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The 51 Best One Syllable Boy Names

The 51 Best One Syllable Boy Names

Longer boy names can be elegant and interesting. Dominick and Jefferson are great name ideas but they might be too long and too hard to pronounce, especially by kids.

Maybe your family’s last name is long and you’re searching for a shorter first name for your baby boy, to balance things out. Perhaps you’re looking for a sleek and chic middle name to go well with your child’s first name. Either way, you’re not alone in this search.

As research shows, every month, over 12,000 people search for one-syllable boy names on Google. I’ve put together a list of some of the most beautiful and unique syllable names that sound good and are very catchy.

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1. Abe

This is a powerful one-syllable boy name that suggests a strong personality. The long version is Abraham and it is commonly used by parents in many English-speaking countries.

Meaning of Abe

Father of Nations

Origin of Abe


Pronunciation of Abe

ah – b eh

Variations of Abe

Abraham, Abram, Abel, Avram, Ibrahim

Abe Trends

In the early 1900s, this name was very popular, with around 400 occurrences per one million newborn babies. In 2016, out of a million newborns, 108 were given the name Abe.

Fun Fact

The full name Abraham appears in the Old Testament. Abraham is a patriarch who becomes the pastor of the Hebrew nation.


Abey, Abie, Bram

Famous People Named Abe

Abraham (Abe) Lincoln (U.S. President), Abe Vigoda (actor)

2. Ben

Ben can come from either Benedict or Benjamin.

Meaning of Ben

“Behold, a son!,” child of good fortune

Origin of Ben


Pronunciation of Ben

b EH n

Variations of Ben

Benedict, Benjamin, Benson

Ben Trends

Since 1880, almost 81,000 baby boys have been given the name Ben, in the United States. Ben is a pretty popular name.

Fun Fact

Ben can also be perceived as a name that has Italian roots from the word “bene” which means “well.”


Benny, Benjie, Bennie

Famous People Named Ben

Ben Stiller (actor), Ben Affleck (actor)

3. Buck

This is a cute name for a baby boy.

Meaning of Buck

meadow of deer, cowboy

Origin of Buck

Old English

Pronunciation of Buck

b UH k

Variations of Buck

Buckminster, Buckleigh, Buckner

Buck Trends

This name was highly popular in 1919. Since then, its popularity has lowered but it still remains a great choice for your little one.

Fun Fact

Buck can mean multiple things but it is also a reference to a male goat.



Famous People Named Buck

Buck Jones (actor), Buck Baker (NASCAR driver), Buck Owens (singer)

4. Carl

To me, Carl sounds strong, manly, elegant, and aristocratic.

Meaning of Carl

Manly, free man

Origin of Carl


Pronunciation of Carl

k ah r l

Variations of Carl

Carling, Carly, Carlsen, Karl, Carlos, Charles,  Carlisle

Carl Trends

Carl is a very popular name in the US. In 1956, over 8,300 newborns were given this name. Since 1880, more than 500,000 baby boys have been named Carl.

Fun Fact

This name first appeared in the Old West Norse. Many Swedish kings have Carl as their first name.


Car, Carlitto

Famous People Named Carl

Carl Lewis (athlete), Carl Sagan (astronomer), Carl Frampton (boxer)

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5. Kent

Kent is a name worthy of a true gentleman.

Meaning of Kent

high land, coastal land, border, bright white, dignified

Origin of Kent

Old English

Pronunciation of Kent

k EH n t

Variations of Kent

Ken, Kentleigh

Kent Trends

Since 1880, more than 66,200 baby boys were named Kent in the US. It was a very popular name in the 1960s.

Fun Fact

Kent is also a US city in Washington that offers very diverse cultural opportunities.



Famous People Named Kent

Kent James (singer), Kent Graham (former football quarterback)

6. Luke

Luke is a manly yet cute name for your baby boy.

Meaning of Luke

laidback, the one that brings light

Origin of Luke

Greek, French, Latin, English

Pronunciation of Luke

l ew k

Variations of Luke

Luca, Lucas, Lucien, Luciano, Lucius

Luke Trends

Since 1916, this name has constantly increased in popularity. The peak was reached in 2005. That year, almost 10,000 newborns were named Luke.

Fun Fact

In England and Wales, Luke is a very popular baby boy name, being situated in the 21st place while in the U.S., you will find it on the 43rd place as the most popular one-syllable boy name.



Famous People Named Luke

Luke Babbitt (basketball player), Luke Bryan (country music singer)

7. Jake

Jock or Jake was used in England as a replacement for John.

Meaning of Jake

God is gracious

Origin of Jake


Pronunciation of Jake


Variations of Jake

Jacob, Jakob, Jayme, Jacobson, Yakov, Iago

Jake Trends

In 2004, almost 4,500 baby boys were named Jake. Since 1880, more than 111,600 newborns have been given this name.

Fun Fact

In the 1980s, there was a movie called “Sixteen Candles.” In it, there was a character named Jake Ryan and many girls had a crush on him.


Jacee, Jake

Famous People Named Jake

Jake Gyllenhaal (actor), Jake Peavy (baseball pitcher)

8. Chris

There are many versions of this name that are adjusted to many languages and countries.

Meaning of Chris


Origin of Chris


Pronunciation of Chris

k r ih s

Variations of Chris

Christian, Christopher, Christos, Cristobal, Christoph

Chris Trends

Since 1880, more than 141,000 baby boys were named Chris. The peak of its popularity was reached in 1961 when almost 7,200 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

Many times, people misspell Chris and they write Cris instead.


Kit, Cristy

Famous People Named Chris

Chris Pratt (actor), Chris Rock (comedian)

9. Dean

There are many famous people and actors named Dean.

Meaning of Dean

from the valley

Origin of Dean


Pronunciation of Dean

d ee n

Variations of Dean

Deen, Dene, Deyne

Dean Trends

The greatest number of occurrences was in 1961 when almost 5,000 boys were named Dean. Since 1880, around 164,500 baby boys were given this name.

Fun Fact

In Greek, Dean derives from “dekanos” which means dignitary or monk who’s in charge of a group of ten people.



Famous People Named Dean

Dean Martin (actor), Dean Geyer (singer)

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10. Max

This is a Latin name but some people say it also has German origins.

Meaning of Max

Greatest, a wise leader’s son

Origin of Max

Latin, Gaelic

Pronunciation of Max

m ae k s

Variations of Max

Maxim, Maximillian, Maxwell, Maxfield

Max Trends

This was a highly popular name in 2011 when almost 4,000 baby boys were named Max. Since 1880, over 130,000 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

The fact that this name was spread so much across Europe is due to the numerous martyrs and bishops who were named Maximus.


Mac, Maxy

Famous People Named Max

Max Crumm (singer), Max Scherzer (baseball pitcher)

11. Vin

Vin sounds like a strong and manly name but it is also short and cute.

Meaning of Vin


Origin of Vin

English, Italian

Pronunciation of Vin

v ee n

Variations of Vin

Vincent, Vicenzo, Vincenzo,

Vin Trends

Vin and Vincent were very popular in the 1960s. In 1963, more than 6,100 baby boys were given this name while since 1880, over 318,000 newborns were named Vin or Vincent.

Fun Fact

There were many saints called Vincentius that is a Latin name. The name was brought to English-speaking countries by the French.


Vince, Vinnie

Famous People Named Vin

Vin Diesel (actor), Vincent van Gogh (painter)

12. Rhett

Rhett is used as a first name in English-speaking countries but, in Holland, there’s the surname de Raedt which is one of the origins of Rhett.

Meaning of Rhett

Advice, counsel, stream, enthusiastic

Origin of Rhett

English, Welsh

Pronunciation of Rhett

r EH t

Variations of Rhett

Reece, Riece, Rhette, Rett

Rhett Trends

In 2012, 517 families named their children Rhett. Since 1880, almost 11,000 baby boys were given this name. It’s not a common name which is why it’s a great choice due to its uniqueness.

Fun Fact

One of the most famous movie characters is Rhett Butler who was seen in the movie Gone with the Wind.



Famous People Named Rhett

Rhett Akins (country singer), Rhett Bernstein (soccer player)

13. Drew

This is a beautiful neutral name that can be given to both boys and girls.

Meaning of Drew

Courageous, manly

Origin of Drew

Greek, English

Pronunciation of Drew

d r OO

Variations of Drew

Andrew, Andros, Andy, Andreas

Drew Trends

In 1985, 2,269 families named their newborns Drew. Since 1880, over 68,500 baby boys were given this name.

Fun Fact

In the New Testament, the first Apostle was Andrew. The name also means strong and warrior.


Drewy, Drewee

Famous People Named Drew

Drew Seeley (TV actor), Drew Lynch (comedian), Drew Brees (football player)

14. Finn

This name has tremendous charm and energy.

Meaning of Finn

Fair-haired, thunder

Origin of Finn

Irish, Old Norse

Pronunciation of Finn

f IH n

Variations of Finn

Finnian, Finley

Finn Trends

In 2012, 1,205 baby boys were named Finn. Since 1880, around 8,200 newborns have been given this name.

Fun Fact

The name appears in the Irish mythology, being a warrior who had mystical supernatural powers.



Famous People Named Finn

Finn Wittrock (actor), Fin Russell (Rugby player)

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15. Knox

This is truly a unique and exotic name.

Meaning of Knox

from the hills

Origin of Knox

Old English

Pronunciation of Knox

n AA k s

Variations of Knox


Knox Trends

Since 1880, 2,371 baby boys have been given this name. In 2012, over 800 families have named their sons Knox.

Fun Fact

In Scotland, this is a very popular name for boys. It dates back to the 13th century.



Famous People Named Knox

John Knox (Reformation priest), Knox Leon Jolie-Pitt (one of the children of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie)

16. Flynn

This is another neutral name that goes for both men and women.

Meaning of Flynn

the son of a man with red hair

Origin of Flynn


Pronunciation of Flynn

f l ih n

Variations of Flynn

Flyn, Flin, Flinn

Flynn Trends

The name’s highest popularity level was reached in 2012 when, in the U.S., 338 newborns were named Flynn.

Fun Fact

It is an old Irish unisex name and, in Gaelic, it means “reddish.”



Famous People Named Flynn

Flynn Adam (singer), Flynn Gower (vocalist and guitarist)

17. Pierce

To me, Pierce sounds like a name given to someone with a fearless personality.

Meaning of Pierce

Stone, rock

Origin of Pierce

Latin, English

Pronunciation of Pierce

p EE er s

Variations of Pierce

Peder, Peter, Pierre, Pietro, Pears

Pierce Trends

Since 1880, over 11,000 baby boys have been given this name. Around 2012, approximately 560 newborns were named Pierce.

Fun Fact

Pierce has variations in almost every country. In Greece, it comes from petros which means rock.



Famous People Named Pierce

Pierce Brosnan (actor), Pierce Pettis (singer and songwriter)

18. Niles

Niles sounds very elegant and British.

Meaning of Niles

Son of Nile, smooth, champion, victorious

Origin of Niles

English, Gaelic, Greek, Irish

Pronunciation of Niles


Variations of Niles

Nial, Neal, Niels, Nikolas, Nigel

Niles Trends

In the U.S., this was a pretty popular name in the 1950s. It is not that common which can be an advantage for your child.

Fun Fact

In the Scandinavian area, Niles could mean “the son of Nile.” There’s also a well-known river that has the same name and it is the longest in the world.


Ni, Neely

Famous People Named Niles

Niles Paul (football player), Niles Fitch (actor)

19. Hugh

It sounds German but it is also similar to Hue, from the Old French.

Meaning of Hugh

Bright soul

Origin of Hugh


Pronunciation of Hugh


Variations of Hugh

Hew, Huet, Ugo, Hughes

Hugh Trends

Hugh was a popular name in 1916, in the United States. Since 1880, almost 80,000 baby boys received this name.

Fun Fact

Hugh was a popular name among French nobility, especially in the 10th century.


Huey, Hughie

Famous People Named Hugh

Hugh Jackman (actor), Hugh Hefner (editor)

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20. James

James is a melodic and timeless name that’s also very popular in all the English-speaking countries.

Meaning of James


Origin of James

Hebrew (from Iacobus)

Pronunciation of James

j AI m z

Variations of James

Jaime, Jaymes, Shamus, Jimbo, Jame, Jamison

James Trends

In 1947, nearly 95,000 baby boys were named James. Since 1880, more than 5 million newborns have been given this name.

Fun Fact

In the last 100 years, almost 3% of all newborn baby boys were named James.


Jamie, Jimmy, Jim, Jamesy

Famous People Named James

James Corden (comedian), James Franco (actor)

21. Duke

This name is also a title of nobility.

Meaning of Duke

Nobleman, leader

Origin of Duke

Latin, Celtic

Pronunciation of Duke

d oo k

Variations of Duke

Marmadook, Marmaduke, Duk

Duke Trends

Duke was a pretty popular name in the 1950s. Since 1880, over 2,100 baby boys have been given this name.

Fun Fact

There’s also a university named Duke, located in North Carolina. Its football mascot is a blue devil.


Duky, Dukey, Dukie

Famous People Named Duke

Duke Ellington (pianist), Duke Deuce (rapper), Duke Snider (baseball player)

22. Cole

At first, Cole was a diminutive derived from the name Nicholas.

Meaning of Cole

victory, victorious

Origin of Cole

English, Greek

Pronunciation of Cole

k OH l

Variations of Cole

Nicolas, Nikos, Nikita, Nixon, Claus, Nicolson, Colin

Cole Trends

In 2002, more than 6,000 families have named their sons Cole. Since 1880, over 114,000 newborns received the name Cole.

Fun Fact

There’s a belief that Cole is a surname, and later first name, that comes from Cola which was an English nickname that would translate into swarthy or coal-black.



Famous People Named Cole

Cole Aldrich (basketball player), Cole Hauser (actor)

23. Hank

Hank is an appropriate name for a boy who will become a strong man.

Meaning of Hank

house ruler

Origin of Hank

English, German

Pronunciation of Hank

h AE nk

Variations of Hank

Harry, Henry, Hawkins, Henderson

Hank Trends

In 2012, 342 baby boys were named Hank. Since 1880, almost 6,000 families decided to give their sons the name Hank.

Fun Fact

Hank was first the short version of Hankin which was a diminutive of the name John, in medieval times.



Famous People Named Hank

Hank Aaron (baseball player), Hank Williams (country singer)

24. Heath

This is a male’s name that comes from the Old English period.

Meaning of Heath

Heathland, shrub

Origin of Heath


Pronunciation of Heath

h ee th

Variations of Heath

Heathcliff, Heafcliff

Heath Trends

This was a popular name in the 1970s. Since 1880, nearly 26,000 baby boys have been named Heath.

Fun Fact

Heath is also the name of a chocolate bar as well as a popular and delicious toffee.



Famous People Named Heath

Heath Ledger (actor), Heath Miller (football player)

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25. Joel

Many people seem to believe that this is a Spanish name but it has Hebrew origins.

Meaning of Joel

God is the Lord

Origin of Joel


Pronunciation of Joel

j OH eh L

Variations of Joel

Joelle, Jolson, Jole

Joel Trends

Joel was a name that US families liked a lot in the 1980s. Since 1880, more than 215,600 baby boys have been given this name.

Fun Fact

The Bible’s 29th Book is named Joel.


Jo, Joe, Jojo, Joey

Famous People Named Joel

Joel McHale (actor), Joel Madden (singer)

26. Zack

Zack is the short version of Zachary which is a Biblical name.

Meaning of Zack

Renowned by God

Origin of Zack


Pronunciation of Zack

z ae k

Variations of Zack

Zachary, Zacharias, Zacharie

Zack Trends

Since 1880, nearly 3,000 baby boys have been named Zack. It was a very popular name in 2008.

Fun Fact

Another version of Zach is Isaac which means “laughter.”


Zach, Zakie

Famous People Named Zack

Zach Galifianakis (actor), Zac Efron (actor), Zack Ryder (wrestler)

27. Keith

Keith is a very appealing name, one that vibrates positive vibes.

Meaning of Keith

from the battleground, descendant of  warrior, forest

Origin of Keith

Scottish, Irish, Welsh

Pronunciation of Keith

k EE th

Variations of Keith

Keath, Keeth

Keith Trends

Keith was highly popular in 1957 when more than 12,400 newborns were given that name. Since 1880, over 430,600 baby boys have been named Keith.

Fun Fact

In the old German language, Keith would’ve come from Kit which means offspring.



Famous People Named Keith

Keith Urban (musician), Keith David (actor)

28. Mike

Mike could seem too common for you but it remains a strong and beautiful name.

Meaning of Mike

Who is like God?

Origin of Mike


Pronunciation of Mike

m AY k

Variations of Mike

Michael, Miguel, Mitchell

Mike Trends

In 1960, over 12,000 baby boys were named Mike. Since 1880, more than 203,000 newborns have been given this name.

Fun Fact

The one that founded Little Caesar’s Pizza was named Mike Ilitch.


Mikey, Micky

Famous People Named Mike

Mike Tyson (boxer), Mike Myers (actor)

29. Rick

Rick comes from either Frederick or Richard, both of which are strong names that sound almost bossy.

Meaning of Rick

Brave ruler, noble one, famous one

Origin of Rick

Latin, German, English

Pronunciation of Rick

r ih k

Variations of Rick

Broderick, Broddy, Richard, Dick, Patrick, Richardson

Rick Trends

In 1958, almost 5,500 newborns were named Rick. Since 1880, nearly 80,000 baby boys have been given this name.

Fun Fact

Rick is a popular name that has come up numerous times in many well-known TV shows such as The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones (Rickon).


Ricky, Rocco

Famous People Named Rick

Rick Springfield (singer), Rick Hoffman (actor)

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30. Scott

Scott is a name that inspires a lot of strong personality.

Meaning of Scott

a person from Scotland

Origin of Scott

Old English

Pronunciation of Scott

s k AH t

Variations of Scott

Escott, Scot

Scott Trends

In 1971, over 30,800 individuals were named Scott. Since 1880, more than 767,000 newborns have been named Scott.

Fun Fact

Francis Scott Key was an American poet who wrote the poem called “The Star-Spangled Banner.”


Scotty, Scooter

Famous People Named Scott

Scott Disick (TV personality), Scott Bakula (actor)

31. Troy

Troy is a beautiful and unique yet powerful name.

Meaning of Troy

foot soldier, water

Origin of Troy


Pronunciation of Troy

t r OH y

Variations of Troy

Trey, Trace, True, Tripp

Troy Trends

Since 1880, more than 204,500 newborns have been named Troy. In 1970, no less than 8,442 baby boys were given this name.

Fun Fact

In Greece, there was an ancient city called Troy. That was the place where the Trojan wars took place.



Famous People Named Troy

Troy Donahue (actor), Troy Nolan (football player)

32. Wade

This is an English name that’s very dignified.

Meaning of Wade


Origin of Wade


Pronunciation of Wade

w ai d

Variations of Wade

Wayde, Wadell, Wadsworth

Wade Trends

This was a more popular name in the 1970s. Since 1880, around 65,400 newborns were given this name.

Fun Fact

Alanis Morissette, the famous singer, has a twin brother whose name is Wade and he is a musician as well.



Famous People Named Wade

Wade Miley (baseball player), Wade Davis (author)

33. Will

This short name can come from either William or Willow.

Meaning of Will

with gilded helmet, valiant protector

Origin of Will


Pronunciation of Will

w IH l

Variations of Will

William, Willow, Wilkes, Wilson, Willmar

Will Trends

Will or William is one of the most popular baby boy names out there. Since 1880, over 4 million individuals have been given this name.

Fun Fact

In 2018, there was a movie, “Dumplin’,” in which the main character, although a girl, was called Will which was short from Willowdean.



Famous People Named Will

Will Smith (actor), Will Allen (football player)

34. Tag

This name has numerous meanings although it seems short and simple.

Meaning of Tag

son of the priest, handsome

Origin of Tag

Scottish, Irish

Pronunciation of Tag

t eh g

Variations of Tag


Tag Trends

Tag isn’t that common so, being a unique kind of name, will benefit your son.

Fun Fact

There was a movie called Tag that was made in 2018.



Famous People Named Tag

I couldn’t find any famous people named Tag so, your son could be the first!

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35. Blake

This is a unisex name.

Meaning of Blake

fair-haired, white

Origin of Blake

Italian, Old English

Pronunciation of Blake

b l AI k

Variations of Blake

Blanchard, Blanco, Blayk

Blake Trends

In 2012, 6,008 baby boys were named Blake. Since 1880, over 150,600 newborns have been given this name.

Fun Fact

Blake resembles a Chinese word that means water.



Famous People Named Blake

Blake Shelton (country singer), Blake Anderson (comedian)

36. Frank

Perhaps Frank is not as popular anymore as it was in the 1920s but it still remains a great choice as a one-syllable boy name.

Meaning of Frank

free man, truthful

Origin of Frank

French, English

Pronunciation of Frank

f r ae nk

Variations of Frank

Franklin, Francklyn

Frank Trends

Since 1880, more than 900,000 baby boys have been named Frank. This was a highly popular name between 1918 and 1929.

Fun Fact

In eastern Mediterranean countries, people used to use a variation of this name to denote the Crusaders.



Famous People Named Frank

Frank Sinatra (singer), Frank Zappa (guitarist)

37. Beck

Beck can be a standalone name or the short version for longer names like Beckett.

Meaning of Beck

brook, from the brook

Origin of Beck

English, Swedish

Pronunciation of Beck

b eh k

Variations of Beck

Bek, Beckham, Beckett, Becker

Beck Trends

Not many people name their sons Beck but they do use Beckham or Beckett. In 2012, almost 500 newborns were named Beckham. In the same year, over 1,000 baby boys were named Beckett.

Fun Fact

Beck can be a unisex name which is why, in the Disney Fairies series, there’s a fairy who has this name.



Famous People Named Beck

Beck Hansen (singer), Beck Bennett (actor)

38. Blair

This name has a nice ring to it.

Meaning of Blair

field, plain

Origin of Blair

Gaelic, Scottish

Pronunciation of Blair


Variations of Blair

Blare, Blaire, Blayr

Blair Trends

Since 1880, over 12,600 baby boys have been named Blair.

Fun Fact

At first, this was a boy’s name but more and more parents name their baby girls Blair. So, it became a sort of unisex name although, in England, it remains a name that’s almost entirely used for boys.



Famous People Named Blair

Blair Redford (actor), Blair Evans (Olympic swimmer)

39. Brett

This was initially a French name that referred to Bretons, people who lived in the French area with the same name.

Meaning of Brett

native of Brittany, Breton

Origin of Brett

Irish, English

Pronunciation of Brett

bh rh eh t

Variations of Brett

Bret, Britt, Bhrett, Bretlin, Brente

Brett Trends

Since 1880, there were over 155,000 baby boys who have been named Brett. It was a very popular name in the 1980s.

Fun Fact

Bretons were a Celtic tribe living in a region in France.



Famous People Named Brett

Brett Dalton (actor), Brett Young (singer)


40. Dash

Dash is a dashing name, for sure.

Meaning of Dash

from the ash

Origin of Dash


Pronunciation of Dash


Variations of Dash

Dashiell, Dasher

Dash Trends

In 2014, this name made it to the list of the first 1000 most popular names in the U.S.

Fun Fact

Usually, Dash is a nickname for a boy’s longer name like Dashiell but it can also be a standalone name for a girl.


Dash, Dashy

Famous People Named Dash

Dash Mihok (actor)

41. Cruz

This means cross in Spanish and it refers to the holy crucifix.

Meaning of Cruz

the Cross of Christ, grace, kindness, beauty

Origin of Cruz

Greek, Spanish

Pronunciation of Cruz


Variations of Cruz

Craig, Cyrus

Cruz Trends

Since 1880, more than 16,000 newborns have been named Cruz. In 2012, more than 1,200 baby boys were given this name.

Fun Fact

For the Spanish, this is a unisex name.



Famous People Named Cruz

Cruz Martinez (musician), Cruz Bustamante (politician)

42. Chad

In Old English, this word meant “battle.”

Meaning of Chad

from the town of the warrior

Origin of Chad


Pronunciation of Chad


Variations of Chad

Chadwick, Chadrick

Chad Trends

Since 1880, more than 237,000 newborns have been named Chad. In 1972, almost 13,400 baby boys were given this name.

Fun Fact

Chad is also the name of an African country.



Famous People Named Chad

Chad Michael Murray (actor), Chad Johnson (football player)

43. Chase

With this name, it won’t be any wonder that your little one will chase you around the house.

Meaning of Chase


Origin of Chase

French, English

Pronunciation of Chase


Variations of Chase

Chace, Chasen


This is one of the most popular names in the United States. In 2009, over 7,300 families decided to give their newborn sons the name Chase.

Fun Fact

There are many pro athletes with this name, especially football players and basketball players.


Chy, Chase

Famous People Named Chase

Chase Hampton (actor), Chase Elliott (NASCAR driver)

44. Charles

This is the English version of Karl which is a German name.

Meaning of Charles

manly, free man

Origin of Charles

Old English, German

Pronunciation of Charles


Variations of Charles

Charlemagne, Charlot, Karol, Charls

Charles Trends

Since 1880, more than 2 million baby boys have been named Charles. It was a highly popular name in the 1940s.

Fun Fact

Laura Ingalls Wilder (the author)’s father was Charles Philip Ingalls and she included him as one of her characters in one of her book series.


Charley, Chaz, Chip, Chuck

Famous People Named Charles

Prince Charles of Wales, Charles Darwin (naturalist), Charlie Chaplin (actor)

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45. Dale

Believe it or not, this is a unisex name.

Meaning of Dale


Origin of Dale


Pronunciation of Dale


Variations of Dale

Dal, Dallin, Dallon, Dalton

Dale Trends

Since 1880, more than 275,000 newborns have been given this name. In 1958, nearly 8,500 families chose to name their sons Dale.

Fun Fact

In the movie and book The Hobbit, Smaug, the dragon, destroys a city called Dale.



Famous People Named Dale

Dale Evans (singer), Dale Brown (novelist)

46. Earl

This name is also an English aristocratic title.

Meaning of Earl


Origin of Earl

Old English

Pronunciation of Earl


Variations of Earl

Airle, Earland, Earald, Errol

Earl Trends

Since 1880, more than 286,000 newborns have been named Earl. It was a popular name in the 1920s.

Fun Fact

There’s a song called Goodbye Earl by Dixie Chicks.



Famous People Named Earl

Earl Bascom (painter), James Earl Jones (actor)

47. Glen

Glen was originally spelled Glenn, in Scotland.

Meaning of Glen

from the wooded valley

Origin of Glen

Irish, Scottish

Pronunciation of Glen


Variations of Glen

Glendon, Glenard, Glennis

Glen Trends

This was a popular name in the 1950s. Since 1880, nearly 123,500 newborns have been given this name.

Fun Fact

In The Walking Dead (the novel and TV series), there’s a major character named Glenn Rhee.


Glennie, Glenny

Famous People Named Glen

Glenn Miller (musician), Glenn Beck (TV host)

48. Fritz

This name has Germanic roots and it is derived from Friedrich.

Meaning of Fritz

peace or peaceful ruler

Origin of Fritz


Pronunciation of Fritz

ph rh ee ts

Variations of Fritz

Frederick, Fred, Freddie, Fritts

Fritz Trends

This was a pretty popular name in the 1950s. Since 1880, around 4,500 baby boys have been named Fritz, in the United States.

Fun Fact

There’s an expression containing this word: on the fritz, which means that something is not functioning well (but don’t let this influence your choice of baby names).



Famous People Named Fritz

Fritz Lang (film director), Fritz Haber (Nobel Prize winner)

49. Joe

This name is short and sweet and it will be easy for your little one to pronounce it as a toddler.

Meaning of Joe

God will increase, he shall add

Origin of Joe

Hebrew, English

Pronunciation of Joe


Variations of Joe

Joseph, Giuseppe, Josep, Jose

Joe Trends

Since 1880, over 448,000 baby boys have been named Joe. In 1936, around 8,000 parents gave their sons the name Joe.

Fun Fact

Joe is used in numerous expressions such as “the average Joe,” “regular Joe,” and “Joe blow.” All these sayings have only increased the name’s popularity.


Jojo, Joey, Jo

Famous People Named Joe

Joe Cocker (musician), Joe DiMaggio (baseball player)


50. Jay

You can either name your son Jason or James and call him Jay but this name can also be a standalone one.

Meaning of Jay

a type of bird, supplanter

Origin of Jay

Hebrew, English, French, Latin

Pronunciation of Jay

j-uh-y, JHey

Variations of Jay

James, Jason, Jameson, Jaime, Shamus

Jay Trends

Since 1880, almost 184,500 newborns have been named Jay. In 1960, over 5,300 baby boys were given this name.

Fun Fact

In the well-known novel The Great Gatsby, the main character is named Jay.



Famous People Named Jay

Jay Asher (novelist), Jay Cutler (football player)

51. Lance

Lance comes from Lancelot who was one of the Round Table’s Knights.

Meaning of Lance

land, romantic, lancer

Origin of Lance

English, French, German

Pronunciation of Lance


Variations of Lance

Lancelot, Launce

Lance Trends

Since 1880, over 100,000 baby boys have been named Lance.

Fun Fact

A lance used to be a medieval pole weapon.



Famous People Named Lance

Lance Armstrong (cyclist), Lance Moore (football player)


What Are the Rarest One Syllable Boy Names?

Here are some of the rarest short boy names and their meanings: – Arn – eagle; – Boyce – wood; – Ceel – male; – Hale – retreat; – Teague – poet; – Zed – justice.

What Are the Most Modern One Syllable Boy Names?

– Ace; – Cruz; – Brooks; – Cole; – Jace; – Tripp; etc.

What Are Some One-Syllable Boy Names with Celebrity Parents?

– Gene – Amy Schumer’s son; – Hal – Benedict Cumberbatch’s son; – Ode – Jena Malone’s son; – Psalm – Kim Kardashian’s son; – Sir – Beyonce’s son.

Bottom Line

So, if it’s time to think about baby boy names, why not choose one that’s short and simple yet interesting and unique, instead of a common or classic one. Make sure to pick a name that represents something that’s meaningful to you. All the names listed above are viable options. BTW, if you still haven’t found something that sticks out, check the following 51 Amazing Boy Names Starting with J and the 41 Best 3 Syllable Boy Names.

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