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Best Organic Crib Mattress Options | Non-Toxic Baby Crib Mattresses

Best Organic Crib Mattress Options | Non-Toxic Baby Crib Mattresses
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As a parent, there are a lot of decisions you’ll have to make even before your new baby arrives. And while some of those decisions may result in little mistakes along the way, and picking out the best eco-friendly mattresses for the best sleeping time doesn’t have to be one of them.

It may not seem like investing in an organic mattress rather than your run of the mill crib mattress is the most essential thing in the world, but at the end of the day, it does make a difference. As a rule, organic crib mattresses are made of coir and other materials like cotton, wool, memory foam,  are naturally free of any chemicals, dyes, or toxic harmful additives in fabric or filling that could cause allergic reactions in your baby.

And if your child is already prone to allergies, choosing an organic crib mattress to replace the one you have can help give him or her better night’s sleep.

Instead of potentially purchasing a crib mattress that can have toxic pesticides lingering in the cotton fillers or dust mites camping out throughout it, choosing the best organic crib mattress for your child is where it’s at.

1. Brentwood Wildfern 2-Stage Natural Crib Mattress


Brentwood makes a wide variety of traditional mattresses, but their organic crib baby’s mattress collection is truly a hidden gem.

Based in Los Angeles, Brentwood makes all there products in the USA and still manages to sell at a competitive price. Personally, this gives me a LOT of comforts knowing that they can better verify their supply-chain in the US (vs China, Vietnam, etc.. for other “so-called” organic mattress brands).

The Best Part About Brentwood Wildfern

  • All-natural Organic materials
  • Made 100% in the USA (verified supply chain, how can other brands really ensure foreign supply chain quality?)
  • Additional flammability protections using hydrated silica, exceeding Federal flammability standards and CPSC standards.
  • 100% plant-based materials
  • Hypoallergenic and anti-microbial
  • Breatheable materials
  • Hand-crafted in Los Angeles

The Not So Great Part About Wildfern

  • Hasn’t been featured in major publications (under the radar, lack of professional reviews)
  • Easy to miss among Brentwood’s traditional mattress selections
  • No free trial guarantee (although they do have a good return policy)

Where to Buy the Wildfern Mattress?

You can pick the Wildfern up directly via this listing here.

2. My Green Mattress Emily Crib Mattress

My Green Mattress Emily Crib Mattress

Your baby’s comfort and wellness during bedtime or sleeping a nap should be just as important as your own and with the My Green Mattress Emily Crib Mattress, you can do your best to ensure they get what they need.

The mattress is made from organic filling and materials and is free from polyurethane foams and other toxic materials and lead and has two padded sides so you can eventually flip it over if you need to or if your child has an accident that stains the foam on one side permanently. There are even natural flame retardants in the material so you can rest easy knowing that your baby’s sleep will be safe and comfortable without breathing in any toxic chemicals or otherwise harmful chemicals and materials.

  • Material: It’s made of organic cotton batting and a 100% natural eco-wool (natural organic wool) quilted cover, along with all-natural cotton insulator pads and other organic materials.
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it on the mattress manufacturers website.
  • The Best Part: Since both sides of the mattress are designed the same with the same padding and comfort, you can quickly flip it over after your child has used one side for a long time.
  • The Not So Great: Some parents might notice a smell when they first take the mattress out of its packaging.

Emily Mattress Advantages

100% organic cotton, completely reversible (great for stains), and free from toxic materials, the Emily Mattress is the best overall mix of price and safety features around.

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3. Naturepedic Crib No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Mattress

naturepedic mattress

The Naturepedic No Compromise Organic Cotton Classic Lightweight Crib Mattress is made to feel as firm and strong as your standard coiled mattress, but instead it’s made with organic cotton filling and food-grade polyethylene to mimic the strength of coils throughout the inside of it.

The mattress also has a waterproof crib cover that goes around the edges, which is important in a nursery, and an organic stain-resistant, waterproof mattress cover as well. It’s designed to fit snugly in most standard cribs and meets or exceeds all necessary standards of organic mattress fibers.

  • Material: It’s made of organic cotton filling and fabric, along with a pure food-grade plastic polyethylene filler.
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it on the manufacturer’s here.
  • The Best Part: The waterproof cover lining is convenient and won’t overheat your baby while he or she sleeps.
  • The Not So Great: After a while, the mattress might start to sag a bit.


Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress - Classic 150 Coil - 2-Stage - Non-Toxic Baby and Toddler Natural Mattress

Amazon NaturePedic
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4. Graco Natural Organic Crib Mattress

Graco Natural Organic Crib Mattress

Graco foam mattresses for an infant is known for making a plethora of other baby products, so it’s only natural that the company also has the Graco Natural Organic Crib Mattress for those who prefer organic materials above all else.

It’s made from natural soybean oil foam and also comes with an organic cotton outer cover to keep it in the best shape possible while your infant uses it. It’s also anti-static and anti-microbial for their safety and contains no lead or phthalates while it meets or exceeds all safety standards necessary for standard crib foam mattresses.

  • Material: Instead of being filled with cotton, the mattress has a soybean oil foam and an organic cotton cover to keep it from getting stained over time.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on Amazon or in-store at Walmart.
  • The Best Part: It’s thick and firm for a crib mattress so you can be sure that it will feel that way for a while rather than sag or grow too soft over time.
  • The Not So Great: Instead of being made from cotton itself, the outer cover is what’s made from cotton material.


Graco 5 Inch Crib and Toddler Mattress (White)
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5. Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II

Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II

Like other infant standard mattresses, the Colgate EcoSpring Ultra II is coiled innerspring on the inside to add depth and weight to it, but other than that, it’s made from coconut shell husks, a sustainable plant oil foam, and organic cotton materials.

Together, the materials make a long-lasting and durable crib mattress that any baby or toddler is sure to find years of comfort with. It also comes with a rayon cover made from natural bamboo fibers with waterproof backing meant to keep all moisture from leaking through and into the actual mattress.

  • Material: It’s made from coconut shell fibers, organic cotton, and plant oil foam, in addition to the inner coils.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Walmart.
  • The Best Part: The innerspring makes the mattress firmness relatively great, which is what a lot of babies tend to prefer.
  • The Not So Great: It’s a little thicker than some other crib mattresses so it might reach higher up once you put it inside the crib.


EcoSpring Ultra II Crib Mattress by Colgate Mattress
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6. Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Crib Mattress

Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Crib Mattress

There are plenty of reasons to consider going with the Lullaby Earth Healthy Support Crib Mattress when looking for an organic crib mattress and its materials is just one of them.

It’s also lightweight enough to take out of your baby’s crib with ease to clean or change the sheets and if anything spills on it or there are messes to clean up, the chemical-free waterproof cover makes it easy to wipe clean. The mattress is designed to withstand pressure and refrain from sagging, while the edges have been reinforced to add to its strength and durability.

  • Material: The mattress is made from food-grade polyethylene and 100% PETE to make it free from formaldehyde and perfluorinated compounds.
  • Where To Buy: You can find it on the mattress manufacturer’s website and Amazon.
  • The Best Part: One side is firmer for infants, while the other is softer to accommodate toddlers.
  • The Not So Great: There is a chance that your child’s health and sleeping pattern could cause a dent or groove in the mattress in certain spots.



7. Moonlight Slumber Organic Crib Mattress

Moonlight Slumber Organic Crib Mattress

The Moonlight Slumber Organic Crib Mattress is Greenguard Gold certified as it should be, regarding its materials, but that alone is enough to make some parents willing to invest in the baby’s mattress for their crib. Instead of being filled with coils, it has temperature-controlled cool gel memory foam to keep your child comfortable at all times and regardless of their age as they grow into toddlerhood.

In fact, one side is made to be softer for toddlers, while the other is firmer, as most babies tend to prefer. It’s also odor-resistant and can be cleaned with a simple damp sponge, in case your child has an overnight accident, which is bound to happen.

  • Material: The mattress is made from eco-friendly foam infused with plant oils, odor-resistant antimicrobial materials, and a cool gel memory foam as well.
  • Where To Buy: You can purchase it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.
  • The Best Part: The cool gel memory foam on the inside of the mattress works to keep either your infant or toddler cool throughout the night. Plus, the mattress is Greenguard Gold certified.
  • The Not So Great: For babies or toddlers who prefer to bounce on the bed, this has no spring coils so they may not like the feel or lack of motion.


Moonlight Little Star Organic Crib Mattress

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8. LA Baby 2-In-1 Crib Mattress

LA Baby 2-In-1 Crib Mattress

The LA Baby 2-In-1 Crib Mattress is a bit different from your typical crib mattress, in that one side is designed for an infant, and the other is perfect for toddlers.

For the infant side, there’s a breathable nano-mesh technology fabric cover to keep your little one cool throughout the night. And the toddler side has an extra layer of padding to hold up for longer since they’ll likely need it. The toddler side of the mattress also has a natural latex material for added comfort.

The mattress has coiled innerspring for comfort and longevity and is of course made with some natural and organic material to give parents peace of mind when it comes to where their child is going to sleep every night. In addition, the LA Baby mattress is GOTS certified which means that it’s safe for your child’s health and well-being.

  • Material: This high-quality mattress is made from spring coils, organic cotton, and a coconut fiber insulator.
  • Where To Buy: You can primarily find it on Amazon at this time.
  • The Best Part: With two different sides for different stages, you won’t have to worry about it being too soft or too firm for your baby or toddler overall.
  • The Not So Great: You might feel some of the coils poking out of the mattress around the edges.


LA Baby Naturally Superior 2-in-1 Dual Sided Spring Crib & Toddler Mattress

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to know which crib mattresses are toxic?

Before finally choosing the right mattress for the baby’s crib, make thorough research whether the mattress consists of materials such as Polyurethane foam, formaldehyde, benzene and lots of other materials that are dangerous for your kid’s life and when inhaled.

How to get rid of the baby’s organic mattress smell?

As with all new products, the organic mattresses as well come with a certain smell since they have been wrapped with nylon or other material. The best thing to do here is to leave it outdoors for couple of hours so the smell can disappear.

Final Thoughts on the Best Organic Crib Mattresses

It may seem like one of those inevitable frivolous purchases for new parents to make, but investing in an organic compounds crib mattress instead of the standard mattress that you may have had when you were an infant is well worth the expense since it’s all about the child’s health and well-being

Even if your baby doesn’t end up as one of the many allergy-ridden children of the world, there’s certainly no harm in playing it safe with a comfortable and organic mattress to get them off to the right star where sleeping and napping is concerned.

In some cases, one organic mattress might be priced exponentially higher than some of the others, but there are also affordable options for families with smaller budgets.

Either way, it’s never been easier to try out an organic mattress (free of chemicals) rather than the usual cheap-feeling vinyl option that may seem easier to come by.

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