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Holle vs Similac Formula: Which Should You Choose?

Holle vs Similac Formula: Which Should You Choose?
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As far as baby formulas go, as long as you choose the right one for your baby specifically, you’re bound to be satisfied with the results. But since the organic formula is also sought after, there are a few high-quality options to choose from and look at from all angles. In this case, that would be the Holle vs Similac Organic Formula, which are both designed to give your baby all of the nutrients that he or she needs on a daily basis.

Both formulas feature organically grown ingredients, which is sure to give you peace of mind, and they both also contain the specific nutrients your baby needs for proper development while being free from GMOs. However, since these are two totally different products, there are sure to be some obvious differences that you just can’t look past when considering the Holle vs. Similar Organic Formulas.

Best European formula
Holle Organic Baby Formula

Holle has been making organic baby formula for nearly 90 years. They hold the highest organic certifications you can get in Europe which lots of parents love to see. Use code 'BabySwag' for 5% off at TheMilkyBox.

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While the Similac Organic option is suitable for babies from birth up to 12 months of age, the Holle comes in multiple stages, with the first stage being for babies up to six months old. Another stark difference is where you can buy each formula.

As long as you don’t mind purchasing the formula online and online alone, then the Holle Organic Formula is a fine option (we buy ours here). Then again, you can find the Similac Organic online and in store, which makes purchasing extra canisters easy and convenient.

On the other hand, Holle takes great care in giving the cows on their farms the right kind of natural nutrition in order to help them produce the best milk possible for the formula, so you do know exactly what you’re getting and it’s hard to find fault with any of it.

When it all comes down to it, however, it’s best to look at both formula options from multiple points of view to really figure out which is best between the Holle Organic and Similar Organic Formulas. Similar Organic Formulas.

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: All things being equal, I personally trust the European based Holle formula more. This is mainly due to the higher quality ingredients and strict organic standards.

Holle Organic Formula

Holle vs Similac Formula

Being an organic formula made with 99% organic ingredients isn’t the only thing about the Holle Organic that sets it apart from some of its competitors.

In getting the ingredients for the formula, great care is taken and even the cows whose milk is used are well taken care of to ensure safe and nutritious milk in the powdered formula. For example, the milk is from cows who are not dehorned and who have been raised on biodynamic fields and pastures, making for an overall superior and higher quality milk supply.

From there, the Holle Organic Formula includes vitamins A, D, E, K, C, and B6, as well as folic acid and zinc, just to name a few. This means that while 99% of the ingredients of the formula are organic, the other 1% is simply those vitamins and nutrients necessary to promote healthy mental and physical development in your infant. And for the most part, the formula expiration dates are even further out, meaning a longer-lasting fresh supply of formula.

Holle Features and Nutrition Facts

  • Nutritional Value Offered: The milk used for the formula is from organically fed and humanely treated cows, while the vitamins and minerals included are there for your baby’s overall development.
  • Holle Formula Ingredients: The cow’s milk used is totally organic, and the vitamins included in the formula are zinc, folic acid, vitamin B6 and B12, just to name a handful of what’s included.
  • Child Age Range: The stage one formula is for babies from newborn to six months old. There are three other stages as well, which go up to 12 months and on.
  • Price: A 400-gram container of Holle Organic is $14.
  • Where To Buy: Compare the best prices and discount combinations at the following:
    1. You can find the formula on MyOrganicCompany here (use code THEBABYSWAG to take 10% off your entire order)
    2. UPDATE: Holle has now been FDA registered in the USA and is selling direct via HolleUSA here. Great deals on bulk orders
    3. Also here (use code BABYSWAG5 to take 5% off).
    4. And finally check here (use code TBS5to take 5% off)

Full Review: Holle Formula Review

Pros of Holle

  • Compared to some other formula options, the Holle Organic Formula has a longer shelf life.
  • Whether you purchase individual containers or buy in bulk, the formula is plenty affordable for most families.
  • The formula is good for babies who are prone to constipation, as it won’t leave most babies gassy or uncomfortable.
  • Even babies who have problems with milk, in general, will likely find this to be easier on the stomach.

Cons of Holle

  • Since you can only purchase it on the Holle website or on U.K. Amazon, you may have to wait longer than usual for the shipment.
  • There are different stages of the formula, which means that you’ll have to continually switch to the next stage with the possibility that your child doesn’t respond well to the next one.
  • The better deal is on this website and direct via HolleUSA here, but if your baby doesn’t end up enjoying the formula, you’re left with a ton of extra formula.
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Holle User Reviews

“I love this formula but can’t find it anywhere in the USA! I bought from this company in the UK and I had it in less than two weeks. My baby loves it and we have never had any problems with it. No spitting up and no gas or colic. I love that is organic and from biodynamic farming.”- Heather W. on Amazon.

“Best, closest to natural milk formula I’ve tried. No chalky, artificial smell, great formulation. All other major brand formulas we tried literally smelled like rotten eggs, or extremely chalky. I cringed at the smells. I had the hardest time giving those disgusting smelling formulas to my newborn. But until I found Holle I had no choice. He had to eat, and I wasn’t producing enough breastmilk milk to get him through the day.” – Irina on Amazon.

“Rest assured parents this is the best alternative to breast milk that is on the market. My son is 8 mos. old and we have supplemented with Holle 1 & 2 since he was two weeks old. I researched endlessly and this was the only milk that was organic and did not contain harmful ingredients.” – Jackie R. on Amazon.

Best European formula
Holle Organic Baby Formula

Holle has been making organic baby formula for nearly 90 years. They hold the highest organic certifications you can get in Europe which lots of parents love to see. Use code 'BabySwag' for 5% off at TheMilkyBox.

Try Holle

Similac Organic Formula

Similac Organic Baby Formula

Similac is a well-known brand with a variety of different options for pretty much any baby, regardless of their dietary restrictions or needs. This, of course, includes the Similac Organic Baby Formula, which is made with Similac’s OptiGro mixture of essential vitamins for your baby’s growth.

The special mixture includes DHA for brain development, lutein for eye health, and vitamin E, which is important for proper and healthy cell growth in your baby. Overall, the formula tends to place your baby’s development, both physically and mentally, first. The milk used to make the formula is, as to be expected, organic on its own, which adds to the nutritional value that the Similac Organic Formula offers.

Compared to some other similar formulas, it also dissolves relatively easy in water, which is so important when mixing formula for your infant. Since the whole point is to get that smooth and non-grainy texture, that’s definitely an important quality to have, especially for a formula that your child may be used for the entire first year of his or her life.

Similac Features and Nutrition Value

  • Nutritional Value Offered: The vitamins and nutrients included are there to promote healthy brain development, eye health, a healthy immune system, and overall digestive health.
  • Similac Ingredients: Some of the core ingredients include DHA, Lutein, vitamin E, and prebiotics.
  • Child Age Range: The formula is suitable for babies from birth up to 12 months old.
  • Price: On Amazon, a 1.45-pound container of Similac Organic Formula is $26.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on Amazon or in-store at Walmart.

Pros of Similac

  • Overall, the formula doesn’t clump, so you can be sure that you’ll have a well-mixed bottle each time.
  • You can buy it in-store as well as online, so whether you want to purchase it over the internet in bulk or buy in person when you’re in a pinch, it’s convenient in that regard.
  • The blend of OptiGro nutrients is important for your baby’s overall development.
  • For some babies, it might be the best option for those weaning off of breastmilk or for parents looking to supplement breastmilk with some formula.

Cons of Similac

  • Although the formula mixes well, some might find it relatively foamy, which isn’t exactly ideal.
  • For some babies, they could get gassy or constipated from using the formula, though that will vary from child to child
  • Some parents might not love that one of the first ingredients listed for the formula is organic sugar.
  • Contains Soy Oil (if you are trying to avoid soy).

Similac User Reviews

“I had to start supplementing my baby at six months old with formula. She gets about 50/50 formula and breast milk now at eight months. I was a little worried because my baby can be particular and also fussy, but she has had no issues and she seems to like it as much as breast milk. I feel good about it being organic.” – William on Amazon.

“One of the best formulas for baby, my eight month old has never had any allergic reaction and the list of ingredients is as good as it can get. It does makes a lot of foam while the baby sucks, but I rather have some foam than to feed harmful stabilizer to my baby. Great product and great price on Amazon.” – Carolina Rozo on Amazon.

“I was so happy to see that Similac made an organic baby formula. This is my gift to my grandson, so it’s nice to be able to just order and have on hand when needed. The shipment came very quickly and it’s great to know he is getting formula made with organic milk. We have all been happy with this product and the delivery and buying experience through Amazon.” – Mary Ann O’Connell on Amazon.

The Verdict: Similac or Holle?

As long as your baby enjoys and keeps down the Similac Organic Formula, then this time around, it’s going to be the stronger option between the Holle and Similac brands of organic formula.

In the off chance that your infant doesn’t respond well to Similac option, then you’ll be back to square one, but as long as they like it, then it’s definitely the better option overall. Because of its longevity in terms of how long your baby can use it and a special blend of vitamins, your baby is sure to get the nutrients that he or she needs for proper brain and eye development.

However, all things being equal, I personally trust the European based Holle formula more. This is mainly due to the higher quality

Holle vs Similac Formula: Final Thoughts

Best European formula
Holle Organic Baby Formula

Holle has been making organic baby formula for nearly 90 years. They hold the highest organic certifications you can get in Europe which lots of parents love to see. Use code 'BabySwag' for 5% off at TheMilkyBox.

Try Holle

There is nothing in the unwritten parenting handbook that says you must, at all costs, give your baby organic formula, but if you prefer to go organic with everything else, then it certainly can’t hurt.

At the very least, you have a ton of different options to choose from with two high-quality ones being the Holle and Similac brands with all of the nutritional benefits that each tends to offer.

Personally, I would rather trust Holle here in this situation as I trust the quality of ingredients a lot more, even though it’s slightly more expensive.

Where to Buy Holle? It’s not easy to find Holle online, but my go-to source is MyOrganicCompany here OR here.

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