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Evenflo Reversi Stroller Review: A Great Lightweight Model At a Decent Price

Evenflo Reversi Stroller Review: A Great Lightweight Model At a Decent Price

An ultralight baby stroller is a must for every mom who wants to spend time with her baby actively. But which one to choose? In this Evenflo Reversi Stroller review, I’ll discuss my favorite in this category. Parenting comes with constant challenges. Getting used to strollers was undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of day-to-day parenting for me.

Although these products should make a parent’s life easier, I always found strollers somewhat inconvenient, complicated to handle, and physically heavy. On quite a few occasions, I even preferred a baby carrier (see our How to Find the Best Carrier guide) to avoid all the struggle with folding and unfolding the pram.

Nevertheless, everything changed when I discovered the compact, ultralight strollers like Evenflo’s Reversi that can be moved and handled with an ease I’ve only dreamt about with my classic carriage. If you’re looking for the same relief and, at the same time, hope to stay on a budget, my Evenflo Reversi stroller might direct you toward one of the best options you currently have.

Bottom Line Upfront: 

Evenflo Reversi Stroller is easy to use, perfectly lightweight, remarkably flexible, and very affordable. If you need a simple yet reliable stroller of this type, it won’t disappoint you. However, some drawbacks, such as limited compatibility with car seats or lack of support for a few valuable additions, can be a dealbreaker for some parents.

Key Specifications of Evenflo Reversi Stroller

Evenflo Reversi Stroller

Check the main specifications of the Evenflo Reversi Stroller in the following table.

Full name of the product Evenflo Reversi Stroller
Content of the box 1 Stroller frame, 1 Detachable toddler seat
Maximum child weight/height 50 lbs (22.6 kg) / 40 inches (101.6 cm)
Reversible Yes (Forward-facing/Parent-facing positions)
Colors Celestine Coral, Leonis Green, Altair Black, Artemis Blue
Harness type 5-point manual re-thread harness
Dimensions 21.5 x 39.5 x 31.5 in
Weight 16.9 lbs
Latest price Click here for the latest price

Core Features of Evenflo Reversi Stroller

Let’s now evaluate this stroller in detail and discuss its characteristic features individually.


Evenflo Reversi is a simple yet pretty good-looking stroller. It has a modern minimalistic design, a nice range of available colors for girls and boys (+ some neutral), and sturdy-looking construction. Although I did not expect too much from an entry-level stroller regarding design, Evenflo’s appearance, and I even received compliments on it from my friends.

The stroller also has a handy canopy. Compared to some other strollers I’ve owned or tested before, I found this one genuinely spot on when it comes to dimensions – not too big, not too small. You can adjust it in several ways depending on how much sun or wind you need to block at any moment. Sadly, it lacks any UPF+ protection, so you must take additional precautions in the summer.

I also like the small window on the top of the canopy: It allows you to keep an eye on your little one, even in the front-facing position. What I miss on the Reversi is a snack tray or a baby cup holder that would allow a toddler some independence. On the other hand, I appreciate its spacious basket with a handy side zipper.

Dimensions & Weight

People are usually attracted to this stroller mainly because of its super-compact construction and lightweight body. I am no different – when I read that Reversi weighs just 16.9 lbs and measures only 21.5 x 39.5 x 31.5 inches when fully folded, I was pretty much decided on the purchase.

I particularly like how narrow this stroller is when folded, as I’ve constantly been hitting the doorways with our older model. Although there apparently are even a bit lighter or smaller umbrella strollers on the market, I doubt you can get any of them at the Evenflo’s affordable price.


Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System with SafeMax Car Seat

As the name of this stroller suggests, it is not only lightweight but also reversible, which means that the seat can be turned either toward you or facing the street in front of you. Typically, you will use the first option while your baby is tiny and prefers always to see your face. You can turn the seat over as the toddler grows and becomes more curious about the world.

Another characteristic feature of this stroller is that you can also use it with your car seat instead of the included stroller’s seat. That’s very convenient and saves a lot of time and space. However, the frame is compatible only with the car seats from Evenflo’s LiteMax and SafeMax series (they can also be a part of the bundle described in our Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System Review).

This is a common source of disappointment, and I’ve seen many frustrated reviews from parents who found out about this only once they bought the stroller, so be aware.

Ease of Use

User-friendliness is, in my opinion, one of the best reasons anyone should consider getting this stroller. If you’re impatient and clumsy like me, Evenflo is a great relief. When I first opened the box, it took me only about 5 minutes to assemble the whole stroller, including the padding, all the adapters, etc. When I did it repeatedly, I was even faster.

To detach the seat component from the stroller frame, pop out the black plastic latches on the sides and take the seat out. Then you can turn it over, clicking it in the same place only reversed. Again, you can do this with a single hand, which is incredible since it allows you, for example, to hold your baby in your other hand safely while doing it. When I traveled with my baby alone, it was a great help.

Just like removing the stroller seat from the frame, installing a car seat is also very simple. You just need to click the included adapters where the stroller seat was previously attached. Now click the seat (optionally with your baby inside) on the frame, and you’re ready to go. When you need to release the car seat, it works the same way as when you detach the seat from your car.


Regarding safety, I have not noticed anything on or around this stroller that would make me worried. Despite its lightweight and compact dimensions, it feels very stable and sturdy. The 5-point harness system is pretty much standard; all the locks and latches click in their places smoothly. The adjustable seat is also pretty comfortable and richly padded.

Of course, talking about safety, don’t forget to block the wheels whenever you want to adjust/fold/reverse the stroller (breaks look like small pedals and work very smoothly). I’ve had my share of incidents (luckily, no one was ever hurt!) related to the unblocked wheels on Evenflo, but it’s fair to say that none of it could be blamed on the stroller itself.


Regarding care and cleaning, the plastic parts don’t need anything other than occasional wiping with a dump cloth – especially after a wet autumn or winter stroll. The canopy is made from a durable polyester that is not particularly prone to stains, so cleaning some minor dirt is, again, pretty simple and effortless. All it takes is some water and mild soap.

Note that, according to the producer’s instructions, you should not use any abrasives or solvents on Evenflo Reversi. Of course, sometimes you need to clean the soft pads more thoroughly. In this case, you can machine wash them separately in cold water using a delicate cycle and tumble dry them on low heat.


I believe that we should not consider pricing the main deal breaker when it comes to products for our babies, but still – it’s wonderful if you can get a quality product at an affordable price. In this regard, Evenflo Reversi Stroller is truly hard to beat. Even without any deals, sales, or coupons, this perfect compact stroller will cost you a fraction of some of the competition.

Moreover, you also get 30 days of free returns AND a limited 90-day warranty, so there’s plenty of time to test this stroller in day-to-day situations and decide whether you want to keep it.

Pros of Evenflo Reversi Stroller

Evenflo Reversi Stroller

If you’re still unsure whether this is the right stroller for you, maybe you’ll find the following summary of its best features helpful:

Elegant Design with a Nice Range of Colors

Though I do not usually consider the design and looks of a baby product extremely important, it’s certainly nice to have a stroller that suits you well even when you’re wearing your best dress. Evenflo Reversi is simple and minimalistic, but it has its charms and looks very appealing, particularly given its reasonable price.

Perfect Ease of Use

If you, like me, hate fighting with overly complicated mechanisms and want things to respond to a single click or pull, Evenflo Reversi is a great choice. This stroller is perfectly lightweight and very easy to use. Most actions can be performed with a single hand, which is particularly convenient for busy moms who have their hands constantly full.

Reversible Position

Enabling the reversion of the stroller seat gives Evenflo great versatility. As your baby grows into a curious toddler, you’ll surely appreciate the option to turn them to face the world in front of them.

Affordable Price

Evenflo Reversi is one of the most affordable lightweight strollers on the market. Given all its functions, features, and qualities, it undoubtedly offers great value for money.

Cons of Evenflo Reversi Stroller

Before you make your final decision, take one more look at the stroller’s weaker points:

Compatible Only with a Limited Range of Car Seats

The option to use Evenflo Reversi as a wheeled frame for a standard car seat certainly draws parents to this stroller.

However, many eventually find out that they cannot enjoy this nice feature since the structure is only compatible with a very limited range of Evenflo car seats.

No UPF+ Protection on the Canopy

My baby has sensitive skin, so I tried to avoid any unnecessary cosmetics when he was tiny.

Unfortunately, since this stroller’s canopy does not have any UPF+ protection, I had to use sunscreen frequently and also keep his hat on all the time in the summer.

It is Not Compatible with the Rider Board

If you have an older kid that would like to ride along with the baby on a detachable board, you’re going to have to find another stroller. Evenflo Reversi, sadly, doesn’t support this nice addition.

No Snack Tray Either

Another thing you can miss with this stroller is a detachable snack tray which commonly comes with this type of light stroller. Unfortunately, Reversi is not even compatible with any of the separately sold snack trays I’ve seen.

The Stroller Can Only Carry Kids Weighing Under 50 lbs

Many parents evaluate products only based on how well they fit their needs at the moment. But, believe me, when you find a good stroller, you want it to suit your kid for as long as possible. In this regard, Evenflo Reversi has its limits since you cannot use it with kids weighing more than 50 lbs. Some other lightweight strollers (see below) have at least a slightly higher maximum load.

Not suitable for newborns

Some lightweight strollers can be adjusted to a fully reclined horizontal position, which makes it suitable even for newborns. Evenflo Reversi does not feature this function, so it can only be used when your baby can sit independently (typically around six months of age).

Are There Any Alternatives?

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller weighs less than 30 pounds, but it can carry kids up to 75 pounds. In this regard, it indeed outperforms Evenflo Reversi. But it has other benefits worth checking, too, including an off-road suspension for a smooth ride on rugged terrain and a lockable front wheel.

As the stroller’s name suggests, it is designed particularly for moms who like to jog along with their babies. Still, it is a widely universal stroller perfectly suitable for everyday use. However, the main downside of Joovy Zoom 360 is its higher price. You can learn more about it in our Joovy Zoom 360 vs. Bob Revolution SE comparison.

Ergobaby Metro+ Lightweight Stroller

Ergobaby Metro

Folding a stroller inside the car trunk is a standard nowadays, but how about upgrading to a stroller that can fit into an airplane overhead compartment? After discontinuing production of its super-popular model 180 (check our Ergobaby 180 Review for more details), Ergobaby launched a futuristic Ergobaby Metro+ edition.

Like Evenflo Reversi, this exclusive lightweight jogger is also car seat-compatible. Thanks to the ability to fold down into a completely horizontal position, it can be used with newborns too. Again, the only real drawback of this lovely stroller is its price.

Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller

If you’re attracted to Evenflo Reversi mainly due to its reversibility and affordability, Summer 3Dflip Convenience Stroller is a great alternative since it shares both of these qualities. The stroller boasts a reversible seat design that allows babies to face mom when younger and later face the world as they become more curious.

When folded, the 3DFlip’s dimensions are 40.38 x 13 x 9.50 inches, and it also weighs only 13.2 pounds – even less than Evenflo! Although some parents might doubt the relatively unknown manufacturer of this stroller, rest assured that it has all the standard safety features (including a 5-point harness) and certificates.


Question: Can I use Evenflo Reversi Stroller with a newborn baby?

Answer: No, this stroller does not provide a fully horizontal position required for the safety of newborn babies. You can only use this stroller once your baby is six months old.

Question: Is the Evenflo Reversi Stroller’s footrest adjustable?

Answer: No, this stroller has a firm footrest that cannot be adjusted in any sense or direction.

Question: How much weight can the Evenflo Reversi Stroller’s basket carry?

Answer: The stroller’s basket is a convenient storage space for various baby stuff or even a small shopping bag with groceries, but it should never be loaded with more than 10 lbs of weight.

Question: Is there a snack tray I can get for the Evenflo Reversi Stroller?

Answer: No. This stroller does not feature any included snack tray, nor is it compatible with any separately sold tray you can currently find on the market.

Question: Is the Evenflo Reversi Stroller suitable for rugged terrain?

Answer: Not really. This stroller is not specifically designed for rugged natural terrain. It has relatively small wheels and lacks the unique suspension system suitable for larger bumps.

Final Thoughts – Is Evenflo Reversi Stroller Worth It?

When you’re deciding on a new stroller, you should write down all the qualities you require and the extras you can live without. If your checklist includes ease of use, lightweight construction, and budget-friendliness, Evenflo Reversi Stroller should undoubtedly be on your radar.

This foldable reversible stroller is very convenient. It also looks great and feels remarkably reliable and trustworthy in all kinds of daily situations. It also comes with the feature of a reversible seat and the possibility to attach a compatible car seat directly to the wheeled frame. This certainly provides you with a lot of comfort and flexibility.

Although I would like to see a few upgrades on it (e.g., an improved canopy with UPF+ protection or some adaptors for the tray and ride board), I would not consider any of it a dealbreaker. Still, if you’re not entirely convinced about the purchase, maybe you’ll find some of the similar alternatives, such as Joovy Zoom 360 or Ergobaby Metro+, better.

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