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101 French Baby Names: Origin and Meaning

101 French Baby Names: Origin and Meaning
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Before all of the diapers and sleepless nights, there’s an important decision all parents have to make: What should I name my child? It can often be a frustrating and confusing process to sort through all the options available. Therefore, let’s simplify the process.

French names have a certain elegance and flair which can help the decision-making process much easier. After all, France is rich with literature, culture, and history to add significance and weight to your baby girl’s name helping her form the essential bond with her ancestry. The country is associated with being the center of modernity and life encompassing art, fashion, cuisine and architecture.

When it comes to names, French parents believe in the impact a name has on their child’s development. Aside from sounding beautiful, their names are a reflection of the multiculturalism and uniqueness of their culture. Some names are based on tradition, others are often diminutives or borrowed with a French twist to provide their children with the ethnicity and values of their society. And, that’s what makes their names so appealing.

101 French Baby Names

101 French Baby Names: Origin and Meaning

Below we’ve compiled a list of 101 French baby names, including the origin and their meaning.

1. Anne

Meaning of Anne:

Favor, Grace

Origin of Anne:


Pronunciation of Anne:


Alternates & Variations Anne:

Anna, Ann, Ana

Famous People Named Anne:

Queen of Great Britain Anne, actress Anne Hathaway, non-fiction author Anne Frank

Anne Trends:

Anne remained within the top 50 names within France until 1990 and is still wildly popular within the region and worldwide.

Fun Fact:

Anne appears as a character within Jane Austen’s Persuasion and William Shakespeare’s The Merry Wives of Windsor.

2. Andréa

Meaning of Andrea:


Origin of Andrea:


Pronunciation of Andrea:


Alternates & Variations Andrea:

Andreja, Andreia

Famous People Named Andrea:

Actress Andrea Sawatzki, astronomer Andrea M. Ghez, tennis player Andrea Petkovic

Andrea Trends:

Andrea gained its peak popularity within France and the United States in the 1990s and early 2000s. It remains within the top 150 ranking names within both regions.

Fun Fact

Andrea is a unisex name which cognates from Saint Andrew, the earliest disciples of Jesus. It was also the third most popular name in Italy in 2006.

3. Adele

Meaning of Adele:


Origin of Adele:


Pronunciation of Adele:

?-DEHL, a-DEH-l?

Alternates & Variations of Adele:

Adela, Adelle

Famous People Named Adele:

Singer Adele Adkins, fashion designer Adele Simpson, statistician Adele Cutler

Adele Trends:

Adele is a decently popular name with its ranking staying between the 300s in France while being among the top 40 in Italy.

Fun Fact

The single-named British pop singer Adele is partly responsible for a bump in popularity within the Top 500 range worldwide.

4. Agathe

Meaning of Agathe:


Origin of Agathe:


Pronunciation of Agathe:

A-GAT (French), a-GA-t? (German)

Alternates & Variations of Agathe:

Agatka, Agatha

Famous People Named Agathe:

Princess of Denmark Marie Agathe Odile, actress Agatha de La Boulaye

Agathe Trends:

Although the name had fallen out of use, there has been a resurgence within France since the 1980s and the name is ranked within the top 50 for the region.

Fun Fact

Agathe Uwilingiyimana was the first and only female prime minister of Rwanda holding office from July 1993 till April 1994.

5. Alice

Meaning of Alice:

Of Nobility

Origin of Alice:

Old French

Pronunciation of Alice:

A-LEES (French), AL-is (English)

Alternates & Variations of Alice:

Alease, Alys, Alix

Famous People Named Alice:

Nobel Prize Winner Alice Munro, Olympic medallist Alice Tait, Oscar winning actress Alice Brady

Alice Trends:

Alice ranks as the 4th most popular name within France with a rising trend in the United States.

Fun Fact

Lewis Caroll created his iconic work Alice in Wonderland while on a boating trip when Alice Liddel had asked for a story to entertain her and her sisters.

6. Aya

Meaning of Aya:


Origin of Aya:


Pronunciation of Aya:


Alternates & Variations of Aya:


Famous People Named Aya:

Egyptian Queen Aya, French model Aya Jones, Olympic medallist Aya Sameshima

Aya Trends:

Aya is not a traditional name within French/European households, but its popularity since the early 2000s has been rapid. It ranks within the top 50 names in France with a rising trend in the United States.

Fun Fact

Aya can be written in Japanese using various characters which can change its meaning; ranging from twill, color, logic, order, and writings.

7. Amélie

Meaning of Amelie:


Origin of Amelie:


Pronunciation of Amelie:


Alternates & Variations of Amelie:

Amilia, Emelina

Famous People Named Amelie:

Painter Amelie Beaury-Saurel, aviator Amelie Beese, tennis player Amelie Mauresmo

Amelie Trends:

Amelie once ranked among the top 20 within France but appears around the 300s now—despite its continued popularity in England, Wales, Austria, and Belgium.

Fun Fact

A species of glass frogs was named Cochranella Amelie after the protagonist of the 2001 French romantic comedy, Amelie.

8. Anaïs

Meaning of Anaïs:


Origin of Anaïs:


Pronunciation of Anaïs:


Alternates & Variations of Anaïs:

Anaís, Anais, Anaïse

Famous People Named Anaïs:

Singer Anaïs Croze, French actress Demoustier

Anaïs Trends:

Anaïs peaked in popularity during the 1990s in France and it is still considered among the top 50 female names in the region.

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9. Ambre

Meaning of Ambre:

Amber stone

Origin of Ambre:


Pronunciation of Ambre:


Alternates & Variations of Ambre:

Amber, Amberly

Famous People Named Ambre:

Opera singer Emilie Ambre

Ambre Trends:

Ambre is a common name within France with its ranking of 15 but does not have worldwide activity. Instead, its alternative Amber has been quite popular within the United States in the 1980s-1990s.

10. Alicia

Meaning of Alicia:


Origin of Alicia:


Pronunciation of Alicia:

a-LEE-thya (Spanish) ?-LEE-sh? (English)

Alternates & Variations of Alicia:

Alecia, Alesha, Alysa, Alyse

Famous People Named Alicia:

Dancer Alicia Alnso, singer Alicia Keys, journalist Alicia Partlette

Alicia Trends:

Lara is a rather mainstream name in France and it also is ranked among the top 1,000 in the U.S. It was most popular in the 1980s with its number 40 ranking.

Fun Fact

Singer and pop star, Alicia Keys, learnt the piano at the age of 7 and wrote her first song when she was just 14 years old.

11. Axelle

Meaning of Axelle:


Origin of Axelle:


Pronunciation of Axelle:


Alternates & Variations of Axelle:


Famous People Named Axelle:

Filmmaker Axelle Carolyn, journalist Axelle Kabou, singer and composer Axelle Renoir

Axelle Trends:

Axelle is rare in the U.S., but it has been a top 250 female name in France for the past 50 years.

12. Blanche

Meaning of Blanche:


Origin of Blanche:


Pronunciation of Blanche:

BLAHNSH (French) BLANCH (English)

Alternates & Variations of Blanche:

Blanka, Bianka, Bianca

Famous People Named Blanche:

Queen of France Blanche of Burgundy, actress Blanche Walsh, aviator Blanche Scott

Blanche Trends:

Blanche had reached its peak in the early 1900s before becoming rare in the U.S and is no longer in the top 1000 today.

Fun Fact

Blanche was originally a nickname for pale blonde women, but soon developed its purity connotations which it is commonly associated with today.

13. Brigitte

Meaning of Brigitte:

Noble, the exalted one

Origin of Brigitte:


Pronunciation of Brigitte:

BREE-ZHEET(French) Bree-GI-t?(German)

Alternates & Variations of Brigitte:

Bridget, Brigid, Brigitta

Famous People Named Brigitte:

Actress Brigette Bardot, Olympic medallist Bridgette Rohde, comedian Brigitte Kaandorp

Brigitte Trends:

Brigette reached number 1 spot for girl’s names in France in the 1950s. It never captured mainstream appeal in the United States but has appeared in the top 1000 list over the years.

Fun Fact

Brigette Bardot retired in the 1960s to start an animal rights foundation called the Brigitte Bardot Foundation for the Welfare and Protection of Animals.

14. Corinne

Meaning of Corinne:

Beautiful maiden

Origin of Corinne:


Pronunciation of Corinne:


Alternates & Variations of Corinne:

Corine, Coreen, Corynn, Korrina

Famous People Named Corinne:

Actress Corrine Griffith

Corinne Trends:

Once regarded in the top 10 within France, the name has picked up prominence in the United States where it stays within the top 1,000 ranks.

15. Camille

Meaning of Camille:

Virginal, unblemished character

Origin of Camille:


Pronunciation of Camille:

KA-MEE(French) k?-MEEL(English)

Alternates & Variations of Camille:

Camilla, Kamil, Kamilla

Famous People Named Camille:

Sculptor Camille Claudel, swimmer Camille Munro, football player Camille Catala

Camille Trends:

Camille is considerably popular in Italy, ranking 13th in 2017. In the U.S. it usually ranks within the 300s.

16. Chloé

Meaning of Chloé:

Blooming, fertility

Origin of Chloé:


Pronunciation of Chloé:


Alternates & Variations of Chloé:


Famous People Named Chloé:

Violinist Chloe Hanslip, swimmer Chloe Sutton, actress Chloe Lambert

Chloé Trends:

Ranked among the top 10 within France for nearly a decade, Chloe is a popular choice within the United States since the early 2000s as well.

Fun Fact

Chloe is the name of a French luxury fashion house which was founded by Gaby Aghion in 1952.

17. Claire

Meaning of Claire:

Bright, clear

Origin of Claire:


Pronunciation of Claire:


Alternates & Variations of Claire:

Clara, Clair, Clare, Clarissa

Famous People Named Claire:

Princess of Belgium Claire Coombs, journalist Claire Rayner, actress Claire Foy

Claire Trends:

Claire has fallen out of trend in France with its ranking of 339 in 2017, but it remains ever-popular in the US being within the top 50.

18. Clémence

Meaning of Clémence:


Origin of Clémence:


Pronunciation of Clémence:


Alternates & Variations of Clémence:

Clementine, Clementina

Famous People Named Clémence:

Basketball player Clemence Beikes, playwright Clemence Dane, activist Clemence Houseman

Clémence Trends:

Clemence is among the top 50 most popular names in France; but it is uncommon in the U.S. Its variant, Clementine, is more popular in the states and is currently seeing a resurgence.

Fun Fact

Actress Clemence Posey played the role of Fleur Delacour in the Harry Potter series.

19. Charlotte

Meaning of Charlotte:

Strong and virile

Origin of Charlotte:


Pronunciation of Charlotte:

SHAR-LAWT(French) SHAHR-l?t(English)

Alternates & Variations of Charlotte:

Lottie, Charlotta

Famous People Named Charlotte:

Makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury, cyclist Charlotte Becker, actress Charlotte Cornwell

Charlotte Trends:

Charlotte ranks around 25 in popularity for girls in France while being within the top 10 in the United States.

Fun Fact

Charlotte Bronte was rejected nine times before her first novel, The Professor, was finally accepted for publication.

20. Capucine

Meaning of Capucine:


Origin of Capucine:


Pronunciation of Capucine:


Alternates & Variations of Capucine:


Famous People Named Capucine:

Actress and Model Capucine

Capucine Trends:

Capucine is rather unknown to the outside world but is a popular name within the country sitting at a ranking of 44 in 2017.

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21. Celia

Meaning of Celia:

Heaven, blind

Origin of Celia:


Pronunciation of Celia:

BREE-ZHEET(French) Bree-GI-t?(German)

Alternates & Variations of Celia:


Famous People Named Celia:

Journalist Celia W. Dugger, actress Celia Adler, author Celia Thaxter

Celia Trends:

Celia is popular in France, with a high rank of 23 in 2004. However, there is a declining trend in the US where the name is nearly out of the top 1,000.

Fun Fact

Celia Cruz, known as the Salsa Queen, recorded over 70 albums wherein 23 were certified gold and others earned the platinum status.

22. Candice

Meaning of Candice:

Pure and innocent

Origin of Candice:


Pronunciation of Candice:


Alternates & Variations of Candice:

Candace, Candis, Candi

Famous People Named Candice:

Fashion photographer Candice Farmer, model Candice Swanepoel, actress Candice Bergen

Candice Trends:

While it has diminishing popularity in the United States, Candice remains a popular option in France appearing at the 78th rank in 2017 for baby girl names.

23. Charlie

Meaning of Charlie:


Origin of Charlie:


Pronunciation of Charlie:


Alternates & Variations of Charlie:

Carlene, Karlene

Famous People Named Charlie:

Actress Charlie Spradling

Charlie Trends:

Charlie is among the top 100 names within France and peaked in 2017 with its 63rd rank. In the U.S, the feminine version has been picking up significance since 2005 but is not at the same level as yet.

24. Celeste

Meaning of Celeste:


Origin of Celeste:


Pronunciation of Celeste:


Alternates & Variations of Celeste:


Famous People Named Celeste:

Electronic Engineer Celeste Baranski, actress Celeste Yarnall

Celeste Trends:

Celeste has stayed within the top 500 rank within France and the United States for decades. It peaked in 2004 with a ranking of 204.

25. Carla

Meaning of Carla:

free man

Origin of Carla:

Old English

Pronunciation of Carla:


Alternates & Variations of Carla:

Carly, Carlie, Karlee

Famous People Named Carla:

Actress Carla Abellana, actress Carla Juri, singer, and author Carla Ulbrich

Carla Trends:

Carla is in the top 300 names in France, and it peaked in the United States around 1965 when it ranked at 76.

26. Danielle

Meaning of Danielle:

God is my judge

Origin of Danielle:


Pronunciation of Danielle:

DA-NYEHL (French) dan-YEHL (English)

Alternates & Variations of Danielle:

Dani, Dana, Daniela

Famous People Named Danielle:

Author Danielle Steel, actress Danielle Panabaker

Danielle Trends:

Danielle was once among the top 10 feminine names in France. It remains a popular option within the top 500 range and reached a climax in 1987 with a rank of 18.

27. Diana

Meaning of Diana:


Origin of Diana:


Pronunciation of Diana:


Alternates & Variations of Diana:

Diane, Dianna

Famous People Named Diana:

Princess of Wales, Diana, Neurosurgeon Diana Beck, actress Diana Rigg

Diana Trends:

Once among the top 50 names in the United States, Diana maintains its position as one of the most popular names within the area.

Fun Fact

Princess Diana loved the ballet and wanted to be a ballerina growing up, but her height made her too tall to pursue her dream.

28. Emma

Meaning of Emma:

Whole, universal

Origin of Emma:


Pronunciation of Emma:

EHM-?(English) EH-MA(French) EH-ma(Spanish, German)

Alternates & Variations of Emma:

Emily, Ema, Irma

Famous People Named Emma:

Actress and activist Emma Watson, actress Emma Stone, magazine editor Emma L. Shaw

Emma Trends:

Emma is ranked number 1 in France, Netherlands, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States.

Fun Fact

Harry Potter star, Emma Watson, was the youngest person to ever make the cover of Teen Vogue at the age of 15.

29. Eva

Meaning of Eva:


Origin of Eva:


Pronunciation of Eva:


Alternates & Variations of Eva:

Ava, Eve, Evy

Famous People Named Eva:

Astronomer Eva Ahnert-Rohlfs, actress Eva Longoria, figure skater Eva Pawlik

Eva Trends:

Eva is in the top 30 names in France. It hasn’t been as popular in the United States, but has seen a rising trend in recent years; currently maintaining its position at 75.

30. Elena

Meaning of Elena:

Shining light

Origin of Elena:


Pronunciation of Elena:

EHL-?-n? (English) EH-leh-na (Italian)

Alternates & Variations of Elena:

Ileana, Helena, Lena, Alyona

Famous People Named Elena:

Actress Elena Altieri, tennis player Elena Bovina, Olympic gold medallist and sports journalist Elena Vaytsekhovskaya

Elena Trends:

Elena has seen a rising trend within France owning the 45th rank in 2017. It also remains fairly popular within the U.S breaking into the top 100 in 2016.

31. Elise

Meaning of Elise:

My God is abundance

Origin of Elise:


Pronunciation of Elise:


Alternates & Variations of Elise:

Elyse, Elize

Famous People Named Elise:

Painter Elise Bruyere, philologist Elise Richter, actress Elise Neal

Elise Trends:

Although not as popular in other parts of the world, Elise appears in the top 60 names within Frances for decades.

Fun Fact

A steam ship named Elise was the first steamboat to cross the English Channel in 1816.

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32. Eleanor

Meaning of Eleanor:

Bright, shining one

Origin of Eleanor:

Old french

Pronunciation of Eleanor:


Alternates & Variations of Eleanor:

Elanor, Nora

Famous People Named Eleanor:

Poet Eleanor Anne Porden, writer Eleanor Marx, First Lady of the United States Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Trends:

Eleanor has dropped out of the top 1,000 names in the United States but it continues to occupy the 156th rank as of 2017 within France.

Fun Fact

Eleanor Waldorf was a recurring character within Gossip Girl and the main character, Blair Waldorf’s mother, who ran a successful luxury fashion brand.

33. Francine

Meaning of Francine:

Free/From France

Origin of Francine:


Pronunciation of Francine:

FRAHN-SEEN (French) fran-SEEN (English)

Alternates & Variations of Francine:

Francette, Francene

Famous People Named Francine:

Writer Francine Rivers, singer Francine Reed

Francine Trends:

Francine was a popular name appearing within the top 1,000 until the 1970s, but has become quite rare in the US.

Fun Fact

Writer Francine Pascal authored the Sweet Valley High series which was one of the most popular teen and young-adult fiction in the 1980s and 1990s.

34. Faustine

Meaning of Faustine:


Origin of Faustine:


Pronunciation of Faustine:


Alternates & Variations of Faustine:


Famous People Named Faustine:

Olympic gold medallist Faustine Merret

Faustine Trends:

Faustine is a fairly rare outside France but it internally occupies the 80th rank as of 2017.

35. Fleur

Meaning of Fleur:


Origin of Fleur:


Pronunciation of Fleur:


Alternates & Variations of Fleur:

Flore, Fiorella, Fiore

Famous People Named Fleur:

Field runner Fleur Mellor, figure skater Fleur Maxwell

Fleur Trends:

The name is steadily within France’s top 500 names for women but has not received the naming popularity within the US.

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36. Gabrielle

Meaning of Gabrielle:

God is my strength

Origin of Gabrielle:


Pronunciation of Gabrielle:


Alternates & Variations of Gabrielle:


Famous People Named Gabrielle:

Fashion Designer Coco Chanel (a.k.a Gabrielle), gymnast Gabrielle Douglas, Saint Marie-Gabrielle Trezel

Gabrielle Trends:

Gabrielle is a vintage name but still has some prominence within France. It was within the top 100 names within the United States until 2010.

Fun Fact

Fashion icon and designer, Coco Chanel’s real name was Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel and had earned the monocular of Coco while spending her nights singing in a cabaret.

37. Giulia

Meaning of Giulia:


Origin of Giulia:


Pronunciation of Giulia:


Alternates & Variations of Giulia:


Famous People Named Giulia:

Judoka Giulia Quintavalle

Giulia Trends:

Giulia is ranked within the top 60 names within France but is still a rarity within the United States.

38. Genevieve

Meaning of Genevieve:

Belonging to the race of women

Origin of Genevieve:


Pronunciation of Genevieve:


Alternates & Variations of Genevieve:

Ginette, Genoveva

Famous People Named Genevieve:

Ice hockey goaltender Genevieve Lacasse, actress Genevieve Bujold

Genevieve Trends:

Once held prominence, Genevieve is largely out of the mainstream within France. It was among the 30 most popular names during the early 1900s.

Fun Fact

Saint Genevieve was a French nun who is said to have saved Paris by diverting Atilla’s Huns away through fasting and prayer.

39. Héloïse

Meaning of Héloïse:

Hale, healthy

Origin of Héloïse:


Pronunciation of Héloïse:


Alternates & Variations of Héloïse:


Famous People Named Héloïse:

French nun Héloïse, Fashion model Héloïse Guerin

Héloïse Trends:

Being a rather unique name, Héloïse has remained popular within French areas only. It remains within the top 200 names for women till this day.

40. Inaya

Meaning of Inaya:

Care, concern

Origin of Inaya:


Pronunciation of Inaya:


Alternates & Variations of Inaya:


Famous People Named Inaya:

Singer Inaya Days

Inaya Trends:

Inaya is a fairly new name within France but it has significantly grown over the years taking over the 30th spot in 2017.

41. Ines

Meaning of Ines:


Origin of Ines:


Pronunciation of Ines:


Alternates & Variations of Ines:

Inez, Agnes

Famous People Named Ines:

Swimming gold medallist Ines Geissler, sociologist Ines Alberdi, comedian Iness Torelli

Ines Trends:

Ines was ranked as the 6th most common name for women in 2010 within France. Yet, its impact has not reached the United States where it doesn’t appear in the top 1,000 list.

42. Iris

Meaning of Iris:

Purple-blue color like the flower

Origin of Iris:


Pronunciation of Iris:

IE-ris (English), EE-REES (French)

Alternates & Variations of Iris:


Famous People Named Iris:

Actress Iris Adrian, Horticulturist Iris Bannochie, novelist Iris Murdoch

Iris Trends:

Iris remains as a popular option for baby names for girls within France. It reached its all-time high in 2018 ranking at 138 within the States.

Fun Fact

Iris was the name of the Greek goddess of the rainbow and the messenger of the gods.

43. Jade

Meaning of Jade:

Like the mineral stone

Origin of Jade:


Pronunciation of Jade:

JAYD (English) ZHAD (French)

Alternates & Variations of Jade:


Famous People Named Jade:

Gymnast Jade Carey, Swimmer Jade Howard, Fashion Designer Jade Holland Cooper

Jade Trends:

Jade was quite a popular name for girls and broke into the top 100 ranking in 2001 and remains among the top 3 names in France.

Fun Fact

Jade stones are regarded as possessing medicinal properties which can aid in healing and recovery from bacterial and viral infections or for pain relief.

44. Jeanne

Meaning of Jeanne:

God is gracious

Origin of Jeanne:


Pronunciation of Jeanne:

ZHAN (French) JEEN (English)

Alternates & Variations of Jeanne:

Jean, Jeanette, Jenna, Jane, Joan

Famous People Named Jeanne:

Actress Jeanne Moreau, fashion designer Jeanne Lanvin

Jeanne Trends:

Being a vintage name, Jeanna has seen its ups and downs. It remains as a popular option in France, but no longer appears in the top 1,000 in the United States.

Fun Fact

Joan of Arc is commonly referred to as Jeanne of Arc within France.

45. Julia

Meaning of Julia:

Descendant of Julus

Origin of Julia:


Pronunciation of Julia:


Alternates & Variations of Julia:


Famous People Named Julia:

Architect Julia Morgan, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, actress Julia Roberts

Julia Trends:

Julia remains within the top 50 names for women for nearly a decade in France while maintaining its popularity within the U.S.

46. Juliet

Meaning of Juliet:

Forever young

Origin of Juliet:


Pronunciation of Juliet:


Alternates & Variations of Juliet:


Famous People Named Juliet:

Musician Juliet Richardson, actress Juliet Aubrey, director Juliet Huddy

Juliet Trends:

Given its significance, Juliet has remained within the top 1,000 lists within the United States and France.

Fun Fact

Although Juliet is an anglicized form of Juliette, it has its own significance and meaning through the spelling used by Shakespeare.

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47. Josephine

Meaning of Josephine:

God will increase

Origin of Josephine:


Pronunciation of Josephine:


Alternates & Variations of Josephine:


Famous People Named Josephine:

Actress Josephine Hull, Businesswoman Estee Lauder aka Josephine Esther Mentzer

Josephine Trends:

Josephine remains very popular as a name for women. Despite a decline in France, the name hit its all-time high in the U.S securing the 91st rank in 2017.

48. Lana

Meaning of Lana:

Little rock

Origin of Lana:


Pronunciation of Lana:


Alternates & Variations of Lana:


Famous People Named Lana:

Singer Lana Del Rey, actress Lana Turner, director Lana Wachowski

Lana Trends:

Lana reached prominence within France, making it one of the top 50 names for women; although it does still remain within the top 500 ranking in the United States.

Fun Fact

Lana Lang is a fictional character within DC comics often appearing as supporting character for Superboy.

49. Lorraine

Meaning of Lorraine:

From Lothar’s kingdom

Origin of Lorraine:


Pronunciation of Lorraine:


Alternates & Variations of Lorraine:

Lauraine, Laraine

Famous People Named Lorraine:

Swimmer Loarraine Crapp, actress Lorraine Bracco

Lorraine Trends:

Lorraine was amongst the top 100 names in the U.S until 1948 but slowly transitioned out and is rarely used nowadays.

50. Lea

Meaning of Lea:


Origin of Lea:


Pronunciation of Lea:


Alternates & Variations of Lea:

Lia, Leah

Famous People Named Lea:

Basketball player Lea Henry, gold medallist swimmer Lea Maurer, actress Lea Thompson

Lea Trends:

Lea maintains its position within the United States but shines in France where it is among the top 10 feminine names. It was ranked number 1 from 1997 till 2004.

Fun Fact

Glee actress Lea Michele played the role of Cosette in Broadway’s Les Misérables when she was just 8 years old.

51. Leonie

Meaning of Leonie:


Origin of Leonie:


Pronunciation of Leonie:


Alternates & Variations of Leonie:


Famous People Named Leonie:

Writer Leonie Ossowski

Leonie Trends:

Leonie is a significantly rare name but it holds the 31st rank for the top female names in France.

52. Lila

Meaning of Lila:


Origin of Lila:


Pronunciation of Lila:


Alternates & Variations of Lila:

Laila, Layla Lela

Famous People Named Lila:

Actress Lila Kedrova, Engineer Lila Tretikov

Lila Trends:

Lila reached its all time high in France by ranking at 89 in 2017. Its prominence can be seen world-over.

53. Louisa

Meaning of Louisa:

Brave warrior

Origin of Louisa:


Pronunciation of Louisa:


Alternates & Variations of Louisa:

Louise Luise, Lois

Famous People Named Louisa:

First Lady of the United States Louisa Adams, actress Jean Louisa Kelly

Louisa Trends:

While Louisa has seen a sharp decline, the name still exists within the top 500 within France.

Fun Fact

The bestselling classic, Little Women, was written by American novelist Louisa May Alcott.

54. Lily

Meaning of Lily:

Flower, purity

Origin of Lily:


Pronunciation of Lily:


Alternates & Variations of Lily:

Lilian, Liliana, Lillie

Famous People Named Lily:

Actress Lily Collins, Olympic Medallist Lily Carlstedt, actress Lily James

Lily Trends:

Lily has been an evergreen name worldwide, yet the French seem to prefer the name; ranking it at 66 in 2017.

Fun Fact

Lily is a fictional character in James Matthew Barrie’s play, Peter Pan and is depicted as the princess of the Piccaninny-tribe.

55. Lucie

Meaning of Lucie:


Origin of Lucie:


Pronunciation of Lucie:


Alternates & Variations of Lucie:

Lucy, Lucia, Lucette

Famous People Named Lucie:

Actress Lucie Laurier, judoka Lucie Decosse

Lucie Trends:

While its rendition, Lucy, is more popular in the United States, Lucie still manages to remain within the top 100 for France.

56. Luna

Meaning of Luna:


Origin of Luna:


Pronunciation of Luna:


Alternates & Variations of Luna:


Famous People Named Luna:

Wrestler Luna Vachon

Luna Trends:

Luna is a popular name in France, ranking from 56 to 36 in recent years. In the U.S, it has seen a spike where the name has entered the top 25 in 2018.

Fun Fact:

In Roman religion, Luna was the divine embodiment of the Mood and was often illustrated with a crescent moon and a two-yoke chariot.

57. Maelle

Meaning of Maelle:


Origin of Maelle:


Pronunciation of Maelle:


Alternates & Variations Maelle:


Famous People Named Maelle:

Breton Saint Maelle

Maelle Trends:

Maelle has significance inside France wherein the name is ranked within the top 50 names for women.

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58. Mallory

Meaning of Mallory:


Origin of Mallory:


Pronunciation of Mallory:


Alternates & Variations of Mallory:

Mallery, Mallori, Malorie

Famous People Named Mallory:

Actress Mallory Jansen, athlete Mallory Deluce

Mallory Trends:

While there are fluctuations, Mallory remains as one of the top 1,000 names within the United States since its adoption in 1983.

59. Manon

Meaning of Manon:

Child of wishes

Origin of Manon:


Pronunciation of Manon:


Alternates & Variations of Manon:

Marianne, Maryse, Marielle

Famous People Named Manon:

ice hockey player Manon Rheaume, actress Manon Capelle

Manon Trends:

Manon is a pretty uncommon name outside France, but internally it ranks within the top 20 for the past two decades.

60. Marie

Meaning of Marie:

Star from the sea of bitterness

Origin of Marie:

French, German

Pronunciation of Marie:


Alternates & Variations of Marie:

Marion, Mari, Mary

Famous People Named Marie:

Nobel Prize Winner Marie Curie, actress Marie Dressler, skiing Olympic medallist Marie Martinod

Marie Trends:

Marie was the top French name within the early 1900s and despite fluctuations, it still occupies the 71st rank.

Fun Fact

The ground-breaking scientist, Marie Curie, and her husband worked out of a shack during the research and experimentation which eventually led to the discovery of Radium and Polonium.

61. Mabel

Meaning of Mabel

My beautiful

Origin of Mabel:


Pronunciation of Mabel:


Alternates & Variations of Mabel:

Mabelle, Mabella

Famous People Named Mabel:

Writer Mabel Forrest, poet Mabel Segun, actress Mabel Paige

Mabel Trends:

Mabel has seen a sudden spike in the United States after being out of the top 1,000 to place itself in the under 500th spot with rising popularity in recent years

Fun Fact

The daughter of Bridget Jones and Mark Darcy is named Mabel in the Bridget Jones Diary series.

62. Margot

Meaning of Margot:

Like a pearl

Origin of Margot:


Pronunciation of Margot:


Alternates & Variations of Margot:

Margaret, Marguerite

Famous People Named Margot:

Actress Margot Robbie, actress Margot Kidder, Olympic gold medallist Margot van Geffen

Margot Trends:

Margot remains within the top 100 names in France but has seen a recent resurgence in 1997 after nearly 50 years of absence from the U.S top rankings.

63. Magnolia

Meaning of Magnolia:


Origin of Magnolia:


Pronunciation of Magnolia:


Alternates & Variations of Magnolia:


Famous People Named Magnolia:

Model Magnolia Maymuru

Magnolia Trends:

Magnolia was out of the top 1,000 names for a while but the name has resurfaced jumping up the ladder to its 314th spot in 2018.

Fun Fact

The critically acclaimed movie directed by Paul Thomas Anderson named Magnolia was released in 1999 and was nominated for several awards.

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64. Madeleine

Meaning of Madeleine:


Origin of Madeleine:


Pronunciation of Madeleine:


Alternates & Variations of Madeleine:

Madlyn, Madalyn, Magdalen, Magdalena

Famous People Named Madeleine:

Writer Madeleine L’Engle, actress Madeleine Stowe, diving Olympic medallist Madeleine Moreau

Madeleine Trends:

Madeleine is the French name that lasts over decades. Despite its continued ups-and-downs inside and outside the region, it remains within the top 1,000 list for many countries.

65. Maeva

Meaning of Maeva:


Origin of Maeva:


Pronunciation of Maeva:


Alternates & Variations of Maeva:


Famous People Named Maeva:

Model Maeva Coucke, hurdler Maeva Contion, historian Maeva Marcus

Maeva Trends:

Giacomo ranks in the top 300 names in France, but it is rare elsewhere.

66. Melina

Meaning of Melina:

God’s gift

Origin of Melina:


Pronunciation of Melina:


Alternates & Variations of Melina:

Malina, Melissa

Famous People Named Melina:

Singer/songwriter Melina Almodovar, scientist Melina Gerogousakis, fashion designer Melina Dziovic

Melina Trends:

Melina reached a new high of popularity in France in 2007 securing the 60th rank. It is rarely seen in other countries.

67. Mia

Meaning of Mia:


Origin of Mia:


Pronunciation of Mia:


Alternates & Variations of Mia:

Maja, Maiken, Maaike

Famous People Named Mia:

Water polo athlete Mia Santoromito, actress Mia Wasikowska, Badminton Olympic medallist Mia Audina

Mia Trends:

Mia is a popular name within many countries and appears within the top 25 list of France for feminine names.

68. Michelle

Meaning of Michelle:

“Who is like God?”

Origin of Michelle:


Pronunciation of Michelle:


Alternates & Variations of Michelle:

Michaela, Michel

Famous People Named Michelle:

Former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, political columnist Michelle Malkin, actress Michelle Pfeiffer

Michelle Trends:

While the popularity of the name has been tapered off in France, Michelle has seen a rising trend in the U.S being among the top 10 at its peak.

Fun Fact

Father of Former First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama, was a city pump operator at the Chicago water processing plant and her mother was a secretary which were the foundations of her humble beginnings.

69. Mila

Meaning of Mila:

Gracious, dear

Origin of Mila:


Pronunciation of Mila:


Alternates & Variations of Mila:

Milada, Milena, Milica

Famous People Named Mila:

Actress Mila Kunis, mathematician Mila Nikolova

Mila Trends:

Mila has quickly rose as the 7th most popular name in France since it first appeared on its top 1,000 in 2000.

70. Myriam

Meaning of Myriam:

Exalted one

Origin of Myriam:


Pronunciation of Myriam:


Alternates & Variations of Myriam:

Mariam, Maryam, Maria, Mary

Famous People Named Myriam:

Actress Myriam Bru, swimmer Myriam Glez, athlete Myriam Soumare

Myriam Trends:

Myriam’s alternatives are more common in other parts of the world, but France maintains its popularity with the name remaining within the top 150 ranking.

71. Monique

Meaning of Monique:


Origin of Monique:


Pronunciation of Monique:


Alternates & Variations of Monique:

Monica, Monika, Mona

Famous People Named Monique:

Nuclear Physicist Monique Sene, actress Monique Coleman

Monique Trends:

Monique was adopted in the U.S and gained a ranking of 93 in the 1980s before declining out of the top 1,000 names list.

Fun Fact

Animated action-comedy show, Kim Possible, had a recurring character named Monique who was the female best friend of the lead protagonist. Merchandise and toys regarding the character were made due to popular demand.

72. Marine

Meaning of Marine:

From the sea

Origin of Marine:


Pronunciation of Marine:


Alternates & Variations of Marine:


Famous People Named Marine:

Sculptor Marine Delterme, Olympic hockey player Marine Russo, model Marine Lorphelin

Marine Trends:

Marine once occupied the number 1 status within the French top 1,000 names in 1991 and while there has been a significant decrease, it maintains its position within the region.

73. Nina

Meaning of Nina:


Origin of Nina:


Pronunciation of Nina:


Alternates & Variations of Nina:

Nena, Nino

Famous People Named Nina:

Singer Nina Girado, artist Nina Barka, cyclist Nina Davies

Nina Trends:

Within France, Nina has consistently seen a rising trend with the name breaking through to the top 30 names in 2011 where it currently resides.

74. Noemie

Meaning of Noemie:


Origin of Noemie:


Pronunciation of Noemie:


Alternates & Variations of Noemie:

Naomi, Noemin, Na’omi

Famous People Named Noemie:

Choreographer Noemie Lafrance, model, and actress Noemie Lenoir, gymnast Normie Nadaud

Noemie Trends:

Noemie peaked in 2013 at number 43 and has been steadily occupying the 67th rank till 2018.

75. Nadine

Meaning of Nadine:


Origin of Nadine:


Pronunciation of Nadine:

NA-DEEN(French) nay-DEEN(English)

Alternates & Variations of Nadine:

Nadia, Nadezhda

Famous People Named Nadine:

Athlete Nadine Kleinert, director Nadine Trintignant, psychology professor Nadine Lambert.

Nadine Trends:

Nadine never broke below the top 250 in the U.S, but it was within the top 20 in France before becoming less common after 1993.

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76. Oceane

Meaning of Oceane:


Origin of Oceane:


Pronunciation of Oceane:


Alternates & Variations of Oceane:


Famous People Named Oceane:

Tennis player Oceane Dodin, Actress Oceane Zhu, Ski jumper Oceane Avocat Gros

Oceane Trends:

Being a unique name, Oceane has remained a popular name within France for the most part. It was within the 10 most common names during the early 2000s.

Fun Fact

Stade Oceane is a football stadium located in Le Havre in France which hosted the 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

77. Olivia

  • Meaning of Olivia: Olive tree

  • Origin of Olivia: English

  • Pronunciation of Olivia: o-LIV-ee-?

  • Alternates & Variations of Olivia: Liv, Olivie Alivia, Olyvia

  • Famous People Named Olivia: Sprinter Olivie Borlee, astrologer Olivia Barclay

  • Olivia Trends: Olivia has a significant history in France which explains its dominating ranking of number 38 in 2018. That said, the recent upturn surged its popularity in the U.S as well, where it is ranked at number 2.

Fun Fact

Olivia Pope was the leading protagonist of the award-winning TV series by Shonda Rhimes, Scandal.

78. Odette

Meaning of Odette:


Origin of Odette:

Old German

Pronunciation of Odette:


Alternates & Variations of Odette:


Famous People Named Odette:

Astronomer Odette Bancilhon, Actress, playwright, and novelist Odette Joyeux, Fencer Odette Drand

Odette Trends:

Odette had a moment to shine hitting its high in the 1920s which ranged from 5 to 9 ranks, but it was transitioned out of the top lists by the 1980s.

79. Pauline

Meaning of Pauline:


Origin of Pauline:


Pronunciation of Pauline:


Alternates & Variations of Pauline:


Famous People Named Pauline:

Activist Pauline Adams, painter Pauline Auzou, novelist Pauline Hopkinds

Pauline Trends:

Being a classic name, Pauline never went out of style in France where it still occupies the 79th rank as of 2017.

Fun Fact

Cappella Paolina is a chapel located in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City and is generally closed off for tourists.

80. Renee

Meaning of Renee:


Origin of Renee:


Pronunciation of Renee:

Renee (French), Ra-nee (English)

Alternates & Variations of Renee:

Rene, Renata

Famous People Named Renee:

Actress Renee Zellweger, French actress Renee Saint-Cyr, Olympic Fencer Renee Garilhe

Renee Trends:

Renee entered the US top 1,000 names in 1905 where it dominated till 1979; subsequent to its sharp decline it is no longer on the list in 2018.

81. Simone

Meaning of Simone:

Good listener

Origin of Simone:


Pronunciation of Simone:

SEE-MAWN (French) s?-MON (English)

Alternates & Variations of Simone:

Symone, Simona, Simonette

Famous People Named Simone:

Gymnast Simone Biles, writer Simone de Beauvoir, actress Simone Signoret

Simone Trends:

Simone reached its peak in the United States in 1988 with a ranking of 311. It still remains as a popular option as French-inspired feminine names.

Fun Fact

Simone de Beauvior is regarded as one of the first to lay down the basis of the modern feminist movement through her novels and non-fiction work.

82. Romy

Meaning of Romy:

Dew of the sea

Origin of Romy:


Pronunciation of Romy:


Alternates & Variations of Romy:

Rosemarie, Rosemary

Famous People Named Romy:

Ice hockey player Romy Eggimann, actress Romy Schneider

Romy Trends:

Romy has recently seen an up-turn within France and reached its highest ranking of 54 in 2017.

83. Rachel

Meaning of Rachel:


Origin of Rachel:


Pronunciation of Rachel:

RAY-ch?l (English) RA-SHEHL (French) RA-kh?l (German)

Alternates & Variations of Rachel:

Rachelle, Richelle, Rachyl, Rahel

Famous People Named Rachel:

Actress Rachel McAdams, actress Rachel Weisz

Rachel Trends:

Although Rachel is at a downturn, it still remains within the top 250 ranking for French names.

84. Rose

Meaning of Rose:

Rose Flower

Origin of Rose:


Pronunciation of Rose:


Alternates & Variations of Rose:

Rosa, Rosalie, Rosina, Rosie

Famous People Named Rose:

Actress Rose McGowan, actress Rose Rollins, painter Rose Hilton

Rose Trends:

Being a classic name, Rose maintains its significance and prominence within France holding the number 10 ranking as of 2017.

Fun Fact

Mary Tudor, Queen of France and sister of King Henry VIII of England, was commonly known as Mary rose.

85. Roxane

  • Meaning of Roxane: Bright star

  • Origin of Roxane: Latin

  • Pronunciation of Roxane: RAWK-SAN

  • Alternates & Variations of Roxane: Roxanne

  • Famous People Named Roxane: Actress Roxane Duran

  • Roxane Trends: While Roxane hasn’t been popular in the U.S since the 1970s, it has seen a rising trend in France over the last decade.

86. Sabrina

Meaning of Sabrina:

From the River Severn

Origin of Sabrina:


Pronunciation of Sabrina:


Alternates & Variations of Sabrina:

Sabryna, Brina

Famous People Named Sabrina:

Singer Sabrina Carpenter, tennis player Sabrina Goles, actress Sabrina Le Beauf

Sabrina Trends:

Sabrina has been tapered out of the top 1,000 but it dominated the 1980s with inclusion in the top 10 names for the time.

87. Sarah

Meaning of Sarah:

Lady, princess

Origin of Sarah:


Pronunciation of Sarah:

SA-RA (French) SEHR-? (English)

Alternates & Variations of Sarah:

Sara, Sarai, Sasa

Famous People Named Sarah:

Duchess of York Sarah, Romani saint Saint Sarah.

Sarah Trends:

Sarah fluctuates but is a timeless name which keeps coming back in style. It currently sits is ranked at number 67 in the United States.

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Fun Fact

Sarah (2000) is the first novel in sci-fi writer, Orson Scott Card’s Women of Genesis series which recounts the story of Abraham from the perspective of Sarah.

88. Selma

Meaning of Selma:

Helmet, protection

Origin of Selma:


Pronunciation of Selma:

SEHL-m? (English) ZEHL-ma (German)

Alternates & Variations of Selma:


Famous People Named Selma:

Activist Selma Meyer, author Selma Lagerlof, physicist Selma Freud

Selma Trends:

Selma is a vintage name which was on the U.S top 1,000 names till 1956. However, it saw a resurgence in 1989 in France where it has reached the 112th position.

Fun Fact

The Selma March was undertaken in 1965 by around 25,000 people, including Martin Luther King and other activists, for the passage of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Commemorative marches are conducted on the day to remember and reflect upon the historical impact of the movement.

89. Sophia

Meaning of Sophia:


Origin of Sophia:


Pronunciation of Sophia:


Alternates & Variations of Sophia:

Sofia, Sophie, Sonja, Sonia

Famous People Named Sophia:

Poet Sophia de Mello, painter Sophia Peabody, physician Sophia Jex-Blake

Sophia Trends:

While Sophia has never appeared in the top 100 in France, it has captured a significant appeal in the US where it peaked at number 1 in 2012.

Fun Fact

Hong Kong-based company, Hanson Robotics, launched a social humanoid robot named Sophia in February 2016. The robot has the ability to display more than 50 facial experiences and communicate using natural language.

90. Sasha

Meaning of Sasha:


Origin of Sasha:


Pronunciation of Sasha:

SAH-? (English) SA-SHA (French)

Alternates & Variations of Sasha:

Sascha, Sacha, Sasza

Famous People Named Sasha:

Singer Sasha Allen, footballer Sasha Andrews, model Sasha Pivovarova

Sasha Trends:

Sasha has been a top 1,000 name since the 1990s. Its most popular year was 2011 when it reached the 127th rank.

91. Suzette

Meaning of Suzette:


Origin of Suzette:


Pronunciation of Suzette:


Alternates & Variations of Suzette:


Famous People Named Suzette:

Susanna, Sousanna

Suzette Trends:

Suzette hit its peak in 1934 when it entered the top 150 female names in France; but it has over time been replaced by its diminutive, Susan.

92. Thaïs

Meaning of Thaïs:


Origin of Thaïs:


Pronunciation of Thaïs:


Alternates & Variations of Thaïs:


Famous People Named Thaïs:

gymnast Thaïs Fidelis, actress Thaïs Pacholek, game designer Thais Weiller

Thaïs Trends:

Thaïs is a rather unique name. It is not currently on the top 1,000 list in the U.S, but occupies the 86th rank in France as of 2017.

93. Thérèse

Meaning of Thérèse:


Origin of Thérèse:


Pronunciation of Thérèse:


Alternates & Variations of Thérèse:

Terese, Teresa, Theresia

Famous People Named Thérèse:

French saint Thérèse of Lisieux, painter Thérèse Oulton, actress Thérèse Quentin

Thérèse Trends:

Thérèse was a top 1,000 name from 1900 to 1985. Its best year was 1944 when it made it to number 26.

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94. Valentine

Meaning of Valentine:

Strong, healthy

Origin of Valentine:


Pronunciation of Valentine:


Alternates & Variations of Valentine:

Velantina, Velentyna

Famous People Named Valentine:

French poet and painter Valentine de Saint-Point, marathon runner Valentine Kipketer

Valentine Trends:

Valentine has been perennially popular in France and is ranked within the top 100 in 2017. The name generally has masculine connotations in the US.

Fun Fact

The name also refers to the 3rd century Saint Valentine in whose name the celebration of February 14th is conducted.

95. Véronique

Meaning of Véronique:

True image

Origin of Véronique:


Pronunciation of Véronique:


Alternates & Variations of Véronique:

Veronika, Veronica

Famous People Named Véronique:

Actress Veronique Vendell, singer Veronique Sanson, athlete Veronique Mang

Véronique Trends:

Veronique topped the lists for female names in France in the 1960s; but has been recently dropped for its more widely accepted rendition, i.e. Veronica.

96. Victoire

Meaning of Victoire:


Origin of Victoire:


Pronunciation of Victoire:


Alternates & Variations of Victoire:


Famous People Named Victoire:

Actress,Victoire Thivisol, model Victorie Doutreleau, journalist Victoire Leodile Bera

Victoire Trends:

Victorie has not found much significance worldwide, but the name is highly popular in France and currently resides within the top 60 for female names in the country.

97. Violette

  • Meaning of Violette: Purple flower

  • Origin of Violette: English

  • Pronunciation of Violette: VYAW-LEHT

  • Alternates & Variations of Violette: Violet, Violeta, Viola

  • Famous People Named Violette: French author, Violette Leduc, tennis player Violette Huck, Ballerina and dance instructor Violette Verdy

  • Violette Trends: Violette is not a common name within United States and was only briefly in the top 1,000 from 1896 to 1927. Within France, the name is ranked within the 300s.

98. Yvette

Meaning of Yvette:

Yew, archer

Origin of Yvette:


Pronunciation of Yvette:


Alternates & Variations of Yvette:

Iveta, Ivonette

Famous People Named Yvette:

Silent film actress Yvette Andréyor, athlete Yvette Williams, actress Yvette Nicole Brown

Yvette Trends:

Yvette was fairly popular in the early 1900s, often regarded within the top 100 rank; but recently the name’s popularity has subdued.

99. Zoe

Meaning of Zoe:


Origin of Zoe:


Pronunciation of Zoe:


Alternates & Variations of Zoe:


Famous People Named Zoe:

Diver Zoe Ann Olsen-Jensen, actress Zoe Mclellan, actress Zoe Saldana

Zoe Trends:

Zoe is a fairly popular name in France, while it stays in the top 100 in the U.S. It was the most popular with a ranking of 30 in 2012.

Fun Fact

Byzantine empress Zoe were the lasting living members of the great Macedonian dynasties.

100. Desiree

Meaning of Desiree:


Origin of Desiree: Latin

Pronunciation of Desiree:


Alternates & Variations of Desiree:

Desirae, Desiderata

Famous People Named Desiree:

Footballer Desiree Scott

Desiree Trends:

Desiree peaked in 1983 with a ranking of 95 in the United States after being adopted in the top 1,000 list in the 1950s. It has significantly fallen out of favor and is not within the top names as of 2018.

101. Dominique

Meaning of Dominique:

Belonging to the Lord

Origin of Dominique:


Pronunciation of Dominique:


Alternates & Variations of Dominique:


Famous People Named Dominique:

Gymnast/author Dominique Moceanu, World Cup alpine Ski racer Dominique Gisin

Dominique Trends:

While Dominique does not occupy its 1985 ranking of number 83 anymore, it still is counted within the top 1,000 names within the United States.

Fun Fact

The hit single by The Singing Nun titled Dominique relates to a 12th-century priest named Saint Dominic.

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