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Best Amazon Crib Mattress Guide

Best Amazon Crib Mattress Guide

Most parents have lots of concerns and thoughts about how and where to purchase the best baby crib, but, many times, they don’t think as much when it comes to buying a great crib mattress for their children. It’s quite easy to overlook that, but, trust me, it’s essential to find the best Amazon crib mattress you can afford if you want your baby to have a safe and high-quality sleep in his or her new bed.

The ideal choice is a mattress that doesn’t lead to body overheating, and it’s easy to clean, firm enough, but also comfortable. Below, not only will you find some of the most popular crib mattresses on the market, but you’ll see that I’ve also detailed some practical things to consider when purchasing these products.

My Bottom Line Up Front

There are several options that I really like. For instance, I like the Naturepedic crib mattress due to its organic materials, and I also like the mini Dream on Me option due to its light weight and portability.

However, the one I love the most is the Newton crib mattress because it has so many wonderful features, including a breathable cover, increased comfort level, and a long-lasting design. Moreover, this mattress is hypoallergenic and very easy to clean.

Best Amazon Crib Mattress Guide – Top 6 Choices

The following crib mattresses are presented in no specific order. I’ve listed them randomly, but I’ve chosen these products based on their popularity, features, and consumer reviews. 

a. Newton Baby Crib Mattress

Newton Baby Crib Mattress

The Newton crib mattress is an expensive product. Still, it’s one of the best alternatives due to its Greenguard Gold certification and its durability, safety, and comfort. Although this mattress isn’t waterproof, it’s made of breathable materials, and I love how versatile the design is, which makes this item suitable for both infants and toddlers.

The company has given a lot of thought to making this baby mattress, and they’ve revolutionized the industry with their in-house Breathe-Thru technology. The air is allowed to circulate freely through the mattress, which regulates your child’s body temperature and lowers the risk of suffocation. As a result, your baby will feel very comfy sleeping on this mattress.

I also like how this item is free of any risky elements, such as metal springs. Instead, it relies a lot on air to support your baby and maintain the mattress’s volume and comfort level. Of course, it’s expensive, but if you can afford it, I assure you you’ll sleep a lot more relaxed knowing that your infant is resting safely on this crib mattress.


  • Breathable material;
  • Safety certification;
  • Versatile and long-lasting design;
  • Easy to wash and hypoallergenic;
  • High-quality fabric.


  • Expensive;
  • Not waterproof;
  • Smells funny when you open it. 

b. Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

Naturepedic Organic Crib Mattress

This Naturepedic crib mattress is made of organic materials and has a lightweight design. It’s an environmentally friendly product made entirely of organic fabrics and manufactured in the US. If you’re focused on organic products, you’ll love this item since it’s safe and easy to clean. I love how quickly you can wipe this mattress’ surface clean without the need to remove any exterior layers.

I love to sleep on firmer bed mattresses, and this Naturepedic option is quite firm. However, this is a subjective aspect, and for some people, an extra firm mattress could feel uncomfortable. At the same time, you should know that pediatricians recommend baby mattresses that are a tad on the firm side to protect the development of your infant’s fragile spine.

I couldn’t find out whether or not this mattress is hypoallergenic, but I imagine it is since it has organic fabrics. On the bright side, it’s waterproof, and its use won’t create any chemical emissions.


  • Certified organic;
  • Lightweight;
  • Made in the US;
  • Patented wave support technology. 


  • Might sink, over time;
  • Extra-firm – it could be a tad uncomfy for some. 

c. Pure Core Hybrid Mattress by Babyletto

Pure Core Hybrid Mattress by Babyletto

I’ve chosen this baby mattress and included it in today’s list of the best Amazon crib mattresses due to its removable cover, which is so easy to clean and wash. This is another example of a hybrid mattress that can suit both baby cribs and toddler beds.

The Babyletto mattress is Greenguard Gold certified, and it’s made of a safe and comfy soft cotton. There’s also a waterproof layer on top that will keep the item dry at all times.

I love this mattress because it is easy to remove the cover and just clean it in your washing machine with little to no stress, fuss, or effort. On the other hand, you might want to skip the part where you place the cover inside the dryer because it might shrink.

However, I wouldn’t say I like this product because of the noise it makes when your child starts to move around the crib. That occurs because of the waterproof layer and its material. All in all, this is a great alternative that features two sides, one that’s soft and the other that’s firmer. Moreover, the fabric is hypoallergenic, which is essential for me.


  • Hybrid and versatile;
  • Waterproof;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Two-sided;
  • Removable cover that’s easy to wash.


  • The cover could shrink if you put it in the dryer;
  • Noisy waterproof materials. 

d. Safety 1st Mattress

Safety 1st Mattress

We all want what’s best for our little ones, but that doesn’t always translate into the most expensive products on the market. This Safety 1st crib mattress is the ideal solution if you have a tight budget. It’s affordable and provides firm support. Furthermore, it’s a hypoallergenic mattress that comes with a waterproof cover.

With this mattress made of polyester fibers, your baby will sleep safe and sound throughout the night due to the firm support this item provides. It’s also easy to keep this mattress dry and clean due to its waterproof vinyl outer cover. You can place it in your baby’s crib and, later on, in your toddler’s bed. It comes in basic white, baby blue, and baby pink.


  • Safe, firm, and waterproof;
  • Hypoallergenic;
  • Hybrid and versatile. 


  • The cover isn’t removable;
  • Noisy waterproof material. 

e. Little Dreamer Crib Mattress by Moonlight Slumber

Little Dreamer Crib Mattress by Moonlight Slumber

This waterproof and dual-sided mattress is resistant to both odor and stains. Let’s face it! Babies are adorable, but they can become messy. Therefore, a waterproof mattress such as the Moonlight Slumber one can come to your rescue.

It has a thickness of five inches, and it features a firmer side that’s ideal for infants. Once your baby grows and becomes a toddler, you can reverse the mattress and use its softer side.

Another thing I love about it, besides being a versatile and durable crib mattress, is how well this product resists bed bugs and dust mites. You can easily wipe off any potential spills or messes with the help of a damp cloth or sponge. In addition, the hypoallergenic cover will become squeaky clean in no time. What I don’t really like is the lack of a removable cover.


  • Awarded product;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Dual-sided;
  • Odor-resistant;
  • Stain-resistant. 


  • Hard to see which side is the firm one and which is softer;
  • No removable layer included. 

f. Dream on Me Mattress

Dream on Me Mattress

This mini crib mattress made by Dream on Me is the ideal choice if you’re looking for a portable product. It’s not very thick, but it’s firm enough. I love how resistant this mattress is to both odors and stains and the fact that it comes with an antibacterial cover. But, on the other hand, it only has a thickness of three inches which might not be enough for some parents.

This product is very comfortable, resistant to water, and easy to clean. Moreover, it ensures a high quality of sleep for your little one. In addition, it’s portable and lightweight, two features that make this mattress suitable for mini cribs and the types of baby cribs you take with you when you’re on the go. Besides the waterproof cover, the product is also free of lead and phthalates.

Finally, this hypoallergenic baby mattress is durable but doesn’t come with a removable cover.


  • Affordable;
  • Safety certification;
  • Portable;
  • Resistant to stains and odors;
  • Antibacterial cover. 


  • A bit thin;
  • There’s no removable cover included. 

Best Amazon Crib Mattress Guide – How to Choose One

Amazon Crib Mattress

Here are the most effective guidelines that will help you choose the perfect crib mattress for your baby or toddler. Keep them in mind when browsing for the best mattress you can afford.

a. Safety

Obviously, safety comes first when your baby is involved. Therefore, the safest mattresses are those that allow airflow and have the proper level of firmness. Also, to be on the safe side, you should pick a mattress that fits the crib completely, without leaving any spaces or gaps between it and the crib’s sides.

b. Materials

Safe, hypoallergenic, and organic materials are the best. Also, if you can, try to purchase a mattress that comes with a removable and machine-washable cover for lower maintenance. All baby crib mattresses should be manufactured with breathable, non-toxic, and durable materials that are easy to clean or wipe off. Those that received the green guard certification are safer.

This aspect is very important because babies have very sensitive skin, which can be prone to allergies or rashes.

c. Firmness

A good crib mattress must have a firm surface that lowers the risk of suffocation. I know how easily our minds go to comfort rather than firmness, but this is crucial for a baby mattress. Go check the mattresses in physical stores so that you can see if they’re too thin, more likely to fold when you’re changing sheets, or flimsy. If any of these aspects are shown by the mattress, avoid it and purchase a better one.

d. Design

The ideal mattress design for baby cribs is the one that AAP approves and follows the safety guidelines recommended by this organization. Besides that, two-sided and waterproof mattresses are also the way to go. A durable mattress with two sides is perfect if you want to use it when your baby becomes a toddler, especially if you’re spending more money on an organic alternative.

e. Additional Guidelines on How to Purchase the Best Crib Mattress for Your Baby

  • Noiseless covers – avoid textured or crunchier materials;
  • Avoiding bouncing mattresses – some toddlers might refuse to go to sleep because they will want to bounce up and down instead to entertain themselves;
  • Affordable pricesfinding a good crib mattress doesn’t mean you should spend a lot of money on it. It’s ok to avoid buying very cheap baby products, but you shouldn’t opt for mattresses that cost $400 unless you can easily afford those choices;
  • Great customer service – make sure the manufacturer has several available contact options such as phone, email, online form, and more;
  • Solid warranties are an important aspect if you want to return or replace the product. 


Question: What Are the Main Types of Baby Crib Mattresses?

Answer: There are two main types of crib mattresses, based on what they’re filled with:
Foam mattresses – these mattresses are quiet and more lightweight than those containing spring coils. Most of them are made of polyurethane, and many of these products are resistant to water;
Innerspring mattresses – each innerspring layer boosts the overall level of comfort that a mattress has, and most baby innerspring mattresses are covered with a thin layer of foam. Still, these types of products can be noisy when your little ones move around the crib when they are awake or in their sleep. 

Question: How Should You Maintain and Care for Your Baby’s Mattress?

Answer: Here are the most basic guidelines on how to use and take proper care of your baby mattress:
• New mattresses need to be aired out for a few days before placing them in the crib so that when you put your kids to sleep, they won’t be bothered by weird smells;
• Babies need to sleep on their backs for safety concerns. Also, leave the mattress as it is without placing additional items on it such as covers, pillows, blankets, bumpers, or stuffed toys;
• All crib mattresses must pass the well-known two-finger test – when you place your fingers between the mattress and the crib’s sides, the space that’s left shouldn’t accommodate more than a maximum of two of your fingers;
• Flip the mattress when the right time comes if you have a dual-sided one – till your baby is one year old, you should keep the firm side on, whereas toddlers can safely sleep on the softer side of the mattress;
• Protect your mattress with a fitted sheet. You should even use waterproof pads under the sheet if your mattress isn’t resistant to spills or liquids;
• Read the instructions very carefully and if anything isn’t clear enough, contact the manufacturer;
• Store the mattress in a proper space that’s cool and dry to avoid mildew. But, first, clean the mattress before putting it away;
• After repeated use, some mattresses might lose their firmness, and indentations might occur, in which case you should replace the mattress. 

Question: What Is the Best Type of Crib Mattress You Should Consider?

Answer: The best and safest crib mattress for your little one is the one that has a flat and firm surface. It should also be supportive and made of breathable and waterproof materials. Comfort is important, but safety and firmness are essential.

Final Thoughts

Regardless of the crib mattress, you choose to buy (as long as you opt for any of the products I’ve listed above), you won’t go wrong with any of them. Still, the Newton mattress, in my opinion, ranks highest on my list because it regulates your child’s body temperature and it has a design that ensures both comfort and safety. In addition, the Newton crib mattress is also made of hypoallergenic materials.

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