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41 Best 3 Syllable Boy Names

41 Best 3 Syllable Boy Names
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If you’re completely new to parenting, maybe you feel a little overwhelmed with all the new dilemmas you have to cope with. Choosing the right name for your impatiently expected little guy is one of them – and it’s one of the most important decisions too!

This article is dedicated especially to those from “Team blue”. We’re going to share with you some of the most attractive, popular, original and ultimately best 3-syllable boy names to help you with the tough decision of finding the perfect name for baby boy. 

History of 3-Syllable Boys’ Names

Three syllable boy names have been around for probably as long as the human civilization itself. At least in Europe and the Middle East, which can be credited for the origin of most contemporary western names. 

Just think about the ancient Greek mythology – famous heroes like Achilles, Perseus or Hercules all had 3 syllable names. And so did many feudal emperors including Prussian king Frederick the Great or the last Russian tsar Nikolai II.

If you decide to give your baby boy a 3-syllable name, you will honor your child with a noble and respectable name.

How to Choose a Boy Name 


When choosing the best name for your child, there are several approaches you may follow to give it some order and meaning, regardless of boy or girl identification. For most of us, several (or even all) of the following factors come into play:

1. History and tradition of your own family tree

In many families, naming your child after yourself, your parent or your grandparent is considered a tradition – if not a proper duty. Some prefer to add “junior” or “II/III” after the name for easier distinction. 

2. Inspirational people you admire 

Some people name their children after their personal “heroes”. It probably has something to do with the old latin saying “Nomen Omen”, which suggests that our names possess the power to predict our characters.  

3. Consider honoring your roots

Picking a geographical name for your child is totally “in”. But it’s more than fashion – it’s an opportunity to honor your origins. Plus celebrities are all about it too!

4. Match the sibling names

Many parents like to match the names of their children. Some stick to the same first letter, others like the names to be of the same origin, or even rhyming.  

5. Names of your favorite fictional characters

Is there any character from a movie or book or you can really relate to? Why not choose their name for your little one too? Your kid will have a wonderful name-related story to tell.

Why We Love 3 Syllable Names 

So much to think about, right? Why should you complicate the decision making even more by sticking to 3 syllables? To cut to the chase:

Why not shorter? Because short names don’t leave anything for the imagination and creativity. You can always shorten a long name, right?

Why not longer? Because the chances your name will be misspelled (accidentally or on purpose) are higher with each additional syllable. For more info on this, refer to the well-known marketing Rule of Three Syllables inspired by the classic linguistic rule known as Dreimorengesetz

The List of 41 Best 3 Syllable Boy Names

1. Oliver

Meaning of Oliver:

Olive tree – symbol of fruitfulness and dignity

Origin of Oliver:


Pronunciation of Oliver:


Alternatives and variations of Oliver:

Olivier, Olivandro, Oliveiro 

Famous people named Oliver:

Director Oliver Stone, comedian Oliver Hardy, general Oliver Cromwell

Oliver trends:

Oliver is an extremely popular name. It ranks 5th in the U.S., and it’s in the Top 10 in many other regions too. 

Oliver fun fact:

Poor yet smart orphan Oliver Twist was the hero of Charles Dickens’s famous second novel.

2. Samuel

Meaning of Samuel:

Name of God

Origin of Samuel:


Pronunciation of Samuel:


Alternatives and variations of Samuel:

Sammy, Samual, Shmuel 

Famous people named Samuel:

Actor Samuel L. Jackson, singer Samuel “Sammy” Davis Jr., footballer Samuel Eto’o

Samuel trends:

This name’s popularity peaked in 2001-2002. Currently it oscillates around the bottom of Top 25 in the U.S.

Samuel fun fact:

Samuels can boast their “own” island – the Samuel Island in Canada’s British Columbia. 

3. Adrian

Meaning of Adrian:

The dark one/Coming from Adriatic region

Origin of Adrian:

Latin, with Old English name adaptations

Pronunciation of Adrian:


Alternatives and variations of Adrian:

Hadrian, Adrien, Adrianus 

Famous people named Adrian:

American football player Adrian Peterson, actor Adrian Grenier, wrestler Adrian Adonis

Adrian trends:

Adrian’s popularity increased sharply in the 1960′ and has risen more or less constantly ever since then. I 2020, this name ranks #61 in the U.S.

Adrian fun fact:

The only English pope in history was named Adrian IV.

4. Nicholas

Meaning of Nicholas:

Victorious person

Origin of Nicholas:

Greek origin

Pronunciation of Nicholas:


Alternatives and variations of Nicholas:

Nicolas, Nickolas, Nico

Famous people named Nicholas:

Actor Nicholas “Nick” Nolte, musician Nicholas “Nick” Cave, animator Nicholas “Nick” Park

Nicholas trends:

Nicholas was extremely popular in 1976-1995, then it experienced a sharp decrease in popularity. In current American statistics, it ranks #74.

Nicholas fun fact:

Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children. Feast of Saint Nicholas is observed on the 6th of December and includes handing out sweets and presents to kids.

5. Dakota


Meaning of Dakota:


Origin of Dakota:

Native American

Pronunciation of Dakota:


Alternatives and variations of Dakota:

Dakotah, Dacota, Dakoda

Famous people named Dakota:

War veteran Dakota Meyer, singer Dakota Bradley, designer Dakota Jackson

Dakota trends:

Dakota gained extreme popularity in 1994. In a single year, it’s usage increased by 127.1%! Currently it ranks #349 in the U.S. 

Dakota fun fact:

This is a gender-neutral name. It appears in the names of two U.S. states too – North and South Dakota.

6. Raphael

Meaning of Raphael:

God’s healer

Origin of Raphael:


Pronunciation of Raphael:


Alternatives and variations of Raphael:

Rafael, Rafaelo, Raffaello

Famous people named Raphael:

Painter Raphael (Raffaello Sanzio da Urbino), footballer Raphael Botti, comedian Raphael Bob-Waksberg 

Raphael trends:

Though being significantly popular in countries like Italy, Spain and many states of Latin America, Raphael is still a rare and original name in the U.S: It currently ranks 527th most popular name.

Raphael fun fact:

According to the Bible, Raphael was one of the archangels.

7. Muhammad

Meaning of Muhammad:

The one who’s praised

Origin of Muhammad:


Pronunciation of Muhammad:


Alternatives and variations of Muhammad:

Mohamad, Mohamed, Muhammat

Famous people named Muhammad:

Prophet Muḥammad ibn ʿAbdullāh, boxer Muhammad Ali, Peace Nobel Prize winner Muhammad Yunus 

Muhammad trends:

Muhammad ranked 10th in the U.S for the first time in 2019. It’s also widely believed to be the world’s most popular name.

Muhammad fun fact:

Name Muhammad is popular mainly in Muslim communities, so their growth and diaspora also contributes to the name’s increased use. 

8. Dominic

Meaning of Dominic:

Belonging to God

Origin of Dominic:

Latin name

Pronunciation of Dominic:


Alternatives and variations of Dominic:

Dominick, Domenick, Domenico

Famous people named Dominic:

Actor Dominic West, astronaut Dominic A. Antonelli, founder of the Dominican order Saint Dominic

Dominic trends:

This name sees slow yet constant increase in popularity over the past decades. Record use of the name in the U.S. was noted in 2012. Currently it’s #75.

Dominic fun fact:

This name is traditionally given to boys born on Sunday (Domenica in Italian).

9. Benedict

Meaning of Benedict:

Blessed, well-spoken

Origin of Benedict:


Pronunciation of Benedict:


Alternatives and variations of Benedict:

Benedikt, Benedetto, Benito

Famous people named Benedict:

Actor Benedict Cumberbatch, Australian Prime Minister Benedict Chifley, pope Benedict XVI

Benedict trends:

The name was very popular in the Middle Ages. Today the name remains quite rare (#981), and it didn’t make it to Top 100 in England or the U.S. during the recorded history.

Benedict fun fact:

Eggs Benedict is a popular American dish that consists of a muffin, bacon, poached eggs, and Hollandaise sauce.

10. Fernando


Meaning of Fernando:

Courageous leader

Origin of Fernando:

Hispanic version of germanic name Ferdinand

Pronunciation of Fernando:


Alternatives and variations of Fernando:

Ferdinand, Fernan, Fernand

Famous people named Fernando:

American football player Fernando Velasco, baseball player Fernando Rodney, racing driver Fernando Alonso 

Fernando trends:

Fernando is very popular throughout Latin America and in Spain. In English speaking countries (English name) it remains popular mainly in Latin communities. It ranks #310 in the U.S.

Fernando fun fact:

Swedish group ABBA made a hit song named ‘Fernando’ in 1975.

11. Jeremy

Meaning of Jeremy:

Exalted of the Lord

Origin of Jeremy:


Pronunciation of Jeremy:


Alternatives and variations of Jeremy:

Jeremiah, Jérémy, Jerry

Famous people named Jeremy:

Actor Jeremy Irons,  skier and football player Jeremy Bloom, television presenter Jeremy Kyle

Jeremy trends:

In the U.S., this name was particularly popular in the 1970’s (it ranked 14th in 1976). Currently, the name’s popularity slowly declines, so it becomes quite rare and original once again (#204).  

Jeremy fun fact:

‘Jeremy’ is the name of one of the most famous songs by Pearl Jam released in 1991.

12. Benjamin

Meaning of Benjamin:

Son of the right side

Origin of Benjamin:


Pronunciation of Benjamin:


Alternatives and variations of Benjamin:

Benji, Benny, Ben

Famous people named Benjamin:

One of the Founding Fathers Benjamin Franklin, actor Benjamin “Ben” Affleck, composer Benjamin Britten

Benjamin trends:

Benjamin is one of America’s most popular names. Currently it occupies #6 in the statistics.

Benjamin fun fact:

In the Old Testament, Benjamin was the last of Jacob’s thirteen children, who remained loyal to his father when his older brothers sinned.

13. Timothy

Meaning of Timothy:

Honoring God

Origin of Timothy:


Pronunciation of Timothy:


Alternatives and variations of Timothy:

Timmy, Tim, Timofei

Famous people named Timothy:

Bishop Saint Timothy, music producer Timothy “Timbaland” Z. Mosley, actor Timothy “Tim” Allen 

Timothy trends:

Though Timothy currently isn’t among the most popular baby names, it experienced many comebacks in the past. It dropped out of the Top 100 in 2008 and currently ranks #165.

Timothy fun fact:

Timothy grass is an abundant grass native to most of Europe.

14. Xavier

Meaning of Xavier:

Castle/New house in Basque

Origin of Xavier:

Spanish origin

Pronunciation of Xavier:


Alternatives and variations of Xavier:

Javier, Xabier, Chavier

Famous people named Xavier:

Filmmaker Xavier Dolan, poet Xavier Abraham, writer Xavier Forneret

Xavier trends:

Xavier is currently the 3rd most popular boy name among Latino-Americans. In general, it ranks #88 in the U.S.

Xavier fun fact:

Cyclone “Xavier” was a European windstorm which raged through northern Europe in 2017.

15. Elliot

happy boy

Meaning of Elliot:

Yahweh is God

Origin of Elliot:


Pronunciation of Elliot:


Alternatives and variations of Elliot:

Elias, Elijah, Elliott

Famous people named Elliot:

Basketball player Elliot Williams, composer Elliot Goldenthal, musician Elliot Easton 

Elliot trends:

Elliot’s popularity increases and drops quite frequently. Recently, it started gaining popularity quite steadily, currently ranking 161th in the U.S. 

Elliot fun fact:

Elliott is a nickname of Austrosaurus sauropod dinosaur fossil discovered in Australia.

16. Theodore

Meaning of Theodore:

Gift of God

Origin of Theodore:


Pronunciation of Theodore:


Alternatives and variations of Theodore:

Theodor, Theodorus, Teodor

Famous people named Theodore:

26th U.S. president Theodore Roosevelt, novelist Theodore Dreiser, chemist Theodore William Richards    

Theodore trends:

Noble 3-syllable names are on a rise and Theodore is no different. It currently ranks #44 in the U.S. and keeps improving its position

Theodore fun fact:

Girl’s name Dorothy is referred to as the female version of Theodore – their meaning is the same.

17. Julian

Meaning of Julian:


Origin of Julian:


Pronunciation of Julian:


Alternatives and variations of Julian:

Julius, Julio, Jules

Famous people named Julian:

Roman emperor Julian, whistleblower Julian Assange, musician Julian Lennon   

Julian trends:

Julian is a rising star amongst the 3-syllable boys names, constantly improving its position over the past centuries and decades. Currently it’s in Top 50 American boys names – #36.. 

Julian fun fact:

Julian is popular with celebrities too. Famous people naming their sons Julian include Robert De Niro, Lisa Kudrow, Jerry Seinfeld, Robin Thicke, and John Lennon.

18. Jonathan

Meaning of Jonathan:

Given by God

Origin of Jonathan:


Pronunciation of Jonathan:


Alternatives and variations of Jonathan:

Johnathan, Nathan, Jonnatan

Famous people named Jonathan:

Musician Jonathan “Jon” Lord, musician Jonathan Davis, political essayist Jonathan Swift   

Jonathan trends:

Jonathan has been used in the U.S. ever since 1880. It has reached Top 10 two times since then, currently ranking #63. 

Jonathan fun fact:

Jonathan apple is a medium-sized sweet n sour apple with tough but smooth skin.

19. Anthony

Meaning of Anthony:

 The priceless one

Origin of Anthony:


Pronunciation of Anthony:


Alternatives and variations of Anthony:

Antonio, Anthoney, Antoin

Famous people named Anthony:

Actor Anthony Hopkins, skateboarder Anthony “Tony” Hawks, writer and composer Anthony Burgess    

Anthony trends:

This is one of the most popular boys names of all times. It literally never left US Top 100 in last 150 years, currently ranking #38.   

Anthony fun fact:

The “Anthony Awards” are literary awards for mystery writers presented since 1986. 

20. Atticus

cute baby

Meaning of Atticus:

Athenian/of Attica

Origin of Atticus:


Pronunciation of Atticus:


Alternatives and variations of Atticus:

Aticuss, Atikus, Atiku

Famous people named Atticus:

Musician Atticus Ross, philosopher Atticus, actor Atticus Mitchell    

Atticus trends:

Atticus remains one of the original names. However, since 2004, this name experiences increase in popularity, making it from 933rd (in 2005) to 326th.

Atticus fun fact:

Atticus Finch is the main character in Harper’s Lee award winning novel To Kill a Mockingbird.

21. Gabriel

Meaning of Gabriel:

“God is my strength”

Origin of Gabriel:


Pronunciation of Gabriel:


Alternatives and variations of Gabriel:

Gaibriel, Gabe, Gabriello

Famous people named Gabriel:

Writer Gabriel García Marquez,  Prince Gabriel of Sweden, actor Gabriel Byrne   

Gabriel trends:

In the U.S., Gabriel is amongst the most popular boys names (#38). But watch out for France, where Gabriel is a sovereign number one! 

Gabriel fun fact:

According to the Bible, Gabriel was an archangel who appeared to the prophet Daniel.

22. Christopher

Meaning of Christopher:


Origin of Christopher:


Pronunciation of Christopher:


Alternatives and variations of Christopher:

Chris, Christoph, Christoffer

Famous people named Christopher:

Film director Christopher Nolan, actor Christopher Hemsworth, dramatist Christopher Marlowe  

Christopher trends:

Since 1970’s Christopher was always somewhere in the Top 10 most favorite boy names (being #2 for many years). Currently it slightly drops ranking #42.

Christopher fun fact:

Christopher Columbus (Cristoforo Colombo) was an Italian explorer famous for making the first European contact with the Caribbean and Americas. 

23. Donovan

Meaning of Donovan:


Origin of Donovan:

Irish Gaelic

Pronunciation of Donovan:


Alternatives and variations of Donovan:

Donnovan, Donovann, Donnie

Famous people named Donovan:

Basketball player Donovan Mitchell, football player Donovan McNabb, singer Donovan Philips Leitch 

Donovan trends:

If you’re looking for original and freshly sounding names, Donovan is a good choice. It never made it to the Top 100 (so far) and currently ranks #324 in the U.S.  

Donovan fun fact:

Donovan is both an Irish given name and Irish surname. 

24. Solomon

Meaning of Solomon:

Man of Peace

Origin of Solomon:


Pronunciation of Solomon:


Alternatives and variations of Solomon:

Shlomo, Sulaiman, Salomon

Famous people named Solomon:

King of Israel Solomon, singer Solomon Burke, American football player Solomon Brannan 

Solomon trends:

Solomon is considered to be an old-school name and its popularity graphs only confirm this. It’s popularity drops ranking #388 in the U.S.   

Solomon fun fact:

Solomon islands is a nation of hundreds of islands in the South Pacific.

25. Damian


Meaning of Damian:


Origin of Damian:


Pronunciation of Damian:


Alternatives and variations of Damian:

Damien, Damion, Damon

Famous people named Damian:

Actor Damian Lewis, reggae artist Damian Marley, ballet dancer Damian Woetzel 

Damian trends:

Damian experienced two main peaks in popularity – one in 1970’s and the second one is happening right now. Currently this name ranks #108 in the U.S.  

Damian fun fact:

Saints Cosmas and Damian were Arabian-born brothers and doctors. They are famous for never accepting money for their services. 

26. Alistair

Meaning of Alistair:

Defending men

Origin of Alistair:

Scottish Gaelic

Pronunciation of Alistair:


Alternatives and variations of Alistair:

Allistair, Alastair, Allaster

Famous people named Alistair:

Kickboxer Alistair Overeem, novelist Alistair MacLean, triathlete Alistair Brownlee 

Alistair trends:

If you want to give your son a really unique name, Alistair is a great choice. It currently ranks #927 in the U.S. 

Alistair fun fact:

Alistair was traditionally perceived as a name for warrior.

27. Mathias

Meaning of Mathias:

Gift of Yahweh

Origin of Mathias:

Nordic variation of Hebrew name 

Pronunciation of Mathias:


Alternatives and variations of Mathias:

Mattias, Matthias, Matteus

Famous people named Mathias:

Tennis player Mathias Bourgue, jazz musician Mathias Eick, footballer Mathias Fassou Pogba 

Mathias trends:

Mathias was quite a popular name back in the 19th century. Then it was almost completely forgotten, until its recent resurrection in the new millenium. Today it ranks #398 in the U.S. 

Mathias fun fact:

This name is particularly popular in Scandinavian countries. 

28. Callahan

Meaning of Callahan:


Origin of Callahan:

Irish name

Pronunciation of Callahan:


Alternatives and variations of Callahan:

Calahan, Callaghan, Kallahan

Famous people named Callahan:

Ice hockey player Callahan “Cal” O’Reilly, football player Callahan Bright

Callahan trends:

Callahan is a rare given name, it doesn’t even qualify in official charts. It’s estimated that only about 80 babies per million get this name in the U.S. 

Callahan fun fact:

This name is both given name and surname. In the Dirty Harry movies, Clint Eastwood plays a character named Harry Callahan. 

29. Lorenzo

Meaning of Lorenzo:

From Laurentum

Origin of Lorenzo:


Pronunciation of Lorenzo:


Alternatives and variations of Lorenzo:

Lorrenzo, Laurence, Laurel

Famous people named Lorenzo:

Actor Lorenzo Lamas, composer Lorenzo Ferrero, motor racing driver Lorenzo Bandini

Lorenzo trends:

Lorenzo is the 4th most popular name in Italy. In the U.S., it ranks #174.

Lorenzo fun fact:

Lorenzo patient record system is a type of electronic health record used in the U.K. 

30. Constantine

baby 1

Meaning of Constantine:

Constant, steadfast

Origin of Constantine:


Pronunciation of Constantine:


Alternatives and variations of Constantine:

Constantinus, Konstantine, Constantin

Famous people named Constantine:

Composer Constantine Koukias, King of Greece Constantine II, sculptor Constantine Andreou

Constantine trends:

Constantine is considered a very rare name. Though being relatively popular at the end of 19th century, later it literally vanished from the charts altogether. 

Constantine fun fact:

Constantine is a 2005 film starring Keanu Reeves based on the DC Comics character.

31. Dorian

Meaning of Dorian:

Child of the sea

Origin of Dorian:


Pronunciation of Dorian:


Alternatives and variations of Dorian:

Dorius, Doros, Dorianne

Famous people named Dorian:

Rapper Dorian, racing driver Dorian Boccolacci, actor Dorian Gregory

Dorian trends:

Although its popularity slowly grows, Dorian remains rare and unique, ranking 521st most popular boy name in the U.S.

Dorian fun fact:

The Picture of Dorian Gray is a philosophical novel by Oscar Wilde. It provoked bewilderment and controversy when it was first published in 1890.

32. Isaiah

Meaning of Isaiah:

Salvation of the Lord

Origin of Isaiah:

Hebrew origin

Pronunciation of Isaiah:


Alternatives and variations of Isaiah:

Isaias, Esaias, Issaiah

Famous people named Isaiah:

Prophet Isaiah, missionary Isaiah of Rostov, basketball player Isiah Thomas

Isaiah trends:

Isaiah’s popularity is a tale of success – it raised from the 981st place in 1967 to current #51! 

Isaiah fun fact:

Isaiah is also the name of the twenty-third book in the Bible.

33. Angelo

Meaning of Angelo:

Angel messenger

Origin of Angelo:


Pronunciation of Angelo:


Alternatives and variations of Angelo:

Anjelo, Angel, Ângelo

Famous people named Angelo:

Grand Admiral of Venice Angelo Emo, boxing trainer Angelo Dundee, hurdler Angelo F. Taylor

Angelo trends:

Angelo is very popular in Latin communities. In the U.S. it ranks #330. 

Angelo fun fact:

Avenging Angelo is a 2002 comedy film directed starring Sylvester Stallone and Anthony Quinn.

34. Barnaby

Meaning of Barnaby:

Son of consolation

Origin of Barnaby:


Pronunciation of Barnaby:


Alternatives and variations of Barnaby:

Barnabas, Barney

Famous people named Barnaby:

Actor Barnaby Edwards, painter Barnaby Furnas, priest Barnaby Potter

Barnaby trends:

Barnaby is a very rare name in the U.S., but ranks relatively high (#251) in England. 

Barnaby fun fact:

The name became quite famous thanks to the popular detective series Barnaby Jones (1973-1980).

35. Gideon

baby and tractor

Meaning of Gideon:

Having a stump for a hand

Origin of Gideon:


Pronunciation of Gideon:


Alternatives and variations of Gideon:

Gideone, Gedeon, Hedeon

Famous people named Gideon:

Congressman Gideon Lee, politician Gideon Hausner, actor Gideon Emery 

Gideon trends:

Until 1995, Gideon was pretty much an unknown name. Then it suddenly came into fashion and experienced a sharp increase in popularity. Currently it ranks #308 in the U.S.

Gideon fun fact:

Gideon was a Biblical judge (biblical name).

36. Sullivan

Meaning of Sullivan:

The black-eyed one

Origin of Sullivan:


Pronunciation of Sullivan:


Alternatives and variations of Sullivan:

Sullevan, Sully

Famous people named Sullivan:

Actor Sullivan Stapleton, son of Tom Waits Sullivan Waits, actor Sullivan Skye Sweeten 

Sullivan trends:

Just two decades ago, Sullivan was practically unknown as a given name in the U.S. Now its popularity grows – it’s currently 387th most popular name in the country.

Sullivan fun fact:

Sullivan is better known as surname – it’s the third most common surname in Ireland.

37. Fabian

Meaning of Fabian:

Bean grower

Origin of Fabian:

Latin origin

Pronunciation of Fabian:


Alternatives and variations of Fabian:

Fabiano, Fabius, Fabio

Famous people named Fabian:

Soccer player Fabian Marco Johnson, NFL player Fabian Washington, cyclist Fabian Cancellara 

Fabian trends:

Although Fabian never made it to the Top 100 in the U.S., it maintains considerable popularity, currently ranking #388. It’s the 46th most popular name in Germany.

Fabian fun fact:

Saint Fabian was a Pope (236-250), who was miraculously elected when a dove sat on his shoulder. 

38. Dimitri

Meaning of Dimitri:

Follower of Demeter, goddess of farming and fertility

Origin of Dimitri:

Slavic version of Greek name

Pronunciation of Dimitri:


Alternatives and variations of Dimitri:

Dimitry, Dmitry, Dimitros

Famous people named Dimitri:

Actor Dimitri Leonidas, composer Dimitri Zinovievich Tiomkin, NFL player Dimitri O. Nance

Dimitri trends:

Dimitri is considered very rare, mostly popular with Russian immigrants. It ranks #909 in the U.S.

Dimitri fun fact:

St. Dimitri’s Day is a feast of the martyr Saint Dimitri Solunski (Saturday before November 8).

39. Abraham

Meaning of Abraham:

Father of multitudes

Origin of Abraham:


Pronunciation of Abraham:


Alternatives and variations of Abraham:

Bram, Abe, Avraham

Famous people named Abraham:

16th U.S. president Abraham Lincoln, novelist Abraham “Bram” Stoker, rabbi Abraham Geiger

Abraham trends:

Abraham is an old and noble name, but it’s popularity somehow suffered during the 20th century. Nowadays, it seems to be back in the spotlight – currently ranking #164 and raising.

Abraham fun fact:

Abraham is the common patriarch of Christianity, Islam, Judaism.

40. Mackenzie

newborn 2

Meaning of Mackenzie:

Son of Kenneth

Origin of Mackenzie:

Scottish origin

Pronunciation of Mackenzie:


Alternatives and variations of Mackenzie:

McKenzie, MacKenzie, MacKenzey

Famous people named Mackenzie:

Ski jumper Mackenzie Boyd-Clowes, artist Mackenzie Thorpe, MMA fighter Mackenzie Dern

Mackenzie trends:

Mackenzie is relatively popular in Canada and Britain, but in the U.S. it’s still very rare (off the charts).

Mackenzie fun fact:

Mackenzie is a popular girl name too.

41. Augustus

Meaning of Augustus:


Origin of Augustus:


Pronunciation of Augustus:


Alternatives and variations of Augustus:

Augusto, August, Augustine

Famous people named Augustus:

Roman emperor Augustus, architect Augustus Pugin, playwright Augustus Thomas

Augustus trends:

Augustus was popular towards the end of 19th century, but later fell off the charts. Now it’s slowly improving – it ranks #460 in the U.S..

Augustus fun fact:

The name is particularly popular with boys born in the month of August.

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Question: Is a 3-syllable boy name a good match with 3-syllable surname?

Answer: Balancing your kid’s given name with surname is important, whether you are looking for a baby boy name or baby girl name (or don’t care either way!). However, there are no strict rules to define how many syllables each of them have. Emphasis on different syllables can make even two longer names fit together perfectly. Alternatively, consider putting a short middle name between them – it’s a trick that works. 

Question: Is it a good idea to give your child gender-neutral name?

Answer: Sure! Why not? Unisex names are cool and on the rise. Many parents also believe they allow kids to experience more freedom when exploring their own personality later in life.

Question: Some of the names in the list sound a bit archaic. Are they really good for a child?

Answer: Traditional (mostly biblical) names are coming into fashion again. They sound noble and respectable – and wouldn’t you like your child to be treated this way too? After all, there are tons of adorable nicknames to make these names sound soft and familiar while your kid is little.

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