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101 Russian Baby Girl Names: Origin and Meaning

101 Russian Baby Girl Names: Origin and Meaning
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Since our names are often our first introduction to others, the significance of their meanings, origins, and popularity cannot be understated.

After all, most of us put a lot of thought into strollers and toys we expose our kids too; so why devalue the importance of selecting your child’s name. Russian names combine all three elements with their ornate symbolism and rich history to provide your little one with some impressive and strong baby names to choose from.

Russia is a combination of cultures and ethnicities which melt together to provide some unique names which stand out while providing a historical link. Often these names will be diminutives of borrowed or shortened names from other regions or cultures.

Names like Mariah are converted to Masha in order to translate the name for their usage. In fact, many Russian names are constituted of Pre-Christian Slavic names which are shortened to be modernized.

Their allure remains the literature, art, architecture, and artistry which exudes from their works and names alike.

101 Russian Baby Girl Names: Origin & Meaning

Having a Russian name can help your toddlers connect with their ancestry or be represented through names that represent them the best. In order to get inspired, below we’ve compiled a list of 101 Russian baby girl names, including their origin and their meaning.


1. Anna

Meaning of Anna:

Favor, grace

Origin of Anna:


Pronunciation of Anna:

AN-? (English) A-na (German, Swedish, Greek)

Alternates & Variations of Anna:

Annabelle, Anne, Ana, Aina

Famous People Named Anna:

Biologist Anna Akhmanova, actress Anna Kendrick, golfer Anna Nordqvist

Anna Trends:

Anna is a perennially popular name. Within Russia, the name maintains its rank of number 3 as of 2017; while consistently being within the top 60 within the U.S.

Fun Fact

Anna Quindlen was the third woman to win a Pulitzer Prize For Journalism within the realm of Commentary in 1992.

2. Antonina

Meaning of Antonina:

Roman family name, flower

Origin of Antonina:


Pronunciation of Antonina:


Alternates & Variations Antonina:


Famous People Named Antonina:

Antonina Pojarkova, gymnast Antonina Koshel, sociologist Antonina Kloskowska

Antonina Trends:

Antonina was a popular within the 1990s and it briefly entered American top 1,000 list peaking at number 865 in 1915; but has mostly fallen out of trend.

Fun Fact

Antonina is also the name of a novel by writer and critic, Evgenia Tur, released in 1851 around the life of a young Russian woman.

3. Alena

Meaning of Alena:

Light, torch

Origin of Alena:


Pronunciation of Alena:


Alternates & Variations Alena:

Alenka, Elena, Ileana

Famous People Named Alena:

Scupltor Alena Matejka, figure skater Alena Vrzanova, long-distance runner Aelna Mazouka

Alena Trends:

Alena appears in the top US names since the 1980s and currently ranks at number 736.

Fun Fact

Alena is a unisex name which cognates from Saint Andrew, the earliest disciples of Jesus. It was also the third most popular name in Italy in 2006.

4. Aleksandra

Meaning of Aleksandra:

Defender of Mankind

Origin of Aleksandra:


Pronunciation of Aleksandra:

u-lyik-SAN-dr? (Russian)

Alternates & Variations of Aleksandra:

Alexandra, Oleksandra, Aleksandrina

Famous People Named Aleksandra:

Chess masters Aleksandra Maltsevskaya and Alesandra Dimitrova, tennis player Aleksandra Krunic

Aleksandra Trends:

Aleksandra is within the top 10 names for girls in Russia but does not rank in the U.S. Its alternative, Alexandra is present at number 156 for the States.

Fun Fact

Aleksandra Aleksandrovna Ekster was a Russian artist whose art and expression had an impactful effect on the Russian avant-garde.

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5. Alla

Meaning of Alla:


Origin of Alla:


Pronunciation of Alla:


Alternates & Variations Alla:


Famous People Named Alla:

Singer Alla Bayanova, journalist Alla Gerber, swimmer and Olympic gold medallist Alla Shishkina

Alla Trends:

Alla is a rare name and was once used in the United States, but is no longer counted within the top 1,000 names for girls.

5. Anastasia

Meaning of Anastasia:


Origin of Anastasia:


Pronunciation of Anastasia:

a-na-sta-SEE-a (Greek) an-?-STAY-zh? (English) u-nu-stu-SYEE-y? (Russian)

Alternates & Variations of Anastasia:

Anastasiya, Anastacia

Famous People Named Anastasia:

Film Director Anastasia Lapsui, Olympic medalist Anastasia Gorbenko

Anastasia Trends:

Anastasia remains popular within Russia given its historical and cultural impact. It remains on the United States top 1,000 names as well.

Fun Fact

Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia was the daughter of the last tsar of Russia, Nicholas II and has rumored to have survived the execution of her family.

6. Alisa

Meaning of Alisa:

Of nobility

Origin of Alisa:


Pronunciation of Alisa:


Alternates & Variations of Alisa:

Aliisa, Alice

Famous People Named Alisa:

Model and actress Alisa

Alisa Trends:

Alisa is fairly popular in the United States with the name appearing recurring within the top names. It ranks number 4 in Russia as of 2017.

7. Alya

Meaning of Alla:


Origin of Alla:


Pronunciation of Alla:


Alternates & Variations Alla:


Famous People Named Alla:

Singer Alya

Alla Trends:

Alya has not been in the top 1,000 names for girls in the U.S, but it fluctuates a popular option within Russia.

8. Angelina

Meaning of Angelina:

Messenger of God

Origin of Angelina:


Pronunciation of Angelina:

un-gyi-LYEE-n? (Russian), an-j?-LEE-n? (English)

Alternates & Variations of Angelina:

Angela, Andela

Famous People Named Angelina:

Actress Angelina Jolie, journalist and editor Angelina Virginia Winkler, director Angelina Maccarone

Angelina Trends:

Angelina ranks in the top 40 names within Russia and had peaked in the United States at 43 by 2005.

Fun Fact

Angelina cafe is a tea house located in Paris founded by Antoine Rumpelmayer known for its pudding-like hot chocolate and Mont Blanc dessert.

8. Arina

Meaning of Arina:


Origin of Arina:


Pronunciation of Arina:


Alternates & Variations of Arina:

Irene, Arisha, Arianna

Famous People Named Arina:

Figure skater Arina Martinova, manga artist Arina Tanemura, gymnast Arina Averina

Arina Trends:

Arina is fairly common as a girl’s name in Russia appearing within the top 15 names for decades. Its variant, Arianna, is more popular within the United States.

9. Anya

Meaning of Anya:


Origin of Anya:


Pronunciation of Anya:


Alternates & Variations of Anya:

Ania, Annushka, Anushka

Famous People Named Anya:

Actress Anya Taylor-Joy, fashion designer Anya Hindmarch, photographer Anya Teixeria

Anya Trends:

Anya has seen a resurgence in the United States since 1998 and reached its highest rank in 2009 at number 362.

Fun Fact

The Hungarian word for mother translates to Anya; while it means rhythm in Northern Africa.

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10. Alyona

Meaning of Alyona:


Origin of Alyona:


Pronunciation of Alyona:


Alternates & Variations of Alyona:


Famous People Named Alyona:

Gymnast Alyona Shchennikova

Alyona Trends:

Although Alyona has not been popularised in the U.S, it ranks at number 45 as of 2017 in Russia.

11. Aviva

Meaning of Aviva:


Origin of Aviva:


Pronunciation of Aviva:


Alternates & Variations of Aviva:


Famous People Named Aviva:

Nuclear scientist Aviva Gileadi, academic Aviva Burnstock, painter Aviva Uri

Aviva Trends:

Aviva has not been in the top 1,000 names for girls within the United States but is prevalent within the European Jewish community.

12. Bella

Meaning of Bella:


Origin of Bella:


Pronunciation of Bella:


Alternates & Variations of Bella:

Belle, Isabelle

Famous People Named Bella:

Actress Bella Thorne, pianist Bella Shumiatcher, chess master Bella Igla

Bella Trends:

Being a common name, Bella ranks in the top 1,000 name for girls in the U.S and currently stands at number 48 in 2018.

Fun Fact

Bella Swan is the protagonist name for the romance fantasy novel, Twilight, by American author Stephanie Meyer.

13. Christina

Meaning of Christina:


Origin of Christina:


Pronunciation of Christina:

kris-TEE-nah (English) kris-TEE-na (German)

Alternates & Variations of Christina:

Christiana, Christine, Krystina, Christabel

Famous People Named Christina:

Artist Christina Katrakis, actress Christina Ricci, poet Christina Rossetti

Christina Trends:

Christina is a popular name within America despite a recent decline it still ranks within the top 500 names.

Fun Fact

Actress Christina Hendricks was the hand model on the poster for the 1999 movie American Beauty.

14. Darya

Meaning of Darya:


Origin of Darya:


Pronunciation of Darya:


Alternates & Variations of Darya:

Darja, Darina

Famous People Named Darya:

Biathlon Olympic gold medallist Darya Domracheva, tennis player Darya Kasatkina, long jumper and model Darya Klishina

Darya Trends:

Darya ranks at number 12 for most common names of girls in Russia, but has not achieved the same relevance in the U.S where it does not appear in the top lists.

15. Danica

Meaning of Danica:

Morning star

Origin of Danica:


Pronunciation of Danica:

DAN-i-k? (English), DA-nyee-tsa (Slovak)

Alternates & Variations of Danica:

Danika, Denica

Famous People Named Danica:

Actress and mathematician Danica McKellar, race car driver Danica Patrick

Danica Trends:

Danica isn’t as popular as it once used to be, but still does appear within the United States top lists from time to time. It peaked with a ranking of 336 in 2007.

16. Diana

Meaning of Diana:

Heavenly, divine

Origin of Diana:


Pronunciation of Diana:

die-AN-? (English) DYA-na (German)

Alternates & Variations of Diana:

Dianna, Dijana

Famous People Named Diana:

Singer Diana Ross, author Diana Nyad, actress Diana Muldaur

Diana Trends:

Diana remains an ever-popular name within Russia having a ranking of 31 and while there has been a decrease in the U.S, it still had a position of number 184 in 2018.

Fun Fact

Diana Prince is a fictional character within the realm of DC Comics where she adopts the moniker of Wonder Woman. Her first appearance was in 1942 and is still a major character over the years.

17. Dina

Meaning of Dina:

From the valley, judged

Origin of Dina:

Greek, Hebrew

Pronunciation of Dina:


Alternates & Variations of Dina:


Famous People Named Dina:

Sprinter Dina Asher-Smith, painter Dina Babbitt, gymnast Dina Kotchetkova

Dina Trends:

Dina no longer appears within the top 1,000 names for girls, but it could be found up until 1999. At its highest point, it ranked at number 199 in 1969.

18. Esfir

Meaning of Esfir:


Origin of Esfir:


Pronunciation of Esfir:


Alternates & Variations of Esfir:


Famous People Named Esfir:

Filmmaker Esfir Shub

Esfir Trends:

Esfir hasn’t entered the contemporary top lists in the United States for decades. However, its variation, Esther is ranked within the 200 most common names.

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19. Elizabeth

Meaning of Elizabeth:

My God is an oath

Origin of Elizabeth:


Pronunciation of Elizabeth:


Alternates & Variations of Elizabeth:

Elisabeth, Elyzabeth

Famous People Named Elizabeth:

Artist Elizabeth Amherst Hale, actress Elizabeth Moss, actress Elizabeth McGoven

Elizabeth Trends:

Due to the significance of the name, it remains wildly popular and is presently ranked at number 13 in the U.S as of 2018.

Fun Fact

Elizabeth Bennet was the main protagonist of the 1813 romantic novel by Jane Austen, Pride, and Prejudice.

20. Elvira

Meaning of Elvira:


Origin of Elvira:


Pronunciation of Elvira:


Alternates & Variations of Elvira:

Allovera, Elwira

Famous People Named Elvira:

Actress Elvira Kralj, Olympic gold medallist Elvira Khasyanova, archaeologist Elvira Fölzer

Elvira Trends:

Elivra is a rare name which doesn’t appear in the top 1,000 names for girls in the United States anymore. It peaked in 1909 with a ranking of 256.

20. Eva

Meaning of Eva:


Origin of Eva:


Pronunciation of Eva:

YEH-v? (Russian), EE-v? (English)

Alternates & Variations of Eva:

Eve, Ava

Famous People Named Eva:

Actress Eva Gabor, field hockey player Eva de Geode, actress Eva Marie Saint

Eva Trends:

Eva is a fairly popular name in the States ranking at number 75 in 2018.

Fun Fact

Eva also refers to a type of apples within Brazil which are typically grown in tropical climates.

21. Emiliya

Meaning of Emiliya:


Origin of Emiliya:


Pronunciation of Emiliya:


Alternates & Variations of Emiliya:

Emilia, Aemilia, Emilie

Famous People Named Emiliya:

Writer and musician Emiliya Dvoryanova

Emiliya Trends:

Emiliya ranks within the top 50 within Russia for girl’s names. It hasn’t received the same prominence in the United States, but its alternative, Emilia does appear at number 58 in 2018.

22. Galina

Meaning of Galina:

Calm, serenity

Origin of Galina:


Pronunciation of Galina:


Alternates & Variations of Galina:

Galena, Gala, Galya

Famous People Named Galina:

Swimming Olympics medallist Galina Prozumenshchikova, mathematician Galina Tyurina, artist Galina Kakovkina

Galina Trends:

Galina has not gained much popularity outside of Russia and it internally appears frequently on the top 1,000.

24. Gorana

Meaning of Gorana:

Mountain woman

Origin of Gorana:


Pronunciation of Gorana:


Alternates & Variations of Gorana:


Famous People Named Gorana:

Tennis player Gorana Mati?, model Gorana Markovi?

Gorana Trends:

Gorana has never appeared on the United States top 1,000 names for women and is largely a rare name within the Slavic region.

25. Helena

Meaning of Helena:


Origin of Helena:


Pronunciation of Helena:


Alternates & Variations of Helena:


Famous People Named Helena:

Actress Helena Bonham Carter, writer Helena Blavatsky, model, and photographer Helena Christensen

Helena Trends:

Helena has remained within the US top 1,000 for decades and currently resides at the 458th spot in 2018.

Fun Fact

Saint Helena is an island in the South Atlantic with an area of 47 meters where Napoleon had spent his life in exile.

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26. Irina

Meaning of Irina:


Origin of Irina:


Pronunciation of Irina:


Alternates & Variations of Irina:


Famous People Named Irina:

Actress Irina Pantaeva, Olympics gold medallist Irina Press

Irina Trends:

Irina is ranked within the top 50 names for girls in Russia; it is not present in the top 1,000 lists in United States.

27. Jane

Meaning of Jane:


Origin of Jane:


Pronunciation of Jane:


Alternates & Variations of Jane:

Janie, Joanna

Famous People Named Jane:

Actress Jane Seymour, author Jane Austen, poet, and novelist Jane Taylor

Jane Trends:

Jane had reaches its peak the U.S by 1921 with a ranking of number 47 and despite a decline, it still remains within the top 500.

Fun Fact

Jane Goodall is a primatologist and anthropologist who is best known for her 55-year study of the social system of wild chimpanzees.

28. Julia

Meaning of Julia:

a descendant of Julus

Origin of Julia:


Pronunciation of Julia:

YOO-lyi-y? (Russian), JOO-lee-? (English)

Alternates & Variations of Julia:

Julie, Yulia

Famous People Named Julia:

Actress Julia Andrews, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Pulitzer Winner Julia Peterkin

Julia Trends:

Julia reached its highest point in 2001 ranking at number 21 in the United States.

Fun Fact

Actress Julie Andrews had changed her name from Julia Elizabeth Wells in order to create a distinctive brand for herself.

29. Kseniya

Meaning of Kseniya:


Origin of Kseniya:


Pronunciation of Kseniya:


Alternates & Variations of Kseniya:


Famous People Named Kseniya:

Artist Kseniya Simonova

Kseniya Trends:

Kseniya is a fairly popular name within Russia for girls and currently ranks at number 13. It does not appear within the top 1,000 names in the United States.

30. Kira

Meaning of Kira:


Origin of Kira:


Pronunciation of Kira:


Alternates & Variations of Kira:


Famous People Named Kira:

Journalist Kira Cochrane, chess master Kira Zvorykina, voice actress Kira Vincent-Davis

Kira Trends:

Kira is ranked at number 21 within Russia as of 2018 and has been in the United States top 500 for decades.

Fun Fact

Kira was the given name of a crater located on the far side of the moon.

31. Keisha

Meaning of Keisha:


Origin of Keisha:


Pronunciation of Keisha:


Alternates & Variations of Keisha:


Famous People Named Keisha:

Singer and song-writer Keisha Buchanan, actress Keisha Castle-Hughes

Keisha Trends:

Keisha is currently out of the U.S top 1,000 names, but reach rank number 233 at its peak.

32. Katya

Meaning of Katya:


Origin of Katya:


Pronunciation of Katya:


Alternates & Variations of Katya:


Famous People Named Katya:

Painter Katya Medvedeva

Katya Trends:

Katya is a rare name and has not appeared in the United States top 1,000 names for girls in decades.

Fun Fact

Katya Nadanova was the name of a side character in the game James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing and was voiced by model and actress Heidi Klum.


33. Lydia

Meaning of Lydia:

Beautiful one

Origin of Lydia:


Pronunciation of Lydia:


Alternates & Variations of Lydia:


Famous People Named Lydia:

Anthropologist and poet Lydia Cabrera, novelist Lydia Child, poet Lydia Koidula

Lydia Trends:

Lydia appears within the top US names for women over the years and currently occupies the 89th rank.

34. Lada

Meaning of Lada:

Name of Slavic goddess of beauty and fertility, girl

Origin of Lada:


Pronunciation of Lada:


Alternates & Variations of Lada:


Famous People Named Lada:

Scientist Lada Academic, cyclist Lada Kozlíková, cross-country skier Lada Nesterenko

Lada Trends:

Lada has largely fallen out of common use and has never entered the U.S top 1,000 names list.

35. Larissa

Meaning of Larissa:


Origin of Larissa:


Pronunciation of Larissa:


Alternates & Variations of Larissa:


Famous People Named Larissa:

Olympic bronze medallist Larissa Franca

Larissa Trends:

Larissa was popular in the United States during the late 1980-90s and peaked around 1992 with a ranking of number 375. It has currently not included in the top 1,000 names.

Fun Fact

Larissa also refers to the capital of the Thessaly region within Greece, where Achilles –greek mythology hero–was said to have been born.

36. Lena

Meaning of Lena:


Origin of Lena:


Pronunciation of Lena:


Alternates & Variations of Lena:

Ella, Malena

Famous People Named Lena:

Actress Lena Headey, painter Lena Hades, phycologist Lena Tracy Hanks

Lena Trends:

At its high points, Lena was counted amongst the top 50 names for girls in the U.S but has seen a decline since. It still ranks within the 500 most common names within the region.

Fun Fact

Lena Headey, best known for playing Cersei Lannister in HBO’s Game of Thrones series, has an array of tattoos which had to be covered up for her roles.

37. Ludmila

Meaning of Ludmila:


Origin of Ludmila:


Pronunciation of Ludmila:


Alternates & Variations of Ludmila:


Famous People Named Ludmila:

Actress Ludmila Dayer, Olympics gold medallist Ludmila Engquist

Ludmila Trends:

Ludmila is a rather traditional name and has never entered the U.S top 1,000 names for girls.

38. Luiza

Meaning of Luiza:

Renowned warrior

Origin of Luiza:


Pronunciation of Luiza:


Alternates & Variations of Luiza:


Famous People Named Luiza:

Speed skater Luiza Z?otkowska

Luiza Trends:

Luiza does not appear in the U.S top 1,000 list, but it’s variant, Luisa, does briefly appear every so often. It was ranked at number 865 in 1999 before transitioning out.

39. Lyubov

Meaning of Lyubov:


Origin of Lyubov:


Pronunciation of Lyubov:


Alternates & Variations of Lyubov:

Liouba, Luba, Lyubochka

Famous People Named Lyubov:

Pilot Lyubov Golanchikova, writer Lyubov Dostoyevskaya, Olympic gold medallist Lyubov Sharmay

Lyubov Trends:

Lyubov was a fairly popular name within Russia but has fallen out of use in recent decades. It has never been showcased in the top names in the United States.

Fun Fact

The name has been derived from the Slavic word lyuby meaning love.

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40. Margarita

Meaning of Margarita:


Origin of Margarita:


Pronunciation of Margarita:


Alternates & Variations of Margarita:

Margaret, Rita, Greta

Famous People Named Margarita:

Gymnast Margarita Aliychuk

Margarita Trends:

Margarita is ranked within the top 25 names within Russia; it is currently not present in the U.S top 1,000 names. It reached its highest point in the 1950s with a ranking of number 334.

Fun Fact

Detective Margarita Sawyer is the leading character in the CW hit-series Supergirl, played by actress Floriana Lima.

41. Magdalena

Meaning of Magdalena:

High Tower

Origin of Magdalena:


Pronunciation of Magdalena:


Alternates & Variations of Magdalena:

Magdalene, Madeleine

Famous People Named Magdalena:

Tennis player Magdalena Maleeva, fencer Magdalena Mroczkiewicz, rower Magdalena Fularczyk

Magdalena Trends:

Although popularity for the name has tapered off since the 2000s, it did appear within the U.S top 1,000 names for girls up until 2009.

42. Marta

Meaning of Marta:

The Lady

Origin of Marta:


Pronunciation of Marta:


Alternates & Variations of Marta:

Martha, Marfa, Marthe

Famous People Named Marta:

Actress Marta Abba, mathematician Marta Civil, water polo athlete Marta Bach

Marta Trends:

Marta was briefly popular as a name for baby girls in the United States. It reached its peak at number 384 in 1950, but no longer appears in the top 1,000 names.

Fun Fact

Marta Vieira da Silva is a Russian football player who has won the FIFA Player of The Year award six times.

43. Mariya

Meaning of Mariya:

Sea of bitterness

Origin of Mariya:


Pronunciation of Mariya:


Alternates & Variations of Mariya:

Maria, Mary, Marie, Mari, Maleah

Famous People Named Mariya:

Basketball player Mariya Stoyanova, swimmer Mariya Kiselyova

Mariya Trends:

Mariya is not as popular outside of Russia where Mary or Maria are often used in its place. Within the country, Mariya is ranked at number 2 as of 2018.

Fun Fact

Mariya Bolkonskaya is also the name of the fictional character in Leo Tolstoy’s novel War and Peace.

44. Maya

Meaning of Maya:


Origin of Maya:


Pronunciation of Maya:


Alternates & Variations of Maya:

Maia, Mya

Famous People Named Maya:

Actress Maya Rudolph, basketball player Maya Moore, writer Maya Angelou

Maya Trends:

Maya is ranked within the top 50 names within Russia and maintains a ranking at number 61 in the United States.

45. Mariana

Meaning of Mariana:

Daughter of Marius

Origin of Mariana:


Pronunciation of Mariana:


Alternates & Variations of Mariana:


Famous People Named Mariana:

Cyclist Mariana Pajón, archery Mariana Avitia, Saint Mariana de Jesús de Paredes

Mariana Trends:

Mariana entered the U.S top 1,000 in the 1980s and reached its peak in 2005 with a rank of number 65.

Fun Fact

Mariana has been the name of two Shakespearian characters within the playwright’s works, i.e. in Measure for Measure and All’s Well That Ends Well.

46. Milana

Meaning of Milana:


Origin of Milana:


Pronunciation of Milana:


Alternates & Variations of Milana:

Malena, Milena, Milanka

Famous People Named Milana:

Journalist Milana Zaydinovna Bakhaeva, handball player Milana Tazhenova

Milana Trends:

Milana is present within the top 25 within Russia; and has recently entered the US top list with a ranking of number 758 in 2018.

47. Miroslava

Meaning of Miroslava:

Peace, glory

Origin of Miroslava:


Pronunciation of Miroslava:


Alternates & Variations of Miroslava:

Mirka, Mira, Misa

Famous People Named Miroslava:

Olympic rowing gold medallist Miroslava Knapková

Miroslava Trends:

Miroslava has never entered the U.S top charts, but it is ranked at number 26 in Russia as of 2017.


48. Masha

Meaning of Masha:


Origin of Masha:


Pronunciation of Masha:


Alternates & Variations of Masha:


Famous People Named Masha:

Fashion designer Masha Ma, journalist Masha Gessen

Masha Trends:

Masha is a rather name within the United States and does not appear top 1,000 names for girls.

Fun Fact

Masha is one of the protagonists of playwright Anton Chekhov’s play The Three Sisters.

49. Nadezhda

Meaning of Nadezhda:


Origin of Nadezhda:


Pronunciation of Nadezhda:


Alternates & Variations of Nadezhda:

Nadejda, Nada

Famous People Named Nadezhda:

Writer Nadezhda Mandelstam, pentathlon athlete Nadezhda Tkachenko, painter Nadezhda Petrovic

Nadezhda Trends:

Nadezhda remains a local name within Russia and is currently ranked at number 49 in 2017.

50. Natalia

Meaning of Natalia:

Christmas Day

Origin of Natalia:


Pronunciation of Natalia:


Alternates & Variations of Natalia:

Natalee, Natalie, Natille

Famous People Named Natalia:

Actress Natalia Vodianova, Weightlight Olympic medallist Natalia Zabolotnaya, Olympic gold medallist swimmer Natalia Ishchenko

Natalia Trends:

Natalia had re-entered the US top 1,000 names within 1975 and currently carries a ranking of number 114 as of 2018.

51. Nora

Meaning of Nora:


Origin of Nora:


Pronunciation of Nora:


Alternates & Variations of Nora:


Famous People Named Nora:

Comedian and actress Nora Dunn, author Nora Roberts, artist Nora Heysen

Nora Trends:

Nora has remained a popular name within the U.S for baby girls and it is currently ranked at number 30.

Fun Fact

Nora Heysen was the first woman to win the Archibald Prize in 1938 for her portraitures.

52. Nikita

Meaning of Nikita:


Origin of Nikita:


Pronunciation of Nikita:


Alternates & Variations of Nikita:

Mykyta, Mikita

Famous People Named Nikita:

Activist and model Nikita Nguyen

Nikita Trends:

Nikita has not been popular for nearly a decade but had reached the top 250 at its peak within the States.

53. Nina

Meaning of Nina:


Origin of Nina:


Pronunciation of Nina:


Alternates & Variations of Nina:


Famous People Named Nina:

Actress Nina Young, relay medallist Nina Zyuskova, singer Nina Simone

Nina Trends:

Although there’s a decline in popularity, Nina still remains within the top 500 names for baby girls in the U.S.

Fun Fact

Nina Skalka was the name of a background character within the Simpsons TV series and often appears in the fourth grade classroom of Mrs. Krabappel.

54. Nevena

Meaning of Nevena:


Origin of Nevena:


Pronunciation of Nevena:


Alternates & Variations of Nevena:


Famous People Named Nevena:

Basketball player Nevena Jovanovi?, singer Nevena Božovi?, actress Nevena Kokanova

Nevena Trends:

Nevena is a unique name within the Slavic countries and has not crossed over to the United States. It’s popularity remains rather obscure.

55. Nadia

Meaning of Nadia:


Origin of Nadia:


Pronunciation of Nadia:


Alternates & Variations of Nadia:

Nadya, Nadine

Famous People Named Nadia:

Gymnast Nadia Com?neci, tennis player Nadia Petrova, Nobel Peace Prize winner Nadia Murad

Nadia Trends:

While still popular, the name has seen a decline of use and is ranked at number 393 in 2019 within the States.

56. Nikolina

Meaning of Nikolina:

Victory for the people

Origin of Nikolina:


Pronunciation of Nikolina:


Alternates & Variations of Nikolina:

Nicola, Nicole, Nikoleta

Famous People Named Nikolina:

Middle distance runner Nikolina Shtereva, sprint canoer Nikolina Ruseva

Nikolina Trends:

Nikolina does not appear in the United States top 1,000 names for girls, but still has its popularity amongst Slavic countries.

57. Nika

Meaning of Nika:


Origin of Nika:


Pronunciation of Nika:


Alternates & Variations of Nika:


Famous People Named Nika:

Singer Nika Turkovi?, poet Nika Turbina

Nika Trends:

Nika is a popular name within Russia and appears within the top 50 names with its 2018 ranking at number 44.

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58. Olga

Meaning of Olga:


Origin of Olga:


Pronunciation of Olga:


Alternates & Variations of Olga:

Olha, Helga, Helje

Famous People Named Olga:

Actress Olga Bisera, tennis player Olga Savchuk, Saint Olga of Kiev

Olga Trends:

Popularity of Olga has decline within the United States since the 1990s, but it remains within the top 30 baby girl names in Russia.

Fun Fact

Olga Pataki was the name of the fictional character from the animated TV show, Hey Arnold, and as the lead love interest for the main protagonist.

59. Oksana

Meaning of Oksana:


Origin of Oksana:


Pronunciation of Oksana:


Alternates & Variations of Oksana:


Famous People Named Oksana:

Figure Skating Olympic gold medalist Oksana Baiul

Oksana Trends:

Oksana is a native name within Ukraine and Russia but has never entered the top names within the U.S.

60. Praskovya

Meaning of Praskovya:


Origin of Praskovya:


Pronunciation of Praskovya:


Alternates & Variations of Praskovya

: N/A

Famous People Named Praskovya:

Opera singer Praskovia Kovalyova-Zhemchugova, archaeologist  Praskovya Uvarova

Praskovya Trends:

Praskovya is a rare name with the turn of the decades and has never appeared in the United States top names for girls.

61. Polina

Meaning of Polina:

Little Stone

Origin of Polina:


Pronunciation of Polina:


Alternates & Variations of Polina:


Famous People Named Polina:

Figure skater Polina Edmunds, model Polina Kuklina, activist Polina Nemirovskaia

Polina Trends:

Polina is the seventh most common name within Russia but it does not possess the same popularity in the States where it does not rank.

Fun Fact

Polina was the second most common name given to girls in Russia in 2017.

62. Radmila

Meaning of Radmila:

Sweet happiness

Origin of Radmila:


Pronunciation of Radmila:


Alternates & Variations of Radmila:

Radomila, Radka

Famous People Named Radmila:

Handball player Radmila Miljani?-Petrovi?, judoka Radmila Periši?, opera singer Radmila Smiljani?

Radmila Trends:

Being a rather unique and traditional name, Radmila does never appeared within the United States top 1,000 names.

63. Regina

Meaning of Regina:


Origin of Regina:


Pronunciation of Regina:


Alternates & Variations of Regina:

Regena, Regine, Reina

Famous People Named Regina:

Physician Regina von Siebold, actress Regina Hall, long-distance runner Regina Joyce

Regina Trends:

Regina is still a popular name within the United States over the decades and is ranked at number 409 within 2018.

Fun Fact

Regina George was the name of the antagonist within the cult-classic movie Mean Girls written by Tina Fey.

64. Roza

Meaning of Roza:


Origin of Roza:


Pronunciation of Roza:


Alternates & Variations of Roza:

Rosa, Rose, Rozalaiya

Famous People Named Roza:

Painter Roža Piš?anec

Roza Trends:

Roza is a classic name within Russia, but its counterpart Rose is more popular in the United States.

65. Sasha

Meaning of Sasha:


Origin of Sasha:


Pronunciation of Sasha:


Alternates & Variations of Sasha:


Famous People Named Sasha:

Actress Sasha Pieterse, figure skater Sasha Cohen, actress Sasha Jenson

Sasha Trends:

Sasha gained popularity within the United States in the 1970s and still remains relatively popular having a ranking within the top 600 names for girls.

66. Safia

Meaning of Safia:


Origin of Safia:


Pronunciation of Safia:


Alternates & Variations of Safia:


Famous People Named Safia:

Actress Safia El Emari, sprinter Safia Abukar Hussein

Safia Trends:

Safia does not largely appear in the top U.S 1,000 names list for girls but is regarded as popular within the Slavic region.

baby girl 5

67. Sophia

Meaning of Sophia:


Origin of Sophia:


Pronunciation of Sophia:


Alternates & Variations of Sophia:

Sophie, Sophy

Famous People Named Sophia:

Saint Sophia of Milan, astronomer Sophia Brahe, architect Sophia Hayden Bennett

Sophia Trends:

Sophia is a rather popular name within the States having a ranking of number 5 as of 2017 and ranked number 1 is Russia in the early 2000s.

Fun Fact

Sophia is the given name of the robot who has been granted citizenship by Saudi Arabia making it the first AI to receive such a status.

68. Sonya

Meaning of Sonya:


Origin of Sonya:


Pronunciation of Sonya:


Alternates & Variations of Sonya:


Famous People Named Sonya:

Writer Sonya Hartnett, tennis player Sonya Jeyaseelan, actress Sonya Walger

Sonya Trends:

At its height, Sonya occupied the 114th ranking within the United States but has been dropped for its variation, Sonia, which appears within the top 1,000 names.

Fun Fact

Sonya Blade is a video game character within the acclaimed series Mortal Kombat and was one of the original seven characters of the franchise.

69. Stefaniya

Meaning of Stefaniya:


Origin of Stefaniya:


Pronunciation of Stefaniya:


Alternates & Variations of Stefaniya:


Famous People Named Stefaniya:

Actress Stefaniya Stanyuta, competitive sailor Stefaniya Elfutina, actress and producer Stefaniya Makarova

Stefaniya Trends:

Stephanie is largely used within the U.S but Stefaniya maintains its popularity in Russia and is ranked within the top 40 names.

70. Svetlana

Meaning of Svetlana:


Origin of Sveta:


Pronunciation of Svetlana:


Alternates & Variations of Svetlana:


Famous People Named Svetlana:

Nobel Journalism Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich, actress Svetlana Bojkovi?, short put medallist Svetlana Krivelyova

Svetlana Trends:

Svetlana has never quite caught on within the United States and does not appear in the top 1,000 names.

71. Snezana

Meaning of Snezana:


Origin of Snezana:


Pronunciation of Snezana:


Alternates & Variations of Snezana:


Famous People Named Snezana:

Footballer Snežana Maleševi?, karate competitor Snežana Panti?

Snezana Trends:

Snezana was never popularised in the U.S while it maintains decent popularity in Slavic countries.

72. Tamara

Meaning of Tamara:


Origin of Tamara:


Pronunciation of Tamara:


Alternates & Variations of Tamara:

Tamera, Tamra, Tammara

Famous People Named Tamara:

Actress Tamara Degtyaryova, high jump medallist Tamara Bykova, swimmer Tamara Crow

Tamara Trends:

Although fallen out of common use, Tamara once occupied the spot as the 64th most common name in the States.

Fun Fact

A historical play based on the meeting of Gabriele d’Annunzio and Lempicka written by John Krizanc in 1981 was named Tamara.

73. Tatiana

Meaning of Tatiana:

Clan name

Origin of Tatiana:


Pronunciation of Tatiana:

ta-TYAHN-? (English) tu-TYA-n? (Russian)

Alternates & Variations of Tatiana:

Tati, Tajana, Tiana, Tatyana

Famous People Named Tatiana:

Figure skating gold medalist Tatiana Totmianina, Saint Tatiana of Rome, model Tatiana Kucharova

Tatiana Trends:

Although Tatiana had fallen in popularity, its resurgence places the name at number 696 as of 2018.

74. Taisiya

Meaning of Taisiya:


Origin of Taisiya:


Pronunciation of Taisiya:


Alternates & Variations of Taisiya:


Famous People Named Taisiya:

High jump gold medalist Taisiya Chenchik

Taisiya Trends:

Taisiya is a home-bred name within Russia with a ranking within the top 20, but it does not appear within the U.S.

75. Tonya

Meaning of Tonya:


Origin of Tonya:


Pronunciation of Tonya:


Alternates & Variations of Tonya:

Nia, Ton, Tonia

Famous People Named Tonya:

Actress Tonya Kay, Ice skater Tonya Harding, writer Tonya Hurley

Tonya Trends:

Tonya had peaked in the United States within the top 50 in the 1970s but its popularity tapered off and it no longer appears in the top names.

76. Ulyana

  • Meaning of Ulyana: Youthful

  • Origin of Ulyana: Russia

  • Pronunciation of Ulyana: uy-lee-YA-NA

  • Alternates & Variations of Ulyana: Juliana

  • Famous People Named Ulyana: Gymnast Ulyana Trofimova, ballerina Ulyana Lopatkina, fashion designer Ulyana Sergeenko

  • Ulyana Trends: Being a regional name, Ulyana appears within the top 20 names for girls in Russia, but does not make an appearance in the U.S.

77. Valeriya

Meaning of Valeriya:


Origin of Valeriya:


Pronunciation of Valeriya:

A-GAT (French), a-GA-t? (German)

Alternates & Variations of Valeriya:

Valrie, Lera, Varlery

Famous People Named Valeriya:

Badminton player Valeria Sorokina, chess master Valeriya Gansvind, singer Valeriya

Valeriya Trends:

There has been a decline in popularity for Valeriya within Russia, yet it still ranks within the top 20 in 2017.

Fun Fact

Chessmaster Valeriya Gansvind had begun to play the game at the age of 11. She subsequently won two gold and two silver medals.

78. Valentina

Meaning of Valentina:


Origin of Valentina:


Pronunciation of Valentina:


Alternates & Variations of Valentina:

Valentine, Tina

Famous People Named Valentina:

Explorer Valentina Tereshkova, marathoner Valentina Yegorova, archery medalist Valentina Kovpan

Valentina Trends:

Valentina has risen up the ranks in the United States top 1,000 list for female names. In 2018, it ranked at number 81–its highest point within the country.

Fun Fact

Drag queen James Andrew Leyva uses the moniker of Valentina as a stage name; and is a frequent contestant of the TV show RuPaul’s Drag Race.

79. Varvara

Meaning of Varvara:

Foreign woman

Origin of Varvara:


Pronunciation of Varvara:


Alternates & Variations of Varvara:


Famous People Named Varvara:

Russian poet Varvara Annenkova, painter Varvara Baruzdina, physician Varvara Rudneva

Varvara Trends:

Varvara is a regional name within Russia in place of Barbara, which is more common worldwide. It is internally ranked at number 10 as of 2017.

Fun Fact

Varvara Bakhmeteva was a Russian noblewoman who appeared as a muse for poet Mikhail Lermontov.

80. Vasilisa

Meaning of Vasilisa


Origin of Vasilisa:


Pronunciation of Vasilisa:


Alternates & Variations of Vasilisa:

Vaska, Vasika

Famous People Named Vasilisa:

Tennis player Vasilisa Bardina, Patriotic War Hero Vasilisa Kozhina, ice skater Vasilisa Davankova

Vasilisa Trends:

Vasilisa is ranked at number 17 for female names within Russia; it does not hold the same popularity within the U.S.

81. Vera

Meaning of Vera:


Origin of Vera:


Pronunciation of Vera:


Alternates & Variations of Vera:

Vjera, Verochka, Verusha

Famous People Named Vera:

Actress Vera Zima, astronomer Vera Rubin, Olympic diving gold medalist Vera Ilyina

Vera Trends:

Vera maintains a ranking within the top 25 in Russia. It has seen a small resurgence in the United States and currently sits at number 257 in 2018.

Fun Fact

The word vera can be found in many languages. For example, it means summer in Albanian, truth in Old French and genuine in English.

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82. Veronika

Meaning of Veronika:

Honest image

Origin of Veronika:


Pronunciation of Veronika:


Alternates & Variations of Veronika:

Veronica, Berenice, Weronika

Famous People Named Veronika:

Tennis player Veronika Kudermetova, painter Veronika Bromová, chess player Veronika Exler

Veronika Trends:

Veronika is a fairly common name in Russia and ranks at number 16 in 2017. On the other hand, Veronica is more widespread in the United States appearing within the top 500.

Fun Fact

Veronika Exler has won the title of Woman International Master in 2017 and Austrian Women Chess Champion in 2013/2018.

83. Viktoriya

Meaning of Viktoriya:

Charming, pleasant

Origin of Viktoriya:


Pronunciation of Viktoriya:


Alternates & Variations of Viktoriya:

Victoria, Tory

Famous People Named Viktoriya:

High jump olympics medalist Viktoriya Styopina, screenwriter Viktoriya Tokareva, film and theatre actress Viktoriya Tolstoganova

Viktoriya Trends:

Viktoriya ranks within the top 5 names within Russia, while Victoria is preferred in the United States and was ranked as number 21 in 2018.

84. Vlada

Meaning of Vlada:


Origin of Vlada:


Pronunciation of Vlada:


Alternates & Variations of Vlada:


Famous People Named Vlada:

Opera singer Vlada Borovko, footballer Vlada Kubassova, model Vlada Roslyakova

Vlada Trends:

Although the name has never appeared in the top US list for female names, Vlada appears in the top 800 names within Russia.

85. Vjera

Meaning of Vjera:


Origin of Vjera:


Pronunciation of Vjera:


Alternates & Variations of Vjera:


Famous People Named Vjera:

Actress Vjera Mujovic, Princess Vjera of Montenegro

Vjera Trends:

Vjera has never been reported within the top 1,000 names in the United States and is a particularly rare name.

86. Xenia

Meaning of Xenia:


Origin of Xenia:


Pronunciation of Xenia:


Alternates & Variations of Xenia:

Xeni, Xene

Famous People Named Xenia:

Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna of Russia, model Xenia Deli, Xenia of Saint Petersburg

Xenia Trends:

Xenia has never appeared in the top U.S names for the United States and maintains a moderate impact in Slavic societies.

Fun Fact

Actress Famke Janseen played a fighter pilot and assassin in the film James Bond: GoldenEye named Xenia Sergeyevna Onatopp.

87. Vesna

Meaning of Vesna:


Origin of Vesna:


Pronunciation of Vesna:


Alternates & Variations of Vesna:


Famous People Named Vesna:

Poet Vesna Parun, writer Vesna Krmpoti?, actress Vesna Tominac Mata?i?

Vesna Trends:

Vesna has generally fallen out of use and has never been featured in the U.S top names list for girls.

Fun Fact

Vesna has only been used as a given name since the start of the 20-century and in Old Slavic language it roughly translates to “messenger”, but that meaning has been phased out.

88. Yelizaveta

Meaning of Yelizaveta:

God is my oath

Origin of Yelizaveta:


Pronunciation of Yelizaveta:


Alternates & Variations of Yelizaveta:

Elizabeth, Liza, Lizavetta

Famous People Named Yelizaveta:

Grand Duchess Yelizaveta Mikhaylovna of Russia, Olympic medallist athlete Yelizaveta Kozhevnikova, Poet and playwright Yelizaveta Tarakhovskaya

Yelizaveta Trends:

While Elizabeth is more common within the U.S, Yelizaveta maintains a ranking amongst the top 10 within Russia.

89. Yeseniya

Meaning of Yeseniya:


Origin of Yeseniya:


Pronunciation of Yeseniya:


Alternates & Variations of Yeseniya:


Famous People Named Yeseniya:

Athlete Yeseniya Volzhankina

Yeseniya Trends:

Yesenia is a popular name option within Russia having a ranking of 33 in 2017. The name has not translated in the United States the same way and is not on any top rankings.

90. Yeva

Meaning of Yeva:


Origin of Yeva:


Pronunciation of Yeva:


Alternates & Variations of Yeva:

Eve, Eva

Famous People Named Yeva:

Olympic gymnast Yeva Yaroslavivna Meleshchuk

Yeva Trends:

Although the name has never appeared in the U.S top 1,000 names for girls, it remains trendy within Russia. It currently is ranked at the number 14 spot.

91. Yuliya

Meaning of Yuliya:


Origin of Yuliya:


Pronunciation of Yuliya:


Alternates & Variations of Yuliya:


Famous People Named Yuliya:

Swimming gold medalist Yuliya Vasilyeva

Yuliya Trends:

Yuliya has trended up-and-down, but it currently is counted within the top 40 most common names within Russia as of 2017.

92. Yana

Meaning of Yana:

He answers

Origin of Yana:


Pronunciation of Yana:


Alternates & Variations of Yana:


Famous People Named Yana:

Gymnast Yana Kudryavtseva, Singer Yana, martial artist Yana Kunitskaya

Yana Trends:

Yana is amongst the top 40 names for girls in Russia, but it has never ranked within United States.

93. Yaroslava

Meaning of Yaroslava:


Origin of Yaroslava:


Pronunciation of Yaroslava:


Alternates & Variations of Yaroslava:

Jaroslava, Jaruska, Jaros?awa

Famous People Named Yaroslava:

Tennis player Yaroslava Shvedova, rowing Olympic medallist  Yaroslava Pavlovich

Yaroslava Trends:

Yaroslava is counted within the top 50 names within Russia but does not place within the top lists in the U.S.

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94. Yevdokiya

Meaning of Yevdokiya:

Good deeds

Origin of Yevdokiya:


Pronunciation of Yevdokiya:


Alternates & Variations of Yevdokiya:

Avdotya, Evdokiya

Famous People Named Yevdokiya:

Cross-country skiing gold medallist Yevdokiya Mekshilo

Yevdokiya Trends:

Yevdokiya has not been in the United States top 1,000 names and is primarily a traditional name within Russia.

95. Zinaida

Meaning of Zinaida:

Life of Zesus

Origin of Zinaida:


Pronunciation of Zinaida:


Alternates & Variations of Zinaida:


Famous People Named Zinaida:

Astronomer Zinaida Aksentyeva, rower Zinaida Korotova, painter Zinaida Serebriakova

Zinaida Trends:

Zinaida has fallen out of popular use and does not appear in the top 1,000 names for baby girls.

96. Zelda

Meaning of Zelda:

Dark Battle

Origin of Zelda:


Pronunciation of Zelda:


Alternates & Variations of Zelda:


Famous People Named Zelda:

Actress Zelda Tinska, writer Zelda Fitzgerald, entrainer Zelda Sears

Zelda Trends:

Although the name had fallen out of use, there has been a resurgence within the U.S since the 2015 and the name is ranked within the top 700 for the region.

Fun Fact

The name Zelda was popularized within the States through Nintendo’s classic game by the same name while it refers to Princess Zelda whom our protagonist needs to save.

97. Zenobia

Meaning of Zenobia:

Given life

Origin of Zenobia:


Pronunciation of Zenobia:


Alternates & Variations of Zenobia:


Famous People Named Zenobia:

Writer and poet Zenobia Camprubi, composer Zenobia Powell Perry

Zenobia Trends:

Zenobia had reached the rank of number 669 in the early 1900s, but it has since stopped appearing in the top 1,000 names.

98. Zilya

Meaning of Zilya:


Origin of Zilya:


Pronunciation of Zilya:


Alternates & Variations of Zilya:


Famous People Named Zilya:

Politician Zilya Valeeva

Zilya Trends:

Zilya is a rather obscure name for foreigners and does not appear in the top names list for girls in the United States.

99. Zara

Meaning of Zara:


Origin of Zara:


Pronunciation of Zara:


Alternates & Variations of Zara:

Zahra, Zaire

Famous People Named Zara:

Author Zara Wright, pianist Zara Levina, actress Zara Cully

Zara Trends:

Zara has quickly rose up the ranks in the United States and is currently ranked at 253 while it was adopted in the top 1,000 list in the mid 2000s.

Fun Fact

Zara, the Priestess of Crimson Flame was a recurring, yet short-lived villain within the Wonder Woman comics; mostly battling it out during the Golden Age.

100. Zoe

Meaning of Zoe:


Origin of Zoe:


Pronunciation of Zoe:


Alternates & Variations of Zoe:


Famous People Named Zoe:

Diver Zoe Ann Olsen-Jensen, actress Zoe Saldana, actress Zoe McLellan

Zoe Trends:

Zoe remains as a fairly popular option for baby girls and is ranked within the top 50 in the United States.

Fun Fact

The first nuclear reactor within France was given the name of Zoe; it was built in 1947.


101. Zlata

Meaning of Zlata:


Origin of Zlata:


Pronunciation of Zlata:


Alternates & Variations of Zlata:


Famous People Named Zlata:

Actress Zlata Adamovská, musician Zlata Razdolina, writer Zlata Kolari?-Kišur

Zlata Trends:

Zlata is only regionally popular within Russia and is ranked within the top 50 names for baby girls.

We hope this list has helped inspire you in choosing a baby girl name for your baby.

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