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Boppy vs My Brest Friend: Which Is Our Top Pick?

Boppy vs My Brest Friend: Which Is Our Top Pick?

Today, I will discuss two of the most popular nursing pillows on the market: Boppy and My Breast Friend. Breastfeeding can be challenging but, luckily, there are certain items you can keep nearby to make the whole process a lot easier. One of the essential things of breastfeeding is a nursing pillow.

You can use a regular pillow, but trust me, one that’s specially created for breastfeeding will make things so much better, easier, and more comfortable. Below, you will find out the pros and cons of these two contenders, as well as their features, alternatives, and more.

Main Differences Between Boppy vs My Brest Friend

The main differences between Boppy vs My Breast Friend are:

  • Boppy doesn’t have pockets, whereas My Breast Friend comes with pockets;
  • Boppy has a slip-on C-shaped design, whereas My Breast Friend is a wrap-around pillow with a flat cushion;
  • Boppy also contains polyester, whereas My Breast Friend is made 100% of cotton;
  • Boppy weighs 2.7 pounds, whereas My Breast Friend weighs around 2 pounds.

Boppy vs My Breast Friend – What Are They?



Boppy is a nursing pillow that resembles a travel neck pillow. It has a C-shaped design, and it has numerous uses, hence it’s very versatile. Whether you’re still breastfeeding or using the bottle, this product will make the process a lot comfortable for both you and your little one.

This pillow comes in a plain form so, you will have to also purchase a slip-on cover to protect it from spills and spots. Your baby will spit upon it, so having a couple of covers around will be so helpful when you have to wash one of the covers. The size of this pillow isn’t big enough to be wrapped around your torso. Therefore, if you need to support your lower back, you will have to use an additional pillow.

Besides helping you to feed your infant, the Boppy nursing pillow has other uses as well, such as sitting on it for the first couple of postpartum weeks, when everything still feels sore. If you’ve had a C-section delivery, this pillow will help you with some of the pain and tension, especially until you get the stitches removed.

The Bobby pillow is also useful when it comes to supporting your child when he or she learns how to sit.

Boopy’s Features

Boppy comes with two things: the pillow itself and a slipcover that’s removable and machine-washable.

Ease of Use

Boppy is a very easy-to-use nursing pillow because it doesn’t have straps or buckles that you must put on. All you must do is slide the pillow around your waistline. Moreover, this pillow can be put on using one hand, even though a few moms said it could be bulky and heavy when one tries to place it single-handed.

You can also place the pillow on the floor to assist your little one when he or she is just starting to learn the proper way to sit. Just make sure you’re right there, supervising the entire activity.

Build Quality and Comfort

Your child will definitely love the Boppy nursing pillow since it’s made of a soft and snuggly material. It’s a very comfortable breastfeeding pillow. The downside is represented by the rounded surface of this item that can lead to your baby rolling toward or away from you. It’s also pretty squishy, which I personally don’t like.


The slipcover of the pillow is easy to handle and wash. Due to it, the pillow will remain clean and fresh for a long period. Some say this is a pretty expensive baby product but considering its perks, I believe it’s totally worth it.

My Breast Friend

My Breast Friend

My Breast Friend is also a very popular nursing pillow that serves the same purpose as Boppy. Let’s face it! Before giving birth, we all think and imagine the breastfeeding moment as a special and magical one that lets you connect with your infant. This is true or can be true but, sometimes, especially at first, breastfeeding can be very frustrating and challenging for a new mom.

Using a nursing pillow will help you avoid some of those issues and frustrations. By comparison, Boppy has a rounded top, whereas My Breast Friend features a flat surface. This will keep your baby exactly where you place him or her. So, you will avoid the baby-rolling problem altogether.

Moreover, this breastfeeding pillow comes with two extra features that I simply love: a snap or a buckle that secures the item in place and a front pocket where you can store your phone or any other accessories. Also, the size of this pillow is large enough for you to place it all around you, achieving that well-deserved and desired back support.

My Breast Friend’s Features

The box consists of a nursing pillow and a slipcover. Let’s discover some of the most important functionalities of this product.

Ease of Use

It’s very easy to use this pillow, but it can be tricky to put on, especially if you already hold your baby in your arms. To be on the safe side, you should probably need to put your child down for a couple of seconds until you get this item in the proper position.

Level of Comfort

Unlike many other similar products, this nursing pillow is super comfortable. A great addition that will make all moms very happy is the back support. This is life-changing because right after you’ve had your baby, your lower back hurts so much that you will have a hard time standing it.


The fact that this nursing pillow has a slipcover is amazing since it will soon be full of baby spit and milk. The cover makes it easy to keep the pillow clean. All you have to do is take off the cover and clean it in the washing machine.

Build Quality

One of the strongest features of this pillow is the flat surface which helps you keep your infant in place, unlike rounded alternatives on which babies tend to roll over more. The flat top will even help with latching, and by that, I mean it will make the process less painful.

Boppy vs My Breast Friend – Similarities

my breast friend pillow

Let’s see the things that these two nursing pillows have in common.

Easier Feedings

If you have to hold your baby and support his or her weight without any help at all, you might soon develop back pain and other related issues. Your shoulders and neck areas could feel tense. These problems occur during the infant’s first months because you must hold his or her entire body, especially the head.

These two pillows I’m reviewing today will help you because they were created for this specific purpose, and they work a lot better than a regular pillow. With any of these two items, you will find a supportive and comfy position while you’re feeding your baby that will be safer for both your little one and yourself.


The prices of Boppy and My Breast Friend are pretty comparable. Each of them comes with a removable slipcover and a pillow insert. Both options also offer extra slipcovers that you can buy separately.

Care & Convenience

In terms of weight and size, these pillows are quite similar. Boppy is a tad smaller than My Breast Friend. You can transport them during your travels, in your car or store them in a suitcase, without problems.

Regardless of your choice, I am sure you will find the pattern and color that suit your preferences the best. Also, both products have removable and machine-washable slipcovers.

Boppy vs My Breast Friend – Main Differences

boppy nursing pillow

It’s time to find out the main differences between Boppy and My Breast Friend.

Shape & Support

Boppy has a C shape and a rounded surface, while My Breast Friend goes all-around your torso and features a flat top.

Boppy isn’t very firm, but it isn’t too soft, either. I personally prefer My Breast Friend due to its wrap-around design because it offers side and back support, too. Unlike Boppy, My Breast Friend is significantly firmer.

Fit & Ease of Use

You can wrap the Boppy pillow around your torso, but it will only cover your sides and front area. Its contender provides 360 coverage.

My Breast Friend even has a strap that you can adjust to make sure the fit is just right. On the other hand, the process of putting on the My Breast Friend pillow can take more time than it would if you use the Boppy pillow.


It’s easy to care for and maintain these pillows. Boppy is made of a material mix that consists of both cotton and polyester, while My Breast Friend is completely made of cotton.

All the Boppy items and parts are machine-washable. When it comes to My Breast Friend, only the slipcover can be cleaned in the washing machine. You can only clean the pillow using a damp cloth.


My Breast Friend enables all nursing positions such as the football hold and cradle. Still, Boppy has a higher versatility level because you can easily use it to prop your child into a sitting position or during his or her tummy time. You should never use these pillows for sleep and never let your infant around them unattended.

Extra Features

Boppy doesn’t have any additional features. My Breast Friend features a front pocket that works as a small storage area. Another main difference regarding the accessories is the buckle that you can adjust if you purchase My Breast Friend.

Who Is Boppy Good For?

The Boppy nursing pillow can be the perfect choice for you if you find the following situations familiar:

  • You wish to use a multi-purpose pillow. This pillow should be your go-to option if you want one single product that can tackle more than one purpose. It’s great for parents who believe in the concept of less is more. You can use this item during supervised awake time, and your infant will benefit from using it till he or she turns one year old;
  • You would rather purchase a product that features a universal fit, and it’s more convenient to use. The fact that My Breast Friend comes with a buckle and 360 wrap-around coverage is amazing for some people, but other parents might find these aspects inconvenient;
  • All new moms are tired so, choosing Boppy will save you a lot of time when it comes to cleaning it since you can toss everything, all the parts, into the washing machine, and you’re done.

Who Is My Breast Friend Suitable For?

My Breast Friend

My Breast Friend is the perfect choice for the following people:

  • Mothers who’re keen on breastfeeding instead of using the bottle. Obviously, you can never know how things will work out but if you want to give breastfeeding a real chance, then you will find Boppy truly helpful. The understatement of the year is that trying to breastfeed your newborn baby is a challenge. My Breast Friend offers you amazing support and its firm and flat surface will help you position your infant correctly;
  • Those who want and need a nursing pillow that provides them with full support. In terms of design and construction, this pillow is a great choice due to the level of its firmness, shape, and size. It supports your baby’s whole body during the feeding process;
  • New moms who have back issues or feel sore and in pain after giving birth. This pillow goes around your torso and supports your back and sides, all of which boost comfort.

Boppy vs My Breast Friend – Pros and Cons

Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of both Boppy and My Breast Friend that you should know about.

Boppy Pros

  • It’s made by a reputable and popular brand that many parents love;
  • You can choose from a wide range of available styles and colors;
  • All the parts can be safely and easily cleaned in the washing machine, which saves you a lot of time and effort;
  • This is a multiuse baby product;
  • It comes with a machine-washable slipcover;
  • It’s highly convenient and easy to take off or put on.

Boppy Cons

  • Some say this pillow isn’t totally comfortable;
  • One size fits … well, most but not all; for some new moms, this pillow might feel a tad small;
  • It loses fluff over time, and it should be thicker;
  • The price is a little higher compared to the ones of other similar products;
  • The pillow is a tad too soft, and your little one could sink into it while you’re feeding him or her;
  • It isn’t as portable as you might expect it to be.

My Breast Friend Pros

  • It comes with buckles for back support;
  • It’s a very sturdy nursing pillow made of firm foam;
  • You can easily adjust the buckle to fit your torso;
  • Once it’s on, stays put even if you lean back or move;
  • The top part of the pillow features comfy bumps to support your little one’s head;
  • One of the biggest advantages of the My Breast Friend pillow is its pocket where you can place tissues, your mobile phone, or any other small to medium-sized object;
  • The slip-on cover can be easily removed and cleaned in the washing machine.

My Breast Friend Cons

  • It’s a pretty bulky and large nursing pillow which is great in terms of your baby’s space but the size makes it a little difficult to travel with this pillow;
  • There’s a limited number of available colors to pick from which, for me isn’t a very big issue; with Boppy, you have a wide range of choices;
  • You will have to use both hands to put this pillow on;
  • The size won’t fit all women.

Main Alternatives to Boppy vs My Breast Friend

Let’s see some of the best alternatives to both Boppy and My Breast Friend. I’ve chosen them based on their features and user ratings but they aren’t listed in any particular order.

Ergobaby Natural Curve Feeding Pillow

Ergobaby Natural Curve Feeding Pillow

The Natural Curve Nursing pillow made by Ergobaby is a popular choice among new parents. It features a very clever design that will make both you and your infant feel very comfy during feeding time. It’s also easy to clean and pretty versatile. You can also use it during tummy time.


  • The cover is machine-washable;
  • The fabric is soft yet the pillow is sturdy;
  • This pillow is stylish and portable;
  • It features a compact size.


  • It’s quite expensive.

Adjustable Nursing Pillow by Frida Mom

Adjustable Nursing Pillow by Frida Mom

This nursing pillow made by Frida Mom comes with belly and back warmers. It’s a pretty innovative pillow that, unlike other nursing alternatives, can be adjusted and you can do that in no time from the inside of the pillow. This item also has a removable backrest for boosted support and comfort.


  • The curved indents of this nursing pillow are truly unique;
  • The backrest feature is useful and allows you to feel comfortable while feeding your baby;
  • All the layers are removable, which makes the cleaning process a breeze.


  • You might not want to use this pillow during tummy time since it isn’t the ideal choice for that specific activity.

Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow

Luna Lullaby Nursing Pillow

Bosom Baby markets the Luna Lullaby feeding pillow, and it features a crescent shape.


  • The Luna Lullaby pillow is very easy to use;
  • The plush material is soft to the touch;
  • This pillow comes with a warm and soft cover;
  • It offers great arm support.


  • The length of this pillow might not suit small bodies;
  • The build of this item is a bit bulky.


Question: Why Is a Nursing Pillow Much Better than a Regular Pillow?

Answer: Using a nursing pillow provides numerous benefits such as better support, an increased level of comfort, and more. Also, you will rest assured that your infant is safe and sound when placed on the pillow’s surface. These advantages cannot be met by standard pillows.

Question: Can You Use a Feeding Pillow for Sleep?

Answer: No, you should never place your infant near or on a nursing pillow while he or she is asleep. Moreover, every time you use the breastfeeding or bottle-feeding pillow, you must pay attention to your baby at all times. Never leave your child around the pillow unattended.

Question: When Is It Safe to Start Using a Feeding Pillow?

Answer: You should avoid this type of item right after your baby is born. Instead, use the pillow once your little one is 3-4 months old because, until then, babies cannot support their own neck and head properly. Once their neck muscles get strong enough, the position on the pillow will become totally safe.

Boppy vs My Brest Friend – In Conclusion

Choosing one of these two breastfeeding pillows is tricky because they’re both great. The ideal solution would be to try them both before making a purchasing decision, but that isn’t always possible. Boppy is popular and looks great, but it can be a tad uncomfortable, and it isn’t thick enough.

On the other hand, My Breast Friend is durable and adjustable, but it’s a bit bulky, making it difficult to clean. However, I personally love My Breast Friend more due to its ease of use. I also love the fact that it provides more support due to the buckles that go around one’s back.

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