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How to Find the Best Stroller Wagon for Your Little One

How to Find the Best Stroller Wagon for Your Little One

Is it a stroller? Is it a wagon? Is it some kind of combination kid toter sent straight from heaven? Yes to all of these. I found out about stroller wagons after my kids were already too old to ride in them, and I was bummed.

They’re functional, versatile, and make vacations, as well as outdoor activities, so much easier for everyone. While they’re helpful at the zoo or park, they can be kind of pricey, so you’ll want to know what you’re getting into before choosing the right one for you.

Buying Guide

Not all stroller wagons are created equal. In fact, some are even marketed as stroller wagons, but they’re not. It’s important to figure out how they differ and what options are available to you.


Most stroller wagons hold two children, but some can hold up to four. The configurations differ, so it depends on how many kids you have and their ages. The more kids it holds, the larger, heavier, and likely more expensive the stroller wagon will be.

However, if you have two sets of young twins, you are taking your kids’ friends with you, or you’re babysitting today, bigger may be better. Not only do you have a lot of kids, but you have a lot of stuff.

You may also want to consider whether it’s big enough to hold a car seat. If you have a large gap between children, inserting your child’s car seat into the stroller wagon allows you to seat two kids comfortably, even if one is a toddler and the other is an infant.


One of the most important factors for many parents is safety. Always follow the manufacturer’s ratings for size and weight before putting your child in a stroller wagon. Your child’s size and weight may be the biggest determining factor in the stroller wagon you decide to purchase.

Most stroller wagons are designed with larger children in mind, unless you choose one that accommodates a car seat. Don’t purchase a stroller wagon that won’t work for your child’s age, size, or weight.

Many have five-point harnesses, which helps many parents feel more comfortable, but you can’t use that until your child can sit on their own.


stroller wagon

Some stroller wagons have more padding than others. Most stroller wagons have quite a bit more padding than a regular wagon, but they may or may not have as much as a stroller or a car seat.

They are designed to be more comfortable for your child than a hard plastic wagon or a flimsy canvas one. They may allow you to seat multiple children comfortably or have enough room to lay them down for a nap when needed.

The stroller wagon’s design may also affect comfort. Room to stretch out could be a factor if you have larger children. Footwells can give them a place to rest their feet. The seating arrangement may have your children sitting next to each other bickering the whole day or they may have each other staring at each other and making faces.

If you have children who are prone to either of these things, you’ll have to decide which design offers the most comfort and the least amount of distraction.


The biggest benefit to a stroller wagon is its maneuverability and versatility. While strollers generally have a wide handlebar that makes them more comfortable to push, wagons have one long handle that you pull.

Stroller wagons not only have both, but they feature larger wheels that help increase the smoothness of the ride and the ease of moving them over rough terrain.

If you purchase a stroller wagon with ball bearings and a suspension system, your little one will experience a much nicer ride.

You’ll also want to look at the size of the handle because it can help with maneuverability, too. Adjustable handles are great for two parents who differ in height quite a bit, making it a comfortable option for both parents to use.

Some handles lock into place while in use, and some have different positioning, which can impact how you are able to use it.


Pay attention to washing instructions. Some fabrics are easier to wipe down than others, while other stroller wagons will have removable covers that you can throw in the washing machine. This will have a big impact on how easy your stroller wagon is to use.


While you can get basic stroller wagons, you may want to consider those with cup holders, canopies, or other features that will be useful to you. If you plan to use it at the beach, a canopy can help shade your children from the sun.

Taking it to the zoo may call for some padded seats or a comfy place to rest when your child gets tired of walking. All-terrain tires also make for a more comfortable ride for them and easier pushing for you.

And of course, cup holders are a necessity all the time, right?

Best Stroller Wagons

Now that you know more about what you should be looking for, here are some of the best stroller wagon options on the market.

Evenflo Pivot Xplore All-Terrain stroller wagon

 Evenflo Pivot Xplore

If you’re looking for the best all-around stroller wagon, Evenflo offers a great option. The Pivot Xpore is an all-terrain stroller wagon loaded with features. There’s room for two kids under 5, and gives them plenty of legroom. You still have pockets on the outside for your extra items, as well as space for things like diaper bags and purses.

The drop-down feature means your kids can get in themselves and you don’t have to do any of the heavy lifting. It also gives your kids ownership of their own stroller, making them feel more independent. All-terrain tires give you the ability to go anywhere you want, even past where the sidewalk ends. It has a single handle that flips so you can push or pull, which makes a huge difference on a wide variety of terrains.

The canopy moves so you can shade your kids from the sun at most angles, and it’s made with UPF 50 for maximum protection.

A removable snack tray makes it easy to offer everything your kids need and makes mealtime while you’re out and about a lot more convenient. A footwell gives them a place to rest their dirty shoes while keeping them off of the seats at the same time.

When you’re ready to stow it away, it folds up compactly so you can put it in the trunk or in the back of the closet until next time. This is a great option for those looking to try out a stroller wagon without spending a ton of money. Evenflo is known for its affordable and reliable baby products, so beginners should start here.


  • Two independent canopies make shading each seat individually a breeze
  • Under-carriage storage with extra pockets on the outside give you tons of storage
  • A removable snack tray makes mealtime easy
  • Plenty of legroom while keeping dirty shoes off the seat
  • Affordable and reliable
  • Easy to set up and fold down for storage
  • Foam and plastic tires won’t go flat
  • Compatible with Evenflo car seats if you purchase the adapter separately


  • Canopies don’t cover the entire wagon
  • Does not double as a playpen or a place for children to take a nap
  • Hefty weight makes it hard to lift in and out of the trunk
  • Best used with two children to maintain balance

Keenz 7s stroller wagon

 Keenz 7s stroller wagon

The Keenz 7s is definitely a splurge, but worth it for its amazing features and versatility. It holds up to two children with five-point harnesses that adjust as your child grows. It can hold up to 110 pounds with a deep main body that offers comfort and storage.

There’s plenty of extra space to hold everything you need, plus a large pocket on the outside. The is a handle on each side, and both are adjustable so that you can push or pull from either end. This thoughtful touch increases maneuverability by a long shot.

It comes with a cupholder, a cooler bag, and a canopy storage bag for when you don’t need the shade. The larger rear wheels make this wagon a great option for the beach since smaller wheels can struggle in the sand.

One of the best things about this stroller wagon is that it’s totally nap-ready and comes with extra drapes to give your little one a comfortable place to sleep, even during the day.


  • Full canopy covers the entire wagon
  • Large rear wheels increase maneuverability on soft terrain
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Nap ready
  • Five-point safety harnesses are great for young children and kids with special needs


  • No backrest makes it less comfortable
  • Small size isn’t ideal for larger toddlers
  • Doesn’t fold as compactly as other stroller wagons
  • Harder to steer when full
  • Canopy may get in the way when getting in and out

Veer Cruiser stroller wagon

Veer Cruiser stroller wagon

This stroller wagon is fancy, sleek, and fully loaded. If you’re one to gravitate toward the top-of-the-line model, this Veer model could be a good choice for you, but it’s also a lot more expensive. However, you can trust that it’s convenient, reliable, and made with quality materials.

It holds two kids in its comfort seats with extra padding and you can push or pull it without having to adjust the handle first. It comes equipped with large all-terrain wheels that make maneuverability a cinch.

The seats include harnesses so you can strap your little ones in and each seat has its own built-in snack tray and footwell. In addition to the built-in tray, you get a removable snack tray with two cup holders, so each kid can have their own.

Extra pockets on the side give you plenty of storage. The foldable storage basket attaches to the stroller at either end. It also has a travel bag and a bug shield.

The entire thing turns into a bassinet napping system, and when you’re done, this stroller wagon folds flatter than most other options on the market. Plus, you can hose it down at the end of a dirty day. It’s durable, comfortable, and easy to use.

Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon | PishPoshBaby

The cruiser will take further - from your first born through your last, and on terrain once thought of as off-limits for a family adventure.

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  • Plenty of accessories
  • Durable construction
  • Folds flat
  • Snack trays and cup holders for each child
  • Compatible with infant car seats
  • Lockable handle for pushing or pulling
  • Collapsible side storage pockets
  • Three-point harnesses and contoured, padded seats
  • Large all-terrain tires have a deep tread


  • Many accessories, like the canopy, require additional purchase
  • Heavy
  • Requires two-handed steering

Wonderfold Baby X4 Quad stroller wagon

Wonderfold Baby X4 Quad stroller wagon

If you have more than 2 kids, you’re probably wondering if any of these stroller wagons are going to work for you. The Wonderfold Baby X4 Quad stroller wagon holds up to four kids, so there’s no need to worry.

The seats have comfortable padding and five-point harnesses to keep everyone safe. They’re even elevated so you have plenty of storage underneath the wagon, which is a must with four kids.

You can also remove the seats for them to lay down or simply use it as a wagon for toting your gear. The removable canopy is UV-protected and easy to move with the sun.

The large pockets on the outside of the wagon offer even more storage and there’s a removable bucket at the back. The vents in the sides keep your kids cool while the front flap opens, making it easy to crawl in and out themselves. In addition, the fabric is removable and easy to wash.

Foam EVA wheels never go flat, and the size makes it easy to maneuver on sand or gravel, making the beach a doable trip, even with so many little ones.


  • Nap ready with removable seats
  • One-step fold when you’re ready to pack it away
  • Seats up to four kids
  • Mesh sides offer plenty of airflow
  • Lots of extra storage with elevated seats and storage pockets
  • Full UV-protected canopy covers the entire wagon and is removable


  • Expensive, but offers a great value if you have more than 2 kids
  • Bulky when folded, but one of the only options for additional children

WagonBuddy stroller wagon

This option offers a push and pull handle that gives you both functionality and affordability. Its small footprint also makes it pretty easy to maneuver. It doesn’t look as fancy as other models, but it’s a great budget-friendly option.

You can push or pull it from either end, it’s easy to assemble, and it holds up to 120 pounds, which is quite a bit more than other manufacturers.

It features a built-in basket for storage as well as a removable canopy that covers the entire wagon. It’s also nap-ready, so when it’s time for a break, you can turn it into a nice place to sleep.


  • Affordable
  • 120-pound capacity is more than many others
  • Versatile pushing or pulling from either end
  • Adjustable handle and easy to assemble
  • Small footprint increases maneuverability


  • No suspension, making for a rough ride on uneven surfaces
  • Folding could be easier
  • Only offers one safety harness

Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 stroller wagon

This is a great option for two kids, even if one of them is an infant. Rather than having to purchase a car seat adapter, it comes with one. It also has two three-point harnesses and allows you to push or pull.

The flip-over basket, parent storage basket, and extra pockets give you plenty of storage, while a removable snack tray and cup holder allow you a little bit of extra versatility.

The removable canopy is adjustable and offers extra sun protection, while an optional mosquito net keeps the bugs away when needed. The lie-down mat is great for napping but can be folded for extra cushion while sitting.

Folding the stroller wagon is easy and you can even remove the wheels for storage in tight spaces.


  • Comes with a car seat adapter
  • Removable full canopy and mosquito net offer extra protection
  • Plenty of storage
  • Affordable option for infants


  • Plastic wheels and lack of suspension don’t make for a smooth ride
  • Not as attractive as other options


Question: What is a stroller wagon?

Answer: Stroller wagons are hybrid carrying solutions that offer the versatility of a stroller with the extra space of a wagon. You can push them like a stroller or pull them like a wagon. They’re convenient and easy to use.
They offer seatbelts and braking systems with a lot of extra accessories and can hold 2-4 children. Most of them have canopies and fold down for compact storage. You can find all-terrain options or those that are only for even surfaces.

Question: Are stroller wagons worth it?

Answer: Stroller wagons can be quite expensive, especially if they come with a lot of extra accessories. You’ll need to check safety features, weight ratings, and size before you purchase one, but they are a great option if you travel a lot or like to go on outings to the park or the zoo.

Question: What’s the best stroller wagon?

Answer: The best stroller wagon for you will be different than someone else. You’ll need to pick the one that’s right for your family based on how many children you have and what features you want. If you go to the beach a lot, you’ll want a canopy to protect from the sun and bigger wheels to roll through the sand.
If you like to hike, you’ll want all-terrain wheels and plenty of extra storage. On the other hand, if you roll over mostly smooth surfaces like the sidewalk or roaming around the zoo, you might be fine with regular wheels, as long as you have a snack tray or room to nap in the middle of a long day.

Question: Can you jog with a stroller wagon?

Answer: If you get a stroller wagon with large, rugged tires, you can definitely jog with it. The Veer stroller wagon is a great option because it offers a lot of maneuverability, even on grass, snow, or uneven surfaces.
If you plan to jog with yours, look for options that offer safety for your kids at faster speeds, as well as larger all-terrain tires and a good suspension.

Final Thoughts

A stroller wagon is a great investment for people with more than one child. Often, if you only have one child, a regular stroller will work just fine for the majority of their infant and toddlerhood. However, having a comfortable place for two children to sit, nap, and snack is essential.

A stroller wagon offers flexibility, versatility, safety, and comfort. However, the right one for you will depend on what you need. If budget is no concern, you may want to look at the Veer or the Keenz.

But if you need the space for more than 2 kids, you’ll have to get something like the Wonderfold. Alternatively, if you’re just looking to save money but want what a stroller wagon has to offer, Evenflo and WagonBuddy both have great options. No matter what you choose, you’ll definitely get used to it!

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