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UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista [Apr 2020]: What is the Difference?

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UPPAbaby is a popular brand that markets two amazing stroller models: the Vista and the Cruz. Each stroller has its own specific purpose and functions.

However, a lot of the characteristics such as the seats and the frames are very similar while the rest of the functions are different. In today’s comparative review, I’ll discuss the main differences between UPPAbaby Cruz and Vista, their pros and cons, prices, features, and more.

Bottom Line Up Front: If I had to pick, I’d personally go with the more compact and less expensive Uppababy Cruz here. That’s just a personal preference, though, as both strollers are great stroller options.


Main Differences between the UPPAbaby Cruz vs UPPAbaby Vista

The main differences between the UPPAbaby Cruz and UPPAbaby Vista are:

  • The Cruz model was designed for families who have only one or two children, while the Vista option targets larger families with more add-ons and stroller configurations
  • UPPAbaby Vista comes with a bassinet which can be safely used for your infant’s overnight sleep, whereas the Cruz version lacks this feature – you need to purchase it separately
  • Compared to Cruz, Vista is a heavier and larger stroller
  • On the other hand, Cruz features a lighter and more compact frame structure
  • The Cruz model has a more streamlined design compared to the Vista
  • The Vista model lets you bring your infant closer to you due to its high positioned ride height
  • The Vista strollers can be folded in one single step, whereas the Cruz takes multiple steps

Why I Picked the Cruz
Both strollers are great, but our family is frequently on the go so weight and size matter. Particularly for travel, I didn't want too much extra weight. Plus, the Cruz is significantly less expensive and we could use the extra $200!
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Spacious enough for

2 children

3 children


22 pounds

28 pounds

Infant Snug Seat feature yes


PiggyBack option



MESA Car Seat feature


Bassinet included



Rumble Seat option



UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista – What Are They?

UPPAbaby Cruz

This UPPAbaby stroller is a compact model that works great for when you want to walk your baby at the shopping mall or on the sidewalk, downtown. It has foam-filled back wheels which provide the same level of comfort as air-filled tires. Moreover, they were created large enough to go smoothly on bumpy terrains like paved or cobblestone sidewalks. It comes with plenty of interesting and useful functions and accessories. Overall, this stroller has an elegant design and it’s foldable which means it won’t occupy a lot of space.

UPPAbaby Vista

The Vista strollers works on multiple terrains and its wheels are larger. Not only are the larger wheels suitable for a wide range of fields and areas, but they are also created with a foam core which makes them very durable. The shock absorption function is excellent due to the suspension feature that’s present both in the front and the back of the stroller. Just like in the case of the Cruz model, Vista also allows you to adjust the baby seat so that it either faces away from you or towards you during the stroll. When you completely recline the seat, it becomes suitable for infants.

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista – Main Features

UPPAbaby Cruz

Finding the right stroller that suits your budget, needs, and preferences, might be a tedious task but with the Cruz model things get so much simpler and you will always have your infant’s safety in mind.

The Basics

One of the things that stand out when you look at the Cruz stroller is its UPF protection sunshade that works on a pop-out system. The sunshade will extend out in such a way that will play the role of a shield to cover your baby and protect him or her from the negative effects of UV rays. The feature’s UPF rating is 50+ which allows you to take your infant out for strolls and enjoy the warmth of the sunshine without experiencing sunburns.

The UPPAbaby Cruz stroller comes with versatile baby seats that can be adjusted to face either backward or forward. You can even fully recline it or bring it in a completely upright position. This particular feature isn’t available with the Vista mode unless you combine it with the company’s Rumble Seat. I should also mention that the seat features secure locking mechanisms placed on the sides of the stroller, for extra safety.

Innovative Wheel System

Wheels are very important when it comes to strollers but they are somehow overlooked. Some brands market wheels that are filled with foam to create an overall lighter stroller which is also easier to push. Still, other companies choose to use tires filled with air, instead. This is what I like about UPPAbaby and their Cruz stroller; the fact that they decided to mix these two options.

The front part has foam-filled wheels in order to prevent accidents such as popping tires while the back features air-filled tires that make the stroller a lot easier to control and handle, especially on more difficult types of terrains. So, you can push the stroller almost effortlessly, without worrying about a potential flat tire, even when you go on uneven fields like grass or sandy beaches.

Form and Versatility

If you want an even more reliable and functional baby travel system, I suggest you pair the Cruz stroller with the manufacturer’s Bassinet for newborns, as well as the company’s infant car seat. If you also purchase the right accessories along with the proper adaptors, you’ll be able to equip the stroller to suit various situations. You can use the bassinet for your child’s naptime while the car seat can be used as a way to transfer the baby from the car to the stroller and vice versa. This way, you won’t have to disturb your little one in any way.

Why I Picked the Cruz
Both strollers are great, but our family is frequently on the go so weight and size matter. Particularly for travel, I didn't want too much extra weight. Plus, the Cruz is significantly less expensive and we could use the extra $200!
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

UPPAbaby Vista

Versatile and Weather-Prepared

The thought that the manufacturer put into creating this stroller goes all the way to weather and climate conditions. In other words, the product can safely be used all year round, whether you decide to go out on hot sunny days, chilly rainy periods, etc. The bassinet is provided with a zip-out liner, not to mention that the boot cover is easily removable. Its fabric can be removed, cleaned, washed, and placed back on the frame.

The base part is vented and it is covered with a perforated mattress pad which boosts breathability. The canopy is properly ventilated and the sunshade is both extendable and adjustable, with an SPF rating of 50+. Simply put, this product offers all-weather protection, including a rain shield for the toddler seat.


The stroller itself is versatile and you can also buy plenty of useful accessories that increase the product’s flexibility. This will further enable you to take your child with you while you complete your daily errands. The manufacturer has thought about every single detail. Hence, the stroller is supposed to grow together with your family while also adapting to change. For instance, if you have twins, this might be the perfect stroller for your needs.

The stroller can fit not one, but two infant car seats due to the fact that its frame and structure are sturdy and spacious enough. You can even adapt it to fit a couple of toddler seats as well. Besides these two seats, the stroller also accommodates a piggyback step where a third older child can ride along.

The seat selections are extendable which leads to greater flexibility. You can easily change the bassinet with a toddler seat and then change it back to the way it was, without the need to swap any fabric whatsoever. This product features a 180-degree recline option to support your baby’s naptime and his or her resting moments. Toddlers will be able to enjoy a wide view of their surroundings due to the full-size front facing as well as the rear seat option.

You can easily pack the stroller so that it can be quickly fitted through narrow doorways. It has a bit of everything and it will definitely meet or even exceed your daily needs as a parent.

Durable and Great Design

This stroller looks good but it’s also sturdy, being made from a mix of aluminum and magnesium. The combination leads to higher durability without sacrificing the lightweight characteristic. All these put together make UPPAbaby Vista a lot more than just your average stroller. I’m talking about a real travel system with a high-performance level. You can directly attach an infant car seat to the stroller’s structure without the need to use any adaptors.

Moreover, the structure is so well-designed that it performs amazingly on many kinds of terrains, from simple sidewalks to sandy beaches, elevators, bumpy roads, and more. There’s a suspension feature that’s present on both the rear and front parts of the stroller which absorbs a lot of movement shock.

Finally, it will feel like a breeze when you have to steer the stroller due to its telescoping handlebar that’s managed by one single button. You will be able to turn it with great ease and park it with confidence.

Uppababy Cruz vs Vista Pros and Cons

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista – Pros and Cons

The Cruz Model


  • The stroller is made from high-quality and durable materials;
  • The model’s colors and design are beautiful and elegant;
  • This stroller comes with smooth maneuverability;
  • You can easily attach a bassinet for your newborn or a car seat for your infant;
  • Underneath the seat, there is a rather large basket where you can carry all the essential things you need to take with you during the stroll;
  • It’s a great baby stroller for urban parents;
  • The seat is reversible and it comes with a deep recline function;
  • Your baby will be protected from direct sunlight due to the product’s canopy;
  • It costs less than the Vista model.


  • The wheels can be a bit small and you will become aware of this issue when it comes to the product’s shock absorption capacity. In other words, the stroller won’t work on all types of terrain;
  • If you want to use this product right from your baby’s birth, you will have to purchase some additional accessories such as proper adaptors and a bassinet, all of which are quite expensive.

The Vista Model


  • It’s easy to handle and push around;
  • It comes with a sleek and beautiful design;
  • The fabrics used to make this stroller are top-notch;
  • It’s an excellent choice for families with more than one child. It can comfortably and safely accommodate up to three children at once;
  • It comes with a bassinet that’s spacious and breathable;
  • This stroller glides effortlessly;
  • The main seat comes with a deep recline adjustment as well as a hassle-free harness;
  • Its storage basket is huge.


  • It can be quite hard and annoying to carry this stroller up to your apartment or lift it in order to place it in the car;
  • Because of its many baby seats, it might get a bit complicated to handle it, especially in crowded places;
  • This might be a premium stroller but it’s also a pricey one.

How Much Do These Strollers Cost?

UPPAbaby Cruz Price

You can purchase the UPPAbaby Cruz model directly via PishPoshBaby. The price of the stroller varies between $439.99 and $579.99, based on the color you choose to buy. There are eight available patterns and colors on the site:

  • Jake – $579.99;
  • Jordan – $549.99;
  • Sabrina – $549.99;
  • Denny – $439.99;
  • Loic – $549.99;
  • Emmett – $549.99;
  • Gregory – $549.99;
  • Taylor – $439.99.

You will also find this stroller on Amazon. I found the Gregory pattern but the price is the same as the one presented on the manufacturer’s website: $549.99.

UPPAbaby Vista Price

Pretty much the same goes for the Vista model. You can buy it right from PishPoshBaby here. In the case of the Vista stroller, parents have a wider range of available patterns and colors to choose from (no less than 12 different ones): Spenser, Bryce, Henry, William, Jake, Denny, Emmett, Gregory, Jordan, Loic, Sabrina, and Taylor. Based on the pattern, the price ranges between $719.99 and $959.99.

On Amazon, the price is pretty much the same as the one listed on the UPPAbaby website: the Jordan pattern is marketed for $899.99.

uppababy strollers package

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista – What Comes in the Package?

UPPAbaby Cruz Set

The standard UPPAbaby Cruz set contains the following items:

  • Four wheels;
  • The frame;
  • A bassinet equipped with both a storage bag and a bug shield as well as a toddler seat that comes with exactly the same two accessories as the bassinet;
  • A bumper bar.

UPPAbaby Vista Set

When you buy the Cruz model, you’ll receive the following things:

  • The baby seat;
  • A bumper bar;
  • A sturdy frame made from aluminum alloy;
  • Two important accessories: a bug shield and one rain cover.
Why I Picked the Cruz
Both strollers are great, but our family is frequently on the go so weight and size matter. Particularly for travel, I didn't want too much extra weight. Plus, the Cruz is significantly less expensive and we could use the extra $200!
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

UPPAbaby Cruz vs Vista – Final Thoughts

Now, that’s all out in the open, here’s what I honestly think about these two UPPAbaby stroller models. First and foremost, you should consider both your way of life and the products’ most popular features. If you only have one or two children and you don’t plan on having more kids, the Cruz version could be a good choice.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for increased versatility, the Vista alternative might be the perfect stroller for you. Still, Cruz works better when used in smaller spaces and it’s also less expensive. So, there’s no best option. It all depends on what your family needs are.

Bottom Line: If I had to pick, I’d personally go with the more compact and less expensive Uppababy Cruz here.

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