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Ameda Finesse Review: Will You Love It?

Ameda Finesse Review: Will You Love It?

Giving birth and then taking care of a newborn is both demanding and challenging. Add breastfeeding on top of that, and you have yourself a whirlwind of responsibilities which can easily grow out of control. Using an effective and comfy pumping device like the Ameda Finesse will definitely ease the entire process of breastfeeding.

The Ameda Finesse is a popular breast pump used by moms across the country, but is it suitable for your needs and preferences? To be honest, there are so many options out there that it can be very difficult to choose just one single product. Below, you will discover some of the most important features of this breast pump as well its pros and cons.

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What Is Ameda Finesse?

Ameda Finesse, also known as Ameda HygenicKit, is a breast pump that’s included in the Aeroflow Breast Pumps family. This is a relatively new product of its kind on the market, being launched in 2017. This breast pump seems to be very lightweight and easy to use.

It resembles the company’s Platinum model which is their hospital-grade breast pump. By comparison, Ameda Platinum has a larger structure and isn’t as lightweight as the Finesse version. It features the waveform technology that will help mothers obtain a smoother as well as more consistent feel when they’re pumping.

Simply put, this pump allows you to gather more milk, all while feeling completely comfortable. If you think that sounds pretty cool, you should stick around and continue to browse through the following sections of today’s review.

Ameda Finesse Review – Main Features

Let’s take a look at some of Ameda Finesse’s characteristics that make it one of the best breast pumps on the market.

Double Electric Breast Pump

Being a double electric pump, Ameda Finesse maximizes how much milk you will express in just one single pump which doesn’t last long at all. When you use manual pumps, you can only use them on one breast, whereas double electric pumps allow you to express milk from both breasts at the same time.

One important issue that can occur during the use of a manual breast pump is the other breast’s stimulation which makes it leak milk. In other words, you will lose a significant amount of breast milk supply. As you probably know, you should avoid wasting even one drop of this so-called “white gold.”

With an electric pump, wasting milk will never be a problem.

Proven Airlock Protection

The Ameda Finesse pump comes with a closed system that doesn’t let bacteria get inside the pumping mechanism. The Airlock protection feature works as a barrier between the pump and your expressed milk. This particular function will also help you save a lot of time.

Due to the closed system, it will be very easy to clean the device. If you own an additional milk collection kit, the pump can even be used by more than just one person. It is a very hygienic type of mechanism.

Ameda Finesse Review

Lightweight and Compact

These two features are very important if you’re going to move around and fulfill your daily duties while also using this breast pump. I personally prefer a portable pump that allows me to move around freely. Ameda Finesse weighs 5.7 lbs. Its main competitor, Medela, is much heavier at its 7 lbs.

Due to its compact structure, you can easily place all the components of this breast pump in one single cooler bag without risking smashing them. So, you can take this product with you on your trips or when you’re out running errands.

Easy to Assemble

Assembling the Ameda Finesse breast pump is very easy and isn’t time-consuming at all. The entire process will feel like a breeze. This Ameda model is made of three parts that you must put together:

  • The breast flange that comes as a single piece – this one must be screwed onto the milk bottle;
  • A patented silicone diaphragm which prevents your milk to come in direct contact with the product’s tubing system;
  • The valve – this part will pop into the flange’s bottom area.


Before purchasing a breast pump, you must consider the fabrics. Milk-collecting bottles should always be free of DEHP and BPA, both of which are chemicals that might leak out if they come in touch with a hot liquid or are exposed to a heating source. Ameda Finesse is BPA-free.

Adjustable Controls

With Ameda Finesse, you will be able to adjust and control your desired pumping cycle and speed. In fact, in my opinion, this is the product’s most amazing feature. There are two different knobs that you must adjust to control suction power and speed independently.

Most new moms prefer to turn the speed to a medium level while putting the suction power on the highest level. In terms of speed, you can choose from 4 different cycles, whereas the suction power features 8 available levels.

Approved by the FDA

The Ameda Finesse breast pump is approved by the FDA. As a matter of fact, this particular milk collection system is the only one that’s FDA-approved. The mechanism is so innovative because it prevents outside air from entering the device and keeps it away from your milk.

Ameda Finesse Review – Pros and Cons

Now, that I’ve reviewed the pump’s most important characteristics, it is time to look at some of its main pros and cons.


  • With this pump, collecting milk will become easy and convenient;
  • This product is compact, portable, and lightweight;
  • Both suction and speed can be easily adjusted to your liking;
  • The package comes with a tote travel bag which is highly convenient;
  • You will also receive sample packs of the company’s disposable nursing pads that can prevent cloth-staining leaks;
  • Besides breast pumps, the company also sells many other useful accessories that support and improve your pumping process;
  • This is a high-quality breast pump and the manufacturer seems to focus a lot on offering premium products.


  • The lack of a built-in battery might be an issue for some of you. If I were you, I would rely on rechargeable batteries whenever you have to use the pump while on the go;
  • Some mothers have said that this pump makes noise. It isn’t very loud but there are other quieter alternatives out there;
  • A few users have complained about the product, saying it has questionable quality. One buyer said that she has to replace it less than two months after the purchase.

Ameda Finesse Review – How Much It Costs & Warranty Policy

This breast pump isn’t the most affordable one on the market but it isn’t expensive either. I am well aware of the fact that, for most people (including myself), price and budget are very important when purchasing any products.

Ameda Finesse is an effective and compact pump that’s sold at an average price. For a medium-priced item of its kind, this pump really does its job well. Another perk that you get once you buy the pump is its one-year warranty. You can find out more details regarding the company’s warranty policy on their website.

What Comes in the Box?

When ordering the Ameda Finesse pump, you will receive a box that contains the following items:

  • Obviously, the breast pump itself;
  • Two custom-fit flanges;
  • A couple of bottle holders;
  • The HygieniKit system for milk collection;
  • Two additional valves;
  • One AC power adapter;
  • Two locking rings and discs.
Ameda Finesse Electric Breast Pump
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Main Alternatives to Ameda Finesse

While Ameda Finesse is a very good double electric breast pump, the market also offers some other alternatives that are worthy of your consideration.

Ameda Purely Yours

Ameda Purely Yours might not be a hospital-grade breast pump but it’s an effective product that does its job well. This pump functions with a closed system to prevent any condensation issues that could occur while pumping. In other words, your milk won’t end up in the pump’s tubes which represents a major advantage.

Many breast pumps make noise and Ameda Purely Yours is no exception. In fact, it is pretty loud, especially when you compare it with other similar products.

Medela Pump in Style

Medela Pump in Style is another hospital-grade pump that relies on an open circuit system. However, it was made for home use. There are two versions of the same item: single or double pump. Its technology consists of two phases during milk expression.

It has good suction power and comes with a double pumping kit. The Pump in Style model made by Medela is portable, durable, and user-friendly. Its price is average to a tad expensive. Some consider it moderate while others can perceive it as a costly pump.

Medela Symphony Breast Pump

medela symphony breast pump

The Medela Symphony pump features a closed system and it is suitable to be used in one single place because it is quite heavy. This product is durable and easy to use but it is very expensive. It recharges with electricity only.

It is a good breast pump but it lacks a double-pumping kit. Based on each mother’s ear sensitivity, this pump’s noise can be perceived as either moderate or high. If you don’t travel all the time, then this pump might be the right choice for your needs.

Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump

The Hygeia Enjoye pump is very easy to use and has a long lifecycle. It is a great hospital-grade pump that comes with a convenient carrying bag. On it, you will find two dials to control the speed and adjust the suction strength. It works with rechargeable batteries. The package also contains two milk storage bottles.

On the other hand, it seems that the Hygeia Enjoye pump is a bit loud which can become annoying from time to time. Based on the size, not all mothers could use this pump because its flanges aren’t suitable for all women.


Question: How Does the Ameda Finesse Breast Pump Look Like?

Answer: Some breast pumps have a more appealing design than others but, to be completely honest, in my experience, I haven’t seen a lot of attractive pumps. Most of them have a pretty old-fashioned look and Ameda Finesse isn’t too different.

A nice improvement would be a digital display which Ameda Finesse lacks at the moment. At the same time, this pump has a straightforward structure and that means it’s low-maintenance. In other words, it will be easy for you to clean it and keep it that way.

Question: How Does Ameda Finesse Work?

Answer: Although this is a portable breast pump, it needs no less than 6 batteries to function. Some mothers might prefer chargeable pumps but that’s a matter of personal preference. If you want, you can purchase a rechargeable battery and use it while you pump at home.
Still, this can be a tad restrictive because you cannot move away from the plug socket if you want the pump to have a decent suction power. So, this is another aspect that the company could improve or change: adding a rechargeable unit might be very useful.

Question: How Does Pumping Milk with Ameda Finesse Feel Like?

Answer: You can use this product as a single or a double breast pump. The fact that the pumping units are separate is a nice touch because many new moms find it a lot easier to not pump both breasts at once. If you choose to do this, you must remove one part of the tubing and then make sure its silicone cap is closed to avoid air coming in through the unused pump.
All in all, Ameda Finesse is easy to use and it resembles your infant’s natural suckling.

Question: Is Ameda Finesse a Noisy Breast Pump?

Answer: Once you begin to use this pump, you’ll see that’s not very noisy. In fact, it is pretty quiet which is a great advantage. Many other pumps are louder than Ameda Finesse. If you pump every day or use this product out of your house, I am sure you want it to be very discreet.
Being so quiet allows you to pump in public and even during the night without disturbing the people around you. So, you can pump while your baby is asleep or while you’re watching your favorite TV show.

Ameda Finesse Electric Breast Pump
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Ameda Finesse Review – Bottom Line

Finding the right breast pump (the best you can afford) isn’t easy, I know. You must make sure that the product makes you feel comfortable and relaxed while also being an effective and easy-to-use pump.

The Ameda Finesse breast pump has a very good speed and it offers you precise control when it comes to suction power. This device will certainly make the pumping process a lot easier and comfier for you. However, feel free to check out other alternatives as well.

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