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Newton Mattress vs Moonlight Slumber: Which is the Best Crib Mattress?

Newton Mattress vs Moonlight Slumber: Which is the Best Crib Mattress?

Are you trying to find the best mattress for your little one’s crib? This article compares two popular options – Newton Mattress vs Moonlight Slumber. So which one is truly worth your money? Finding a suitable mattress for your baby might seem easy at first, but when you dive into all the different specifications, materials, and often contradicting opinions on what is the best, you can easily get lost and confused.

I’ve been searching for the best crib mattress for a long time, too, having the opportunity to test several popular products. After comparing Newton mattress vs. Halo mattress a while ago, I’ve decided to check side-by-side Newton and Moonlight Slumber this time.

Why these two? Primarily because they represent two different approaches to baby mattresses boasting quite a diverse range of pros and cons. But although they are so different, parents often get stuck when deciding between them.

My Bottom Line Up Front:

Newton and Moonlight Slumber are both lovely mattresses, but they have more differences than similarities. While Moonlight Slumber attracts on its agreeable price, exceptional thickness, and dual firmness, Newton wins the comparison with its breathability and 100% washable design.

Main Differences Between Newton Mattress vs. Moonlight Slumber

crib mattress

The main differences between Newton Mattress vs. Moonlight Slumber are:

  • Newton mattress is thinner, whereas the Moonlight Slumber mattress comes with an extra inch of thickness.
  • Newton mattress is more expensive, whereas the Moonlight Slumber mattress is slightly cheaper.
  • Newton mattress is the same from both sides, whereas the Moonlight Slumber mattress has dual firmness.
  • Newton mattress can be washed entirely, whereas the Moonlight Slumber mattress can only be wiped on the surface.
  • Newton mattress is 100% breathable, whereas the Moonlight Slumber mattress’ waterproof layer slightly reduces its breathability.

Newton Mattress vs Moonlight Slumber mattress – The Products Compared

Both Newton and Moonlight Slumber are renowned producers of quality baby products, including cribs, sleeping pillows, covers, and other sleep-related items. They both also produce several types of mattresses differing in sizes, materials, features, and price.

To make my comparison as accurate (and fair) as possible, I’ve decided to test side by side some of the most affordable crib mattresses from the brands’ portfolios: Newton Essential crib mattress and Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress.

After doing some online research, I believe these two are also the most popular and sought-after options, so I hope this comparison will come in handy for as many struggling parents as possible. Let’s move on straight to the detailed review of each product.

Newton Mattress – In Depth

newton baby mattress

Crib mattresses might look like a miniature version of large mattresses, but the truth is that they are pretty specific, reflecting the unique needs of tiny kids. Newton (also known as Newton baby) is a brand that has nice experience in this field, producing mattresses and other equipment for healthy sleep of our little ones for more than seven years.

Parents often praise this brand for its excellent durability and ease of cleaning, so I was curious to see if it’s genuinely that good. To summarize my experience shortly – I was certainly not disappointed, although there’s always some room for improvement.

Materials and feel

Standard adult-size mattresses are usually either innerspring-type or all-foam. In the case of Newton’s Essential crib mattress, you won’t get any of that. Instead, this innovative mattress consists of a core made of Wovenaire – an original texture crafted from food-grade polymer and captured air.

This new material is 100% breathable, which helps with the baby’s healthy thermoregulation during sleep in every weather and season. Moreover, breathability is a crucial prerequisite for preventing Sudden infant death syndrome.

Although the mattress has the same firmness on both sides (unlike Moonlight Slumber, as I’ll explain shortly), its sturdiness feels just right (keep in mind that this is another important factor in SIDS prevention). Nevertheless, I believe that the mattress should be slightly thicker.

The core is protected by a quilted cover that should be used directly as a sheet, according to the producer. But I couldn’t make myself try it – the cover’s texture feels too rough, and I have also missed the extra hygienic layer.

Nevertheless, based on the mattress’s GREENGUARD Gold Badge, it should be perfectly safe and free from dangerous chemical emissions. It’s also worth mentioning that the mattress’s core is made in the US, although the remaining parts most likely aren’t.

Dimensions and fit

crib mattress

Newton’s Essential crib mattress measures 52″ x 28″ x 4″, which is a rather standard size that should fit nicely into most standard cribs like Babyletto Hudson or Delta Children Mercer. The mattress weighs 11 pounds. Of course, if you have a bassinet, you must buy a special mattress with different dimensions (see all the differences between bassinets and cribs). As far as I know, Newton does not produce bassinet mattresses at the moment.

Nevertheless, it has some mini mattresses (for small cribs) on offer for sure. They should measure 37.75″ x 23.75″, and they are also one inch thinner and 2 pounds lighter than the standard crib mattress.

Cleaning and maintenance

One of the essential factors you should research before buying any mattress for your baby is its ease of cleaning and maintenance.

The truth is that regardless of how many covers, protectors, and other precautions you put in place, accidents will always happen. Moreover, since Newton’s Essential mattress lacks a waterproof layer, such accidents could be a real problem.

Thankfully, this mattress is one of the easiest to clean baby products I have ever tried. The cover can be, of course, unzipped and thrown into a washing machine whenever needed. But what is more interesting, the core of this mattress can be thoroughly cleaned too!

Just take the cover off, put the mattress in your tub, rub it with a mild cleaning agent, and rinse it with a shower. From my own experience, it’s efficient and effortless. This is one of my favorite aspects of this mattress in general.


I have not tested this mattress long enough to be able to comment on its durability, but based on the reviews from other experienced parents, Newton mattresses are going to last for a couple of years without any problems. Newton also offers a money-back guarantee along with its 100-night trial program, so you can test the mattress for yourself and return it in case of any doubts later.


crib mattress

Newton mattresses are not the cheapest crib mattresses on the market, but if you opt for the basic Essential model (which I am describing in this comparison), it should cost around $249 – or probably even less if you catch some of the regular promotions.

That is, in my opinion, quite manageable unless you are on a very tight budget. Of course, the real question is if you couldn’t get even more for the same (if not even lower) price somewhere else. Just for your information, besides the Essential model, you can also buy thicker and double-sided Newton Original ($299) and premium Newton Waterproof ($349) mattresses.

You can find all actual Newton mattress prices here.

Newton Mattress Pros:

  • Original and safe materials
  • 100% breathability for healthy sleep
  • Super-easy to clean
  • Comfortable and ideally firm
  • Fits in all standard cribs
  • 100-night trial with a money-back guarantee

Newton Mattress Pons:

  • The mattress could be a bit thicker
  • The cover is quite rough on touch
  • Relatively expensive for the basic features
  • The Essential mattress is equally firm on both sides

Moonlight Slumber Mattress – In Depth

Moonlight Slumber mattress was recommended to me by a friend who claimed it is the best value for money option I can find (after having her third child). After researching it online for a while, I was pretty curious to see if it could beat the more expensive competition.

Moonlight Slumber is, however, a very reputable producer, making and selling mattresses since 2004, so there’s no reason to doubt its qualities despite the lower price.

Moreover, the Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer crib mattress, which I have tested for this comparison, also boasts numerous awards, including ​​the 2020 New York Times Wirecutter Best Crib Mattress and 2019 Mattress Advisor Top Pick. Let’s see how I liked it in practice.

Materials and feel

Unlike Newton mattresses made of a unique polymer-based material, Moonlight Slumber mattresses consist of CertiPUR-US®, a certified foam material infused with plant oil and encased in a woven fire barrier-free from chemicals.

Although this material is not natural, let alone organic, the mattress is GREENGUARD-certified (just like Newton’s), so it is proven to be completely safe and non-toxic for our babies.

The foam core is wrapped in a waterproof, hypoallergenic, stain- and odor-resistant fabric cover for perfect protection. Although the waterproof layer is undoubtedly a plus from a practical viewpoint, I wonder how much it reduces the breathability of the mattress.

Unlike Newton’s Essential mattress, MS’s Little Dreamer is a double-sided mattress with one side (extra-firm) designed for newborns and the other (plush and soft) for toddlers.

This potentially allows you to use the mattress longer or provide your toddler with more comfort once it’s safe for them to sleep on a softer mattress). The mattress is also one inch thicker than Newton’s, which adds to the overall comfort too.

I’d also like to note here that Moonlight Slumber mattresses are 100% made in the US, which is another advantage both from the viewpoints of safety and ecology.

Dimensions and fit

Little Dreamer measures 52″ x 27.5″ x 5″, so it is pretty much identical to the Newton mattress and similarly compatible with a wide range of cribs. The main difference is the extra inch in thickness I’ve already mentioned earlier.

Moonlight Slumber also makes mini crib mattresses if that’s what you need. Little Dreamer’s mini version measures 24″ x 38″ x 5″. I like that it keeps the nice thickness of the original mattress despite being smaller.

Cleaning and maintenance

Moonlight Slumber is protected by an effective textile barrier that prevents absorbance of any moisture and minimizes the occurrence of stains or persistent odor. It’s undoubtedly practical – I had the opportunity to see for myself that it truly works, and even after a minor accident, the mattress looked like new.

Nevertheless, if for any reason you still have to clean your mattress, you don’t have many options here. According to the official instructions, all you can do is “clean your mattress using only a clean, damp sponge. Use mild soap as needed.”

Moreover, this mattress also doesn’t have any removable cover, so I highly suggest getting a well-fitting sheet. In this regard, I find Newton’s complete washability much more helpful.


Again, I cannot comment on the durability of this mattress from my own experience since I have only been using it for several weeks. I have not seen any signs of deterioration or weaker points that could lead to premature damage during this time.

Based on the reviews from other experienced users, it looks like the Moonlight Sumber mattresses are reliable and can withstand intensive use throughout your little one’s early childhood without any major issues.

Moreover, all Moonlight products (including mattresses) come with a Lifetime Product Warranty that protects customers against manufacturer defects. Unfortunately, there is no free trial period for this product like there is with Newton’s.


Moonlight Slumber mattresses are still not the cheapest crib mattresses on the market, but they are considerably cheaper than Newton and some other competitors. The basic Little Dreamer crib mattress in standard size will, for example, cost you $199 (-10% for newly registered customers), which makes it one-fifth cheaper than a comparable mattress from Newton.

If you can invest a bit more, you can even upgrade to Luxury Dreamer at $234, improved with an extra layer of cooling gel, or Little Star at $269, with a pressure-reducing latex layer and a removable cover. Later, when I already tested Little Dreamer, I have also discovered another extra-affordable alternative – single-sided ​​SleepyTyme designed exclusively for infants.

You can check the most actual prices of all Moonlight Slumber mattresses here.

Moonlight Slumber Mattress Pros:

  • Hypoallergenic and safe foam mattress
  • Double-sided to fit both infants and toddlers
  • Waterproof, stainproof, and odorproof surface
  • Universal size that fits most standard cribs
  • Nice thickness
  • Lower price

Moonlight Slumber Mattress Cons:

  • Not fully breathable
  • No trial period
  • Cannot be thoroughly washed
  • Non-natural materials

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you still cannot decide on either of these two mattress brands, maybe you will like some of the following alternatives better:

Naturepedic Crib Matterass

naturpedic crib mattress

Naturepedic makes three unique types of organic crib mattresses that are perfectly breathable, fully waterproof, 100% safe, and offer two levels of firmness on each of the sides. This makes them an excellent choice for both infants and toddlers.

The mattresses are made of certified organic cotton, food-grade polyethylene, and heavy-duty steel inner springs. They offer superior comfort, and they also come in smaller sizes for mini cribs. Nevertheless, be prepared for higher prices than the most affordable models from Newton or Moonlight Slumber. Find out more about these mattresses in our Naturepedic Crib Mattress Review.

Sleep Ovation Infant Mattress

sleep ovation mattress

Sleep Ovation is another modern producer of high-quality mattresses for both adults and kids. Sleep Ovation Infant mattress has a 2-stage design, exceptional airflow and breathability, and a unique skull pressure protection system. This innerspring-foam hybrid mattress is 100% made in America (including all the components) and consists of safe and healthy materials, including CertiPUR-US® and OEKO-TEX®-certified fabrics.

These mattresses might be a bit on the pricier side, but they also come with a money-back guarantee for 45 days after purchase, so you can try how they work without any strings attached. Learn more about this mattress in our Sleep Ovation Infant Mattress Review.

Emily Crib Mattress

emily organic crib mattress

Emily Crib Mattress, produced by My Green Mattress, is yet another fantastic option for those looking for reliable infant mattresses. It’s a particularly good choice for parents who prefer all-natural and traditional mattresses without artificial foam.

This mattress is made of natural wool, organic cotton, and a 150-coil 13.5 gauge innerspring. It is 6″ thick, very comfortable, and covered with a practical quilted cover. Although it’s not waterproof, Emily Crib Mattress is relatively easy to clean.

The mattress is also fully breathable, completely made in the US, and comes with a 10-year warranty plus a 120-night sleep trial.

Read more details in our Emily Crib Mattress review.


Question: Do babies sleep well on Newton mattresses?

Answer: Babies can have their specific tastes and preferences when it comes to mattresses, just like adults do. Nevertheless, babies generally love the ratio of reassuring firmness and comfy softness provided by Newton mattresses.

Question: Is Moonlight Slumber breathable?

Answer: Since Moonlight Slumber mattresses are equipped with a waterproof layer, they are not as breathable as polymer-based mattresses like Newton or Halo. Nevertheless, they are breathable, at least to some extent too.

Question: At what age do you flip Moonlight Slumber crib mattress?

Answer: If you have a double-sided crib mattress like Moonlight Slumber, you can flip it from the firmer infant side to the softer toddler side approximately around your baby’s first birthday.

The Verdict: Newton Mattress vs. Moonlight Slumber

Newton or Moonlight Slumber? When I started preparing this comparison, I thought I knew the answer right away. I already had some experiences with Newton; I was impressed by its easy maintenance, comfortable design, and safety, thanks to its 100% breathability.

Nevertheless, Moonlight Slumber mattress certainly wasn’t an easy opponent. This mattress is more affordable, thicker, double-sided, and also waterproof. So many superior features for a lower price? I thought this was my winner for a while.

Nevertheless, in the end, I have realized that having a natural, breathable, wholly washable, and therefore perfectly hygienic mattress is making me personally more satisfied than the extra inch of thickness or lower price. So, for me, the winner is Newton.

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