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At The Baby Swag, we are dedicated to educating and supporting families throughout their feeding journey – no matter what that looks like. We have been a trusted resource since 2018 to parents all over the world and take a lot of pride in that.  During this time we’ve talked to many parents, health experts, …

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Whether you have a baby who is struggling to latch when feeding, are a working mom or are looking to share feeding with your partner, you will probably have – or be thinking about buying – a breast pump. Breast pumps allow you to express milk as and when you need to, even if your …

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Today, I will discuss two of the most popular nursing pillows on the market: Boppy and My Breast Friend. Breastfeeding can be challenging but, luckily, there are certain items you can keep nearby to make the whole process a lot easier. One of the essential things of breastfeeding is a nursing pillow. You can use …

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Choosing to either breastfeed or formula feed if always up to you as the parent, but once you decide to go with breastfeeding, there are so many more components to it than you might think. Like choosing between the Spectra S1 vs Medela Freestyle. Both breast pumps come from reputable brands that parents trust, but …

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Edgepark and Byram Healthcare both work with insurance companies to supply breast pumps at a reduced cost, sometimes free. They are a couple of the options available to pregnant women who might want to look into getting a breast pump through insurance rather than paying cash at the store.

While they work with insurance companies to make these devices cheaper, they don’t work with all insurance providers, and they don’t carry every type of breast pump, so it’s important to understand the differences between the two before you decide who to use, if either.

To lessen the financial impact of purchasing a breast pump, we’ll review both Edgepark and Byram Healthcare so you’ll know what your options are and how they might work for you, helping you make a more informed decision.

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Edgepark supplies breast pumps as well as other medical equipment, so if you’ve chosen to breastfeed after having your baby, this may be an option for you to get the things you need at a lower cost.

They work with insurance companies to make these expensive devices cheaper for you, but they don’t work with every insurance company, nor do they carry every brand of breast pump. It’s important to research what they can offer first before deciding whether to use them or not.

To help make the decision easier and lessen the financial impact of a breast pump on your family, we’ll review Edgepark to determine what your options are and how it could work for you. This can help you make an informed decision.

Edgepark offers quality breast pumps that are reviewed and rated between four and five stars. They also have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. However, Edgepark themselves consistently receives 1 star on the BBB website and is not BBB accredited.

About Edgepa

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Giving birth and then taking care of a newborn are demanding and challenging. Using an effective and comfy pumping device like the one I am about to review today will definitely ease the entire process of breastfeeding.

Ameda Finesse is a popular breast pump but is it suitable for your needs and preferences? To be honest, there are so many options out there that it can be very difficult to choose just one single product. Below, you will discover some of the most important features of this breast pump as well its pros and cons.

What Is Ameda Finesse?

Ameda Finesse, also known as Ameda HygenicKit, is a breast pump that’s included in the Aeroflow Breast Pumps family. This

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