstanding, the wagon still lacks on a few fronts, majorly the need to accessorize it separately and have a well-padded 3 point harness rather than the common 5 points.

Check out our detailed Veer Wagon Cruiser review for more info.

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Mac Sports

The Mac sport wagons rank highly as one of the best foldable wagons (see how it compares to our best folding wagons). The wagons are durable, conveniently fold into portable folds, and can support up to 150 lbs. Other than serving as convenient collapsible wagons for kids, they can easily convert into utility wagons for camping, grocery shopping, picnics, and hauling of heavy loads in the yard.

Most of the wagons easily fold into lightweight folds that can fit in car trunks, constricted spaces, and garages. The wagons collapse to almost an eighth of their original size that weighs a mere 22.5lbs.

Unlike other wagons that come with assembling manuals, Mac sports wagons often come fully assembled, making them easy to open and use wagons. The wagons come with front-wheel swivels, wide rubber-based all-terrain tires, making them easy to steer and maneuver.

The wagons ooze durability as they feature a sturdy steel frame covered in 600 denier polyester fabric that can gracefully take loads of laundry trips. The wagons come in water-resistant storage covers to keep them away from the reach of degrading weather elements.

Unlike the telescopic handlebar in most foldable wagons, Mac sport wagons have an easy lock upright positioning handle, come in various colors, are affordable, and remarkably durable. To add pomp and class, the wagons can be easily accessorized with numerous add-ons if need be.

However, the downside to them is the inability to smoothly handle sand and lack of safety belts for kids.


Question: Does Wonderfold Outdoor cover any duties & taxes for international customers?

Answer: No. Different countries and jurisdictions have varying tax policies. Therefore, it is to their discretion to determine whether a shipped item should/shouldn’t be taxed. As such, our shipping fees are exclusive of such levies and duties.

Question: How long will it take to receive my Wonderfold Wagon from the day I place my order?

Answer: All orders are shipped in 2 days from the order date, and you expect to receive your shipment within 4 to 5 business hours for US customers or 7 days for Canada.

Question: Can I change/cancel my Wonderfold Wagon order?

Answer: Yes, you can. But this is only before the order is shipped.

Question: How Do I track my Wonderfold wagon after Ordering?

Answer: Use the tracking number you receive after ordering to check your order progress through USPS or FedEx, who we partner with for shipping purposes.

Question: Is there any assembly required for Wonderfold Multi-Function 2 passenger?

Answer: Yes, there is some light assembly for this wagon and all other Wonderfold wagons. The assembly includes attaching wheels, canopies, and snack trays among other essentials. To guide in the assembly process, they come with easy assembly manuals, which if need be can be supplemented by youtube videos.

Question: I have a 4-year old and a 7-year old. Should I buy the Wonderfold W2 or Wonderfold W4?

Answer: You’re better off buying either the W4 or X4 wagons. This is because each of the 4 passenger wagons has a higher seat capacity (99lbs and 66lbs respectively) than the 2-passenger seat wagons so that your 7-year old can sit on either side of the wagon.

Question: Is Wonderfold Wagon compatible with infant car seats?

Answer: No. Unfortunately, all Wonderfold wagons are incompatible with infant car seats. If you need a wagon that is compatible with infant car seats, you may have to opt for a Veer Cruiser wagon.

Question: Do Wonderfold wagons have a warranty?

Answer: Yes, all wonderfold wagons have a limited 1-year warranty. This warranty is effective from the date of purchase and covers any defects on all new Wonderfold products. It also includes a concurrent 30-day claim, from the purchase date, for any missing parts or cosmetic change. File your warranty claim here.

Final Thoughts: Is the Wonderfold Wagon Worth it?

Yes, the Wonderfold wagon series is worth the price they retail for. This can be directly linked to both the utility and features they offer.

For instance, they feature a removable high-quality polyester fabric covering the steel frame. Have a rigid steel frame, and can easily withstand a load of between 180 lbs. to 300 lbs. This capacity is more than capable of towing or pushing multiple kids and an array of bags and toys.

The multiple positions adjustable handle, one-touch brake system, and PU tires to soak bumps all work to further enhance their comfort (children) and your convenience. Pair these with multiple colors to choose from, durability, and multi-purpose capability, and you indeed do have value for money.

On the downside, the wagons can do better by improving the comfort of the occupants by having a footwell across all their wagons, making it compatible with infant car seats as well as installing a removable elevated seat across the board. But overall, they are worth it.

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