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Yumble Review – Let’s talk about Yumble

Yumble Review – Let’s talk about Yumble

Yumble is a popular delivery service that provides healthy and delicious meals for children, including picky eaters. The concept behind this business is to help parents meet the nutritional needs of their little ones and, at the same time, encourage kids of all ages to consume more veggies and healthier foods. Preparing healthy meals in a quick and straightforward manner is always a challenge. The key behind a successful initiative is to opt for dishes that are easy to make without compromising on taste and nutrients. Yumble has parents and their kids in mind, and it can help you with this struggle.

Today’s Yumble review detailed the things Yumble offers, its pros and cons, pricing options, main alternatives, and more. So, stick around till the end of the article!

Yumble Review

Yumble Review – What It Is

The founder of Yumble is Joanna, who has three children. She struggled at first with planning her kids’ meals, grocery shopping, cooking, and preparing healthy yet delicious dishes every week. The company has become one of the best and most popular meal delivery services.

Healthy eating is essential for the physical and mental development of a child. Therefore, Yumble’s founder came up with solutions to help parents feed their kids without consuming too much time. Don’t worry if you have ever struggled with this kind of problem! You’re not a bad parent; you’re just a bit overwhelmed, which is totally normal.

We have all been there. I bet that all parents deal with their little picky eaters all the time. All the meals provided by Yumble are already prepared. When you receive them at your doorstep, all that’s left for you to do is to heat them in the oven or the microwave.

According to the founder, the company uses only sustainable ingredients sourced from local providers. Each meal is well-balanced in terms of macros and nutrients. You can order between six and 24 different meals per week. These products are shipped in refrigerated containers to keep them fresh till they arrive at your home.

One thing I love about Yumble is its special detail that’s added every week to each box, something that will delight and entertain your kids, such as coloring books, family bonding games, and sticker sheets.

How It Works

You must visit Yumble’s online platform and sign up there to get started. Then, you can select your desired number of meals that you want to receive every week: 6, 8, or 12. After that, you can browse through Yumble’s menu and select those meals that you believe your kid will like the most.

After the order, you’ll receive your products at home. They are shipped in recyclable and sustainable packages. Besides the actual meals, you will also get interesting and fun toys, board games, and other activities for children. Some meals can be safely consumed as they are, while others require heating, but all of them come already cooked.

On the package, you will also find clear and simple instructions about preparing or heating them. It will take less than two minutes. As a Yumble subscriber, you can always pause, skip, or cancel your membership. Based on the plan you want to order, one meal can cost between $6 and $10. The lowest shipping fee is $5.99. But, more about pricing options in one of the following sections.

Yumble Review: meal boxes

Yumble Review – the Menu

The company changes its weekly menus every time. So, a new week comes with new products. Therefore, you will never get bored, and, more importantly, all your diverse nutritional and dietary needs will be met. These menus target numerous different preferences, including vegetarians and picky eaters.

For starters, you can browse through the menu and filter the meals based on your child’s age. Here are some popular meal examples that Yumble offers:

  • Chicken pot pie pocket – chicken and veggies in a pastry pocket with cheese sauce and a side dish of green beans. The veggies are all organic;
  • Sesame-ginger vegetable stir-fry – this dish contains rice, broccoli, quinoa, peas, and ginger sauce;
  • Turkey sausage with egg – an egg omelet that’s accompanied by turkey sausages and some lightly-melted cheese sauce. 

If your little one is a picky eater, here are some choices you could try:

  • Finger food flower ravioli – these cheese ravioli shaped like a flower will catch your child’s attention. It comes with beef meatballs;
  • Easy-peasy pasta and pizza – gluten-free pasta and vegetarian pizza;
  • Chicken nuggets with super spirals – gluten-free spiraled pasta and nuggets made from organic chicken. 

If you prefer vegetarian meals, Yumble provides several options that are suitable for your needs, too:

  • Vegetarian bean burrito – this meal comes with corn and tomato sauce, both of which are organic;
  • Sweet potato cantina bowl – this dish contains sweet potatoes, corn with cornbread, and black beans;
  • Cheesy veggie casserole – it’s made of pasta with a mix of vegetables, including organic corn and broccoli. 

Each Yumble meal is properly labeled so that you know which is soy-free, gluten-free, vegetarian, egg-free, or milk-free. On the other hand, if your child suffers from severe food allergies or other very serious problems, you should first talk to their pediatrician before ordering these meals. I recommend that since the manufacturing facility operates with potentially allergenic compounds, and there’s a risk of cross-contamination.

Besides coconut, the Yumble meals are free from any other nuts, such as tree nuts and peanuts. Still, I repeat that a potential risk of cross-contamination could exist. I checked, and their kitchen isn’t nut-free certified.

According to the company’s representatives, Yumble is doing its best to develop healthy eating habits in children that will last for life.

Yumble Review – Pros and Cons

Let’s look at some of the most important pros and cons of the Yumble delivery service.


  • Through this delivery service, you will encourage your kids to try new healthy foods all the time;
  • All the meals are cooked with healthy and local ingredients;
  • It’s a great alternative to home cooking for busy families who are on a tight schedule;
  • Each portion is kid-friendly, and it’s full of essential nutrients;
  • During specific periods, you can benefit from significant discounts;
  • The menu is very diverse since it changes every week;
  • It also targets special dietary needs;
  • Because of the kid-friendly servings, you won’t waste food anymore;
  • It’s both convenient and time-saving.


  • The company is still growing and developing, so its services aren’t available all over the country yet;
  • The label doesn’t say that you should refrigerate the meals if you don’t eat them immediately, but you should do that;
  • Clients cannot control or change the size of the portions;
  • The meals aren’t suitable for infants who don’t eat solid foods yet;
  • As adults, you and your partner will eat different meals than the ones consumed by your children. 

Yumble Review – How Much Does It Cost?

Here are the available pricing options that a client can choose from:

  • Six meals per week – $7.99 per meal; the shipping fee isn’t included;
  • Eight meals per week – $6.99 per meal; the shipping is free;
  • Twelve meals per week – $5.99 per meal; again, the shipping is free. 

As you can see, based on the number of meals you want to receive, there are three available choices; the 8 and 12 meals per week pricing plans come with free shipping.

Main Alternatives to Yumble

Besides Yumble, other companies on the market provide similar services in terms of kid-friendly meals. Let’s discover some of the best alternatives to the Yumble meal delivery service:


Yumble Review

Yumi offers finger foods and purees appropriate for infants as young as six months old and toddlers up to 14 months old. All Yumi meals have numerous healthy ingredients and plenty of nutrients in order to provide proper food that you can introduce in your baby’s diet, based on his or her development stage.


  • This service will help you save a lot of time and effort;
  • You won’t have to stress about the things you want to give to your baby and diversification;
  • The company provides a wide variety of different foods;
  • All the meals are made with organic ingredients;
  • Each meal is nutritionally balanced and free from any additives and preservatives;
  • The packages are reusable, convenient, and recyclable.


  • Some kids won’t eat the Yumi meals because even small babies have their unique preferences;
  • For some people, this service could be a tad expensive. 

Little Spoon

Little Spoon Plates have your Kid's Meal Planner Covered - Is This Normal

Little Spoon delivers organic and nutritious meals that always arrive fresh, and they’re suitable for kids of all ages, from babies to toddlers and even older children. All Little Spoon products are non-GMO, organic, and free of antibiotics and hormones. The company focuses on baby meals like purees and other kid-friendly balanced meals.


  • The containers are sustainable and reusable;
  • Most meals are plant-based and healthy;
  • The facility in which these dishes are prepared is an allergy-conscious one;
  • Little Spoon meals are cooked and packed in Southern California. 


  • The offer lacks kid-friendly finger foods;
  • These meals aren’t kosher;
  • The company delivers all over the US, but Hawaii and Alaska aren’t included. 

Nurture Life

Healthy Kids Meal Delivery Service | Nurture Life

Nurture Life caters to the whole family, from infants to teenagers and adults. You can opt for vegetarian meals, gluten-free dishes, and foods that picky eaters will enjoy consuming. Nurture Life offers a wide variety of dishes, including options for those who deal with certain food allergies. The ingredients they use are wholesome and rich in minerals, vitamins, and other nutrients.


  • There’s a wide variety of available meals that you can browse through on their platform;
  • All meals are nutritionally balanced, healthy, and delicious;
  • Small kids will love Nurture Life finger foods;
  • The food is made of organic ingredients;
  • The portions are specially crafted to serve the needs of the consumer, whether we’re talking about children or adults, or both;
  • You can easily put the meals in the freezer and serve them later on;
  • The company delivers in all continental states. 


  • This meal-delivery service is a bit expensive, especially when you compare it with other similar providers;
  • Regardless of your order’s amount or value, you will also have to cover the shipping cost. 

Every Plate

EveryPlate Delivery Areas | Food Delivery in Australia

Every Plate sends out family-friendly meal kits. As a client, you will receive all the needed ingredients to cook delicious and healthy meals at home. A major plus is this service’s affordability. Their products and memberships cost less because they reduced the overall packaging of the products. Every Plate offers student discounts, but they don’t cater to vegetarians.


  • It’s an affordable meal kit delivery service that targets all your family members;
  • You and your children will eat the same foods, which is a plus if you have a picky eater;
  • All the recipes come with clear preparation instructions, and they’re easy to cook;
  • You will find many spiced and flavorful dishes;
  • The company adds new recipes every single week;
  • There’s a live chat customer support service;
  • All the containers are made of recyclable materials. 


  • Every Plate meal kits don’t contain enough vegetables;
  • You will have to pay for the shipping;
  • The recipes and their ingredients are pretty basic, nothing fancy;
  • You will receive nutritional details only after placing the order. 

One Potato

Image: Pick a plan

Another popular meal provider that focuses on the entire family is One Potato. You can select your desired plan based on your kids’ ages and the size of your family. Together with the order, you will also get a step-by-step set of guidelines on how to cook the recipes you’ve ordered.

According to One Potato, all meals should be ready in under 30 minutes. The weekly menu rotates so that you can choose different meals without getting bored.


  • The website has an excellent and user-friendly interface, so it will be very easy for you to place an order;
  • All the meals are made with organic ingredients without compromising on flavor and taste;
  • You will receive clear recipe cards with simple cooking instructions published on them. 


  • Some of these recipes aren’t very simple, and they require more time in the kitchen than you would expect;
  • The foods come in too many packages, despite all the materials being recyclable. 


Question: Does Yumble Have a Good Reputation?

Answer: Yes, Yumble is a reputable, trustworthy, and popular meal delivery provider with many clients and subscribers. Hence, I’m talking about a successful and effective business that aims to offer nutritious food alternatives that your child will love.

Question: Are Yumble Meals Healthy?

Answer: Yes, all Yumble meals are healthy, safe, hypoallergenic, made with verified ingredients, and nutritionally balanced. Therefore, your kids will receive all the nutrients they need for proper development and a diet that can sustain their active lifestyle. The ingredients are sourced from local providers, and the company uses seasonal ingredients to make sure they’re always fresh.

Question: Are Yumble Foods Organic?

Answer: The main focus of Yumble is to sell meals prepared with fresh, seasonal, and local ingredients. Sometimes, those ingredients are indeed organic, but other times, they’re not.

Yumble Review – Bottom Line

Yumble is a great choice for a meal delivery service that caters to kids of all ages. All Yumble meals are tested on volunteers before they are marketed. So, you can rest assured that your little one will enjoy consuming them. With just a couple of clicks, you will become a subscriber and start receiving organic foods and nutritious meals at your doorstep.

Have you ever tried Yumble meals? I am curious and eager to find out about your experience with this provider.

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