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Alexandra Gavrilescu

Alexandra is a devoted aunt to two beautiful nieces: Iris (4 years) and Giulia (4 months old). She has a deep understanding of how emotionally-stable children should be brought up. Moreover, Alexandra is eager to guide new parents through the complex yet rewarding time of parenthood.

If your infant deals with fussiness or gassiness, then both Similac Sensitive and the Pro Sensitive formula are good for these specific issues. Still, they are different in several aspects that we will discuss in more detail in today’s comparative review. In terms of nutritional values, these baby formulas are pretty similar. However, the difference comes from the carb content.

Below, you will discover some other important differences as well as similarities that these two baby formulas have.

The Main Differences Between Similac Sensitive and Pro Sensitive

  • Similac Sensitive contains standard ingredients, whereas the Pro Sensitive option also features a special blend of probiotics;
  • The Pro Sensitive alternative contains a lower amount of lactose (less
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Gerber is a well-known brand that produces and sells four different variations of baby formula. Each type targets a specific dietary need or nutrition stage. Three of the Gerber formulas are based on lactose while the fourth option is soy-based.

In today’s comparative review, I will discuss two of the manufacturer’s formulas: Gentle and Soothe. The first one was created for infants who have normal digestion. It comes with a blend of prebiotics, probiotics, ARA, and DHA. This mix resembles the compounds found in breast milk.

Unlike Gentle, which may or may not cause gassiness or other mild tummy issues, Gerber Soothe is more suitable for babies who deal with colic and fussiness. But let’s find out more about these two infant formulas, below.

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The Main Differences between

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Strollers are essential for a newborn, but it can be overwhelming to search for and choose the right one that meets your expectations and your baby’s needs. In addition, most strollers for newborn babies face the parent, whereas toddlers can safely be placed in strollers that face the street instead of the adult pushing them. …

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Nowadays, there’s an abundance of baby seats on the market. Some of these products rock while others bounce or swing. The Nuna Leaf Grow vs Curv seats manufactured by Nuna Leaf do neither of these movements. Instead, they smoothly move from one side to the other. So, your baby will comfortably sway and the feeling …

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As soon as your little one switches from a completely liquid diet to a solid or mixed one, you should start introducing oats. Oatmeal is a nutritious and healthy meal and, luckily, there are a few great oat brands out there that are worthy of your consideration. Unfortunately, there aren’t many oatmeal producers on the …

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When looking for a baby crib, the wisest thing to do is get a convertible one that will serve its purpose for a long time until your child reaches the age of 4-5 years old. The basic convertible models turn from infant cribs to toddler beds. However, the more complex versions (which can also be …

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