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Baby Food Recall List [2022]: Baby and Toddler Food Recalls

Baby Food Recall List [2022]: Baby and Toddler Food Recalls

The safety of your baby and toddler is of utmost concern to all parents — especially when it comes to the food that you feed them. Here are some safety guidelines, best practices, and baby and toddler food recalls you need to know about.



Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal

parent's choice rice baby cereal baby food recall

The Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal has been recalled in October 2021, due to potential inorganic arsenic present in the packages. The affected batches are sold in April 2021, and here follow all of them:

  • Lot 21083 with UPC Code #00681131082907 with a best if used by date of JUN 24 2022.
  • Lot 21084 with UPC Code #00681131082907 with a best if used by date of JUN 25 2022
  • Lot 21242 with UPC Code #00681131082907 with a best if used by date of NOV 30 2022

So far there haven’t been any reported incidents, but in case you have it at home, make sure you contact the company for further proceeding or you can return the product to Walmart directly for a full refund.

Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food In Jars

earth's best organic

The Earth’s Best Organic has been sued because they have high arsenic levels, lead, and other metals that can be dangerous for the baby’s health. There haven’t been official LOTs recalled from the company, but this matter still remains under deep investigation from the World Health Organization.

Brands like Beech-Nut, HappyBABY, Happy Family Organics, Gerber products, Parent’s Choice, Plum Organics and Sprout Organic Foods are also under investigation for this matter as well, so we’ll keep you posted on any news related in 2022.

Peppa Pig Chocolate Chip Cookies Gable Box

Peppa Pig Chocolate Chip Cookies Gable Box

The following product has been recalled on May 20th, 2021 due to potentially consisting of egg which is an allergen. So far, there haven’t been any reported cases, and the company will provide assistance if consumers have any related questions.

Beech-Nut Single Grain Rice Cereal

Beech-Nut Single Grain Rice Cereal

On June 8th, 2021, the Beech-Nut Nutrition Company has recalled their Single Grain Rice cereal due to potential inorganic arsenic contaminants which can naturally occur in water and food, and that can be hazardous to small kids. The products with UPC Code# 52200034705 have been affected and here you can find out all the details about this.

February 2021 House Oversight Report on Baby Food Contamination

New reports are confirming similar findings to what we saw in 2020: Many top baby foods are contaiminated with heavy metals.

Specifically, new government reporting identifies:

  • Top baby food brands are tainted with high (dangerous) levels of “inorganic arsenic, lead, cadmium, and mercury“. 
  • These manufacturers ROUTINLY IGNORE internal standards and protocals, continuing to sell these products with dangerously high levels of contamination.
  • By only testing the ingredients, manufacturers are effectively CONCEALING higher levels of metal in the FINISHED product. 

Basically, big brands are getting away with skirting the rules at the expense of our kids!

Some of the baby food brands that are specifically cited are:

  • HappyBaby Organic (we previously reported on this in our 2020 update below)
  • Beech-Nut
  • Gerber
  • Earth’s Best
  • Plum Organics
  • Sprout Organic Foods
  • Parent’s Choice (WalMart Brand)

Recalls have not yet been issued, but we suspect this is more of a criminal / liability issue at this point and the FDA, other government bodies, will need to take proactive measures to hold these brands accountable. 

Of note, some of these brands cooperated with the government and shared documents, but 3 companies did not! Time to name and shame WalMart, Sprout Organics Foods, and Plum Organics (recall 2015 under parent company is Campbell’s Soup)

What Can We Do?

  1. Contact your US elected officials to ensure they punish / hold these brands accountable
  2. AVOID rice-based baby products (rice grows in water, hyper absorbent of harmful substances)
  3. SWITCH to other grain based products (oatmeal, etc…)
  4. MAKE YOUR OWN baby food with whole, home processed ingredients
  5. Consider purchasing “freshly made organic” baby food from Yumi or Little Spoon.


A new recently released study from has found that 95% of mainstream baby foods tested contained toxic levels of chemicals that can lower IQ in infants, including arsenic and lead.

The highest risk food groups include:

  • Many rice-based puff snacks
  • Teething biscuits and rice husks
  • Infant rice cereal
  • Fruit juices
  • Carrots and sweet potatoes

One clear area to avoid is obviously RICE-BASED products. We recently conducted an in-depth comparison of Rice vs Oatmeal Cereals and strongly came out in favor of oatmeal as the best option.

What Do You Do If Your Baby Food Has Been Recalled?

Firstly, don’t panic. Baby food product recalls in the US are generally done proactively. Most products, especially baby and toddler food products don’t get recalled because of the strict guidelines and safety standards in place.

Make sure to keep checking this list to get the latest recalls. Because baby and toddler food recalls are so rare in the US, this list will not get updated very frequently, but we’ll be on the lookout for any new recalls to tell you about and update the list as needed.

Follow the instructions in place of the recall. Most of the time getting your original purchase price back is fairly straightforward.

Throw out any products you find in your home that have been recalled. It’s always better to be safer than sorry when it comes to the safety of your little ones with a recalled product.

Food Safety Standards in the US

The US has very strict safety standards and guidelines, especially when it comes to baby and toddler foods and formulas. Parents should be assured that recalls are rare and that anything that hits the store shelves has had to go through strict food safety protocols, and rules.


The government offers some helpful baby and toddler food safety tips on their website. Here’s a breakdown of some of their tips to ensuring that your baby and toddler food preparations are on point.


Baby Food and Infant Formula Safety Tips

Infants and toddlers are especially vulnerable to foodborne illnesses. Extra care should be taken when preparing baby foods and formulas.

Wash your hands.

  • Always wash your hands before you prepare baby food. It’s the most important thing you can do.

Check the packaging of commercial baby food before buying and serving.

  • For jars, make sure that the safety lid is down before serving. Any loss in suction could mean a bacterial contamination.
  • For plastic pouches — Look for packages that are leaking, swollen, or with loose lids. Discard any pouches that appear this way.

Never ‘double-dip’ with baby food.

  • Never store baby food in the fridge if the baby has been feeding of the container.
  • Don’t feed your baby directly from the baby food jar or container, instead portion out the amount you want to feed your baby in a small bowl to avoid cross-contamination.
  • Throw away any leftover food from the feeding bowl.
  • Don’t share spoons with your baby, or with other children.

Store baby and toddler food correctly.

  • Throw away out-dated foods.
  • Never leave open containers of liquid or pureed baby foods at room temperature for more than a couple of hours, harmful bacteria grows quickly in food left out at room temperature.
  • Baby food that has been opened container can only be stored safely in the fridge for 3 days.
  • If in doubt, throw it out.

Baby Food Recalls for 2020

Cow & Gate baby food jars


In January 2020, Cow & Gate recalled lots of different baby food jars for babies over 7 months, due to a possibility of being tempered. 

Alternatives to try: 

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Lupilu Pouches (LIDL)

lupilu pouches

In February 2020, Lupilu recalled several types of pouches that are suspected to contain mold. Here are the products that are affected:

  • Organic Baby Fruit Pouches – Apples and Strawberries (Stage 1)
  • Organic Baby Fruit Pouches – Bananas and Apples (Stage 1)
  • Organic Baby Fruit Pouches – Apples, Carrots, and Parsnips (Stage 1)
  • Organic Baby Pouches – Butternut Squash, Apples, Carrots and Prunes (Stage 1)
  • Organic Baby Pouches – Sweet Potato, Pumpkin, Apples & Blueberries (Stage 1)
  • Organic Baby Pouches – Apple (5x90g)
  • Organic Baby Pouches – Banana Yoghurt with Oats and Rice (100g) 
  • Organic Baby Pouches – Banana, Blueberries, and Rice (100g) (Stage 2)
  • Organic Baby Pouches – Mango, Yoghurt with Oats and Rice (Stage 2)

If you have purchased any of these products, you can go to the closest Lidl Market to you and get a refund (with or without receipt)

Baby Food Recalls for 2019

Heinz Turkey Stew Baby Food

Peppa Pig Chocolate Chip Cookies Gable Box

Even though there are no reported cases, Heinz has recalled their baby Turkey Stew due to the possibility of being contaminated with insects.

If you have a jar with CFIA number 13162, please contact the closest market where you have made the purchase, so they can explain you the procedure.


Herbal Tea for Infants by Mountain Mel’s

Milk Lady’s Herbal Tea Blend

The Herbal Tea by Mountain’s Mel’s is recalled due to possible contamination with salmonella and it affects 3 types:

  • The Milk Lady’s Herbal Tea Blend with UPS (7 99632 05658 4)
  • Peaceful Baby Herbal Tea Blend with USP (7 99632 05656 0)
  • Diges-Teas Herbal Tea Blend ( 7 99632 05665 2)

Cow and Gate Cheesy Broccoli Bake

Cow and Gate Cheesy Broccoli Bake

Cow & Gate are recalling the Cheesy Broccoli Bake due to consisting small parts of latex glove which can be found in some of the jars.

The company has mainly recalled the product because it doesn’t meet their standards and you can easily exchange the jars in the closest market to you, and you will be refunded the full amount with or without the receipt.

Alternative to try: Gerber 2nd Foods 12 Total

Gerber 2nd Foods 12 Total 2.5 Ounce Jars of Each Flavor | Amazon
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Continue your baby’s food explorations! Gerber 2nd Foods will expose them to a variety of tastes & ingredient combinations to help them accept new flavors.

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Contigo Kids Cleanable Water Bottles

Contigo Kids Cleanable Water Bottles
  • Contigo recalls this water bottle as the clear silicone spout can come off and impose a choking hazard. This recall happened August, 2019.
  • Contact 888-262-0622 or online at

Love Child Organics and PC Organics Baby Food Recall

Love Child Organics and PC Organics Baby Food
  • Health Canada sent out a warning that Love Child Organics and PC Organics packaging defects can cause the food to be spoiled. The recalled baby food was sold in 128ml packages.
  • The recalled Love Child flavors include Vegetarian Chili with Sweet Potato + Kale, Veggie Casserole with Lentils + Quinoa, Ratatouille with Lentils + White Beans, Pumpkin Risotto with Spinach + Chickpeas, Mango Chicken Stew with Spinach + Quinoa, Thanksgiving Dinner with Veggies + Turkey, and Hearty Bolognese with Beef + Quinoa
  • The recalled PC Organics flavors include Parsnip strained baby food, Carrots strained baby food, Peas strained baby food, Sweet Potatoes strained baby food, Vegetables & Turkey strained baby food, Fruity Chicken strained baby food, Spaghetti Bolognese strained baby food, Vegetable & Lentil strained baby food, and Chicken Casserole strained baby food
  • Contact 888-495-5111 or [email protected] for more information.

Alternative to try: Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food

Happy Baby Organic Stage 2 Baby Food Variety Pack | Amazon
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Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Flavor Blasted Xtreme Cheddar Crackers

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Flavor Blasted Xtreme Cheddar Crackers
  • Campbell Company of Canada is recalling Pepperidge Farm brand Goldfish Flavour Blasted Xtreme Cheddar Crackers from the marketplace due to possible Salmonella contamination.
  • The recall includes the following dates: 20/JAN/19, 24/JAN/19, 31/JAN/19, 2/FEB/19, 11/FEB/19, 18/FEB/19, 25/JAN/19, 26/JAN/19
  • For more information, contact Pepperidge Farm Customer Service at 800-679-1791.

Alternative to try: Cheese Nips Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers

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Kellogg’s Honey Smacks Cereal

Kellogg's Honey Smacks Cereal
  • In June 2018, the product was recalled due to 73 salmonella infection reports.
  • The affected product’s date has a date from June 14, 2018, to June 14, 2018. In case you have purchased the product, you can go to the market where you have made the purchase and return it.

Alternative to try: Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal

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Hood’s Almond Milk

Hood's Almond Milk
  • More than 150.000 gallons of almond milk has been recalled in August 2018 because the milk may actually contain dairy. The gallons have been recalled because they contain allergens which can be really dangerous to people who are intolerant to dairy.

Alternative to try: Silk Almond Milk

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Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts

Mauna Loa Macadamia Nuts
  • If your toddler enjoys eating nuts, this is a good time to know about Mauna Loa’s latest nut recall which includes several flavors, and you can get more information about these on
  • The macadamia nuts were recalled because of possible Escherichia coli contamination in the water and distribution system that supplies the company’s operation.

Alternative to try: Sincerely Nuts Roasted & Salted Mixed Nuts

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Sugar Melon Candy

SLR Food Distribution Inc.
  • SLR Food Distribution Inc. is recalling Sugar Melon Candy with expiration date 2019.01.02. because of undeclared sulfites which may represent a life-threatening danger to individuals allergic on sulfites. Until now, there are no cases being reported.

S&W White Beans

S&W White Beans
  • The same case is also with S&W White Beans, which have been recalled because of undeclared sulfites who pose a life-threatening danger.  This voluntary recall covers a specific production code manufactured at the facility located in Faribault, MN

Hy-Vee Recalls Several Meat and Potato Products

  • Due to possible contamination with Salmonella and Listeria monocytogenes, the company has recalled tons of containers which have the following number:
hy-vee recalls

All of the products have an expiration date until October 22, 2018, and sooner.

Vegetable Fried Rice frozen meal  (Feel Good Foods)

feel good

Ice Creams: 

  • Sweet Me Creamery Brookie Dough Ice Cream (it may contain peanuts)
  • Working Cow Homemade Ice Cream (potential contamination with Listeria monocytogenes)
  • Stewart’s Shops Corp. is recalling units of Stewart’s pint Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup  (packed incorrectly and may contain peanuts)
  • EconoMax and Hill Country Fare ice creams (broken metal found in regular maintenance)
  • Salt & Straw’s Chocolate Gooey Brownie Ice Cream Pints (it may contain peanuts)
  • Izzy’s Maple Nut Ice Cream (it may contain peanuts)

Alternative to try: Haagen-Dazs Vanilla Ice Cream

Margie Cheese

  • This product was recalled due to the wrong temperature during the pasteurization process.

Alternative to try: French Cow Milk Cheese

Baby Food Recalls for 2017

Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken and Vegetable Products

Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken and Vegetable Products
  • Overhill Farms Inc. has recalled Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken Carrot Bites, Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken Sweet Potato Bites, Yummy Spoonfuls Chicken Broccoli Bites, Fully Cooked Organic Chicken Broccoli Bites Chicken and Vegetable Patty, Fully Cooked Organic Chicken Carrot Bites Chicken Patties with Carrots and Cauliflower, and Fully Cooked Organic Chicken Sweet Potato Bites Chicken Patties with Sweet Potatoes, Quinoa & Peas because of consumer complaints of bone fragments in the products.
  • Contact Yummy Spoonfuls at 844-986-6948.

Baby Food Recalls for 2016

H-E-B Baby Food

H-E-B Baby Food
  • The entire H-E-B Baby Food 2 pack 4 oz. cups product line was recalled due to a report received of a small piece of rubber found inside a single container of one variety of the product.
  • Contact H-E-B Customer Service at 1-855-432-4438.

Alternative to try: Sprout Organic Baby Food Pouches Stage 3 Meat Variety Pack

Gerber Baby Food Recall: Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Pouches

Gerber Organic 2nd Foods Pouches
  • Gerber voluntarily recalled Organic pouch products after identifying a packaging defect in Gerber baby food containers
  • The recalled dates and batch codes (batch number) include: 12JUL2016 51945335XX, 13JUL 2016 51955335XX, 14JUL2016 51965335XX.
  • Contact Gerber Products Support at 800-706-0556.

Alternative to try: Gerber Assorted Fruit Toddler Pouch Variety Pack

GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce Pouches

GoGo SqueeZ Applesauce Pouches
  • This recall was issued due to a potential adulteration from food product residue. The recalled applesauce pouches have a Best Before Date of 12/4/15-3/4/17. Any products labeled as organic are not impacted by the recall.
  • Contact GoGo Squeez at 844-275-5841 or at

Alternative to try: Happy Tot Organic Fiber & Protein Pouch Stage 4

Happy Tot Organic Stage 4 | Amazon
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Tired of All the Recalled Baby Food?

Well, in general, I’ve found the following organic baby food brands to have the best ingredients. Also, if you’ve ever thought making your own baby food is too much work, consider something like the Baby Brezza blender/steamer all-in-one or our list of the best baby food makers.

Baby Brezza Small Baby Food Maker Set | Amazon

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Question: Is There a Baby Food Recall 2021?

Answer: In October 2021, Parent’s Choice Rice Baby Cereal was recalled due to potential inorganic arsenic. Earth’s Best Organic Baby Food, Peppa Pig Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Beech-nut Single Grain Rice Cereal are also under investigation in 2021. 

Question: Has Gerber Been Recalled in 2021?

Answer: Gerber has not been recalled in 2021 – There was a minor Gerber arsenic dilemma in 2016 regarding their 2nd Foods Pouches.

Question: Was Enfamil Recalled in 2021?

Answer: Enfamil has not been recalled since 2018 and is considered a very safe baby formula.

Other Baby Recalls


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