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Newton Mattress vs Halo Mattress: Which One is Better?

Newton Mattress vs Halo Mattress: Which One is Better?

Your baby’s good night’s sleep depends on several factors. A quality mattress is one of the most important, although parents often underestimate it. Are you trying to choose the best baby and toddler mattress? This article compares two popular options –Newton Mattress vs Halo Mattress.

So, which one is the best? Comparing two mattresses can be tricky since everyone has different expectations from these products. That is why I’d like to avoid calling any of the mattresses in this comparison’ better’ or ‘worse.’ Instead, I will focus on a detailed comparison of these mattresses’ main differences and functional qualities to help you better understand which one should suit your particular needs.

My Bottom Line Up Front: Newton and Halo mattresses are so similar that you cannot go wrong with either of them. Nevertheless, I believe that the Halo mattress offers a bit more for the same price with its dual firmness and waterproof cover.

Main Differences Between Newton Mattress vs Halo Mattress

The main differences between Newton Mattress vs Halo Mattress are:

  • Newton mattress is slightly thinner, whereas Halo mattress is a half-inch thicker.
  • Newton mattress core is made of patented Wovenaire™ material, whereas Halo mattress consists of DreamWeave™.
  • Newton mattress is identical from both sides, whereas Halo mattress has one side firmer and the other side softer.
  • Newton mattress offers a waterproof feature only with an advanced and more expensive version, whereas Halo mattress automatically comes with a waterproof layer.

Newton Mattress vs Halo Mattress – The Products Compared

When I considered writing this article, I knew I had to pick two similar products from each of these brands to make the comparison as fair and accurate as possible.

After researching and considering several options, I’ve decided on comparing Newton’s Essential Crib Mattress and Halo’s Crib Mattress, which I found very similar in numerous vital regards. (Nevertheless, towards the end of the article, I will also introduce several nice alternatives).

I have tested each of the compared products for one month consecutively. During this time, I’ve written down several pages of notes describing my experience, which I have later cross-checked and extended with some information from online reviews by other parents.

Here’s a detailed description of each of the products one by one.

Newton Mattress – In Depth

Newton Baby Crib Mattress

When I first started looking for a crib mattress, the only thing I knew for sure was that it had to be super-easy to clean. That’s what led me to Newton, a brand I was recommended to try by one of my friends as an “ideal choice for frequent accidents.

Since my baby, besides from occasional out-of-the-diaper incidents, suffered from terrible reflux, this was all I really had to know. However, in practice, I’ve learned that Newton mattresses also have many more qualities aside from being easy to clean. Let’s check its main features and benefits in detail.

Materials and Feel

When you’re looking for a mattress for your baby, you will probably have much higher demands on the materials than when you are picking a mattress for yourself. When choosing a new product for my kid, I constantly research all materials to make sure that there are no chemicals or allergens that could harm. In this regard, Newton mattress leaves very little to desire.

The main feature of this mattress is its Wovenaire core, which consists of 90% air and 10% polymer. If you wonder how it feels in practice, I would say that it combines the best from foam and spring mattresses while being neither of them.

The ratio of softness and firmness seems just right, and my little one did not complain either. I must note, though, that the quilted cover could be a bit softer. I cannot imagine letting my baby sleep right on it (as the producer recommends) without a sheet, as its texture feels too rough.

The mattress is just 4 inches thick, which seemed too little to me at first, but it works just fine in practice. I assume that this thin construction has something to do with the impressive breathability of these mattresses, which seems like a reasonable trade-off to me.

The materials in this mattress are of food-grade organic quality, so you can rest assured they won’t harm your kid in any way. Newton mattresses were also independently tested and certified with the GREENGUARD Gold badge for their low chemical emissions.

Dimensions and Fit

Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib

The standard Newton crib mattress (which I tested) measures 52″ x 28″ x 4″. It fitted in my Babyletto Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib just fine, although it was a tiny bit tight on the sides. Nevertheless, I have seen that Newton also makes these mattresses in mini size (37.75″ x 23.75″ x 3″), so if you have a smaller crib, this might be a good solution.

The standard mattress weighs 11 pounds, whereas the mini version should be 2 pounds lighter.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As I have already mentioned earlier, the aspect of easy cleaning was very important to me when choosing a mattress. That’s why I have thoroughly inspected Newton’s care and maintenance instructions immediately after unboxing it. The smoothly unzippable cover is made of a soft material that can be thrown right into a washing machine whenever you need to.

I was pleased to see how easy it was to get rid of some severe stains even without using chemical stain removers (which I try to avoid with the baby stuff). It took just a low temperature (as recommended by the producer) and mild detergent.

Moreover, you can wash the whole core of this mattress too – just use soap and shower or hose and let it dry thoroughly, preferably in the sun. I didn’t have to deal with such a serious accident through the testing month, but I have tried the core cleaning anyway just to see how it goes. It was effortless and fast!


Obviously, four weeks of testing are not enough to judge how durable this mattress is in the course of long-term use. I can only say that it felt very solid and reliable, so I would expect it to last for the whole infancy of your child without any problems.

Reviews from other parents support this assumption. Some parents even claim they could use the same Newton mattress with more than one kid, and it still looked and felt almost new. In any case, Newton guarantees customers satisfaction with the 100-night free trial program and a warranty.


The Newton Essential Crib Mattress is the cheapest of three options from this range. It costs around $250. Two pricier options are Original and Waterproof; each costs about $50 more than the other. You can pick the one that suits your needs or budget the best.

Newton products are not the cheapest compared to some other mattresses on the market. Nevertheless, you could also find many pricier mattresses of comparable (if not lower) quality.

Check the actual Newton mattress prices here.

Newton Mattress Pros

  • Natural organic materials
  • Wonderful breathability
  • Nice variety of sizes and models
  • Very easy to clean thoroughly
  • Feels good and comfortable
  • You can take advantage of the 100-night free trial

Newton Mattress Cons

  • Relatively expensive
  • The quilted cover could be softer
  • The mattress smelled a bit artificial right after unboxing
  • Newton Essential has the same firmness on both sides

Halo Mattress – In Depth

Halo Mattress

After testing the Newton mattress first, I was a bit worried about my ability to stay objective when testing the competition from Halo. Since I was delighted with Newton, I felt like Halo would have hard work convincing me of its qualities.

Nevertheless, I ended up pleasantly surprised. My experience with Halo was, in many respects, incredibly similar (almost identical!) to my experience with Newton. In some regards, this less-known (at least to me) brand even beat the competition, whereas it stayed just a tiny bit behind in others.

Here’s my summary of Halo Mattresses‘ incentives and qualities.

Materials and Feel

Reading through the Halo crib mattress’s specifications while I was awaiting it to arrive, I assumed it would be very different from Newton’s. Unlike Newton, which is made of Wovenaire, this mattress has a DreamWeave core, which was utterly new to me.

Nevertheless, I have found out that these two materials are, in fact, very similar since both are based on food-grade, incredibly breathable polymer. The main difference is that while Newton feels the same from both sides, the Halo mattress is softer on one side and firmer on the other.

This duality should allow you to use the mattress for up to 4 years of your kid’s age. The infant side has some extra layers for more comfort, whereas the toddler side is a bit harder and better protected with an additional waterproof layer for accidents during diaper weaning.

While I have only used the firmer side with my kid (which felt very similar to Newton’s mattress), the softer side was lovely too, and I can imagine that babies must enjoy its delicacy.

I also like that the Halo mattress is a bit thicker than Newton’s (0.5″), and I found its cover slightly softer than the Newton’s too. Again, you can rest assured that this mattress is free from any artificial foam, latex, springs, adhesives, or flame retardants. Moreover, it is hypoallergenic.

Dimensions and Fit

Halo Mattress

The classic crib mattress from Halo measures ​​52″ x 28″ x 4.5″, so it is almost identical to the Newton mattress, and it also should fit perfectly into any standard baby crib.

As far as I know, this company does not make any smaller or bigger variants of its crib mattress. However, since Halo also produces baby bassinets, there are alternative versions of these mattresses for bassinets and sleepers. I believe they should be made of the same materials.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Newton mattress amazed me with its ease of cleaning, but the Halo mattress was even slightly better. It comes automatically with a waterproof layer, so you don’t have to worry about waterproof sheets.

The cover can also be unzipped, and machine washed, whereas the core can be cleaned manually with mild soap and shower. The maintenance instructions are, in general, pretty much the same as Newton’s, and I found the cleaning equally efficient and straightforward in practice too.


Again, it is hard for me to comment on the mattress’ durability after using it for several weeks only. Still, based on the reviews from other parents, Halo mattresses should be reliable and last in excellent condition for as long as you need them.

On the other hand, Halo does not offer trial periods with guaranteed returns for a full refund, so if something eventually turns out to be wrong with the mattress, you will have to cope with the standard warranty claim procedure.


The main reason why I have initially chosen Halo for this comparison is that its crib mattress had an identical price tag as Newton’s Essential crib mattress. I wanted to see what I could get for $250 with this brand.

In the end, I must say that I am quite impressed. Although neither of the two mattresses is cheap, I believe that your money gets you a bit further with Halo.

You can check the actual prices of Halo mattresses and accessories here.

Halo Mattress Pros

  • Safe and hypoallergenic mattress for baby crib
  • 100% breathable
  • Softer side for babies and firmer for toddlers
  • Feels very comfortable
  • It comes with a waterproof layer
  • Super-easy to clean (including core)
  • More features for the same price as the competition
  • Variants for baby bassinets and sleepers too

Halo Mattress Cons

  • Not the cheapest
  • No trial period
  • One size crib mattress only

Are There Any Alternatives?

Not sure if either of the two mattress brands is good for you? I have compiled a shortlist of alternatives you might like better:

Moonlight Slumber Little Star

Moonlight Slumber Little Star

Moonlight Slumber Little Star is a dual firmness crib mattress known as a practical solution – two types of mattresses in one. Each side comes with different firmness – one is designed for babies, whereas the other should suit toddlers well.

Moonlight Slumber mattresses are made of organic materials, so they are free from any chemicals and other potentially harmful substances. They come with a practical zip-off cotton cover that can be easily washed. They also come in a smaller version for mini cribs.

Check out more great mini crib mattresses here.

Brentwood Wildfern 2-Stage Natural

Brentwood Wildfern 2-Stage Natural

Brentwood Wildfern mattresses are all-natural, organic, and 100% made in America (handcrafted in Los Angeles). They are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, making them an excellent choice for particularly sensitive babies.

Parents also praise them for their amazing comfort, durability, and ease of cleaning (thanks to the included waterproof covering). If you opt particularly for the 2-Stage model, you will get a mattress made of coconut fibers and organic latex at a great price.

You can find other nice organic crib mattresses here.

Emily Crib Mattress

Emily Crib Mattress

Emily Crib Mattress by Green Mattress is another great alternative for parents who look for top-quality natural mattresses for their newborns. These mattresses are made of mainly natural materials like wool and organic cotton.

The materials are laid in several layers over an innerspring, so Emily Crib Mattress represents a rather traditional approach to mattresses (in comparison with all-foam or polymer mattresses). It also feels and looks a bit bulkier than some other mattresses.

You can learn more about this mattress in our Emily Crib Mattress review.


Question: Does Newton Mattress Reduce SIDS?

Answer: Overheating is considered to be one of the factors contributing to the occurrence of Sudden Infant Death Syndrom, also known as SIDS. Therefore, fully breathable mattresses such as Newton can reduce the risk of SIDS.

Question: How Often do Newton Mattresses Go on Sale?

Answer: Newton usually introduces sales on its mattresses several times a year. Typically, these promotions coincide with Black Friday or the pre-Christmas shopping season.

Question: How Long Can you Use Halo Crib Mattress?

Answer: These mattresses are good as long as your baby fits comfortably in its crib. Most parents can use Halo crib mattresses from newborn to approximately four years.

The Verdict: Newton Mattress vs Halo Mattress

Newton and Halo are both great options for parents who would like to pamper their little one with a safe and comfortable crib mattress. Moreover, parents will surely benefit from these mattresses, too, since they are both super easy to clean.

The main difference is, in my opinion, that Halo offers slightly more features at the same price, whereas Newton adds some useful things only as an extra with its more expensive mattresses.

Although I was initially really impressed with Newton, I must admit that the Halo mattress was even a bit better.

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