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City Mini vs City Mini GT | City Mini Stroller Battle!

City Mini vs City Mini GT | City Mini Stroller Battle!

Whether you need one right from the start or once your little one gets a little older and can better handle longer rides, you can never really go wrong with a jogger-like stroller. When you consider the City Mini vs City Mini GT, you definitely can’t choose wrong.

At the end of the day, though, you might need to choose between them. While they’re both from the same company and similar enough, there are indeed a few stark differences that set them apart from one another to make your decision a little easier.

They both do have a lightweight frame and easy to fold capability and folding mechanism, but the City Mini has an easier to access foot break, whereas the handbrake on the GT might be a little more cumbersome to deal with. They both also have strikingly different tires.

While the tires on both of the strollers are top-notch, you might find yourself more drawn to those of one more than the other, depending on your needs.

Main Differences Between the City Mini vs City Mini GT

The main differences between the City Mini vs City Mini GT are:

  • The City Mini’s tires are made of rubber which is better for sidewalks, whereas the City Mini GT’s has foam filled tires for a smoother ride over rough terrain
  • The City Mini GT is generally slightly more expensive than the City Mini stroller

Both kinds of tires are certainly useful for anyone, but you’re going to need to decide which is more useful for you and your little one.

Really, both City Mini strollers are solid options if you’re in the market for a stroller that you can use for literal years. But before choosing between them, you’re going to need to take a closer look at them both.

City Mini Stroller

city mini stroller

While the City Mini Stroller isn’t intended for actual jogging, it does have the sort of maneuverability, suspension system, and ease of use that typically come with top joggers. That being said, it’s still a solid stroller meant for extended periods of walking and running errands.

Because it’s relatively compact, you can easily move in and out of large crowds and around corners without the worry of bumping into anyone.

It has a one-handed fold that can be done simply by lifting a well-placed strap and an auto-lock that automatically locks the stroller into the folded position so you can easily slide into your trunk.

The City Mini Stroller has a convenient feature if you need to carry the stroller. To do so, you simply grasp the handle that becomes apparent once the stroller is in the folded position. But, while those aspects might make the stroller a quality item for you, there are also plenty of features meant to keep your baby happy.

It has an adjustable recline that can recline back to an almost flat position and vents to give your little one some airflow back there if they need it. There’s also an adjustable canopy that can be opened entirely or at different angles, depending on your little one’s preferences

And if you purchase the correct infant car seat adapter separately, you can begin using the City Mini as soon as you’re ready to attach your infant’s car seat to it.



  • It probably couldn’t be easier to fold down the stroller and unfold it every time.
  • It’s also lightweight for what is essentially a full-sized stroller.
  • Compared to other similar strollers, the City Mini has a decent amount of padding for your little one’s comfort.
  • It’s compatible with a variety of different car seats, so you don’t necessarily have to stick with a certain brand to use yours with the City Mini.


  • Although you can carry the stroller when it’s folded, it doesn’t stand up straight when in the folded position.
  • The seat doesn’t go totally upright or lay completely flat, which could be a deal breaker for some parents.
  • The seat might be on the lower side for taller toddlers.
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“Love this stroller! It’s so light and easy to maneuver, not to mention how easy it is to fold it! At first, my husband was very skeptical about my purchase. We already have three other strollers (one is a Graco travel system, the other one is a jogging stroller by Chicco, and the third one is a double-stroller to accommodate my two kiddos). But now he’s very impressed with the quality and keeps saying that it’s the best stroller we have.” – Yuliya Plyaka on Amazon.

“I love this stroller. I have had many strollers jogging and otherwise. This is by far my favorite. The easy fold is excellent and you can maneuver it with one hand. I am so happy my friend recommended this model and I made this purchase. I am using now with the car seat adapter for my infant but can’t wait to use it when she is older.” – Lori A. Cavanaugh on Amazon.

“Just took it out for a spin with my nine month old on some pretty rough terrain. I was so light and smooth, I was able to push and steer with one hand while holding my coffee in the other. The green is a great color and I can’t believe how amazingly easy it was to put together… like a total of four minutes. Light, so easy to fold up and down, great suspension and baby loves it. Get one!” – A.J. Smith on Amazon.

“Love this stroller. It pushes very smoothly and my husband is 6’4″ and doesn’t have to bend over to push it. It handles pretty well in gravel and dirt. Folds up very easy and really happy with the purchase.” – Kristina Carpenter on Amazon.

City Mini GT Stroller

baby joger city mini gt

The City Mini GT Stroller is quite similar to the standard City Mini, but, there are some differences that you can’t really ignore. It has all-terrain wheels and an adjustable handlebar for your convenience as well as the same quick-fold technology to make storing the stroller a breeze.

Instead of featuring a double wheel size together in the front as the City Mini has, the GT actually has one single wheel to make for easier maneuverability in some cases. It also has a handbrake instead of a foot brake, which can sometimes be easier for parents and caregivers to access.

Although it’s also not intended for jogging, there are certainly enough comfort features for everyone to make long walks easy. The seat folds down to a near flat position to allow for napping on the go, and it even has a retractable weather cover to add even more coverage and protection from the elements.

The Citi Mini GT Stroller Seat itself is quite plush and cushioned for your little one as they grow, and the cover can be washed in the washer in the event of any hard to spot clean spills or messes.

While both the GT and the City Mini are top choices for everyday use, the GT really is an upgrade of sorts and can provide even more use and withstand more wear and tear.

Features of the City Mini GT

  • Child Weight Range: It’s designed for children up to 65 lbs.
  • How To Fold: To fold the City Mini GT, you simply pull up on the easy to access strap, and the GT folds itself into a relatively compact size.
  • Stroller Weight: The stroller itself is 22.49 lbs.
  • Price: Check the latest price on Amazon
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase the GT on Amazon or in-store at Buy Buy Baby.
  • Has This Item Been Recalled?: There are no recent, or current recalls on the City Mini GT Stroller.


  • Although the stroller is sturdy, it’s also slim enough to maneuver in and out of small areas.
  • The handbrake is easy to use and easy to access at any given time.
  • The seat reclines back to an almost flat position, which is perfect for naps and longer walks.
  • Little ones can get extra coverage thanks to the extendable shade.


  • The GT doesn’t offer much storage space in the storage basket underneath.
  • You need to purchase a parent console to hold your keys and phone separately.
  • The seat does recline, but it doesn’t sit all the way up., which can be a deterrent for some.
My Pick
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller | Amazon

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“Buy this stroller! I love it! My baby gets a super comfortable ride in it, I’m comfortable pushing it. I use it a good deal outside (hiking, walking around our neighborhood, and at Disney World) I have gone on a couple of hikes and it out performed my expectations. Taking it to Disney was a dream, the one hand fold is the best.” – Laurie H. on Amazon.

“I love this stroller. I live in a downtown high rise in a big city and this stroller is great for navigating through the city. It’s so agile. It’s very smooth and my seven month old has actually fallen asleep in it… I love how far the canopy comes down. She does get wet when I’m out walking in the rain and it definitely protects her from the son. She can look up and see me too which is great.” – Veronica Jones on Amazon.

“Love this jogger! So glad I went with the GT rather than the regular City Mini because it can easily transition onto all terrains. It is also so much easier to fold and unfold. I had the Bugaboo Cameleon before and the City Mini GT has much more storage space, is easier to use, and looks way better in my opinion.” – Cassandra Boyett on Amazon.

“After shopping for strollers until I was blue in the face, we settled on the city Mini GT. Good options for kids car seat. Folds down to a manageable size. Not too heavy and the knobby tires are clutch for the San Francisco street and sidewalks that are in disrepair.” – Nikolai Krishpinovich on Amazon.

The Verdict – Citi Mini or Citi Mini GT?

The City Mini and Citi Mini GT Strollers are designed to be long lasting joggers, but since the goal is to choose between them, the stronger option is the City Mini GT Mostly because of its one front swivel wheel for added maneuverability, but also because of its rubber tires that can move over concrete sidewalks effortlessly.

Of course, the City Mini is also a solid option if you need a long lasting stroller for your baby or toddler, but the City Mini GT is the stronger of the two in this instance.

Final Thoughts on the City Mini vs City Mini GT

At first glance, the joggers may seem like they’re virtually the same stroller, but clearly, there are a handful of big differences that set them apart from one another.

The different tires and parking brake systems are big red flags, but it’s also in the general design and style of both the City Mini and City Mini GT. And the sleekness of the GT just makes it that much more approachable and comfortable all around.

My Pick
Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 All-Terrain Stroller | Amazon

The Baby Jogger City Mini GT2 Stroller provides uncompromising agility on any terrain thanks to forever-air rubber tires that will never go flat and all-wheel suspension. 

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