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Veer vs Wonderfold: Which Baby Stroller Is Better?

Veer vs Wonderfold: Which Baby Stroller Is Better?

The right stroller not only guarantees your baby, or babies, safety, but is versatile, spacious to accommodate all your essentials, is durable, practical, and is capable of handling even and uneven terrain. Two companies that have made a name for themselves on strollers are Veer vs Wonderfold.

They manufacture practical, spacious, and versatile strollers that seamlessly transition from beach to park, grassed pathways to town pavements (see where to use strollers) before easily folding to compact and sturdy stand-alone folds for storage.

The pull or push across different terrains is easy for these strollers. The task, however, lies in discerning between functionality, versatility, durability, and safety when deciding which to buy.

To spare you the trouble of sifting through such features, technical jargon, and unbiased reviews, we have compiled a detailed comparison between Veer vs Wonderfold. We have unpacked them down to the core to focus on that which matters including key features, pros and cons and of course reviews from those who have taken them for a spin. To start us off are the main differences;

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Main Differences Between Veer vs Wonderfold

The main differences between Veer vs Wonderfold are:

  • Veer strollers accommodate 2 passengers, whereas Wonderfold strollers accommodate either 2 or 4 passengers.
  • Veer is compatible with infant seats from other brands, Wonderfold strollers are not compatible with infant seats from other brands.
  • Veer strollers allow for customizations, Wonderfold strollers do not provide for customization.
  • Veer strollers can not bear more than 200lbs, whereas Wonderfold strollers can bear more weight capacity (up to 350 lbs)
  • Veer strollers can be hose washed, whereas Wonderfold strollers can not be hose washed.
  • Veer strollers have water and stain-resistant walls, Wonderfold strollers lack stain and water-resistant sidewalls.

Wonderfold Strollers

Veer vs Wonderfold stroller comparisson

They are sturdy, heavy duty , multipurpose and easily fold into a standalone easy to store fold.

Main Features of Wonderfold Strollers

Adjustable push handle

Wonderfold strollers sport adjustable push handles to suit different parent heights, terrains or even functionality. The handles easily flip and rock in position allowing the parent to either push or pull the stroller.

One-Step foot brake

Located to the rear of the stroller, and slightly above the rear wheels is a one-step foot brake to instantly but smoothly bring the stroller to a halt.

The positioning of the stroller is in such a way that it is within the reach of the parent pushing the stroller. Plus, being lowly placed, it is easily accessible by foot.

Removable polyester fabric

Kids are notorious for spills and spits. On rare occasions, this may come in the name of diaper blowouts. Such instances necessitate cleaning which may be quite a challenge with the fabrics intact.

This is why Wonderfold strollers feature removable fabrics to make it easier for them to be cleaned and disinfected whenever the need arises.

Spacious Carriage

While many parents will want to be labeled minimalists, babies make it almost impossible to continue living or leading the minimalist lifestyle.

This is because with kids you need a diaper change, a snack bag, a cloth change, and in some instances you may have to move with the toy collection from the beach to the park and to the house.

As such, the need for more room is but a must. That is why Wonderfold strollers come bearing all the space, plus more, you need for life on the go. The carriage spaces include side pockets on both sides of the stroller, front and a detachable rear spacious basket.

Easy Fold and Unfold

In between the rear carriage, rods are recessed rods which when pulled, neatly fold the stroller into a sturdy and compact fold.

The smaller front wheels and larger rear wheels fold towards each other, with the vertical rods folding into two to turn the stroller into a tiny fold that easily fits in the car trunk.

Deep Carriage with Zippered ventilation.

If there is one weather element that can lead to almost instantaneous deterioration of your child’s health, is temperature.

Too hot and they may sweat, wail, and turn and toss uncomfortably. Too cold and the draught may expose them to diseases such as pneumonia.

To minimize exposure to extreme temperatures, Wonderfold sports zippered sides on either side of the stroller. The sides have mesh panels that allow for optimal ventilation in warm weather, and zipper panels that block the cold draughts in the cold evening weather.

All Terrain Tires

From rugged terrains to smooth even terrains (skip to best all-terrain double strollers), sandy beaches to grassed paths, and even sidewalks with pavements, the XL PU tires have got you sorted.

The large 10 inch rear wheels and slightly smaller 8-inch front wheels smoothly maneuver through different terrains. The larger circumference makes it easier to easily bring the stroller to halt when pushing with little to hindrance.

For that smooth ride, the tires require no pumping, don a stylish rim and have wheel bearings for coordinated maneuver.

Adjustable/Removable canopy

The strollers feature a UV-protected canopy that is adjustable, slidable, or removable. The canopy is elevated by slim removable rods that retract into the large aluminum hollow sidewalls.

The elevation makes it possible to keep a keen watchful eye on the curious toddlers or even to maintain eye contact with a reclined baby.


Veer vs Wonderfold stroller

Wonderfold produces some of the most versatile strollers on the market. They can easily convert from four-passenger or two-passenger options to single-passenger options. The large stylish wheels are a match for whatever terrain you may think of, be it snow, dry to wet sand, they are ever ready to spin along.

They come with a baby car seat option to smoothly transition from car to stroller with little to no hassle. They fold into compact easy to pack fold at the pull of a lever and can easily be brought to a halt at the press of a brake. For spacing, they feature multiple storage pouches that can easily work as a snack or water bottles, storage baskets, or even a slim pocket for your credit cards and phone.

And when all the toddlers (check out the best strollers for 3-year-olds) outgrow, for they all do at some point, it can easily convert to a carriage for your loads including sports gear.

Superb Safety 5 point harness

All Wonderfold strollers feature a 5 point harness. These securely, firmly, and accurately secure the passengers into place, providing for a smooth spin as you move from point to point.

The harness comes in automatic magnetic options, making them user-friendly as the magnetic cores easily attract each other when brought close.

High Face to Face seats

Despite the fact that the carriage is deep, the seats are designed in such a way that infants or toddlers can have face-to-face interactions with the parents when seated.

This makes it easy to calm fussy babies, as well as puts the parent at ease for they can monitor everything the infant does.

Bearings and suspensions

The 8-inch front wheel sports intensive shock absorption suspensions and bearings that make the stroller smoothly glide and roll over without awakening the sleepy baby.

The rear large 10 inch wheels slightly raise the stroller giving it a better-elevated point for free air circulation. They also make it possible to reach out for the attached brakes in case you need to bring the stroller to a halt.

Heavy Duty

For strollers, lighter has always been better. But being light doesn’t mean that you compromise on the total weight the stroller can bear.

With Wonderfold, each bench can bear up to 99 pounds. This translates to 49.5 pounds per seat. And all this is courtesy of the design materials that though light are hardy enough to bear as high as 300 pounds.

Main Features of Wonderfold Strollers – Quick Summary

wonderfold stroller

  • Holds between 2 to 4 passengers (Has single passenger option)
  • Has removable, adjustable, or slidable canopy.
  • Reclining seats with 5 point harness.
  • Spacious storage pockets, pouches, and baskets (Removable rear basket)
  • Elevated seats for face-to-face interactions.
  • Zippered mesh panels for free air circulation
  • Adjustable push handles.
  • One-step foot brake system.
  • All Terrain XL PU tires.
  • Removable polyester fabrics.
  • Easy fold or unfold mechanism.
  • 5 point automatic magnetic harness.
  • Optional strap for pulling.
  • Zipper door for easy access.
  • Suited for 6months plus babies.
  • The wagon’s weight capacity is between 180 pounds to 350 pounds.
  • Most weigh a minimum of 33 pounds


  • They are versatile.
  • Have an adjustable handlebar.
  • Are multipurpose.
  • Have spacious storage pouches and baskets.


  • It is heavy and bulky

Wonderfold W2 Stroller Wagon | PishPoshBaby

Allows children to crawl in or out of the wagon without the need for parents to carry them in. Also provides an easier method of storing items without having to lift them over the wagon.

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Most users are impressed with the versatility of the stroller, the little to no effort it requires to push or pull, plus the spacious storage spaces it has to offer.

However, some note with the disappointment that some buttons are already coming off, tires breaking. Plus it is quite heavy and makes it difficult to move from place to place.

Veer Strollers

These all-terrain stroller wagons are lightweight, feature an easy one-hand fold system, and easily collapse into the light on the go fold.

Main Features of Veer Strollers

Veer vs Wonderfold

Has Car Seat Adapter

The Veer wagons can be used with different car seats courtesy of a removable car seat adapter that clumps on either of the wagons.

With the adapter, the car seat can be parent or world-facing. These multiple position options provide room for variations between external environmental stimulation, and eye contact bond with the parent.

Being an accessory, it drastically reduces the total purchase cost for parents who would want a wagon with no stroller. Plus, choose the safest infant seat with superb comfort features and superior safety standards.

Drink and food tray

This is another great accessory that comes with Veer wagons. The tray easily and comfortably snaps across the wagon sidebars within reach of both occupants.

On the pull or push handle is a point for attachment of two-parent cup holders. From these cup holders, the parent can easily and comfortably access drinks to rehydrate and remain refreshed.

All-Terrain wheels

The Veer wagons feature smaller rear wheels and larger front wheels. They are designed in such a way that they will smoothly maneuver any terrain(check out the best city strollers), weather, or obstacles.

The rear wheels rotate through 360 degrees making it easy to maneuver uneven terrains, bring it to a halt or even change direction.

One-Step Brake System

Attached to the rear wheels is a one-step brake system. To engage the brake, you simply press a button on the pull/push handle then lightly tap the brake to engage it. To disengage it, you press the same button lightly before taping the brake with the tip of your foot.

Ease fold and unfold

veer cruiser folded

To fold it for packing or travel, the rear and front side walls collapse against the seats. Then the left and right sides collapse on top of the front and rear sides.

To store it, you can lay it horizontally or have it standing on its rear wheels. To unfold, the reverse of the folding is all you need to follow. But when done unfolding, you should snap the front and rear sides with a latch-like snap. This is how easy it is to reassemble the stroller.

Canopy and Sidewall customization

To best express your mood, and adapt the Veer wagons to your changing themes in line with your current lifestyles, Veer wagons allow you to decide on which color to go with.

The canopy comes as an accessory and you can opt to customize it to either match, contrast, or even compliment the sidewalls.

Good to go for both infant and toddler

With customization, the Veer wagons can be fitted with an infant car seat to accommodate both a toddler and an infant at a go.

However, when the seat is attached, only one more passenger (see other double strollers for infants and toddlers) can be accommodated. Should the seat be detached, the Veer wagon can comfortably accommodate two passengers with one seated to the rear, and the other to the front but facing each other.

Adjustable Handle Height

Veer wagons feature adjustable push/pull handles. Unlike the Wonderfold designs, Veer wagons have a long up and down moveable handle.

Contoured and vented seats

With delicately robot precision patterns, the Veer wagon seats are properly vented to encourage continuous free flow of air.

Durable Water- and Stain- Resistant Fabric Sidewalls

It is never fun moving around a young one in a wet seat or even clothing. But with most fabrics easily and readily getting stains or absorbing copious amounts of fluids as the latte spills, infant spits or even bumps make water bottles spill some, wetness on car seats is almost unavoidable.

But not with Veer water and stain-resistant fabric sidewalls. For Veer stains are welcome, spills are no bother and cleaning is fun. This is because other than being durable and resistant, they are hose washable.

Rear Wheel Fenders

Veer vs Wonderfold strollers

Veer wagons are proudly termed as all-terrain. In fact, their delicately worded marketing phrase is “Push. Pull. Twist. Turn. Beach. Snow. Mud. Rocks. They haven’t invented a season or a terrain yet that Cruiser can’t navigate

Such versatility may imply bouts of mud, snow, or even rocks being thrown into the Wagon. And this is why they intentionally sport rear wheel fenders that expertly and consistently prevent any debris from getting to your infant or wagon.

Main Features of Veer Strollers – Quick Summary

  • All-Terrain Performance
  • Push, Pull or Push-Along
  • Performance Handle Grip
  • Adjustable Handle Height
  • Expandable Footwell
  • Front Suspension
  • Large Rugged, Knobby Tires
  • Rear Wheel Fenders
  • Contoured and Vented Seats
  • Durable Water- and Stain- Resistant Fabric Sidewalls
  • Are ASTM accredited and JPMA Certified
  • Passenger Seating for 2 with 3-point Safety Harnesses
  • Infant Car Seat Compatible adapter for one infant (sold separately)
  • One-Touch Footbrake
  • Performance Handle Grip
  • One-hand fold and self-standing
  • Weight capacity of between 55 and 45 lbs.


  • Rocks heavy duty all terrain wheels.
  • Is compact and lightweight
  • Compatible with different car seats.


  • You have to pay for different accessories.

Veer Cruiser Stroller Wagon | PishPoshBaby

The cruiser will take further - from your first born through your last, and on terrain once thought of as off-limits for a family adventure.

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Users note that it has great maneuverability, functionality and is easy to assemble. They also noted it provided great customizing options in terms of accessory and colors.

Those disappointed in Veer strollers noted that it was difficult to travel with the accompanying accessories as they have to be detached before folding.

Alternatives to Veer vs Wonderfold

Chicco Strollers

chicco stroller

Chicco has been and continues to be a longtime favorite producer of baby products that include strollers. Their signature strollers easily transition from everyday errands to outdoor adventures.

For safety, Chicco strollers feature a 3 point harness to securely hold your toddler in place and a 5 point harness for the infant. Comfort is a tick as they rock large treaded tires that smooth ride on different terrains, plus resist wear and tear. While strolling, weather elements will be safely regulated as they sport a large adjustable canopy.

Attached to the handle is a parent tray for drinks, plus has a zippered pocket for safely tucking away your essentials. The passenger is not forgotten either. To the front frame is a kid’s tray to pack the drinks and foods the infant may require for his/her rapidly respiring cells.

For easy maneuver, they feature all-wheel suspension, one-touch rear brakes, and front swivels. Pair this with padded seats, easy-grip handles and a padded backrest and you have a comfortable toddler and infant (browse our top rated sit and stand strollers ), to keep you company as you enjoy the park or beach sceneries.

The one drawback with their strollers is the incompatibility with car seats from other brands. For more information check our Chicco BravoFor2 review.

Graco Strollers

graco stroller

With Graco strollers, one comfortably talks of lightweight, sturdy, versatile, and comfort in the same sentence. The strollers sport locking front swivel wheels and never flat, all-terrain tires to comfortably move from place to place.

For the parent, they come sporting a tray with 2 cup holders and a storage compartment. For the infant, they have a removable tray with drink and snack compartments. To ensure that you have room for all the essentials, they feature spacious storage baskets that can accommodate essentials for both of you.

To rock that timeless exquisite fashion style, their dark color options that are uniquely contrasted with relaxed light colors and complemented with leatherette handles will do the trick.

To grow with your baby, their harness point easily converts from5 point to 3 points, features adjustable calf support, can bear weights of up to 50 pounds, and move around in wear/tear-resistant tires. For more details check our Graco Ready2Grow review.


Question: What is the age limit for Wonderfold and Veer strollers?

Answer: Both strollers are made for kids aged 6+months.

Question: What is the weight capacity for Wonderfold and Veer Strollers?

Answer: Veer Wagon strollers can bear 100 pounds to 150 pounds for the two passenger seats while Wonderfold wagons can bear between 180 pounds to 350 pounds for the 4 passenger strollers.

Veer vs Wonderfold: Final thoughts

Of all the baby gear, strollers rank as the most expensive gear a parent can ever acquire. Trying it out in the store versus how it handles in real life may do little to nothing to help you. Not even reading volumes of consumer reports may do much for theirs is simply certifying strollers as either safe or otherwise. And that is why our experience using and reviewing is invaluable.

It has taught us to look past cost (save with these Amazon prime baby deals), size and weight. And it is based on this expertise and familiarity that we give you our simple with regard to Veer vs Wonderfold. Veer wagons are lightweight, all-terrain, versatile, and provide room for customization in relation to accessories. Equally significant of these strollers is the affordability as they give room to accessorize the wagon to your liking.

For safety, they boast of accreditation and certification by all the bodies that matter. The drawback to them is the smaller capacity, few alternatives, and little legroom.

Wonderfold strollers are heavy-duty, all-terrain, and offer little to no room for customization. They are incompatible with seats from other brands but come with a seat of their own. Both the 4 passengers and 2 passengers can be easily converted to one passenger.

They however don’t have the safety accreditations and certifications that Veer features. That said, their versatility, functionality, durability, and multipurpose capability do give better value for money making them a better option.

Wonderfold W2 Stroller Wagon | PishPoshBaby

Allows children to crawl in or out of the wagon without the need for parents to carry them in. Also provides an easier method of storing items without having to lift them over the wagon.

Check Price Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

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