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From baby formula, to lotions and cribs, we keep track of baby product recalls.

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 Baby Product Recalls ⚠️ 

You’ve found the baby formula that you and your baby really loves. You’ve done your research, stuck by your brand, but then the unthinkable happens… your baby formula gets recalled!

Oh no! It can be super frustrating when you suddenly find out that the formula brand you’ve grown to love (and let’s face it, depend on) is no longer available.

That’s why I decided to create the ultimate baby formula recalls list (with safe alternatives you will love). Use this list to not only discover the latest baby formula recalls but also to find something else you can love just as much.

Note: Baby formula recalls are very rare, so this page will only be updated when a new nationwide recall is announced. If you are looking for a great formula, visit The Baby Swag site for full reviews, comparisons, tips, and more from real parents!

Why Would Baby Formula Get Recalled?

It appears that ‘most’ baby formula recalls are due to some kind of manufacturing, or processing error along the way. Many of the recalls we’ve noticed happen due to fear of salmonella.

However, and we should note that baby food recalls, even worldwide are rare cases and many are actually voluntary recall notices as opposed to mandated by the government (although these recalled product actions can happen).

The hardest part is usually detection. It’s usually only after the fact that companies issue product recalls. A particularly common bacterial issue with a formula (and lettuce – of all things) is the presence of listeria monocytogenes.

Is Baby Formula Regulated in the United States?

“No, FDA does not approve infant formulas before they can be marketed. However, all formulas marketed in the United States must meet federal nutrient requirements and infant formula manufacturers must notify the FDA prior to marketing a new formula. If an infant formula manufacturer does not provide the elements and assurances required in the notification for a new or reformulated infant formula, the formula is defined as adulterated under section 412(a)(1) of the FFDCA and FDA has the authority to take compliance action if the new infant formula is marketed.”

As you can see, technically the Food and Drug Administration treats formulas similar to nutritional supplements.

Other countries have different laws and regulations when it comes to baby formulas, it is always smart to do your own research specific to the country where you are buying your baby formula first before you buy. Generally speaking, when it comes to baby formulas, all brands, regardless of price point, or ‘marketing’ must adhere to the same health and safety standards.

That said, I personally prefer European baby formula, as Europe tends to have higher standards for infant formula.

What are the different types of baby formula available?

Three major types of powdered formulas are available:

  • Cow milk protein-based formulas. Most infant formula is made with cow’s milk that’s been altered to resemble breast milk. This gives the formula the right balance of nutrients — and makes the formula easier to digest. Most babies do well on cow’s milk formula. Some babies, however — such as those allergic to the proteins in cow’s milk — need other types of infant formula.
  • Soy-based formulas. Soy-based powdered infant formula can be useful if you want to exclude animal proteins from your child’s diet or if there is some kind of allergy to cows milk.
  • Protein hydrolysate formulas. These types of formulas contain protein that’s been broken down (hydrolyzed) — partially or extensively — into smaller sizes than are those in cow’s milk and soy-based formulas. Protein hydrolysate formulas are meant for babies who don’t tolerate cow’s milk or soy-based formulas. Extensively hydrolyzed formulas are an option for babies who have a protein allergy.

With this covered, here is the full recalled products list for the baby formula recalled recently…

Formula Recalls 2021

Designed By Nature’s Recall

Designed by Nature has issued a volunatry nationwide recall for it’s milk powder formulas, specifically the Base Milk Powder, Cow’s Milk Powder, and Goat’s Milk Powder.

The main reason for the recall is around labeling as the products were not desgined for infant use. This is defined as infants “under a year old” as the formulas are deficient in key nutrients required for labeling as “infant” formula.

What to do? If you purchased these formulas for an infant (0-12 months), you can email “[email protected]” for a refund, or if you have any other questions.

Parent’s Choice Infant Formula Recall

Even though the company had a recall for the same infant formula back in 2019, the Perrigo Company again recalls it this February, due to the potential presence of heavy metals in the lot with a number (C26EVFV). So far, there have been no casualties reported and the company has taken measures to avoid any harm.

Kirkland Signature Baby Formula Recall [Oct 2019]

Costco store is recalling their generic line of Kirkland Signature brand Non-GMO baby formula (powdered infant formula), due to likely contamination with Cronobacter sppThis is listed as a potential causitive agent for meningits and enterocolitis and even sepsis (blood poisoning) in infants.
UPC’s in question are:

  • 0 96619 26926 6 [Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Infant Formula for Babies Sensitive to Lactose]
  • 0 96619 23600 8 [Kirkland Signature Non-GMO Infant Formula for Babies Sensitive to Lactose (2-Pack)]

The findings and initial food recall warning alerts were initially reporting by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), prompting the action to recall.

Calcilo XD Formula Recall [Sept 2019]

calcilo formula

On September 13, there was a recall made from Abbott concerning their infant formula Calcio XD due to inconsistency in color. Even though there are no reported cases of babies suffering from ingesting the formula, the company has decided to recall all batches with UPC 0 70074 53329 2.

This product should not be consumed due to rancidity in color and because it can cause diarrhea, vomiting and nausea, so if you have it at home, you should not use it!

  • United States: 1-800-850-7677
  • Canada: 1-855-733-4201

Parent’s Choice Formula Recall | Latest Formula Recall [June 2019]

Parent's Choice Formula Recall
June 21, 2019 – Perrigo (which own’s the Parent’s Choice brand of formula), issued a formal recall on the Parent’s Choice Advantage with Iron formula, as of June 21st 2018.

The recall notes “presence of foreign metal material” without going into detail on what this potential presence of metal foreign matter is. Sold exclusively at Walmart, you likely wouldn’t have purchased this elsewhere.
Consumers should specifically look for Lot Code C26EVFV if they suspect their product may be included in the recall.

UPDATE: Parent’s Choice was ALSO more recently called out in an official government report on toxicity in baby food brands. WalMart REFUSED to even cooperate with the government, unlike other brands named. 

Alternatives to Try: 
Holle or Hipp

Further Reading:

Sammy’s Milk Baby Formula

sammy's milk

Sept. 30, 2016 – All Sammy’s Milk Baby Food powdered formula is recalled because it isn’t manufactured according to federal regulations and has not been tested for Cronobacter, which can cause deadly infections in children.

Alternatives to try:
Kabrita Goat Milk Toddler Formula with Iron

Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk 
Meyenberg Whole Powdered Goat Milk (12 Ounce) | Amazon
$11.48 ($0.96 / Ounce)

Mixing Tip: Start mixing powder with hot water first. Once powder is smooth and creamy in texture, continue to add cold water. Best when chilled in your refrigerator overnight.

Buy at
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11/22/2021 07:37 pm GMT

Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Milk-Based Powder with Iron Stage
Happy Baby Organics Infant Formula | Amazon
$29.99 ($1.43 / Ounce)

Modeled After Breast Milk & made with carefully sourced premium ingredients, this formula is made with organic lactose the principal carbohydrate found in breast milk.

Buy at
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11/22/2021 02:27 pm GMT

Enfamil Baby Formula Recall (Walmart)


Dec. 2011 – Wal-Mart stores removed all cans of Enfamil Newborn formula of one size and from one lot number from shelves (market withdrawal) after one baby died and another became seriously ill from the same bacterial infection (bacterium). This recall is no longer valid.

Alternative to try:

Further Reading:

Similac Recall (2010)

Back in 2010, Similac had to recall some Similac powdered infant formula after identifying a common warehouse beetle (both larvae and adults) in the finished product at their Sturgis Michigan plant. This has since been resolved.

Alternative to try:
Similac Pro-Advanced Formula

Similac Pro-Advance Infant Formula with HMO for Immune Support | Amazon

Similac Pro-Advance is the first infant formula with 2’- FL HMO designed to be closer than over to breast milk.

Buy at
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Aptamil Powdered Baby Milk (2018) Recall

Changes are not always good, and the proof for that is the new Aptamil Powered Baby Milk formula. Ever since they made slight changes in the product, parents have been complaining that their newborns are showing signs of being unwell and unsettled.

Also, some of these parents are concerned with the new package that is 100g. less than the original one and with still remaining price.

The company has explained that their new products are a little bit more sensitive to temperature, therefore, parents would need to make the formula for their babies in a different way.

The formula is still available on Amazon and many other shops, but if you are not certain if you want to take risks with your little one, there are definitely some other options available.

Similac Formula Recall (2018)

similac formula

Even though many parents see Similac as their brand of preference, according to the latest information, Abbott Labs are recalling the popular formulas of Similac-brand in U.S, Guam, Puerto Rico and many Carribean countries due to a beetle problem in some of the factories that are producing the baby formula.

Although they are not gone for good, many parents have expressed their concerns regarding the product’s negative effects on their babies which include gastrointestinal problems, nausea, and irritability when it comes to feeding time!

In a recent occasion, the company has explained that they want their products to be of top-quality and that they understand how parents want only the best for their kids, so this is why they were recalling certain series of the formula, in order to make space on the shelves for the right one (subtext: that don’t face the same criticism about human illness correlation).

Read More: Similac Advance vs Sensitive – Which Baby Formula Comes Out on Top?

Alternative to try
Similac Advance Infant Non-GMO Formula

Similac Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO with 2-FL HMO Infant Formula | Amazon

Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO with 2-FL HMO Infant Formula with Iron Powder, 34 oz.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Bebe Mandorle Stage 2

bebe mandorle

In 2018, Babe Mandorle Stage 2 has been recalled due to contamination with bacteria that could cause serious infection for infants. The formula was sold by the Naturalia chain, and here follow the lots have been compromised.

  • 240 / 7- Best before 02/2020
  • 022 / 8- Best before 07/2020
  • 096 / 8- Best of Date 10/2020
  • 205 / 8- Best of Date 01/2021

Further Reading:

Baby’s Only Organic Formula Recall

Baby's Only Organic Formula

Actually, the formula wasn’t recalled per se, but the original pre-2017 version was said to contain “unsafe levels of arsenic“, according to Consumer Reports. While there was not a full recall, they have filtered out arsenic moving forward (and there have been no further negative reports post formula re-do).

We actually really like Baby’s One as it’s one of the only readily available organic formula’s available in supermarkets in the US. Still, there are baby formula brands we prefer (see below):

Alternatives to Try:
Holle or Hipp

Further Reading:

Parent’s Choice Advantage Infant Formula

On June 2019, the Parent’s Choice Advantage Infant Formula was recalled due to potential metal contamination and it has affected 23,388 containers with a LOT CODE C26EVFV which are mostly sold at Walmart.

Conclusion: What to do if your brand gets recalled

While massive recalls on any major baby formula brand are few and far between, there are things that you can do when your brand gets recalled.

  1. Check the details. Most brands only recall certain serial numbers. Your brand just might not be on the list.
  2. Know that many recalls are ‘safety alert’ precautions, especially when it comes to baby formula. Don’t panic if you do discover that the brand you use has been recalled.
  3. Use baby formulas always as directed. If you are not following the exact directions on how to prepare your infant formula, you could cause adverse reactions if there is something in the way you prepared the formula, cleaned the bottles, nipples, etc. Make sure you follow the directions and always sterilize.
  4. Keep checking this page (we’ll be updating it as soon as we discover any new baby formula recalls.)
  5. Do your research first before investing in any infant formula.
  6. If your baby is having any adverse reactions to formula, stop feeding immediately and call your doctor.

Further Research on Baby Formula

If you are looking for some reliable formula options and replacements (some that have NEVER been recalled), check out some of our guides and reviews below:

Other Baby Recalls to Watch

Here are some other lists of the top product recalls:

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