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Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz: Which Wagon Suits You Best?

Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz: Which Wagon Suits You Best?

Stroller wagons can get pretty pricey. You don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that won’t work for you, so it’s important to understand your options before making a decision. Wonderfold vs Keenz are two of the best stroller wagon manufacturers out there, so you really can’t go wrong with either. In this review, we’ll focus on the Wonderfold W4 and the Keenz 7S because they’re the latest models.

However, there are some key differences you’ll want to note, and you also want to determine what you want out of a stroller wagon first. This will make your choice a bit easier. We’ll go through what you should look for and then review each stroller wagon in detail, so you’ll know whether either one of these will work for you.

Keenz Stroller Wagon

Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with the active family in mind - use the 7S pull/push wagon stroller for trips to the park or beach, sporting events, family outings, and more.

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Main Differences Between the Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz

The main differences between the Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz are:

  • The Wonderfold Wagon can hold up to 4 children, whereas the Keenz can only hold 2 children.
  • The Wonderfold Wagon is rated for children 6 months and older, whereas the Keenz is rated for children 12 months and older.
  • The Wonderfold Wagon can hold up to 300 pounds, whereas the Keenz can only hold up to 110 pounds.
  • The Wonderfold Wagon comes with tires that never go flat, but you can’t purchase all-terrain tires, whereas the Keenz wagon offers you the option to purchase separate all-terrain tires.
  • The Wonderfold Wagon weighs 50 pounds, whereas the Keenz weighs 32 pounds.

What is a Stroller Wagon?


Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz

So, is it a stroller or a wagon? Well, it’s both! Whoever discovered that combining these two things would make a parent’s life easier is a genius. A stroller wagon is a versatile cargo vehicle for you to carry kids, pets, snacks, diapers, and anything else you might need on the go.

Stroller wagons are great for multiple kids, and they can stand, sit, or lie down. A good quality stroller wagon will last anywhere from 5 to 8 years. While traditional strollers are limited to toddlers and older children, a stroller wagon can be used for newborns and infants unless you have a car seat attachment.

When your child doesn’t like being strapped in, a traditional stroller won’t work for very long. Many children don’t want to sit in a stroller for more than a couple of minutes. However, a stroller wagon gives them more flexibility and room to move while still keeping them safe and contained. Plus, it can carry so much more!

Stroller Wagon Features

There are several features you should look for when determining which stroller wagon will work best for you. For such an expensive item, you want to make sure it has everything you need and will last a long time.

Length of use

Determine how long you’re going to need your stroller wagon. If you have multiple kids already, you may be closer to your children growing out of it. However, if you have one child and plan to have more, you want your stroller wagon to last through all of them.

Even if you only plan on having one child, your stroller wagon could potentially last until they’re 7 or 8 years old, so make sure you read reviews to make sure your stroller wagon will last that long.

Also, consider whether the stroller wagon is rated for newborn use. If you don’t have a newborn, it won’t matter to you, but if you want to start using it right away after having a baby, it should be safe enough for them.

The upper weight limit is another good point of reference if you intend to use the stroller wagon for multiple children or older children.

Weight capacity

Not only will the stroller wagon be holding your kids, but it will also hold diaper bags, toys, snacks, and other things you want to take along with you. The weight capacity is a serious consideration for most people, especially if you want to get a lot of use out of it.


One of the biggest advantages of getting a stroller wagon is that it’s so much more versatile than a traditional stroller. Some wagons will accommodate standing children, and most will allow them to sit or lie down.

You can find stroller wagons that have two rows of seats or convert them to a bench seat. You may also want to look for stroller wagons that allow one child to sit while the other naps. They also have seat belts, and safety harnesses to make everyone even safer.

Consider how you want to use it for your children, and then look for products that will accommodate that.


Look for safety harnesses and seat belts in your stroller wagon. If you have an infant, you’ll want to look for three or five-point harnesses. You should also pay attention to the padding, suspension system, and infant seat.

Evaluating the stroller wagon for safety often includes more than just harnesses. You want to make sure it’s not going to be a bumpy ride for sleeping children while ensuring there’s enough padding to protect their head when you do encounter bumps.

Size and weight

While a durable stroller wagon may be a bit bulkier, some parents decide it’s worth the extra size and weight. However, you’ll want to make sure it fits in your car. There are stroller wagons of all different sizes and shapes. Some are easy to collapse while others may not be.


In addition to the size and weight, you’ll want to make sure your stroller wagon is easy to collapse and expand. If you’re wrestling with a toddler, you may only have one hand available. Stroller wagons that collapse easily and are lightweight will ensure you get it thrown in the truck while still keeping one hand free for your child.


If you’re looking for a stroller wagon that will come with you to the beach or on a hiking trail, the tires are critical. Plastic tires will not survive rough terrain and will make it nearly impossible to pull through the sand.

Make sure the tires on your stroller wagon of choice are well suited for your desired use. Heavy-duty tires are often the best option, but there are other varieties that work in different situations.

Wonderfold Wagon

Perhaps the most useful feature of the Wonderfold W4 stroller wagon is that it can hold up to 4 kids at once. Each seat comes with a 5-point safety harness so all 4 kids will be safe, and there’s a front zipper door, so smaller kids can climb up and down more easily without help from you.


Of course, the more kids you have, the more stuff you have, which means you need a wagon that has a large weight capacity. The Wonderfold W4 can hold up to 300 pounds. However, the weight limit for each bench is only 99 pounds, so you’ll have to pay attention to how much your children weigh before deciding where they can sit.

Age range

The other benefit to this wagon is that it’s rated for children 6 months and older. Babies and toddlers alike can ride in it, and you don’t have to carry your infant separately. There’s no upper age limit on the wagon, but you can’t exceed the weight allowance, so it will depend on how large your children are.

While your child may be able to stand up in the Wonderfold Wagon, the side walls are only 19 inches tall, so taller children will be less safe.

Tires and suspension

The Wonderfold Wagon comes with regular wheels that won’t work on all terrains. The benefit is that these tires never go flat, so you won’t ever have to worry about filling them with air. Unfortunately, there’s no option to purchase all-terrain tires separately.

The front suspension makes for a more comfortable ride, but probably not as comfortable as a wagon that has suspension on all four tires.

Wonderfold W4 4-Seater Multi-Function Stroller Wagon

Sometimes, taking our little ones on the go with us is nearly impossible! Babies and toddlers alike love strolling around in the Wonderfold Multi-Function Wagon, secured in a 5-point harness and covered by a UV-protected canopy.

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The Wonderfold W4 wagon is quite large, which is why its capacity is so high, but that may mean it’s a bit less portable than other varieties. Its unfolded dimensions are 52.5 inches tall, 46 inches long, and 29 inches wide.

When folded, it’s still much larger than other wagons at 43 inches tall, 29 inches long, and 19 inches wide. It also weighs 50 pounds, so it can be tough to lift.

Unique features

The handle on the Wonderfold W4 allows you to push or pull it with ease, giving you more options and maneuverability. The most unique feature is the ability to hold 4 kids because it’s designed for large families.

It comes with a full canopy that you can slide open or remove completely. It’s also easy to fold and unfold, despite its bulky size. You simply push the button and lift.


  • Holds up to 4 kids
  • Has four 5-point harnesses
  • Weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Full canopy
  • Front zipper door
  • Tires never go flat


  • Bulky and heavy
  • No all-terrain tires
  • Only includes a front suspension


Wonderfold Wagon vs Keenz: wagon

Keenz is a great option for parents who need an effortless operation. It has two parent handles, making it easier to pull or push in either direction from either side. There are also 5-point harnesses for all children. It’s a popular kids wagon that you’ve likely seen before because so many people love it.


The Keenz 7S can hold 2 kids and up to 110 pounds. This is a rather average weight capacity that may only work for small families or smaller children. However, it’s a parent-friendly wagon that’s so easy to maneuver, it’s almost worth having more than one of them.

The weight limit for each child is 45 pounds, so even if you max out the weight for both of your kids, you’ll still have 20 extra pounds to use for cargo.

Age range

Another downside to the Keenz wagon is that it’s only rated for children 12 months and older. That makes the weight capacity even more limiting because older kids weigh more. It may put some families in a tight spot when it comes to fitting all of their kids and cargo.

Tires and suspension

While the Keenz wagon doesn’t have tires that will never go flat, it actually offers you the option to purchase all-terrain tires separately, making it a more suitable option for families who plan on hiking, going to the beach, or visiting otherwise rugged terrain.

Another benefit here is that Keenz puts suspension on all four wheels, which means that no matter where you take your wagon, it will offer a more comfortable ride and much simpler maneuverability.

Keenz Stroller Wagon

Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with the active family in mind - use the 7S pull/push wagon stroller for trips to the park or beach, sporting events, family outings, and more.

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The Keenz wagon is 44 inches tall, 34.6 inches long, and 19.4 inches wide when it’s unfolded. It’s only 30.75 inches tall and 12 inches wide when folded, making it one of the smallest folded wagons on the market. Plus, it only weighs 32 pounds, so it’s a really manageable size for most people.

Unique features

The Keenz has some really great unique features that make it stand out. We’ve already mentioned that it has a handle on each side of the wagon, but it also has rotatable handles to it’s more comfortable in any direction.

It already includes a full-size canopy that opens to reveal a more breathable mesh layer, but you can purchase an all-weather wind cover for more protection. This cover has clear windows so your child can still see out and you can still see in. 

It also comes with multiple cup holders and a cooler bag, making it a lot easier to carry your snacks along with you.


  • Two-parent handles
  • 5-point harnesses
  • Full-size canopy with a mesh layer
  • Easy to operate
  • Can purchase all-terrain tires separately
  • Suspension on all 4 wheels


  • Only for 12 months and older
  • Smaller capacity


Question: Is a stroller wagon worth it?

Answer: Stroller wagons can usually accommodate more weight and a wider age range than a traditional stroller. They have more compartments for cargo and personal belongings, making them a bit more versatile. However, they’re also more expensive.
A stroller wagon is well worth the cost for many people, especially if you have multiple children. For twins and triplets, it’s definitely a must, but even for a single child, it’s a great thing to have at the zoo, the airport, or the beach.

Question: Can you put a car seat in a Wonderfold wagon?

Answer: While there are no safety harnesses to accommodate a car seat in the Wonderfold, the sides are high enough to prevent a car seat from falling out. However, this is a personal preference for most parents. It may not be the best idea to have an unsecured car seat inside if you’re enduring heavy terrain.
Many parents claim that they remove one of the seats to accommodate their infant seat, and their older children can still sit on the other seat with no problems.

Question: What stroller wagon has the highest weight limit?

Answer: The Wonderfold W4 is the stroller wagon with the highest weight limit on the market, at 300 pounds. It’s great for big kids, large families, and lots of cargo. However, it’s also one of the most expensive options.

Question: Can you take a stroller wagon on a plane?

Answer: Most airlines will require that you gate-check any strollers or stroller wagons before you board the plane. However, every airline has its own size and weight limitations for gate-checked items, so verify with the airline first.

Final Thoughts

Stroller wagons make going out with your kids so much easier because they’re more maneuverable and hold more weight than a traditional stroller. Overall, the Keenz 7S is the easiest stroller wagon to operate, while the Wonderfold W4 has the largest capacity. My personal choice would be the Keenz 7S because of its maneuverability and extra features, like a full canopy, a cooler bag, and 2 flexible handles. I also like that you can purchase all-terrain tires separately and that it has suspension on all four wheels.

However, if you do have larger children, the Wonderfold W4 is a great option, and even though it’s big, it’s easy to fold.

Keenz Stroller Wagon

Keenz Stroller Wagons are designed with the active family in mind - use the 7S pull/push wagon stroller for trips to the park or beach, sporting events, family outings, and more.

Check it on Amazon
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
03/06/2024 01:25 pm GMT

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