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Best All Terrain Double Strollers [2020 UPDATE]

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For parents with two children, having a double stroller, whether it’s side-by-side or in-line, that can handle the elements and terrain is a must. Life isn’t a solid, smooth surface and neither are the literal roads we’ll travel as parents whether it’s on vacation, at a theme park or just around town.

These all-terrain double strollers are often heavier than normal double strollers and more expensive, but the tradeoff is durability, reliability and a stroller you can push to the limits. Let’s look at some of the best options parents can buy for all-terrain double strollers that can stay in the family for years to come.

For parents with two children, having a double stroller, whether it’s side-by-side or in-line, that can handle the elements and rough terrain is a must.

Life isn’t a solid, smooth surface and neither are the literal roads we’ll travel as parents whether it’s on vacation, at a theme park or just around town.These all-terrain double strollers are often heavier than normal double strollers and more expensive, but the tradeoff is durability, reliability and a stroller you can push to the limits.

Let’s look at some of the best options parents can buy for all-terrain double strollers that can stay in the family for years to come.

Best for Comfort
  • Easy Customization
  • Perfect for Passing Through Tiny Space
  • Quick-folding storage
Best Quality
  • Quality brand for over 70 years
  • Comfortable and Excellent Mobility
  • Water Resistant and Wide Storage Space
Best Bargain
  • Superb Performance
  • Overwhelming amount of positive reviews online
  • Great Price

1. Mountain Buggy Duet Double Stroller

The Mountain Buggy Duet is a unique side-by-bye all-terrain double stroller that’s the very same width, or 24.5” slim at the wheel base, as its own single stroller version.

Ultimately, this is excellent news for parents as it means passing through doorways is a breeze and the days of jiggling, wiggling and finagling to get through a store entrance is long behind you. The handlebar features a durable and comfortable grip that’s adjustable from 31-42 inches to suit parents of any height.

At 33 pounds, the Mountain Buggy isn’t lightweight but rests comfortably within the range of most all-terrain double strollers. Speaking of all-terrain, the real focus is the durability here with no area no important than the tires. The 10” air-filled tires are more than capable of absorbing bumps across all terrains, offering both comfort for the passengers and a go-anywhere mindset for parents.

The four-wheel approach is not uncommon per se in the all-terrain stroller field, but we do tend to see more stroller choices with 3 all-terrain wheels. Whether the fourth-wheel is truly better for “off-roading” is subjective, but it likely offers slightly better balancing overall.

Seating for Two


The independently adjustable seats can transition from full recline for newborns to fully upright for an older child. Before you even get into the pre-existing seats that come with the stroller, rest in the knowledge that you can also add two infant car seat add-ons with separately purchased adapters. The car seat flexibility means: Two points for customization!

Each canopy operates independently with a flip-out visor though we were a little disappointed by how low they don’t come. There’s ventilation on top of the canopy with a mesh peek-a-boo window but, again, if the canopies themselves dropped a little bit lower, they would be downright fantastic.

There’s a five-point harness in each seat which I didn’t love putting on and off. It’s not exactly the best for practical use but it is safe. Adjusting the hardness was easier than taking it on and off and with three different height options, there’s some longevity as your children grow. The crotch strap only offers one position so adjusting that is a moot point.

Storage Basket


The storage bin beneath the seats on the Duet accepts 11 pounds (lbs) of maximum weight. The bin itself feels sized somewhere in the middle against competitive options but rest assured that extra-large diaper bags will fit with room to spare. The bin itself can be accessed underneath the stroller as well as on the sides though a (removable) strap runs down the middle for keeping larger items inside which can be somewhat of a nuisance.

A water bottle holder is also available which holds fairly tall bottles (cup holders) which is good news since you might be moving up some bumps in the road without worrying if the bottle will fall out.

Beyond storage on the stroller, the stroller itself collapses conveniently and with just one hand. The stroller is built to stand upright for compact storage in a garage or in a house tucked away. There’s an instant “click” that lets you know the Mountain Buggy has safely secured itself in storage mode which is good news so you don’t accidentally attempt to move it and, voila, it catches you off guard.


  • Medium-size storage underneath offers plenty of space
  • Large cup holder is ideal for tall water bottles
  • Quick-folding storage is awesome
  • Comfortable seats
  • Excellent width for doorway entry


  • Pricey, although still not overly so against all-terrain competition
  • The harness, oh that harness, needs work
  • Fourth wheel may or may not take away from some of the maneuverability

2. Thule Urban Glide 2


Thule is a name long synonymous with quality, durability and over 70 years of experience establishing its brand reputation. The lightweight aluminum frame offers some plastic parts around the swivel wheels and hand brake but overall it feels incredibly well made and resistant to daily wear and tear.

The air-filled rubber tires make pushing and turning off-road feel easy so bring on the grass, gravel, bumps and curbs and tackle them with vigor. Of course, pushing requires a sturdy and proper handlebar and the Thule does not disappoint. Adjusting from 30.9” to 45.1” tall, the handlebar easily adjusts from its pivot point all while feeling great in the hand with a nice shape and diameter that’s comfortable for lengthy use.

Pushing the Urban Glide 2 feels fantastic thanks to the rear seat suspension and swivel front wheel which allows for total 360° mobility. Unfortunately, there’s plenty of feedback online that highlights the stiff brake as a negative.

Ultimately, there’s a concern that the brake itself takes a moment to both unlock and lock which may or may not be a concern for you. Not knowing with certainty that the brake is enabled might not upset every parent but it’s worth noting that it comes up quite a bit online.

Seating for Two


The padded seats offer a water-resistant fabric alongside decent padding giving your child a comfortable enough experience for lengthy seating times. The five-point harness feels snug and secure with a buckle that requires two hands to open. Realistically, the harness requires two hands to unlock it which may be an issue if your hands are full, but barring that circumstance, the harness works well.

The seats can drop all the way to a nearly horizontal position for napping or relaxing. They allow for 50 pounds each in total weight and, while that weight may be accurate, larger children may find the seats slightly uncomfortable for lengthy periods of time.

The sunshades on the Thule are similarly sized to other strollers in this category which makes them average. There’s a flip-out mesh visor that blocks the sun while it covers down to around the knees. There’s ventilation for added airflow when the seat is reclined and a peek-a-boo window on the top so parents can look down and see what their child is doing.


A medium-size bin underneath the seating is made available but is only accessible from the back of the stroller. There are no side-openings. An extra-large diaper bag will fit with ease but that’s not the real kicker with Thule’s storage. The large capacity bin is water-resistant and securely closes with a zipper so you can fold and go without concern that your belongings will fall out. It’s the type of system we wish every stroller manufacturer utilized but exactly the kind of excellence we’ve come to expect from Thule. This is how storage should be done, period.

Thule’s collapsible frame is easily folded with one hand while unfolding can be done with two hands in just two steps. There’s a manual check that ensures its completely locked in place as well as a self-stand mechanism that works well so long as the handlebar is at the correct height to maintain balance.


  • Outstanding water-resistant storage bag
  • Excellent Thule manufacturing material
  • Seats recline all the way back
  • Front wheel locks or swivels to increase maneuverability
  • Folds easily with one hand


  • Unusual shape when collapsed might not fit in all types of trunks
  • LARGE and long which means it might be cramped in restaurants and stores
  • Clunky brake needs some love
  • Might not be ideal for slightly older kids (deeper seats required)

3. BOB Stroller Strides Flex Duallie Stroller


The most popular of the BOB Duallie strollers, the Flex offers a swivel front wheel that adds maximum maneuverability while pushing the stroller along. Muddy terrain welcomes you with an adjustable suspension that offers a smooth ride all while providing plenty of room for the little ones. There’s no shortage of features here and the online reviews are all overwhelmingly positive and for good reason. Quality materials, ease-of-use, and superb performance are just a few of the descriptive ways we can talk about the BOB without feeling like a paid spokesperson.

The pneumatic rubber tires pair with a locking swivel front wheel, adjustable suspensions and a handlebar that offers nine different height positions. The 16” rear wheel and 12.5” front tire assist in holding up to 100 pounds of screaming, yelling, desperately needing attention children. At just 30.5” in width, the BOB shouldn’t have any issue pushing through a doorway.

Seating for Two

The seats themselves are second-to-none with full padding and even lumbar support for longer times in the seat. The seat fabric offers open cell padding which adds to the comfortable ride but there is one caveat. One of the biggest (and only) complaints about the BOB is the sagginess that extends to the middle of the stroller because there is no additional support between both seats. It’s not a dealbreaker, but it’s worth noting.

The seats themselves offer the standard five-point harness and recline independently.  With a recline of around 20 degrees from being completely horizontal, so there’s the opportunity to start putting your infant into this seat at around three months without concern. Adjusting the seat itself requires a simple squeeze of a button which is simple and painless. Ideally, we wish we could take the fabric off for washing but it’s not something we’d let influence our purchase.

There is good news for parents who are always aware of sunshine blaring through onto their children as the BOB offers UPF 50+ canopy protection. The canopies themselves are large and will protect your child quite well.


A two-step fold and quick release drops the BOB into a nice compact-ish size but will still require a sizable trunk to fit the stroller. Aside from that, there’s a decent-sized storage net on the bottom that can hold a large diaper bag along with two seat back pockets and, as an added bonus, internal seat pockets that are perfect for small toys. Even with the diaper bag in place, there’s still some added space at the bottom albeit not a whole lot but enough to fit a jacket or some extra toys/food for the journey. Unfortunately, there’s no cup holder though you can buy a parent-friendly tray separately which connects over the handlebar.


  • Manual handbrake on the handlebar is awesome placement
  • Outstanding quality and material
  • Durable tires welcome the all-terrain environment


  • While protective, canopies feel too thin
  • Five-point harness isn’t as easy to adjust as it should be
  • Saggy seats lean in toward the middle
  • Fabric can’t be removed for washing 

My Final Thoughts: On the Best All Terrain Double Stroller

When it comes to double jogging strollers or regular strollers, tandem stroller seating or otherwise, there’s no shortage of good options. If we had to choose one on this list, it would be the BOB because it’s the best reviewed and well-regarded online.

Given that it is priced right in line with the competition, it’s our go-to option. Companies like Baby Jogger also make some excellent choices but when it comes to a top three, the choices listed here all stand out for their own reasons.

That said, are they all faulty on some level? Absolutely, but if you’re wishing to tackle the world around you without feeling like your stroller is a hindrance, one of these choices will have you sizing up the terrain ahead and daring it to stop you.

Product NameFeaturesEasy to StoreColors AvailablePrice
- Lots of Storage
- Comfortable Seats
- Quick Folding/Excellent Doorway Entry
- Easy to Fold
Yes/Medium Sized Storage
Black, Chili, Flint, Royal, CyberOn Amazon the Mountain Buggy Duet 2016 Double Stroller is $499.
- Comfortable Reclining Seats
- Lots of Storage Space
- Easy to Push
- 360° mobility
- Easy to Fold
Yes/Medium Sized Storage
Jet BlackOn Amazon the Thule Urban Glide 2 is $628.
 - Quality made of good materials
- Very compact and easy to fold
- 5 point harness seats
- Adjusting the seats is really easy
Yes/Decent Sized Storage NetBlueOn Amazon the BOB Stroller is $659.

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