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Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress

Newton is well-known for its premium crib mattresses, while Avocado mattresses are also an excellent choice with certified organic fabrics and safety certifications. In today’s Newton Mattress vs Avocado mattress comparative review, I wanted to detail everything you must know before deciding which of these two products to purchase.

Below, you’ll find the mattresses’ features, advantages, firmness, and the main differences that make these two items stand apart from each other. Moreover, I took the liberty to list some popular alternatives to both Newton and Avocado mattresses for you to gain a clearer idea of what the market has to offer.

Newton vs Avocado Mattress – My Bottom Line Up Front!

While both Avocado and Newton are trustworthy brands, I would personally have to choose the Newton mattresses due to the company’s long history and reputation in the baby products industry. In addition, Newton is a reliable brand that offers a wide range of high-quality and child-safe mattresses, among other things.

On the other hand, after reviewing the Avocado organic mattresses, I am starting to change my mind, especially regarding the natural materials included in these items and their lovely design.

Main Differences Between the Newton vs Avocado Mattress

The main differences between the Newton Mattress vs Avocado mattress are:

  • Newton has been on the market for a longer time, and it’s a highly-reputable brand, whereas Avocado is also a great choice but not as famous as Newton;
  • Both items are made in the US, but the Avocado mattress is handmade, whereas the Newton mattress is not;
  • Newton has a more lightweight core, whereas the Avocado mattress weighs a bit more;
  • The Newton manufacturing company markets three types of crib mattresses (original, essential, and waterproof), whereas Avocado only makes two mattresses;
  • The Avocado mattress has dual firmness, whereas Newton relies on two-stage firmness.

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress – A Few Distinct Features

At first sight, these are the most noticeable aspects of these two brands of crib mattresses that you should know about.

Newton Mattresses

newton vs avocado mattress

With Newton, you’ll be able to choose from three available mattresses:

  • Original – this mattress has a thickness of 5.5 inches, and it comes with a removable cover that features two layers.
  • Essential – this one is thinner than the other two, with a thickness of only 4 inches. Unlike the other two models, the Essential mattress has one single layer when it comes to its cover;
  • Waterproof – you can guess from its name that this Newton mattress is waterproof. Its removable cover has two layers, and the mattress’ thickness measures 5.5 inches.

All three Newton mattresses are both washable and breathable, which in my opinion, are significant features to consider. On the other hand, the only model that comes with a waterproof cover is the most expensive mattress model, costing over $300. The most affordable Newton mattress is the Essential model.

Newton also markets a mini crib mattress option that features the same characteristics as the Original model.

Avocado Mattresses


With Avocado, you can only choose from two available mattresses:

  • The Green crib mattress – this is the company’s basic or standard version, and it’s more expensive than the basic Newton model;
  • The Luxe crib mattress – this is the company’s premium mattress type, and it’s far way more expensive than the standard product.

Both Avocado mattresses are organic and non-toxic. The design of the Green mattress is dual-sided and very practical. The company collaborates with local Californian farms where they source their fabrics from. If your budget allows for a more luxurious product, then the Avocado Luxe mattress is the way to go.

The premium Avocado crib mattress is handmade and costs a bit over $1,000. The design is made to accommodate two development stages: babies and toddlers. In addition, it’s made to order, being suitable for all standard cribs.

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress – My Overall Impression

I know how busy you are, and some of you maybe don’t have time to read my entire article. For that reason, I decided to disclose the most important details of the conclusion right here at the beginning of the article. This way, you’ll know what to expect from these two mattresses right from the start.

So, brace yourself for some serious spoiler alerts! 🙂

Newton Mattresses

I must admit I was highly impressed with all the crib mattresses made by Newton. The fabric looks and feels high-quality and durable. I firmly believe that these Newton items are a true innovation in the world of baby products and crib mattresses. That said, it’s no wonder that Newton is a leading brand in the industry.

After seeing and testing these mattresses, I’ve come up with some brief details about the things I loved and the ones that I believe require some improvement.

I loved that Newton mattresses are made in the US, more specifically in Tennessee. I like how breathable the covers are and the mattress’s core. Moreover, the cover can be easily removed and machine-washed due to its zipper system. Finally, there are no foams or polyurethane in this mattress, which is something I definitely consider an advantage.

The core is lightweight and very easy to flip. Also, it’s free from heavy metal springs. All Newton mattresses have received the Greenguard Gold certification, which means they’re baby-safe. From the moment I unboxed them, I saw the quality of the seams and stitches. So I was a bit surprised to see these items arrive entirely flat.

I wouldn’t say I like that the order lacks a waterproof cover. You’ll have to buy that separately. Also, the mattresses lack dual firmness.

Avocado Mattresses


From what I was able to see, it looks like the company makes zero compromises when it comes to quality, comfort, and safety. It’s useless to say I really enjoy that policy. The mattresses are made of organic materials, which is a very important advantage. Another advantage that might make you consider buying an Avocado mattress instead of a Newton alternative is the product’s dual-firmness.

These mattresses are handmade. They’re manufactured in the US, more precisely in California. The surfaces are made of breathable cotton, while all the mattress components are non-toxic, organic, and certified as safe. There aren’t any chemicals, vinyl, or adhesives in these crib mattresses. The infant side is very firm, which is excellent, while the toddler’s side is softer and cozier.

Another feature I loved about the Avocado mattress is its breathable core made of latex and organic coconut husk. On the other hand, you’ll have to spend some extra bucks to buy the waterproof cover that pairs well with this mattress. Another downside, especially during this period, is represented by the extended shipping times.

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress – What I Think About Them (First Impressions)


newton vs avocado mattress

With Newton, the shipping usually takes around three working days. So, you will receive the mattress pretty soon from the moment you place the order. I like the company’s transparency and honesty. The mattresses are handmade in the US, while the covers are manufactured in China.

The Newton mattresses come flat instead of rolled-up, which is great. Hence, their shipping boxes are large and full-sized. On one hand, this is a good thing since you’ll receive the mattress with an even and flat surface that’s free of lumps. But, on the other hand, the transportation cost is higher than the one of rolled-up mattresses because the first ones occupy more space.

Although the box is quite large, I found it surprisingly lightweight and easy to move around due to its two handles.


first impression_avocado matress

The shipping takes longer with Avocado compared to Newton. In this case, it took around a month to receive the product at my doorstep. However, that shouldn’t necessarily become an issue, especially if you have already started to decorate the nursery in advance.

According to the manufacturer, what causes these delays is that the mattresses are handmade, and the safety precaution measures all employees must comply with. Like the Newton products, Avocado mattresses also come flat, in full-sized boxes. In addition, the box has two inserts that work as handles so that you can move the item with ease.

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress – Unboxing These Two Mattresses



Once you open the cardboard box and take the mattress out of it, you’ll notice the plastic wrap that covers the item, protecting it. However, even through the plastic seal, you can still see how breathable and porous the texture of the mattress is. The overall design is pleasant, having a modern pattern, a well-balanced symmetry, and a crisp, nice color.

But, what I enjoyed the most was discovering that this mattress lacked any chemical odor that numerous other new mattresses have at first. Trust me when I say this mattress was odorless since I’m the family’s greyhound. My husband doesn’t seem to be bothered by subtle smells at all, while I make a big thing out of it whenever the slightest smell reaches my nostrils.



I was surprised to find two items in the box. One was obviously the mattress, and the second one was an educational book called A Little Blue Planet that teaches our children and us how to protect planet Earth and take good care of Mother Nature while also being grateful for all the things she provides for us, humans.

Both surfaces and the sides feature beautifully-designed quilted cotton, which is organic. The surfaces are delimited by a green trim that makes me think of something child-safe, natural, sustainable, and non-toxic. All these characteristics are mentioned by the manufacturer on the website as well.

I believe I like the Avocado mattress better than the Newton alternative in terms of design. The smell was ok as well. To me, this mattress smelled similar to a cotton sweater.

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress – What the Labels Say


The material consists mainly of Polyethylene Pad, while the cover is made of polyester (over 80%) and viscose (16%). Another thing you’ll find written on the label is the fact that this product was created for Newton Baby Inc., that’s located in New York. In addition, the mattress’s core is made in the US, whereas the cover is made in China but finished in the US.

Finally, there are details regarding the size and weight of this mattress. The mattress is 52 inches long and 28 inches wide, and it weighs a little over 9 pounds.



Here’s what the label said. The mattress’ core is made of the following combination: latex coir, wool fiber, and latex foam rubber pad. The cover of the mattress is entirely made from organic cotton. One interesting fact was that the mattress is created in the US while the materials are imported.

To be honest, when I read the words “latex coir” on the label, I didn’t know what it was, so I looked it up online. It turns out that it is a natural fiber sourced from coconut, more specifically, extracted from the coconut’s outer husk layer. So the firm coconut core that infants are supposed to sleep on is infused with certified organic latex.

Finally, the label states the weight and measurements of the mattress. This Avocado mattress weighs 24 pounds, so it’s heavier than the Newton mattress. On the other hand, the measurements are the same: 28 inches wide and 52 inches long.

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress – Features & Breathability


feature_newton mattress

Most crib mattresses have a dual-sided feature, each for a different development stage when it comes to firmness. The firmer surface is for babies, while the softer one is dedicated to toddlers.

However, Newton doesn’t have that particular characteristic. Instead, the company tried and seems it succeeded in revolutionizing this technology by improving it and turning it into what they call two-stage firmness. Simply put, the same surface is suitable for both babies and toddlers.

As your little one grows and becomes heavier, the surface of the mattress adapts according to the child’s new shape and size. Therefore, with this Newton mattress, you can flip it on any side without worrying that you might get it wrong. In addition, Newton mattresses do well on most compression tests by not sinking more than a maximum of two cm.

The mattress’ wovenaire core features a 3D polyethylene plastic web. It looks great, but what’s more important is the functionality and quality, both of which are superior to the foam used by Newton’s competitors. One thing I love about this product is the fact that I can safely wash the core without fearing I might damage it. The mattress is also breathable, which is another essential advantage.

You can even place your face on the mattress, facing down, and try to breathe through it. You’ll see you don’t risk suffocation. That’s how breathable this item is.


feature_avocado mattress

The Avocado mattresses use dual-sided firmness, so you’ll have to flip them over as soon as your infant becomes a toddler. However, I appreciate how clearly the two sides are labeled and differentiated one from the other. Alongside two cute baby and toddler faces, there are also the words “infant” and “toddler” written on the surface of the mattress.

If you try a compression test on an Avocado mattress, you’ll be impressed by how firm the infant surface is. On it, a dumbbell that weighs around 8 pounds won’t sink more than a maximum of one cm. However, when placed on the softer toddler’s side, the same dumbbell sinks approximately 3-4 cm, which falls within the standard requirement.

What struck me as incredible was the quality of the craftsmanship. Every detail speaks about the premium quality and attention that the manufacturer provided together with its products. Both the seams and the stitchings look great; don’t get me started on the organic quilted cotton, which feels so soft and looks so beautiful.

So, in terms of design, I can undoubtedly say that Avocado wins the battle. Moreover, it’s also a highly breathable mattress due to all the organic natural materials used to create this product. Unlike Newton mattresses with plastic cores, Avocado alternatives won’t get hot or sweaty, especially during summer.

Newton Mattress vs Avocado Mattress – What About the Cover?!

Neither Newton nor Avocado comes with a waterproof cover. That’s because, when we think about crib mattresses, we should always choose safety and breathability over waterproofing. Let me explain! Waterproof materials consist of plastic films and vinyl, both of which are not very breathable.

Both companies also market separate waterproof mattress covers, but you’ll have to pay extra.

Newton vs Avocado Mattress – Main Alternatives

  • Naturepedic crib mattress – the item I’m talking about as a great Newton and Avocado alternative is the Naturepedic lightweight and organic crib mattress, which is breathable, non-toxic, safe, and very firm, suitable for newborns and babies;
  • Sleep Ovation Infant mattress – the Sleep Ovation mattress is another excellent choice due to its safety certification, waterproof materials, firm and supportive yet comfy surface, and mattress cover;
  • Moonlight Slumber crib mattress – the Moonlight Slumber mattress has numerous advantages. It features a nice thickness; it’s affordable and dual-sided; this mattress has a waterproof surface that’s also resistant to both stains and odors.


Question: What Is Polyethylene that Many Mattresses Are Made of?

Answer: It’s a type of food-grade plastic with a high density, making it both durable and robust yet lightweight. Crib mattresses made of this material are great because they will resist insects and mold. Numerous yogurt and milk containers are made of the same fabric.

Question: Are Newton Crib Mattresses Safer?

Answer: Newton crib mattresses are some of the best and safest products of their kind available on the market. These items are created without chemicals, and their covers are breathable to lower and even prevent the risk of suffocation.

Question: Are Avocado Mattresses Firm Enough?

Answer: If we were to measure the firmness of any Avocado crib mattress, it would probably reach level 7. On this scale that I just thought of, 1 represents the softest level, while 10 is the firmest level. Therefore, your baby will enjoy a supportive and firm sleeping experience. The Avocado mattresses are firm without compromising on comfort.

Newton vs Avocado Mattress – The Bottom Line

Both Newton and Avocado are trustworthy crib mattress brands that create and sell high-quality items. These mattresses are safe and breathable as well as firm and comfortable.

So, all your baby’s needs linked to his or her sleep will be fulfilled. If you want to go with the most reputable brand, you should opt for Newton. At the same time, if you’re looking for an organic and highly breathable crib mattress, I would personally suggest you choose the Avocado products.

The final decision is yours!

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