Baby Names

The 51 Best Two Syllable Girl Names

Naming your baby isn’t an easy task but once you find the most suitable name for your little bundle of joy, the research will be totally worth it. For most parents, finding the right name for their baby is a pleasant duty they enjoy doing but, at a certain point, it can become a little frustrating Luckily, there are many options that you can choose from and shorter names form a unique and beautiful sound when they are pronounced. Below, I’ve made a time-saving list with the 51 best two syllable girl names to save you from the trouble of researching too much.


1. Ava

Ava was first a medieval name that had Germanic roots. It can be a variant of both Eve and Eva.

Meaning of Ava

birdlike, blooming, life

Origin of Ava

Latin, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Ava

AY-vuh; AH-vah

Variations/Alternatives of Ava

Avah, Aiva, Eva, Eve, Evita

Famous People Named Ava

Ava Gardner (actress), Ava Sangster (singer)

Ava Trends

Ava is a name that started to become popular in the US around the year 2010. In 2018, this girl name was the 3rd most popular one in the United States. In 2007, almost 18,000 female newborns were named Ava.

Fun Fact

Many Hollywood celebrities have named their daughters Ava: Reese Witherspoon, Heather Locklear, etc.


Ev, Evie

2. Autumn

I find Autumn to be a highly feminine name that could describe a delicate yet strong personality.

Meaning of Autumn

of woods, the fall season

Origin of Autumn


Pronunciation of Autumn

aw-tuh m

Variations/Alternatives of Autumn

Aurelia, October, Hazel, Amber, Maple

Famous People Named Autumn

Autumn Shields (actress), Autumn Calabrese (celebrity trainer)

Autumn Trends

Autumn is a beautiful name and a pretty popular one in the United States. Since 1880, almost 100,000 newborn girls were named Autumn.

Fun Fact

In the US, people started to use the name Autumn in the 1960s.



3. Carol

Carol sounds like a royal name and it is very elegant.

Meaning of Carol

freeholder, song

Origin of Carol

English, Old German

Pronunciation of Carol


Variations/Alternatives of Carol

Carola, Carroll, Karla, Karole, Karlotta

Famous People Named Carol

Carol Burnett (actress), Carol Greider (Nobel Prize winner)

Carol Trends

This was a very popular name in the US, in the 1940s. In 1946, more than 34,200 baby girls were named Carol. Since 1880, over 800,000 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

Carol Peletier is a fictional character from the Walking Dead TV series. She becomes, from a battered wife, a certifiable badass.



4. Cora

Cora is a sweet and short name for a girl. It is a cute option for the one who will forever steal your heart.

Meaning of Cora

heart, maiden, beloved

Origin of Cora

Greek, French

Pronunciation of Cora


Variations/Alternatives of Cora

Coralie, Cheryl, Sherry, Corina, Coralee

Famous People Named Cora

Cora Staunton (athlete), Cora Walton/Koko Taylor (blues singer)

Cora Trends

Cora has always been a pretty popular name, especially in 2012 when over 2,000 newborn girls were given this name.

Fun Fact

Persephone, the Greek goddess, had an alternative name which was Kore.


Cor, Corie, Cory

5. Hannah

Hannah is a name that many old-fashioned and classy parents choose for their little girls. It is a name that also appears in the Bible.

Meaning of Hannah

graceful, God’s gift

Origin of Hannah


Pronunciation of Hannah


Variations/Alternatives of Hannah

Hanna, Ann, Annabelle

Famous People Named Hannah

Hannah Montana (TV character), Hannah Gibson (Mel Gibson’s daughter)

Hannah Trends

Between 1988 and 2012, Hannah was a highly popular name. In 2000, over 23,000 families have named their baby girls Hannah.

Fun Fact

In the Old Testament, Hannah is Samuel’s mother, the prophet.


Hannie, Hanny

6. Helen

Helen means “shining light” in Greek and it is a famous name due to Helen of Troy, from the Trojan War.

Meaning of Helen

Light, torch

Origin of Helen

Greek, Irish

Pronunciation of Helen


Variations/Alternatives of Helen

Helena, Helene, Helaine, Elaine, Eileen, Eleanor

Famous People Named Helen

Helen Keller (author), Helen Hayes (actress)

Helen Trends

Helen is a very popular name in the United States. Since 1880, over one million baby girls were given this name.

Fun Fact

This is a great vintage name if you’re into those. It was highly popular in the 1900s.


Lena, Lenie, Lenny, Nell, Nellie, Ellie

7. Isla

This is a beautiful and original name that’s pronounced without the S, just like you would say the word “island.”

Meaning of Isla


Origin of Isla


Pronunciation of Isla


Variations/Alternatives of Isla


Famous People Named Isla

Isla Fisher (actress), Queen Elizabeth’s great-granddaughter – Isla Elizabeth Phillips

Isla Trends

In 2012, more than 1,370 families decided to name their daughters Isla. Since 1990, more than 5,100 newborns have been given this name.

Fun Fact

Isla is a relatively new name that first appeared about 30 years ago but, nowadays, it is peaking in popularity.



8. Sylvie

Sylvie is a vintage and classy French name.

Meaning of Sylvie

Forest, woodland maid

Origin of Sylvie

French, Latin

Pronunciation of Sylvie


Variations/Alternatives of Sylvie

Sylvana, Sylvia, Silvia, Silva

Famous People Named Sylvie

Sylvie Vartan (model), Sylvie Kinigi (politician)

Sylvie Trends

This was a very popular name between 1916 and 1970. In 1937, over 4,000 baby girls were given this name.

Fun Fact

In some countries, people think that Sylvie and variations of this name mean the “spirit of the woods” or “shining light.”


Syl, Sylv

9. Martha

Martha is a popular British name that sounds elegant and, when she becomes a toddler or a pre-teen, your daughter will feel like a grown-up.

Meaning of Martha


Origin of Martha

Hebrew, Old English, Aramic

Pronunciation of Martha


Variations/Alternatives of Martha

Marta, Martina, Marthe

Famous People Named Martha

Martha Stewart (entrepreneur), Martha Graham (choreographer)

Martha Trends

Since 1880, almost 546,000 newborns have been named Martha. In 1947, over 10,600 babies were given this name.

Fun Fact

Martha Washington, the wife of President George Washington, learned to read back when she was living in Virginia, in the 1700s, in a time when most women were not taught those skills.


Mattie, Marty

10. Kira

If you choose to name your daughter Kira, she will definitely be your beam of light.

Meaning of Kira

Sunlight, black, sun, light

Origin of Kira

Latin, Persian, English, Japanese

Pronunciation of Kira


Variations/Alternatives of Kira

Carrie, Kiera, Kera, Kiriah, Keira

Famous People Named Kira

Kira Kosarin (actress), Kira Buckland (voice actress)


Since 1880, almost 29,000 newborns have been given this name. In 2005, in the US, nearly 1,400 baby girls were named Kira.

Fun Fact

In Greek, Kira apparently means princess or ruler.


Kia, Ki

11. Lily

Lily is a great name for a feminine and delicate person.

Meaning of Lily

Lily flower, of the night

Origin of Lily

English, Latin, Arabic

Pronunciation of Lily


Variations/Alternatives of Lily

Lilyana, Lilith, Lilia, Liliana, Lily Ann

Famous People Named Lily

Lily Tomlin (actress), Lily (Kate Beckinsale’s daughter)

Lily Trends

After 1988, this name became very popular in the US. In 2011, over 8,100 baby girls were named Lily.

Fun Fact

Of all the flower-related names in the English-speaking countries, Lily seems to be the most popular one, even more popular than Daisy or Rose.


Lis, Lil

12. Phoebe

Phoebe is a name alternative for the Greek goddess Artemis who controlled the moon.

Meaning of Phoebe

Brilliant, bright, shining

Origin of Phoebe


Pronunciation of Phoebe


Variations/Alternatives of Phoebe

Phobe, Pheabe, Pheby

Famous People Named Phoebe

Phoebe Cates (actress), Phoebe Gates (Bill Gates’ daughter)

Phoebe Trends

Since 1880, more than 24,300 baby girls have received this name. In 2012, over 1,000 newborns were named Phoebe.

Fun Fact

Phoebe is a loved character from the TV series (sitcom), Friends.


Fee-Fee, Pheebes

13. Paris

It is quite trendy to name your little one after a famous city.

Meaning of Paris

the city, lover

Origin of Paris

Greek, English, Italian

Pronunciation of Paris


Variations/Alternatives of Paris

Parisa, Parris, Parrish

Famous People Named Paris

Paris Hilton (reality TV star), Paris Smith (actress)

Paris Trends

In the US, this name became more popular after 1988. In 2004, more than 2,100 newborns were named Paris.

Fun Fact

Paris Geller was one of the main characters on the TV series The Gilmore Girls.



14. Peyton

This is a very cute unisex name that’s a very popular option when it comes to two-syllable girl names.

Meaning of Peyton

warrior’s town

Origin of Peyton


Pronunciation of Peyton


Variations/Alternatives of Peyton


Famous People Named Peyton

Peyton Lee (actress), Peyton List (actress)

Peyton Trends

After 1988, this name became very popular. In 2009 alone, almost 5,300 baby girls were named Peyton.

Fun Fact

There are only two alternatives to this name: Peyton and Payton but the first one is used more often than the second version.


Pey, Peyt

15. Ruby

Ruby is July’s red birthstone and the name became used quite often during the Victorian period.

Meaning of Ruby

Red gem

Origin of Ruby

English, French

Pronunciation of Ruby


Variations/Alternatives of Ruby

Rubie, Rubina, Rubee, Rubia

Famous People Named Ruby

Ruby Dee (actress), Ruby Rose (model)

Ruby Trends

This was a highly popular name between 1898 and 1970. As a first name, Ruby has regained some of its previous popularity after 1990. Since 1880, over 330,000 baby girls have been given this name.

Fun Fact

Originally, Ruby was rooted in the Latin word “ruber” that is translated as “red.”



16. Stella

Stella is a variation of Estella.

Meaning of Stella


Origin of Stella

Latin, French

Pronunciation of Stella


Variations/Alternatives of Stella

Estelle, Estella, Stela, Stellar, Starla

Famous People Named Stella

Stella Stevens (actress), Stella McCartney (fashion designer)

Stella Trends

Since 1880, almost 145,000 newborns have been given this name. In 2012, nearly 4,000 families chose to name their daughters Stella.

Fun Fact

The one who created this name was Sir Philip Sydney, a 16th-century poet who used Stella as a character for his sonnets.


Estee, Ella

17. Willow

This is a great botanical name that has roots in Old English.

Meaning of Willow

Tree, freedom

Origin of Willow


Pronunciation of Willow


Variations/Alternatives of Willow


Famous People Named Willow

Willow Shields (actress), Willow (Will Smith’s daughter)

Willow Trends

Willow is a modern and relatively new name that appeared after 1990. In 2012, in the United States, over 1,800 newborns were named Willow.

Fun Fact

Apparently, the willow tree has numerous medicinal properties that Hippocrates wrote about in the 5th century BC.


Lola, Willie, Willa

18. Zara

With this name, your daughter will become a flower-loving little princess.

Meaning of Zara

Princess, white, lady, flowers

Origin of Zara

Hebrew, English, Arabic

Pronunciation of Zara


Variations/Alternatives of Zara

Sarah, Sarine, Sadie, Zaria, Zarah

Famous People Named Zara

Zara Cully (actress), Zara Bate (fashion designer)

Zara Trends

After 2000, this name became truly popular. In 2012, 528 newborns were named Zara.

Fun Fact

The 1732nd play created by Voltaire has a central character named Zaire and Zara is its English version.


Za-Za, Zarry

19. Audrey

Audrey is derived from the medieval name Aethelthryth which meant both strong and noble.

Meaning of Audrey

Noble strength

Origin of Audrey


Pronunciation of Audrey


Variations/Alternatives of Audrey

Audrah, Audree, Audra, Audria

Famous People Named Audrey

Audrey Hepburn (actress), Audrey Meadows (actress)

Audrey Trends

Ever since 1898, this name has been incredibly popular. Since 1880, almost 250,000 newborns have been given this name. In 2008, nearly 5,400 baby girls were named Audrey.

Fun Fact

The first one who made this name famous was Shakespeare but its popularity really went through the roof when Audrey Hepburn’s career took off.



20. Adele

Adele is a beautiful name with Germanic roots and it means “noble.”

Meaning of Adele

Kind, noble

Origin of Adele

German, Old English

Pronunciation of Adele


Variations/Alternatives of Adele

Adela, Adelaide, Adelina, Adelynn, Ethel

Famous People Named Adele

Adele (singer), Adele Astaire (dancer)

Adele Trends

Between 1900 and 1970, Adele was a very popular name in the US. In 1918, over 1,000 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

Everyone knows the famous singer Adele but just a few people know that her real name is Laurie Blue.


Del, Addie

21. Alice

Both Adelais and Aalis are French variations of the name Alice.

Meaning of Alice

Noble, truth

Origin of Alice

Greek, English, German

Pronunciation of Alice


Variations/Alternatives of Alice

Alisa, Alexis, Allison, Alise, Elise

Famous People Named Alice

Alice Paul (women’s rights activist), Alice Walker (writer)

Alice Trends

Since 1880, more than 542,000 newborns have been given this name. In 1921, almost 12,000 baby girls were named Alice.

Fun Fact

Queen Victoria made this name very famous when, in 1843, she named her daughter Alice who later became Princess Alice.


Ally, Lissa

22. Amber

Amber is a gemstone such as your precious little baby girl. It is the ideal choice if you already have an older daughter named Pearl or Ruby.

Meaning of Amber

the color red, music, jewel, great joy

Origin of Amber

Arabic, English

Pronunciation of Amber


Variations/Alternatives of Amber

Amberly, Amberlin

Famous People Named Amber

Amber Heard (actress), Amber Rose (model)

Amber Trends

Since 1880, almost 364,000 baby girls have been given this name. In 1986, nearly 17,000 newborns were named Amber.

Fun Fact

In Arabic, the word anbar means amber.



23. Amy

Amy has both Latin and French roots. It is a short yet very cute name for your little bundle of joy.

Meaning of Amy


Origin of Amy


Pronunciation of Amy


Variations/Alternatives of Amy

Aime, Aimee, Aimy, Amiah, Amia

Famous People Named Amy

Amy Schumer (actress), Amy Winehouse (singer)

Amy Trends

Since 1880, almost 680,000 newborns have been given this name. In 1975, in the US, over 32,000 baby girls were named Amy.

Fun Fact

This name was popular ever since the 1880s. Therefore, you will find numerous name references in movies, books, and songs. For instance, in Little Women, there’s a character called Amy March.



24. Angie

Angie comes from Angela which means “angel.” It is definitely an angelic name.

Meaning of Angie

Messenger of God

Origin of Angie


Pronunciation of Angie


Variations/Alternatives of Angie

Angel, Angelina, Angela

Famous People Named Angie

Angie Dickinson (actress), Angie Stone (singer)

Angie Trends

Since 1880, more than 59,600 newborns have been given this name. In 1975, nearly 2,000 girls were named Angie.

Fun Fact

Rod Stewart has a song in his portfolio called Angie.


Angee, Ang

25. Giselle

Giselle is a feminine French name that can also mean “beautiful like the stars.”

Meaning of Giselle

Sword pledge

Origin of Giselle

English, French

Pronunciation of Giselle


Variations/Alternatives of Giselle

Gisella, Gizelle

Famous People Named Giselle

Giselle Eisenberg (actress), Giselle Bündchen (model)

Giselle Trends

In the United States, Giselle is a relatively new name that has appeared around 1988. Since then, over 33,000 baby girls have been given this name. In 2007, over 2,500 newborns were named Giselle.

Fun Fact

In the 1800s, Giselle was a ballet show but not the classic kind. It was called ballet-fantastique because it involved dances and elements and costumes that reminded those who attended of the supernatural and spiritual world.



26. April

Not only is this the name of a month but its roots can be found in the Latin language and it means “to open” which, back then, referred to how flowers open their petals.

Meaning of April


Origin of April


Pronunciation of April

ey-pruh l

Variations/Alternatives of April

Aprella, Aprilla, Avril, Ava

Famous People Named April

April Bowlby (actress), April Winchell (actress)

April Trends

Since 1880, more than 233,700 babies have been named April, in the US. In 1980, over 11,400 families chose to name their daughters April.

Fun Fact

Avril is April’s French version, as in Avril Lavigne, the singer.



27. Ashley

Ashley is a neutral name and both girls and boys can proudly wear it.

Meaning of Ashley

Ash tree

Origin of Ashley

Old English

Pronunciation of Ashley


Variations/Alternatives of Ashley

Ashford, Ashlane, Ashleigh, Ashlene

Famous People Named Ashley

Ashley Tisdale (actress), Ashley Benson (actress)

Ashley Trends

Between 1970 and 2012, this name was very popular in the US. In 1987, more than 54,800 newborn girls were named Ashley.

Fun Fact

At first, for over 300 years, this name was given to make children only.



28. Bailey

This name comes with plenty of other cute alternatives when it comes to their spelling. It derives from the word “bailiff.”

Meaning of Bailey

Fortification, steward

Origin of Bailey

French, Old English

Pronunciation of Bailey


Variations/Alternatives of Bailey

Baylee, Bayley, Bailee

Famous People Named Bailey

Bailey McKnight (musician), Bailey (Stella McCartney’s daughter)

Bailey Trends

Since 1880, over 82,000 baby girls have been given this name. In 1998, nearly 5,200 newborn girls were named Bailey.

Fun Fact

As a girl’s name, Bailey was incredibly popular in the 1990s and also during the early period of the 2000s.



29. Bella

Bella is often used as Isabella’s nickname. Many Spanish and Italian women have this beautiful name.

Meaning of Bella

Beautiful, God’s Gift

Origin of Bella

Spanish, Hebrew, Italian

Pronunciation of Bella


Variations/Alternatives of Bella

Bellatrix, Annabel, Annie, Belinda

Famous People Named Bella

Bella Hadid (model), Bella (Eddie Murphy’s daughter)

Bella Trends

Since 1880, over 34,500 newborn girls have been given this name. In 2010, more than 5,000 babies were named Bella.

Fun Fact

Bella was very popular in the 1800s but then its popularity faded away only to regain it in recent years due to Bella Swan’s character from Twilight.



30. Betty

This is an amazing transitional name that derives from Elizabeth.

Meaning of Betty

Dedicated, God’s oath

Origin of Betty

English, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Betty


Variations/Alternatives of Betty

Bess, Bessie, Elizabeth, Babette, Lisbeth, Eliza

Famous People Named Betty

Betty White (actress), Betty Cuthbert (Olympic runner)

Betty Trends

Since 1880, in the US, almost one million girls have been given this name. In 1930, over 38,000 baby girls were named Betty.

Fun Fact

The word “betty” was initially used to describe an attractive girl.


Bet, Etty

31. Brenda

Brenda is derived from the word “brendr” that comes from the Old Norse language and it means “sword.”

Meaning of Brenda

Sword, little raven

Origin of Brenda

Irish, Old English

Pronunciation of Brenda


Variations/Alternatives of Brenda

Brendie, Bryanna, Brendah

Famous People Named Brenda

Brenda Lee (singer), Brenda Marshall (actress)

Brenda Trends

Since 1880, over 604,000 baby girls have been given this name. In 1957, more than 24,000 newborns were named Brenda.

Fun Fact

“Brenda’s Got a Baby” was the debut single of Tupac Shakur.


Brennie, Bren

32. Bridget

This is the English version of the name Brighid, from the Gaelic language.

Meaning of Bridget

Strong, resolute

Origin of Bridget


Pronunciation of Bridget


Variations/Alternatives of Bridget

Brita, Brigette, Brigitte, Britta, Breanna, Brianna

Famous People Named Bridget

Bridget Moynahan (model), Bridget Fonda (actress)

Bridget Trends

Since 1880, over 86,500 baby girls have been given this name. It was a very popular name in the 1970s.

Fun Fact

The word Bridget was another term to describe an Irish maid, in the 20th century.



33. Caitlin

Every child is pure and you can stand by this statement by choosing to name your daughter Caitlin which means pure.

Meaning of Caitlin

Pure beauty, little darling

Origin of Caitlin

Greek, Irish, Celtic

Pronunciation of Caitlin


Variations/Alternatives of Caitlin

Caitlyn, Katherine, Catherine, Katelyn

Famous People Named Caitlin

Caitlin Moran (journalist), Caitlin McCarthy (actress)

Caitlin Trends

This was a very popular name in the late 1980s. In 1988, over 7,200 baby girls were named Caitlin.

Fun Fact

This name is among the ones with the highest number of alternatives in terms of spelling: Catelyn, Kaitlynn, etc.


Cathy, Katy

34. Brooklyn

Lately, it has become a trendy choice to name your child after a city or a borough.

Meaning of Brooklyn

Beautiful brook

Origin of Brooklyn

Modern English

Pronunciation of Brooklyn


Variations/Alternatives of Brooklyn

Brooklin, Brookline

Famous People Named Brooklyn

Brooklyn Decker (model), Brooklyn (Nick Lachey’s daughter), Brooke Shields (actress)

Brooklyn Trends

This name became very popular after 1990. In 2011, over 7,100 baby girls were named Brooklyn.

Fun Fact

The name comes from the word Breukelen which has Dutch roots.


Brook, Brookie

35. Camille

It is a popular version of the name Camilla that has a French twist when you say it.

Meaning of Camille

Religious ceremony attendant

Origin of Camille


Pronunciation of Camille


Variations/Alternatives of Camille

Camelia, Camillia, Camila, Caimile

Famous People Named Camille

Camille Winbush (actress), Camille Grammer (reality TV star)

Camille Trends

Ever since the 1880s, this name has grown in popularity, being on an ascending trend. Since then, nearly 60,000 newborns have been given this name. In 2012, over 1,300 babies were named Camille.

Fun Fact

In 1936, Greta Garbo starred in a movie in which she played a character named Camille.


Cammie, Mila, Cammy, Millie

36. Carly

Carly is the feminine version of the name Carl which, in my opinion, sounds very elegant and noble yet too sober. Carly, on the other hand, sounds playful and fun.

Meaning of Carly


Origin of Carly


Pronunciation of Carly


Variations/Alternatives of Carly

Karly, Karlee

Famous People Named Carly

Carly Simon (singer), Carly Hallam (actress)

Carly Trends

Since 1880, more than 58,500 baby girls have been given this name. In 1995, almost 2,600 families named their baby daughters Carly.

Fun Fact

Carly is derived from Carl and you can only find this name in the United States. In other countries, you may find the alternative Carla.



37. Celeste

This name is a reference to the sky so, it can be the ideal choice for your little angel.

Meaning of Celeste

Heavenly, most beautiful

Origin of Celeste

Greek, Latin

Pronunciation of Celeste


Variations/Alternatives of Celeste

Celestine, Calista, Calysta, Kalla, Celestina, Celesteen

Famous People Named Celeste

Celeste Holm (actress), Celeste Marshall (model)

Celeste Trends

Since 1880, over 53,000 babies have been named Celeste. In 2004, more than 1,600 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

Laguna Celeste is a Bolivian lake and there’s also a river called Celeste that’s located in Costa Rica.


Cece, Celly, Lettie, Ellie

38. Charlotte

Charlotte is a classy and elegant name and it brings a feminine vibe.

Meaning of Charlotte

Womanly, little

Origin of Charlotte


Pronunciation of Charlotte


Variations/Alternatives of Charlotte

Carlotta, Charlot, Charlet, Charlette

Famous People Named Charlotte

Charlotte Brontë (writer), Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana (the daughter of Prince William)

Charlotte Trends

Since 1880, over 291,000 families have named their daughters Charlotte. In 2012, over 7,400 baby girls were given this name.

Fun Fact

It comes from the male name Charles and, in French, it is associated with “little” and “free man.”


Charley, Lola, Charlie

39. Chelsea

Originally, Chelsea was the landing dock where limestone and chalk were transported in London’s districts.

Meaning of Chelsea

Ship island, brave, river landing place

Origin of Chelsea

Scottish, Old English

Pronunciation of Chelsea


Variations/Alternatives of Chelsea

Chelseigh, Chelsie, Chelsee, Kelsy

Famous People Named Chelsea

Chelsea Field (actress), Chelsea Peretti (comedian)

Chelsea Trends

Since 1880, over 153,000 newborn girls have received this name. In 1992, over 16,000 babies were named Chelsea.

Fun Fact

There’s also a Boston suburb that’s called Chelsea and Chelsea F.C. is the name of a famous English football club.



40. Christine

This is a beautiful and very melodic name for a girl.

Meaning of Christine

from the word Christian, anointed

Origin of Christine


Pronunciation of Christine


Variations/Alternatives of Christine

Christina, Christiana, Christa, Kristen, Kirsten, Kristin, Chrystal

Famous People Named Christine

Christine Baranski (actress), Christine Organ (author)

Christine Trends

Since 1880, over 580,000 newborns have been given this name. It was very popular in the 1950s.

Fun Fact

In the novel Christine by Stephen King, there was an evil car that went by this name.


Crissy, Chris, Tina

41. Daphne

Daphne sounds mysterious and has a nice interesting meaning.

Meaning of Daphne

Laurel tree

Origin of Daphne


Pronunciation of Daphne


Variations/Alternatives of Daphne

Daphnie, Daphney, Daffye, Daphny, Dafnee

Famous People Named Daphne

Daphne Oz (author), Daphne Zuniga (actress)

Daphne Trends

This was a popular name in the 1960s. In 1962, over 1,100 baby girls were named Daphne.

Fun Fact

Daphne was a Greek mythological character who transformed herself into a laurel tree to avoid unwanted advances that Apollo was trying to make.



42. Demi

Demi, from Greek, can also mean “half.” It is a short and pretty name with a few exotic influences.

Meaning of Demi

The harvest Goddess, fort on a hill

Origin of Demi

Greek, Old English

Pronunciation of Demi


Variations/Alternatives of Demi

Demetra, Demetrice, Deitra, Demetria, Demeteria, Dymitrah

Famous People Named Demi

Demi Lovato (singer), Demi Moore (actress)

Demi Trends

Demi is a pretty unique name. Since 1880, only 3,892 newborn girls have been given this name. In 1995, 364 families named their daughters Demi.

Fun Fact

The actress Demi Moore made this name famous and popular all throughout the 1990s.



43. Edith

Edith means “expensive gift” in Old English which makes this name an appropriate one for your little girl who is a priceless gift from God.

Meaning of Edith

Expensive gift

Origin of Edith

Old English

Pronunciation of Edith


Variations/Alternatives of Edith

Edita, Edette, Edyth

Famous People Named Edith

Edith “Edie” Sedgwick (model and actress), Edith (Cate Blanchett’s daughter)

Edith Trends

This name was very popular in the US between 1900 and 1970. Since 1880, over 263,000 girls have received this name. In 1918, almost 8,000 babies were named Edith.

Fun Fact

In Despicable Me, the famous animated movie, one of the little girls is called Edith.


Edy, Edie

44. Elaine

Elaine is a variation of Helen which means “shining light.”

Meaning of Elaine


Origin of Elaine

Greek, French

Pronunciation of Elaine


Variations/Alternatives of Elaine

Helen, Elena, Laine, Helene, Eleanor, Alana

Famous People Named Elaine

Elaine Hendrix (actress), Elaine Joyce (actress)

Elaine Trends

Between 1916 and 1970, this name was very popular. In 1947, over 7,000 baby girls were named Elaine.

Fun Fact

Lady Elaine Fairchilde was a puppet from Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood show.


Lainey, Eli

45. Jasmine

This amazingly beautiful and exotic name has Persian, Arabic, and French roots.

Meaning of Jasmine

Jasmine flower

Origin of Jasmine


Pronunciation of Jasmine


Variations/Alternatives of Jasmine

Jasmina, Jasmin, Yasmin, Yasmine

Famous People Named Jasmine

Jasmine V (singer), Jasmine Guy (actress)

Jasmine Trends

Between 1988 and 2012, Jasmine was a very popular name in the US. In 1993, over 12,000 baby girls were named Jasmine.

Fun Fact

Versions such as Yasmin or Jazmin are commonly-met in countries such as Argentina and Brazil.


Jaz, Jazzy

46. Elsa

Elsa is the German version of the name Elizabeth.

Meaning of Elsa

Dedicated to God, island dweller

Origin of Elsa

Scottish, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Elsa


Variations/Alternatives of Elsa

Ailsa, Ailis, Ailsha, Elshe, Eliza, Elissa, Elsbeth

Famous People Named Elsa

Elsa Maxwell (writer), Elsa Hosk (model)

Elsa Trends

Since 1880, over 25,100 newborns have been given this name. In 2012, 537 babies were named Elsa.

Fun Fact

Elsa was made famous due to Frozen, the animated movie made by Disney.


Elle, Ellie

47. Emma

This is a short and cute name for your baby girl that will reflect her feminine side.

Meaning of Emma

Whole, all-embracing, universal

Origin of Emma


Pronunciation of Emma


Variations/Alternatives of Emma

Emily, Emiliana, Emilia

Famous People Named Emma

Emma Thompson (actress), Emma Watson (actress)

Emma Trends

Since 1880, over 550,400 baby girls have been named Emma. In 2003, nearly 22,700 babies were named Emma.

Fun Fact

The name became even more famous after Rachel from Friends named the fictional character of her daughter Emma.


Em, Emmie

48. Esther

Esther derives from Ishtar which, in Babylonian, was the Goddess of fertility and love.

Meaning of Esther


Origin of Esther

Persian, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Esther

EHS-ter, ES-tuhr

Variations/Alternatives of Esther

Ester, Hettie, Estella, Estrella

Famous People Named Esther

Esther Williams (swimmer), Esther Jones (singer)

Esther Trends

Since 1880, more than 240,000 newborns have been given this name. In 1918, over 6,500 baby girls were named Esther.

Fun Fact

Judy Garland played a heroine named Esther Smith in “Meet Me in St. Louis” movie.


Tess, Ettie

49. Florence

Your little Florence will definitely be the most beautiful flower of all.

Meaning of Florence

Flourishing, blooming flower

Origin of Florence


Pronunciation of Florence


Variations/Alternatives of Florence

Flora, Florenz, Fleur, Floris, Florentia, Floria

Famous People Named Florence

Florence Henderson (actress), Florence Nightingale (nurse and statistician)

Florence Trends

This was a very popular name between 1910 and 1940. In 1918, over 11,300 baby girls were named Florence.

Fun Fact

In 2018, Maryland, North Carolina, and other areas were affected by Hurricane Florence.


Flo, Florie

50. Haley

Haley can also mean meadow. It is a beautiful girl name worn by many famous women.

Meaning of Haley

Wise one, hero

Origin of Haley

Norse, Irish

Pronunciation of Haley


Variations/Alternatives of Haley

Hailey, Hally, Hollis

Famous People Named Haley

Haley Bennett (actress), Haley Bonar (singer)

Haley Trends

Since 1880, nearly 150,000 newborns have been given this name, in the US. In 2000, over 9,000 babies were named Haley.

Fun Fact

This name can also come from an old word that meant “remote valley.” It is a unisex name although parents give it mostly to their daughters.



51. Heather

This was formerly much more popular than today but it still remains a pretty name for your baby daughter.

Meaning of Heather

Shrub, heath, flowering plant

Origin of Heather

English, Scottish

Pronunciation of Heather

heth -er

Variations/Alternatives of Heather

Heatherlee, Hether

Famous People Named Heather

Heather Mills (model), Heather Locklear (actress)

Heather Trends

Since 1880, more than 522,600 newborns have been given this name. In 1975, over 24,300 girls were named Heather.

Fun Fact

In 1975, the top 3 most popular names for girls in the United States were Jennifer, Amy, and Heather.



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