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Veer Wagon Review: Will Your Child Love Using It?

Veer Wagon Review: Will Your Child Love Using It?

Their steering rivals that of double strollers. Their functionality combines that of strollers and wagons— whereas their convenience matches full-sized wagons (skip to Veer vs Wonderfold strollers). And for the price, well it is worth the features. Their name, veer wagon cruisers. They are practical, affordable, and easy to maneuver. But just like most wagons, there is always much more than what meets the eye or what the manufacturers tell us. This is why we have compiled an in-depth Veer Wagon review.

All in an effort to guide you in the journey of making parenthood manageable. We will start our review with a brief overview of veer wagons, summarize their key features, and list their pros and cons. We will then sample a few honest reviews from users who have used the wagons before weighing the Veer wagons against equally reputable alternatives that give Veer a run for their money.

This Veer wagon review will then culminate in a wrap-up that will weigh the pros against cons, cost against features and functionality, and a final verdict as to whether they offer value for money. To start us off is the brief overview;

Veer Wagon Review– Features In-depth

These hybrid wagons are durable, all-terrain, versatile, convenient, and offer the functionality unmatched by wagons and strollers alike. They are rugged, compatible with most car seats, and have numerous accessories, making it easy to transit a baby from an SUV to a wagon with no hassle.

They feature two three-point harness safety, meet ASTM standards, and are JPMA certified. Here is a quick run-down of their main features;


Veer Wagon Review

All veer wagons come in solid black frames accentuated with heather gray walls. When purchasing, however, the website provides customization options, especially for the sidewalls and canopy.

For both the sidewall and canopy, you will have the option of choosing between 1 of 4 options that include green, orange, white, and grey camo. Make sure to confirm the availability of your select color before ordering, though.


Veer wagons feature a two three-point safety harness point. These safety measures will firmly and securely hold the passengers in position. On the flip side, as compared to both Keenz and Evenflo wagons (read our in-depth Evenflo Pivot Xplore review), the harness buckles are not adequately padded and may, on rare occasions, lead to infernal chafing.

For certifications, Veer wagons are JPMA certified and are also designed to meet ASTM safety standards. Other than compliance and certifications, the designs make use of the ultimate artistry that involves robotic welding.


Veer wagons have a telescopic handle that can be adjusted to suit a person as tall as 6.3 inches. And for shorter parents, the handlebar can be lowered to be pulled or pushed by parents of 5.5 inches. The handlebars can be locked in position to be pulled along uneven terrains or be unlocked to be pushed when bearing light loads.

Storage space

Unlike most strollers like Wonderfold and Evenflo Pivot Xplore (compare Veer vs. Evenflo Pivot Xplore), Veer wagon tends to be mean with space. The wagon has barely enough for you to haul a diaper bag and a few shopping bags, leave alone enough room for two toddlers.

On the bright side, the Veer does manufacture and sell storage bins which can be bought separately. This is both a selling point and a drawback. For a drawback, you will have to incur an extra cost to acquire the bin. On the flip side, it does reduce the overall cost when not included.


Veer wagons are compatible with between one to two canopies. The downside, however, is, the canopy or canopies are to be purchased separately.

This is so unlike its competitors like Keenz and Wonderfold wagons (here is our brief Wonderfold wagon review) that come accompanied with such accessories. Besides the canopy, the Veer can be accessorized with a retractable sun and rain shade. These, too, are exclusive of the purchase price.

Weight and Folding

Veer Wagon Review: folded wagon

Despite Veer wagons being made of premium black matte airplane aluminum grade frame, they still weigh much lesser than most wagons. This is courtesy of the contoured vents and robotic welding technology that goes into their design.

Most weigh an approximate 32.5 pounds when assembled, less the accessories they are compatible with. To fold it, you collapse the sides, lock the handlebar, then haul it into your trunk or have it standing in your store. When folded, it converts into a flat stand-alone fold.

One-Touch Footbrake

In between the rear wheels is an intuitive one-touch footbrake. To halt the wagon, you press the button on the handlebar, then lightly tap on the footbrake. The reverse is done to disengage the brake.

Infant Car Seat Compatibility

Veer wagons, just like their strollers, are designed to be compatible with almost any infant car seat brand out there. To attach the car seat, you snap the adapter across the wagon and click the infant car seat into place.

The car seat can be installed on either side, allowing for enough room for an additional passenger.

Rear Wheel Fenders

Veer Wagon Review model

Veer wagons feature rear-wheel fenders that continuously work to prevent, if not minimize, bouts of snow, sand, or mud being splashed into the wagon.

The deliberate and ingenious inclusion of wheel fenders in the large rugged rear knobby tires allows for that carefree, fun-filled adventure when pulling through mud, sand, and even snow.

Long-lasting Stain and Water Resistant Fabric Sidewalls

Stains, spills, and at times spits are part of what parents have to contend with when bringing up their young ones. If they go unnoticed for one reason or another, they can significantly reduce any fabric’s appealing aesthetics. But not with Veer wagons.

The Veer wagon features a stain and water-resistant fabric, hose washable sidewall, and a vented seat to allow for easy draining of fluids. Additionally, the fabric is made of premium material capable of withstanding persistent hose washing with little to no wear signs.

Performance Handle Grip

Our hands have tiny pores through which excess water and salts are lost in the form of sweat. With sweat comes reduced grip, compromised handling, which may predispose your precious cargo (toddler) to danger.

To neutralize this imminent danger and give you an upper handy on matters of safety, the handlebar is coated with a smooth, stylish rubber finish that enhances grip and is super comfortable.


Unlike the common side by side strollers, Veer wagons are designed to hold two passengers, next to the handlebar and away from the handlebar.

This greatly reduces its average width, making it easily fit into tight aisles, gliding through small doors, and pulling through constricted sidewalks.


Veer Seats

It has 6 cup holders that can be spread through various parts – two of which can easily attach and detach on the wagons’ handlebar. These will be adequate for all the water bottles, latte, and other drinks you need for your crew.

Another great accessory for the veer wagon is the snack tray that can be snapped across the wagon. The tray has a boundary-like projection across the middle that can serve as a territorial boundary for kids.

To protect your babies from nasty insect bites, you can get a veer bug shield for those late evening strolls with your babies.

Another lifesaving accessory is the canopy. You may have to get two for the two passengers so that both the baby and toddler are adequately shaded on sunny days. For more versatility with regard to storage, you may have to go for the spacious storage bin to expand your storage capacity.

For enhanced safety, support, and comfort for your infant, you can also opt for a toddler comfort seat. The comfort seat is thickly padded cushions, has a 5 point harness with heavily padded buckle straps. To easily pack the wagon, Veer accessorizes the wagon with a travel bag. The travel bag is thickly padded and uniformly fits the wagon minimizing scratches when traveling through the road or air.


Some older kids dislike strollers because they will often be hunched over and have little to no legroom. Unlike such strollers, Veer wagons have a drop-down footwell in the base. This will cater for comfort while still allowing for adequate legroom for older kids.

Low Sidewalls

The wagons have low sidewalls that allow for a 360-degree view when in motion to engage the passengers’ curious eyes and minds constantly. The height also allows the passengers to venture in and out easily.

All-Terrain wheels with front-wheel suspension

The wagons have front wheel suspension for off-road or uneven terrains (here is Jeep Deluxe, another all-terrain wagon), which smoothly handles such rugged terrains. They will also smoothly glide and slide through loose sand with minimal effort.

For that occasional mud and sticky soils, the rear wheel fenders come in hand to both scrub them off the wheels, as well as prevent debris from being thrown into the wagon. Both tires are airless and are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, meaning that punctures and inflation are non-issues for veer wagons.

Contoured and Vented Seats

Veer wagons’ seats are contoured to allow for slits come vents. These vents continuously draw air from within the wagon and into the outside, making for an adequately aerated wagon.

Main Features of Veer Wagons – In Brief

  • Adjustable handle with cup holders
  • Robotically welded aluminum frame
  • Stain and water-resistant fabric sidewalls.
  • Multi-position push/pull handlebar.
  • Hose washable.
  • Available in 5 color variations.
  • Passenger seating with 2 3 point harness safety points.
  • JPMA certified and ASTM compliant.
  • One-touch footbrake.
  • Contoured and vented seats.
  • Two comfortable seats
  • Snack tray with cup holders
  • Built-in pockets for extra storage
  • One hand easy to fold and unfold
  • All-terrain wheels

Pros and Cons of Veer Wagons


  • They are robust, sturdy, and durable.
  • Are compatible with most infant car seats.
  • Can be used from birth through to early childhood.
  • Has heavy-duty all-terrain wheels.
  • Lightweight and compact.


  • Lacks seat padding.
  • Has 3 instead of 5 point harness safety.
  • Pricey when compared with most wagons, including Keenz and Wonderfold.

Reviews of Veer Wagons

Most of the users who have had a chance to take Veer wagons for a spin note that they maneuver easily are sturdy and fold into portable and compact carry-ons. Plus are aesthetically appealing and durable. Some also note that the fabric is easily washable and does not easily gather dust, stain, or become wet when fluids spill on it.

On the flip side, some users feel cheated as the wagons are way too costly but come with fewer accessories, chief among them a canopy. Some also experience difficulty when pushing the wagon with a hand or pulling through deep sand or gravel.

Alternatives to Veer Wagons

Creative Outdoor Wagon

Creative Outdoor Wagoon

They weigh 0.5 pounds lighter than Veer wagons, retail at almost half Veer’s price, and just like Wonderfold and Evenflo wagons, they are all terrains.

The Creative Outdoor wagons, just like most foldable wagons (skip to our best foldable wagons), feature a push/pull handlebar and are built from a tough steel frame that renders them sturdy. The interior fabric dons a teal color made of a durable denier blend that is both exquisite and classy.

To easily maneuver across different terrains, the front wheels have a swivel that will rotate through 360 degrees that bypass obstacles or impassable potholes. Courtesy of its sturdy frame, the wagon will take all these uneven terrains with little to no beating.

For storage, the wagon easily folds into a compact stand-alone fold that will fit in your trunk, garage, or store. To unfold it, pull it out and expand. This makes it highly portable and compact for traveling to the store, beach, or park.

Creative Outdoor Push Pull Collapsible Folding Wagon
Check Price
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02/22/2024 10:23 pm GMT

Unlike the retractable poles in Keenz wagons (check out the Keenz 7s Wagon review), Creative Outdoor wagons have foldable steel poles that almost invisibly merge with the wagon frame for installing the canopy. For braking, the wagon has front brakes and rear one-touch brakes that can be engaged by simply pressing them down with your leg.

The pull handlebar can move through two different positions, while the push handlebar moves through multiple positions. To these pushes, the handlebar is a storage basket spacious enough to hold a few essentials. Here is where we buy ours (or check out the Creative Outdoorreview first).

Ever Advanced Wagons

Ever Advanced

If you need the accessories that Veer lacks, want more space, durability, and versatility at a couple of dollars less than what you pay for Veer, go for Ever Advanced.

The wagons come in a unisex color suitable for either gender and just like Veer, are JPMA certified. For safety, the wagons feature 5 point harness safety buckles similar to those that come in Keenz and Wonderfold (skip to a detailed Wonderfold review). The buckles securely and firmly hold your kids in position.

To protect against the sun, Ever Advanced wagons have retractable poles to which the canopy is attached. But unlike the drop-down drapes in Keenz, the canopy spreads over the heads of your kids.

The pull handlebar, just like that in Veer, is telescopic and retractable and is capable of a 5 multi-position adjustment. The push handle on the hand, as is in most Evenflo wagons, is adjustable and can be adjusted to different heights.

EVER ADVANCED Foldable Wagon for Two Kids
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03/04/2024 11:15 am GMT

For storage, the wagon has numerous side pouches and pockets to store all the essentials you need on the go. Slightly below the push handle but attached to the wagon fabric is a larger storage basket. On this pocket is an exterior vented pouch that can be used to carry your credit cards and phones.

For refreshment, the wagon comes with a detachable food come drink tray that can be attached to the handle. The tray can also be detached and snapped across the wagon to be used by the passengers.

For braking, the wagon features rear intuitive one-touch brakes and front easy-to-press brakes. The wheels are all-terrain and can comfortably rival those in most strollers in the market. Each of the wheels also comes with an individual direction lock and an anti-shock system. Here is where to buy the Ever Advanced Wagon.


Question: Can you fit two infant car seats on the Veer Wagons?

Answer: Unfortunately no. Although the wagons are designed to accommodate one to two passengers, they can only accommodate one infant car seat at a go.

Question: Do Veer wagons have an attachment for Evenflo car seats?

Answer: No. Though the veer wagons are compatible with major brands, they are yet to make wagons compatible with Evenflo car seats.

Question: Where is the Veer wagon made?

Answer: Together with their accessories, all veer wagons are designed in Atlanta, Georgia, but are manufactured in China with strict adherence to the rules set in the US.

Veer Wagon Review: Final Thoughts

It is a Good Buy. Wagons ought to be spacious, practical, and versatile. They should offer the functionality that is conspicuously absent in most strollers. What they lack in aesthetics should be made for in durability, ease of maintenance, and safety.

For Veer wagons, they do seem to tick most of these boxes. However, they are still pricey, lack a number of add-ons, and slightly compromise on safety. To make up for these drawbacks, the wagons are sturdy, durable, and clean up easily. They are also compact and portable, making them smoothly glide through the tight aisle, narrow doors, and maneuver easily.

So if you are out for a wagon that will see your child from infancy through early childhood, then the Veer Wagon is definitely a good buy because it is compatible with most infant car seats. But if you are out for a wagon for older children, Veer may not be the ideal choice.

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