Alizabeth Swain

Spending her teenage years babysitting children with learning disabilities, Alizabeth enjoys taking her free time to help her neighbors take care of their kids. Whether it's ways to sneak vegetables into their favorite dishes or staying up-to-date on the latest household information to ensure children stay safe, Alizabeth is dedicated to helping moms find ways to make parenting just a little bit easier.

Toddler Formula vs Infant Formula: Which Is the Best Choice?

Are you looking to switch your child off of breastmilk to formula?

You may be wondering whether you should purchase infant formula or toddler formula for your child. Breast milk will provide your child with a lot of nutrition during their first few months, if not years, of life.

But if you aren’t able to keep up with breastfeeding, you may be considering buying infant formula or toddler formula. 

Many mothers look to breastfeed their babies as long as possible because of the nutritional benefits of breastmilk. However, if you’re thinking about switching to toddler formula or infant formula, you may be unsure of which to choose.

That’s why today, we’ve created this complete guide to help you get a better understanding of whether you should choose infant formula or toddler f

Best Unique Baby Names with Biblical Meanings

Are you looking to come up with a unique name for your baby?

Many people use names from the Bible as inspiration for what they’re looking to name their children. Whether you’re looking for a name that has a truly biblical meaning to bring your child closer to God or you’re simply looking for something that nobody else will name their child, there are many options for you to consider. 

If you know a little bit about Bible History, you will likely and know that in the Old Testament, profits give their children names based on the Symbolization of the prophetic Ministry that they ran. One of the prophets in the Old Testament Hosea named his son Lo-Ammi, meaning that his son was labeled to be no longer the people of God.

 As a Christian parent, you’ll likely want to choose a name from the Bible that will hold a specific interest for

Avocado Organic Crib Mattress Review: Do We Recommend?

Have you been wondering if the Avocado Organic crib mattress is worth the investment? 

Avocado mattresses have come to be better known for their high quality and natural products. When you’re investing a lot of money into an organic crib mattress, you’re likely expecting nothing but the best from your investment. 

Avocado is known for its high-quality, all-natural hello adult mattresses. Avocado thrives because of the many organic certifications that they’ve received for their mattresses. But, isn’t the Avocado organic crib mattress going to deliver the same high-quality comfort and feel that was found in the Avocado adult mattresses?

 We’re here to break down everything and that you need to know about the Avocado Organic crib mattress in this complete guide. Keep reading to learn more!

What is the Avocado O

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