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Bugaboo Fox vs UPPAbaby Vista [Feb 2020]: Which is Best?

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Choosing a stroller for your baby is a big responsibility, and it’s probably a decision you will make before your little one is even here.

It’s also likely to be one of the biggest purchases you make for your baby at this stage, with some of the high-end brands costing thousands, and that’s not even taking into account all the add ons and extras that are available, so it’s important to know that you are making the right choice.

Bottom Line up Front: Both of these are great choices if you are in the market for a new stroller. There isn’t much difference between the two if you only need the stroller for one child, however, if you are planning to expand your family, or if you already have an older child who would need to be in a stroller, then the UPPAbaby vista here is the better choice.

Bugaboo Fox vs UPPAbaby Vista [Feb 2020] – Which is Best?

So which one should you choose?

Today we are going to take a look at two popular strollers: The Bugaboo Fox, and the UPPAbaby Vista. Both of these are high-end models with great reviews, but one might be a better fit for you and your baby depending on your lifestyle, so we are going to look at the pros and cons of both, to help you decide which stroller is best for you.

Before we begin, let’s just talk about the different types of stroller available, as there are a few different types to choose from, and depending on your lifestyle, and the age of your child, one might suit you better than another.

If you are only planning on using your stroller in a shopping mall, for example, you would probably not need a Jogging stroller (jogger)!

The Different Types of Child Strollers Available

Lightweight or Umbrella Strollers

These are perfect for keeping in the trunk of your car, or taking on holiday, as they are not only lightweight, but they fold up very easily into a small size (Hence the name ‘Umbrella’), perfect for families on the go. Sadly these aren’t usually suitable for newborns, as the seat doesn’t normally lie completely flat as a bassinet would.

Full-sized stroller, or Travel System

These are a popular choice, as they are suitable from birth and very versatile. You can attach the baby car seat onto the base of the stroller, which is very handy with a newborn.

There is also usually a bassinet attachment for smaller babies 0-6 months, and a car seat attachment for babies 6 months plus. The only disadvantage of these is that they are quite large, so not usually suitable for those with very small cars (car seat for small cars).

Jogging and ‘off road’ Strollers

These are perfect for anyone living and outdoor, sporty lifestyle. These types of jogger strollers usually have 3 wheels and larger rubber tires (vs swivel wheels) as well as better suspension and larger rear wheels, making them suitable for and rough terrain such as running trails, forest walks, beaches, snow and more. You can normally buy adaptors to fit your infant car seat on these for smaller babies, making this type of jogger stroller suitable from birth.

The Main Differences Between the Bugaboo Fox and the UPPAbaby Vista

  • The Bugaboo Fox is designed for one child, whereas the UPPAbaby Vista can be easily be adapted to take two children
  • The Bugaboo Fox is slightly smaller and lighter
  • The Bugaboo Fox has a two-wheel option, making it even easier to navigate through rough terrains, such as snow and sand
  • The UPPAbaby Vista comes with a separate bassinet which can be used for night time sleeping- great for holidays
  • The UPPAbaby Vista comes with a bug shield and rain shield, the Bugaboo Fox does not

The biggest difference between these two strollers is that the UPPAbaby Vista can be converted to take two children, and even three with the addition of a ride on board. The Bugaboo Fox, however, would be better suited to an active family with just one baby, as this stroller is slightly more agile due to the smaller size, and more able to handle rough terrain due to the larger wheels, and the ability to convert to just two wheels.

Bugaboo Fox vs UPPABaby Vista – Which is better?

Both the Bugaboo Fox and the UPPABaby Vista are lightweight, versatile strollers, with the ability to attach an infant car seat, however, there are a few differences that may mean one is better for you, depending on the size of your family and your lifestyle.

We’ve looked at both of these strollers to give you the pros and cons of each, including versatility, weight capacity, height, safety features, wheels and suspension, and storage, to help you make the right decision!

Bugaboo Fox Stroller

The Bugaboo Fox Stroller is Bugaboo’s most versatile stroller yet, with comfort being the main focus for your baby. This stroller has been designed to handle all types of surface, from cobbled high streets, to forest trails, making it an ideal choice for active families who intend to spend a lot of time out and about with their little one.

The Bugaboo Fox is suitable from birth to toddler age, and car seat compatible, making it a convenient choice for short trips with a newborn. With Advanced all-wheel suspension and all terrain wheels, the Bugaboo Fox gives you a smooth ride on all surfaces. It also features a useful two wheel position making it easy to walk through loose surfaces such as sand or snow.

One of the best features of this stroller is that the strong, lightweight frame, does not need a bulky separate bassinet, as the frame can be used for both the bassinet and seat- as you simply change the fabric set around the frame, meaning it can save a lot of space in the long run as you would not need to store a bassinet once your baby has grown out of it.

A height adjustable handlebar, and a comfortable reclinable seat that can be either parent facing or world facing, along with the fact that it can easily be pushed and steered with one hand, means that anyone can comfortably use this stroller. Once you are finished for the day, the stroller easily folds down into one compact piece for convenient storage.

Add on options for the Bugaboo Fox Stroller

The Bugaboo Fox comes with all the basic things you need to get started, but you will need to purchase the car seat adaptors to fit your chosen car seat. There are also a few luxury extras you can buy:


  • Lightweight: 21.8lb (9.8kg) with seat
  • Suitable for newborns, infant car seat compatible and bassinet option.
  • Designed to hold up to 48.5lb
  • One-Piece Fold, Self Standing: 18.1 x 23.6 x 34.6 inches
  • Width with seat: 23.6 Inches
  • Large Under Seat Basket capacity: 10 gallon/ 22lb
  • Forward and parent facing seating options
  • Height adjustable handle
  • Available in multiple colors with the option to fully customize your Bugaboo Fox by choosing your fabrics, colors, chassis, grips and wheel caps


  • Suitable from birth with a car seat or bassinet option
  • Fully reclining seat
  • Forever Air Tyres allow for a smooth ride on any terrain, and never need inflating
  • Swivel front wheels for agility, also lockable for on rough terrain
  • All-wheel advanced suspension
  • Unique two-wheel position, ideal for snow and sand
  • Large Extendable canopy
  • Flipflop friendly brake
  • Strong but lightweight chassis
  • Large storage basket
  • Detachable wheels for even more compact storage
  • Stylish and Customisable
  • Easy to assemble


  • Quite expensive
  • No peekaboo window on the canopy
  • Still quite bulky even when folded completely
  • Different seating positions can be confusing at first
  • Additional accessories are very expensive
  • No built-in snack tray

Parents Opinions

We have been checking out reviews of the Bugaboo Fox to see what parents opinions are on this stroller:

  • Easy and stress-free to assemble the stroller from the box
  • Light and easy to push, with excellent suspension
  • Compatible with a large range of infant car seats
  • Smooth ride

The only negative reviews on amazon for this stroller were about the price. At over $1000 this stroller is definitely at the higher end of the market, but as they say: you get what you pay for.

UPPAbaby Vista Stroller

UPPAbaby are a hugely popular stroller brand that have been around for quite some time now. Apart from being excellent quality, the biggest benefit of UPPAbaby is that their strollers convert very easily from one seat to two with the attachment of a ‘Rumble Seat’. An additional piggyback ride along board can also be attached for a third child to ride on. Due to the strong frame, the Vista can take weights from 4-50 lbs, meaning you only need one stroller for up to three children, perfect for growing families.

The UPPAbaby Vista Stroller is deigned for babies from 6 months old, but can be used for newborns with either the attachment of the bassinet, which is included in the box, or a baby car seat. The bassinet is fully detachable, allowing you to easily carry your sleeping infant into the house without having to bring the whole pram. The seat can be attached in either a parent facing or world facing position and is relatively easy to recline.

For multiple children, the Rumble Seat can easily be attached. The Rumble Seat can be used either with the bassinet or car seat for a baby with an older sibling, and if you have twins you can attach either two car seats or two bassinets, one on top of the other, making this a truly flexible stroller.

Regardless of how many children you will be using the UPPAbaby Vista for, you can be sure that they will be comfortable, due to the padded seat and shock absorbing front and rear suspension.

The stroller also has generous sun shades for hot days, and a large under seat basket, allowing for lots of storage for toys, shopping and a diaper bag.

The extendable handlebar and the bumper bar are made from a beautifully soft, supple leather, with a perforated pattern for extra grip and comfort.

Add on options for the UPPAbaby Vista

The UPPAbaby Vista comes with everything you need for your first child, including the bassinet however there are a few additional extras you may want to purchase if you have another child (sold separately):


  • Lightweight: Frame and Seat are 12kg (26.45 lbs), carrycot is 3.8kg.
  • Suitable from newborn with the carrycot or carseat attachment
  • Can hold weights of up to 50 lbs
  • Folded size of 17.3 x 25.7 W x 33 H inches:
  • Width with seat 25.7 inches
  • Large under seat basket capacity: 30lb
  • Multiple seating options, front and rear facing
  • Height adjustable handlebar
  • Leather accents on handlebar and bumper bar
  • Available in multiple colors


  • Suitable for multiple children or babies
  • Various different seating positions available
  • Large under seat basket capacity: 30lb
  • Larger than an average bassinet, can be used for longer than most others
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Easy to recline seats with one hand
  • Large UV protective sun canopy
  • Large wheels and suspension suitable for all terrains, including snow
  • Large range of colors available


  • Quite expensive, with additional cost to expand for more than one child (definitely check out PishPoshBaby here, as I’ve found some great deals)
  • Despite being lightweight, it can still be tricky to store, especially if you have a small car
  • Tricky to maneuver in crowds when it has two seats fitted

Parents Opinions

The UPPAbaby Vista stroller has an average customer rating of 4.6. Here’s what parents are saying about the UPPAbaby Vista:

  • Better than a wide stroller for multiple children, easier for navigation on narrow sidewalks.
  • Great quality and easy to use
  • Can accommodate up to 3 children with the additional attachments
  • Saves money in the long term as you can use the same pram for different children and as your family grows
  • Great to travel with using the travel bag
  • Lots of storage
  • Looks very attractive

The Verdict: UPPAbaby Vista or Bugaboo Fox?

Both the Bugaboo Foxand the UPPAbaby vista are great strollers that are suitable from birth with the flexibility to add bassinets, car seats and accessories. The main physical difference between the two is that the UPPAbaby Vista has the capability to add on an additional seat, which would be a huge advantage to a lot of parents, particularly if you have twins of children very close in age, as there would be no need to buy an additional double stroller.

Price wise, they are very similar, both coming in at around $1200 for the basic package, which includes the Chassis, frame, bassinet, seat and sunshade, but the extras you can buy can add quite a bit to the total. Aside from the fact that the UPPAbaby Vista can expand to take more children, both the UPPAbaby Vista and the Bugaboo fox basic models are very similar with just some small differences.

Size wise, the Bugaboo fox comes in at almost 5lb lighter and slightly narrower in width than the UPPAbaby Vista, which doesn’t sound like a lot, but if you are going in and out of lots of doors, such as shops for example, this can make a big difference. Both of the strollers are still quite bulky even when folded, meaning it might be tricky to fit in your trunk if you have a very small car, however, this didn’t seem to be too much of a problem for people in the reviews.

It’s hard to pick a winner from these two strollers, as they are both excellent quality, and a similar price, but if we had to choose one, it would have to be the UPPAbaby vista, mainly due to it’s expansion capabilities for more children, meaning it could last much longer than a single pram, but also because of the luxury leather finishes and lovely colors available. The UPPAbaby Vista also has a slightly longer bassinet, meaning that if you have a taller baby they can use it for longer.

FAQ’s About Bugaboo Fox and UPPAbaby Vista strollers

How many lbs can the Bugaboo Fox hold?

The Bugaboo Fox seat can hold up to 37.5lbs, and the bassinet can hold 18lbs (note that with the carry handle the bassinet can only carry up to 9kg) The undersea storage basket can hold 22lbs.

Which Car Seats are compatible with the Bugaboo Fox?

With the right adaptors, the Bugaboo Fox can have the following car seats attached:

Are the Bugaboo Fox Fabrics Machine Washable?

Yes- all the fabrics are detachable and machine washable. See the care labels on each item for the precipice washing instructions, as some items may need the foam removed.

The undersea basket is not washable but can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

At what age can I use the seat on the UPPAbaby Vista for my child?

You can use the seat from around 6 months, or from birth if you use the additional infant SnugSeat accessory (available to purchase separately).

What can you tell me about the UPPAbaby carrycot?

The carrycot can be detached with just one hand so you can carry your sleeping baby anywhere without having to wake them up to take them out. The carrycot is also safe for overnight sleeping, making it the perfect solution for holidays and trips away.

Final Thoughts: Bugaboo Fox vs UPPAbaby Vista?

Bottom Line: Both of these are great choices if you are in the market for a new stroller. There isn’t much difference between the two if you only need the stroller for one child, however, if you are planning to expand your family, or if you already have an older child who would need to be in a stroller, then the UPPAbaby vista here is the better choice.

Although it’s just slightly bulkier than the Bugaboo Fox, the Vista has so many other advantages. The bassinet is larger and better quality than the one on the Bugaboo Fox, and can be used as an overnight cot if required as well, this could be really useful on holidays, and the finish is just a little more luxurious, making it the winner for us.

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