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Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair Review

Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair Review

I absolutely love the Evenflo brand. I used many of their products while raising my two kids and can attest to their amazing quality, ease of use, and design. Evenflo is a brand that parents trust because of its commitment to smart designs and leading-edge innovations. The Eat & Grow High Chair perfectly exemplifies that commitment, and this Eat & Grow High Chair Review & Guide will prove it.

Built to last, the Eat & Grow is also designed to be the only high chair a parent will need. It’ll last any kid from the infant stage through the ‘tween years.

Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair Review

About the Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair

The Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair is basically Evenflo’s attempt at innovating in this category. As the name suggests, the high chair keeps pace with kids as they grow older, thanks to its 4-mode, 5-point harness. The 4 modes are infant high chair, toddler dining chair, toddler stand-alone chair, and kid table & chair.


  • The adjustable seat allows you to bring your baby right up to the table
  • Available in two different shades
  • The seat pad is wipeable and machine-washable
  • Extremely easy to clean (includes a removable, dishwasher-safe food catcher tray insert)
  • Delivers impressive longevity for a high chair in its price range
  • Lightweight yet stable
  • Converts to a play table
  • Very very sturdy and durable!!


  • The footrest isn’t adjustable.
  • You’ll have to tilt the food catcher tray slightly. This may cause some spillage if you’re not careful.

Key Features

Here, I’ll list every key feature that sets the Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair apart. Let’s get started.

Size And Weight

Like most other intricately designed high chairs, the Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair features a broad base. This ensures added safety and stability. The exact measurements at the base are 21.75 inches by 24 inches. Ensure these work with your space before committing.

Regarding weight, the high chair weighs 12.0 lbs, making it one of the most portable high chairs available. More on its portability later.

Weight Capacity

The Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair has an impressive weight capacity of up to 50 lb (22.6kg.) That means you’ll have ample time to set the stage for food-related structures and routines before your kid hits the limit and outgrows it.


The first handy design of the Eat & Grow High Chair is its removable food tray. Eject it easily for cleaning sessions by pushing two buttons. The chair’s seat is also adjustable, so your child can sit at a normal, observable height. This significantly reduces the risk of choking.

The seat also reclines in several distinct positions so your kid can sleep comfortably after feeding. The back has been fitted with a three-position adjustment that allows you to change the backrest’s angle.


It’s always fun when your baby also gets to join the grown-up table. The Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair’s portable design makes it easy to bring it up to the dinette set. When you’re not using it, the high chair folds down flat for easy storage.

It’ll also be easy to take out with you on trips out of town or on holidays. You shouldn’t have any issues finding a place for it in your car trunk. It takes up extremely little space when folded.

Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair Review

Price Range

The cost of the Evenflo Eat & Grow high Chair typically ranges from $60 to $75, which I think is super reasonable for what you’re getting. The final price will depend on the retail site you buy it through. More on that later.


I read hundreds of online reviews and also talked to my friend/new mom who owns this high same chair model. Ultimately, I concluded that an easy-to-clean seat pad is a major factor behind why people love this high chair. I couldn’t agree more. I wish this model was available when my littles were, well, little.

Better yet, this high chair doesn’t include crevices where crumbs can collect or spaces where liquids may pool undetected. You can quickly throw the seat pad in a washing machine in case of diaper leaks.

To clean the harness, wash it by hand using cool water. Easy peasy!

Food Catcher Tray

Babies are notoriously messy eaters, so the Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair is fitted with a food catcher tray. This innovative addition keeps crumbs off the floor by catching any food your kid drops from the sides or front. No more crawling around on the floor, wiping up messes after every meal. I remember the days of scrapping spaghetti off my beautiful slate floors. Sigh.


Falling over is one of the most common high chair accidents that land children in the emergency room. And it’s every parent’s worst nightmare…well, one of them.

This risk has been eliminated in the Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair by its 5-point harness. Always fasten them all and double-check to ensure they’re not too loose.

Also, you must follow the specific safety instructions from Evenflo.

Decision Making Tips

little girl sitting at Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

Almost all high chairs these days meet basic safety standards. That said, there are several questions you’ll need to ask yourself to ensure the unit you get meets your unique requirements. Here are seven examples.

Are You Comfortable with Assembly?

You’ll realize that most high chair models require some assembly, including this Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair model. Evenflo has included an easy-to-follow guide that sees to it that you avoid any particular frustrations or difficulties.

What Is Your Budget?

I found that high chairs range widely in price, from as little as $15 to highs of up to $650. Needless to say, you should never make a purchase decision based on price alone. Most parents I read about who bought pricier chairs ended up wishing they had simpler high chair models.

I’ve also heard of parents who bought budget units and hit the jackpot. The bottom line? Whatever your budget, just ensure the unit you get is well worth your hard-earned cash.

What’s the Most Important Feature of a High Chair for You?

This is where your lifestyle comes into play. Do you anticipate heavy near-daily use? Does your kid kick around a lot and/or protest being put in high chairs? Or perhaps you need twin high chairs for two kids. Answering these will help you figure out the unique features you should gravitate toward. Additional lifestyle factors to consider include: is portability important to you? How much space do you have?

Also, consider any height and weight recommendations or design factors when making a purchase decision.

Baby sitting at Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair

How Big Is Your Baby?

Most babies start consuming solid food five or six months in and start using high chairs around the same time. Some families get the high chair once their child turns a year old and keep it until they turn 3. Others will go beyond toddlerhood if the high chair is a booster or a convertible model.

In all cases, the high chair you get should help keep your child and their food in place and contained. Start with how big your baby is at the moment and extrapolate for the period you’d like them to use a high chair.

Will You Reuse This High Chair?

It’s also advisable that you consider your ideal family size. Do you ultimately plan to have another child? Then it makes sense that you’ll need to make a larger investment in a reusable model.

These reusable models will usually have a bigger price tag. But look at the bigger picture and remind yourself that it’ll ultimately save from investing in a second unit.

Is the High Chair Safe to Use?

The high chair you get must, first of all, be stable and secure and should never feel wobbly. The first sign of a safe high chair is harnessing. Some retail with three-point harnesses that buckle just at the waist and around the legs. Others, like this Evenflo Eat & Grow unit, have five-point harnesses that include shoulder straps. The type of harness significantly impacts a high chair’s safety.

Another way to evaluate a high chair’s safety is to see if it’s certified to meet any safety standards. Some manufacturers opt to have their high chairs tested and approved by the independent JPMA (Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association.)

Your last safety check should be going through the product’s comments section. Evaluate what previous, verified customers had to say about its reliability and stability.

Do You Care About Portability and Ease of Maintenance?

This is one of the most important ones! Given everything you’re juggling as a parent, high-maintenance high chairs shouldn’t be on the list. The unit you get should be easy to take care of and clean with removable food trays. Also, if you feed your kid in both the dining room and kitchen, you’ll want an easy-to-move unit. Your best bet is ultra-lightweight high chairs or those that retail with wheels.

Where Can You Buy the Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair?

Evenflo 4-in-1 Eat & Grow Convertible High Chair

As a general rule of thumb, you want to buy your baby products from major retailers like Amazon and Walmart. These are great because their teams of experts diligently analyze each piece before shipping it out to you. The only thing I’d say is better than these retailers is the product’s manufacturer’s official site. With that in mind, I’ve got seven different places I think you should buy your Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair through.

Other Alternatives To Consider

The Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair doesn’t quite cut it for you? Fear not! I have several other alternatives I think you should consider. Each of these is an equally popular and functional high chair.

Best Budget Option: Graco Slim Snacker

Graco Slim Snacker


The Graco Slim Snacker is one of Graco’s top-rated high chairs, coming in around the same price as the Eat & Grow. The first primary difference between the two is that this is significantly ultra-slimmer to fit in compact homes. But don’t let its ultra-slim design fool you into thinking the unit isn’t ergonomic. Like its Eat & Grow counterpart, it promotes good posture (and digestion or swallowing.) It’s also fitted with a footrest for your infant’s comfort.

Best Compact High Chair : Safety 1st High Chair

Safety 1st High Chair

The Safety 1st high chair is one of the easiest to put together, with four swiveling wheels and six heights. It’s also extremely easy to use, and your baby’s feet should reach the footrest without a hassle. It tilts both upward and downward to adjust for height.

What’s more? The food tray goes back nice and far, and the cushioned seat is easy to wipe and fold. It also retails in three color options: gray, green chevron, and polka dots.

Best High-End High Chair: Sweety Fox Foldable High Chair

Sweety Fox Foldable High Chair


This Sweety Fox Foldable High Chair is one of the most stylish high chairs I’ve found. It boasts a minimalist style for those who prefer to match their baby’s needs to their home decor. Top that off with the fact it comes in five distinct shades: deep black, blu, dark grey, light grey, and pink.

The high chair has 3 footrest positions, 5 backrest angles, and 7 chair heights for elegance and comfort.


Question: What Is the Best Convertible High Chair?

Answer: A good convertible high chair must be simple to use and, most importantly, painless to clean. With that in mind, after days of in-depth research, I confidently conclude this Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair is one of the best. The simple high chair is assured to make mealtimes easier than options that cost 10 times as much.

Question: Is Evenflo a Good Brand Game?

Answer: Yes, Evenflo is still worth your time and hard-earned money. The company is a comprehensive brand whose roots trace back to the early 20th century. Over the century the company has existed, it’s maintained its dedication to providing parents with innovative baby products at affordable prices. The Eat & Grow High Chair is a good case in point.

Question: What’s The Price Range for A Good High Chair?

Answer: The price range for a good high chair depends on the product complexity and design intricacy. Expect to pay between $50 and $600. As a general rule, the cheaper the high chair, the more basic its design and features. The more expensive it is, the more bells and whistles you should expect to find on the product.

Bottom Line

I hope my expert Evenflo Eat & Grow High Chair Review & Guide has helped you make an educated purchase decision.

I approached this guide with first-time parents in mind because I remember what it felt like to be new and overwhelmed. But families who’ve found their current high chairs frustrating may also want to consider this easier-to-clean alternative.

That’s particularly wise if baby number two (or three) is on the way. Check out my other helpful guides on the site for things like baby gear, furniture, diapers, and more.

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