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The 57 Best Rainbow Baby Names and Their Special Meanings

The 57 Best Rainbow Baby Names and Their Special Meanings

All babies are special and true blessings and every single one of them deserves some sort of recognition. Still, rainbow babies are seen as unique due to their important mission when they’re welcomed to this world by their parents. Rainbow babies are called that way because they are born healthy right after their parents have dealt with infant loss or miscarriages.

These infants are associated with the amazing symbol that God sends for us, which appears on the sky once a stormy period ends: the rainbow. Their births remind all of us that life must go on even though we will always carry the damage created by the “storm.”

The best way to honor these little ones and acknowledge the happiness that overcomes the pain is by using some of the best rainbow baby names that hold unique significances.

The Best Rainbow Baby Names & Their Meanings

Your beloved infant should have a rainbow name that comes with a special meaning. I have gathered some of the perfect rainbow infant names that you should take into consideration.

The Best Rainbow Baby Names for Girls

1. Asha

Based on the origin you want to consider, Asha has two different meanings. In Sanskrit, this name means “hope” while in Swahili, Asha means “life.” Both hope and life are two perfect words that provide parents with amazing sentiments.

Meaning of Asha:

Hope, desire

Origin of Asha:


Pronunciation of Asha:

ah sh ah

Variations of Asha :

Aisha, Ashley, Ashlyn

Asha Trends:

Since 1880, over 2800 girls received the name of Asha in the USA. In 2015 alone, around 1,300 people were named Asha in the US.

Fun Fact:

The name Asha is derived from Aisha which means “life.”



Famous People Named Asha

Asha Leo (TV presenter), Asha Parekh (actress), and Asha Daniels (fashion designer)

2. Iris

Iris is more than just a beautiful name. In fact, many consider it the second greatest name after Rainbow. Iris was the Greek rainbow goddess. It is a very musical and colorful name idea to consider for your little baby girl. Iris is also a delicate and beautiful flower that features large and flowing petals.

Meaning of Iris:

Wisdom, faith, courage, admiration, hope, colorful, rainbow

Origin of Iris:


Pronunciation of Iris:

EE r ee s

Variations of Iris:

Ivy, Hazel

Iris Trends:

This name is quite popular. In 2018, over 2,000 baby girls were given the name Iris.

Fun Fact:

The famous band The Goo Goo Dolls have a song named Iris.


Izzy or Ris

Famous People:

Iris Adrian (actress), Iris Apatow (child actor), and Iris Johansen (author).

3. Esme

This comes from Esmée which is an old French name. It sounds sophisticated and it means “beloved.” You can think of it as a name that includes two babies, the one you hold in your arms and the one you will always have in your heart.

Meaning of Esme:

Esteemed, beloved

Origin of Esme:


Pronunciation of Esme:


Variations of Esme:

Esmeralda, Edme, Ismi

Esme Trends:

Between 1995 and 2017, the name of Esme became very popular. In 2018, 552 baby girls were named Esme.

Fun Fact:

It is derived from Esmeralda which means emerald.



Famous People:

Esme Patterson (singer), Esme Langley (writer), and Esme Melville (actress)

4. Imani

baby girl

This name has Arabic origins and it means “faith.” The concept of faith, whether or not it’s religious, plays a crucial role in the parent’s healing journey and helps them receive their rainbow baby in a much better and more prepared way. Also, it inspires parents to have faith in their little one and pay close attention to the baby’s needs.

Meaning of Imani:


Origin of Imani:

Arabic, Swahili

Pronunciation of Imani:


Variations of Imani:

Emoni, Emani, Emony, Imoni

Imani Trends:

Between 2007 and 2012, Imani was a highly popular name. In that period, almost 5,000 infants were named Imani.

Fun Fact:

Initially, this was a girl’s name but more and more parents were considering it for their baby boys.


Mani, Ima

Famous People:

Imani Uzuri (singer), Imani Hakim (actress), and Imani Coppola (singer and songwriter)

5. Nadia

This rainbow name comes from the Slavic name Nadezhda. It means, pure and simple, “hope.” It is a great choice to remind you of the darker times you recently went through which are extremely challenging to surpass (but not impossible) while also keeping your hopes up for a brighter tomorrow, together with your rainbow baby. Nadia is powerful enough to help you cut through the gloom.

If you look at the name’s Arabic origin, you will discover that it means “delicate” and “tender.”

Meaning of Nadia:

Tender, delicate, hope

Origin of Nadia:

Slavic, Russian

Pronunciation of Nadia:


Variations of Nadia:

Nadezsda, Nadja, Nadine

Nadia Trends:

Nadia was most popular back in 2005 when 1,921 babies were given this beautiful name. In 2014, there were 1,124 occurrences.

Fun Fact:

Nadia is an exotic yet accessible and unique name that was never been overused.



Famous People:

Nadia Comăneci (Olympic gymnast), Nadia Behette (former Miss New York), and Nadia Ali (singer and songwriter)

6. Shay

It comes from the Hebrew word “shai” which means “gift.” You can use it for both baby girls and baby boys. It makes the perfect choice for parents who don’t want to find out their baby’s sex until the actual moment of birth. There won’t be any other greater gift that your little rainbow baby Shay.

Meaning of Shay:

Gift, admirable, respected, admired

Origin of Shay:

Gaelic and Hebrew

Pronunciation of Shay:


Variations of Shay:

Shea, Shai, Shane

Shay Trends:

Since the 1970s, this name really started to gain a lot of popularity. The best years were 1971, 1980, 1989, 1990, 1995, 2000, 2008, etc. Since 2014, this name knew another popularity boost.

Fun Fact:

This name is unisex so both girls and boys can wear it.


ShayShay or Shaya

Famous People:

Shay Haley (musician), Shay Mitchell (actress), and Shay Youngblood (novelist)

7. Vera

In Russian, Vera translates as “faith.” There’s also the Latin “versus” word that means “true.” It is a simple yet delicate name that your daughter will be happy to have. And, who knows, maybe it will inspire you to trust her and have faith in her decisions.

Meaning of Vera:


Origin of Vera:


Pronunciation of Vera:

Ve’-rah (like you would say Aloe Vera)

Variations of Vera:

Veronica, Verena, Olivera, Severa

Vera Trends:

Vera is very popular among new parents. Since 2015, more than 4,000 children were given this name.

Fun Fact:

There are variations all over the world, in many countries: Verel (French), Veronica (Romanian), Wiera (Polish), etc.



Famous People:

Vera Wang (fashion designer), Vera Rubin (astronomer), and Dame Vera Lynn (singer)

8. Abigail


Abigail is a very beautiful rainbow baby name. Its stunning pronunciation comes with a Hebrew meaning: “Father’s joy.” In the last few years, Abigail has gained a lot of popularity among new parents. It is also one of the most beautiful biblical names. David’s wife was named Abigail and she was known for her wisdom and beauty.

Meaning of Abigail:

The one that gives joy, Father’s joy, Father rejoiced

Origin of Abigail:


Pronunciation of Abigail:


Variations of Abigail:

Abby, Abbey, Gail, Gale

Abigail Trends:

This name is ranked as one of the most popular names in the US, coming in 11th place. Each year, between 1998 and 2017, over 10,000 baby girls were named Abigail.

Fun Fact:

Abigail is a Biblical name that appears in the Old Testament.


Abby, Gail

Famous People:

Abigail Breslin (actress), Abigail Johnson (businesswoman), and Abigail Washburn (singer)

9. Áine

This rainbow baby girl’s name comes from the Irish language and it means things like “radiant,” “brightness,” and “splendor.” It could be the ideal choice for your little bundle of joy because your baby girl will definitely bring light and happiness over the dark clouds of the past. It is pronounced Awn-yah. It sounds as beautiful as the meaning is.

Áine is an important character of Irish mythology. She was a graceful goddess associated with the sun.

Meaning of Áine:

Radiance, splendor, brilliance

Origin of Áine:

Ancient Irish

Pronunciation of Áine:


Variations of Áine:

Anya, Anna, Hannah

Áine Trends:

Not many parents have chosen this name for their children so, if you want a unique and exquisite name that sounds exotic, almost like it comes from a fairytale, this is your chance. Still, since 1992, the name has gained a bit more popularity.

Fun Fact:

Aine pronounced in reverse is Enia. Another anagram is Anei. According to public records, the first occurrence of this name was registered in 1894.


I couldn’t find one so I supposed that being so short and sweet, this name doesn’t even need a nickname

Famous People:

Aine Lawlor (TV presenter) and Aine Minogue (harpist)

10. Mireille

Not only does this rainbow baby name sound deeply melodic and it has an exquisite French flair but it can also be used under a different form. You can choose between Mireille and Milagros. The second one is the Spanish version. If you feel that your little one came miraculously and as a blessing, you should consider one of these names because they both mean “miracle.”

Meaning of Mireille:

The happy one, miracle, admired

Origin of Mireille:


Pronunciation of Mireille:


Variations of Mireille:

Mirella, Merrill, Meryl, Muriel, Marylou

Mireille Trends:

Since 2000, this name is on a rising trend when it comes to popularity and occurrences.

Fun Fact:

The first time this name was given to a baby girl in the US was in 1891.


Mimi, Mila, Mili, or Milu

Famous People:

Mireille Chinain (marine scientist), Mireille Enos (actress), and Milagros Frías (writer and journalist)

The Best Rainbow Baby Names for Boys

baby boy

1. Asher

This is the male version of the Asha rainbow name. Its meanings are fortunate, happy, and blessed. It originates from the Hebraic culture, and it is a biblical name that appears in the Old Testament. Asher was one of Jacob’s sons. Since 2015, this rainbow baby name gained a lot of popularity. Some say that the name can also be traced to the Hindu culture.

Meaning of Asher:

Happy, fortunate, blessed

Origin of Asher:


Pronunciation of Asher:


Variations of Asher:

Ashar, Ash, Ashton

Asher Trends:

The name’s popularity began to expand in 1995. Not many people gave this name to their kids, so it still remains a unique one.

Fun Fact:

Asher is the ancestor of an important Israelite tribe.


Ashy, Ash, etc.

Famous People:

Asher Brown Durand (painter), Asher Monroe (singer), and Asher Blinkoff (voice actor)

2. Felix

The name Felix has a Latin origin and it means several different things: happy, successful, and lucky. No less than 67 saints and 4 popes had this name. It also appears in the Bible, as the name of a Judea Roman procurator. So, if you want your baby boy to become joyful and prosperous, go ahead and opt for Felix. Who knows, maybe it will bring good luck and attract positive things in his life.

Meaning of Felix:

Lucky, successful

Origin of Felix:

Latin and Swedish

Pronunciation of Felix:


Variations of Felix:

Feliz, Feliciano, Felicio

Felix Trends:

The name’s popularity had fluctuations over the years. These are the periods during which Felix was a sought-after name: 1981, 1992, 2001-2003, 2012-2013, 2015, and 2017-2018.

Fun Fact:

Originally, this was a Roman surname which, Sulla, the ancient Roman, adopted and used as his nickname.


Fe, Feefe, Feefle, etc.

Famous People:

Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy (pianist and composer), Felix Cavaliere (singer and songwriter), and Felix Jones (former American football player)

3. Isaac

Isaac is a very cute name with plenty of spiritual meaning. It has both Hebrew and Greek origins and it is derived from the word yitshāq which means “laughter.” In the Bible this name appears as one of Abraham’s sons, being also one of the three main patriarchs. Both laughter and joy are associated with this rainbow baby name.

Meaning of Isaac:

Laughter, joy, the one who will rejoice

Origin of Isaac:

Hebrew and Greek

Pronunciation of Isaac:


Variations of Isaac:

Jacob, Joshua, Zeke, John, Ike

Isaac Trends:

Since 1980, this name has gained a lot of popularity, reaching its peak in 2007 (then, no less than 10,259 babies were named Isaac). Since 2016, it has lost some of that known popularity.

Fun Fact:

Isaac appears in the Genesis book which is part of the Hebrew Bible, being one of the patriarchs.


Ize, Iz, Isa, etc.

Famous People:

Isaac Newton (world-renown mathematician and physicist), Isaac Bruce (football player), and Isaac Hanson (musician)

4. Lucas


Lucas is a beautiful name and it has multiple origins and meanings:

  • From the Latin and Greek name Loukas which, in ancient times meant “a man from Lucania.” It symbolizes light, artistic activities, and creativity. In English, this name means “the one that brings light;”
  • Lucas was also been used by the French, since 1653;
  • You can also see this name in all the Scottish areas.

Meaning of Lucas:

Bright, shining

Origin of Lucas:

Combined origins: English, Latin, Greek, Spanish, and French

Pronunciation of Lucas:


Variations of Lucas:

Luka, Lucca, Lucian, Lucien, Lucius, Luke

Lucas Trends:

The name’s popularity boost started somewhere in 1986 and it continued to increase until 2017 when over 13,000 babies were named Lucas.

Fun Fact:

In ancient Greece, Lucas was the name of men who lived in an area called Lucania.


Luke, Lou, etc.

Famous People:

George Lucas (filmmaker), Lucas Grabeel (actor and singer), and Josh Lucas (American actor)

5. Matthew

This baby name comes from both Scandinavian and Hebraic languages and it means “God’s gift.” What other meaning could be more awesome than that?! There’s also Matthew from the New Testament who appears under the name of Matthias. The 12th apostle had this name as well. There is a wide range of surname variations that you could use: Matteo, Mat, Mayhew, Mattison, etc.

Meaning of Matthew:

A combination of Scandinavian, Greek, and Hebrew

Origin of Matthew:

God’s gift

Pronunciation of Matthew:


Variations of Matthew:

Matt, Mathias, Matei, Mateo, Matvei

Matthew Trends:

From 1972 until 1991, this name was highly popular among the US population. Since then, another popularity peak took place in 2004. In 1983, over 50,000 babies were named Matthew.

Fun Fact:

After the US, Australia, the UK, and Canada, the next country in which this name is very popular is Rusia (well, its variation). Matthew is a popular name in US states such as New Hampshire, Vermont, and Massachusetts.


Matt, Mattie, Matty, etc,

Famous People:

Matthew Perry (actor), Matt Damon (actor), and Matthew Broderick (actor and comedian)

6. Ethan

Ethan is a manly man name that means strong, firm, steadfast, safe, and enduring. This name is of Hebrew origin and it also means long-lived. In the Hebrew Bible, the name of Ethan appears eight different times. Other concepts that are linked to this rainbow baby name are impetuous, permanent, and optimistic.

Meaning of Ethan:

Strong, impetuous, firm, enduring

Origin of Ethan:


Pronunciation of Ethan:


Variations of Ethan:

Ethen, Eytan, Eitan

Ethan Trends:

Over 330,000 baby boys who were born in the US since 1880 were named Ethan. Its biggest popularity was in 2002 when the name’s occurrences increased by 123%.

Fun Fact:

The two US states that have the highest number of people named Eithan are Nevada and Vermont.


Ethie, Thanos, E-tain, etc.

Famous People:

Ethan Hawke (actor and writer), Ethan Coen (film director and producer), and Ethan Phillips (actor and playwright)

7. Samuel

Samuel comes from the Hebraic culture and it could mean two things: either “God has heard” or “name of God.” In the Old Testament, this name appears as being worn by the last of all the ruling judges. During a period of domination that came from the Philistines, Samuel led the Israelites and, together with his people, he was able to defeat his enemies in battle, at Mizpah.

Meaning of Samuel:

God heard, name of God

Origin of Samuel:


Pronunciation of Samuel:


Variations of Samuel:

Sam, Sammy, Séamus, Samantha, Shmuel

Samuel Trends:

Samuel was a pretty popular name since many years ago. The year with the highest number of occurrences was 2011.

Fun Fact:

There’s a huge international interest in this name. It is commonly-met in countries such as Cameroon, Ghana, South Sudan, Uganda, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinee.


Sam and Sammy

Famous People:

Samuel L. Jackson (actor and film producer), Sammy Hagar (businessperson and songwriter), and Sammy Sosa (baseball player)

8. David

David is also a Hebrew and Biblical name. It comes from the word “dod” which translates as either “uncle” or, more importantly, “beloved.” David was a crucial political figure in Israel, being the country’s second kind. Even now, he is still seen as the greatest of all kings. Many stories that revolve around him are featured in the Old Testament.

Meaning of David:


Origin of David:

Hebrew and Welsh

Pronunciation of David:


Variations of David:

Dave, Davey

David Trends:

In 1955 and 1960, over 170,000 babies were given the name David. After 1961, the trend has reversed but there are still thousands of babies every year that receive this name.

Fun Fact:

David is the young man who appears in the Old Testament. He fought Goliath, the giant warrior.


Davy or Dave

Famous People:

David Letterman (TV host), David Beckham (football player), and David Spade (comedian)

9. Joshua

It comes from Hebrew. The original word was Yehoshua and it means “God is salvation” or Jehovah is help.” This name appears in the Bible. Moses’ successor, Jehovah, allowed all Israeli children into the Promised Land. Other possible meanings are “Jehovah saves” or “Jehovah is generous.”

Meaning of Joshua:

God is salvation

Origin of Joshua:


Pronunciation of Joshua:


Variations of Joshua:

Jesus, Josué, Jésus, Josh

Joshua Trends:

It is a very popular name. In 2017 alone, 9,001 baby boys were given the name Joshua.

Fun Fact:

In the Old Testament, after Moses died, Joshua was the one who led the people of Israel into the Promised Land.


Josh, Joshy, etc.

Famous People:

Josh Groban (singer and songwriter), Joshua Jackson (actor), and Josh Brolin (actor)

10. Noah

baby boy 1

Another Hebrew name, Noah means “rest” or “repose.” In the Old Testament, a man named Noah builds a massive ark that will save mankind and all animal species. The ark protects all these living creatures and Noah together with his family during the Great Flood. Once the flood passes, a rainbow sent by God appears on the sky, for the first time ever, as a sign of peace.

Meaning of Noah:

Rest, repose

Origin of Noah:

Hebrew, Babylonian, and Assyrian

Pronunciation of Noah:


Variations of Noah:


Noah Trends:

It was very popular in 2015 when over 19,700 families named their newborns Noah.

Fun Fact:

Noah was the Biblical character who saved his family along with with one pair of each animal species in the world during the Great Flood.


No, Noey, etc.

Famous People:

Noah Wyle (actor), Noah Baumbach (filmmaker), and Noah Jackson (former American football player)

The Best Rainbow Baby Names by Meaning Category

a. The One That I Hoped for

You will never forget the loss of your child, even if you give birth to another beautiful baby. This new infant won’t replace the child who died but it can certainly bring hope. Here are some beautiful rainbow baby names that are linked to the meaning of hope.

For Boys


  • Meaning: faithful
  • Origin: Irish
  • Pronunciation: D IH L – uh n
  • Variations: Dylan, Dylon, Dilan
  • Trends: most popular in 1992 (over 5,000 babies named Dillon)
  • Fun fact: in Russia, there’s a huge interest in this name
  • Nickname: Dilly
  • Famous people: Dillon Tate (baseball player), Dillon Freasier (actor)


  • Meaning: hope
  • Origin: African
  • Pronunciation: too MAH ee nee
  • Variations: Tumani, Tumaine
  • Trends: this name is unique, it is popular only in a specific part of Africa; in Tanzania, to be more precise.
  • Fun fact: in Africa, where this name is more popular, parents choose the name of their baby based on what they think their infant will be like.


  • Meaning: son of, belonging to
  • Origin: English, German, Norse
  • Pronunciation: vau-n
  • Variations: Vaughn, Vohn, Vonnie
  • Trends: this name was very popular between 1932 and 1971
  • Fun fact: Von Von was a fictional character played by the well-known humorist Hugh Gallagher
  • Nickname: Vonnie
  • Famous people: Von Miller (football player), Von Freeman (saxophonist)


  • Meaning: hope, desire, goal
  • Origin: Indian
  • Pronunciation: um-ed
  • Variations: Umaid, Ahmed, Umut
  • Trends: this isn’t a very popular name so it is quite unique. There are no more than 30 people named Umed in the US.
  • Fun fact: people with this name, according to astrology, are bold and they are great as leaders.
  • Nickname: Omid, Umeed
  • Famous people: Omid Abolhassani (Iranian football player), Omid Kordestani (Google executive)


  • Meaning: hope
  • Origin: Hindu, Arabic
  • Pronunciation: Ra-za
  • Variations: Razah, Razaullah, Azra
  • Trends: between 1880 and 2018, there were 307 babies who were given this name in the US
  • Fun fact: within the United States, this name is most popular in Illinois, New York, and Massachusetts
  • Nickname: Russ, Ross
  • Famous people: Raza Jaffrey (singer and actor), Raza Murad (actor)


  • Meaning: the greatest
  • Origin: Latin, Italian
  • Pronunciation: MAK – si – MIL – ee – uhn
  • Variations: Maximiliano, Max, Maxwell, Maximus
  • Trends: this name was among the most popular ones between 1980 and 2000.
  • Fun fact: besides the US and Canada, this name is also used in countries like Australia, Indonesia, Germany, and Sweden.
  • Nickname: Max, Maxi
  • Famous people: Max Brooks (writer), Max George (pop music artist), Max Scherzer (professional baseball pitcher)


  • Meaning: “loves horses”
  • Origin: Greek
  • Pronunciation: FIHL (as in fee) – ihP
  • Variations: Philippa, Phil, Filip, Phelipe, Philippos
  • Trends: in terms of popularity, this name had a pretty long run. Although its popularity decreased since 1984, Philip remains a solid and dignified choice for your baby boy.
  • Fun fact: in the Bible, Philip is one of Jesus’ disciples.
  • Nickname: Phil
  • Famous people: Prince Philip (Queen Elizabeth’s husband), Phil Collins (singer), Philip Seymour Hoffman (actor)

For Girls


  • Meaning: hope
  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: Nah – DEEN
  • Variations: Nadia, Neidin, Naidene
  • Trends: between 1920 and 1964, this name was highly popular in the US.
  • Fun fact: parents in Jamaica often choose to name their baby girls Nadine. In the US, this name is popular in states like Kansas and Oklahoma.
  • Nickname: Nadie, Nady
  • Famous people: Nadine Gordimer (writer), Nadine Velazquez (model, actress), Nadine Coyle (musician)


  • Meaning: hope, beloved, of the sea
  • Origin: Egyptian (“mry”), Spanish, Italian, Scandinavian, Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: M -EE -uh
  • Variations: Mya, Maya, Miach, Miakoda, Maria, Mary, Michelle, Miryam
  • Trends: since 1950, this name has continuously grown in popularity. In 2018, there was a spike in popularity, when over 14,900 baby girls were given the name Mia.
  • Fun fact: in the United States, this name is most popular in Nevada and Arizona.
  • Nickname: Mimi, Em
  • Famous people: Mia Wasikowska (actress), Mia Farrow (actress)


  • Meaning: hope, God has answered
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: eh l ee ah n uh
  • Variations: Elena, Hellen, Elaine, Eileen, Eliona
  • Trends: this name is currently on the 83rd place in US births, in terms of popularity and occurrences. Since 2000, Eliana has achieved an increased prevalence.
  • Fun fact: People all over the world truly like this rainbow baby name. In the United States, you will find many girls named Eliana, especially on the west coast (Nevada, California, Colorado, and Arizona).
  • Nickname: Eli, Ellie, Elle, Lia, Liana
  • Famous people: Eliana Pittman (soul singer), Eliana Falco (team handball player), Eliana Ramos (model)


  • Meaning: beautiful bird, wished-for-child
  • Origin: English and Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: EV-uh-lin
  • Variations: Eveline, Evelina, Eve
  • Trends: after 1990, this name has seen an ascending trend and, in 2018, it reached the 28th place in the list of most popular US names.
  • Fun fact: Evelyn is a popular name all over the world, but it has many occurrences in North Dakota, South Dakota, and Nebraska.
  • Nickname: Eve, Evie
  • Famous people: Evelyn Ward (actress), Evelyn Glennie (musician), Evelyn Underhill (novelist)


  • Meaning: Red King
  • Origin: Irish
  • Pronunciation: Roar-ee
  • Variations: Ruari, Rauri, Lorelei, Lorelai, Rhory, Aurora
  • Trends: after 2000, more and more baby girls were named Rory (over 1,400 in 2018)
  • Fun fact: this name has been chosen by many new parents as soon as the well-known Gilmore Girls series was launched (the protagonist was a teenage girl named Rory).
  • Nickname: Rory
  • Famous people: Rory Fairweather-Neylan (ballet dancer), Rory Brady (Irish lawyer), Rory Kennedy (filmmaker)


  • Meaning: alive and well, hope, wish
  • Origin: Indian
  • Pronunciation: Ah-sh-a
  • Variations: Aisha, Ashia, Asher, Aysha
  • Trends: in 1990, this name reached a peak in popularity and since then, it remained a pretty popular name choice.
  • Fun fact: this name first appeared on the US birth records in 1871. It is most popular in states like Minnesota and Georgia.
  • Nickname: Ash
  • Famous people: Asha Parekh (actress), Asha Negi (actress), Asha Sarath (radio personality)


  • Meaning: hope, the seeker
  • Origin: Italian, Spanish
  • Pronunciation: Zee-t-aa
  • Variations: Zitta, Zeta, Sita, Zaida, Zeita, Sadie, Zaid, Zada
  • Trends: since 1882, this name’s popularity has regularly decreased but it still is a unique and interesting choice for a baby girl name
  • Fun fact: Zita was also the name of a saint. Saint Zita came to this world in 1212, in Italy.
  • Nickname: Sadie, Zadie, Zad
  • Famous people: Zita Hanrot (actress), Zita Loseva (politician),

b. The One That Brings You Joy

baby boy with toy

After the loss of a child, it is normal to feel devastated and without energy. A rainbow infant will encourage you, however, to let happiness come back into your life. Here are some baby names related to joy.

For Boys


  • Meaning: God-given, divine gift
  • Origin: Greek
  • Pronunciation: th eh – AW – dh or
  • Variations: Ted, Theo, Teddie, Thadeus, Theodoros
  • Trends: starting with the year 2000, this name has significantly grown in occurrences. In 2018, over 7,000 baby boys were named Theodore.
  • Fun fact: the teddy bear toy that our kids love to play with was named after Theodore Roosevelt, the former US president.
  • Nickname: Theo, Ted, Teddie
  • Famous people: Theodore Roosevelt (former President of the United States), Theo James (actor), Ted Cassidy (actor)


  • Meaning: wholehearted
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: Kay – l- ah-b
  • Variations: Kaleb
  • Trends: the name’s popularity went through the roof starting with 1980. In 2002, more than 11,000 boys were named Caleb in the US.
  • Fun fact: it is a biblical name. Caleb appears alongside Moses when they leave Egypt.
  • Nickname: Cal
  • Famous people: Caleb Atwater (politician), Caleb Bradham (Pepsi’s inventor), Caleb Folan (athlete)


  • Meaning: joyful, man of the forest
  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: SIGH-ləss, SYE-las
  • Variations: Zilas, Silus, Sailus
  • Trends: its popularity peak was achieved in 2013 when over 3,400 boys were named Silas in the US.
  • Fun fact: it is also the name of a saint, being a biblical name as well.
  • Nickname: Si, Sil
  • Famous people: Silas Weir Mitchell (actor), Silas Robertson (TV personality)


  • Meaning: cheerful
  • Origin: British
  • Pronunciation: Tey-T
  • Variations: Taylor, Tait, Tatum,
  • Trends: this name is continuing to gain popularity among parents. In 2013, 904 babies were named Tate.
  • Fun fact: Tate is a unisex name that both girls and boys can have.
  • Nickname: Tat, Tatt
  • Famous people: Tate Donovan (actor), Tate Stevens (musician)


  • Meaning: joyful, borrowed, prayed for
  • Origin: Hebrew, Spanish
  • Pronunciation: Sah-ool
  • Variations: Shaul, Sol
  • Trends: in 2006, more than 1,100 baby boys were named Saul. Since them, this name’s popularity has decreased a bit.
  • Fun fact: this name is very popular in Mexico and Russia. In the US, it is commonly-met in Texas and California.
  • Nickname: Sal
  • Famous people: Saul Bellow (writer), Saul Griffith (inventor), Saul Rogovin (baseball player)

For Girls


  • Meaning: bringer of joy
  • Origin: English
  • Pronunciation: BAY-ya-tricks
  • Variations: Beatrice, Beatriz, Bellatrix
  • Trends: ever since 2000, this name is constantly increasing in popularity and occurrences.
  • Fun fact: many parents from California and New York have named their baby girls Beatrix.
  • Nickname: Bea, Trixie
  • Famous people: Princess Beatrix (royal figure of the Netherlands), Queen Beatrice d’Este of Hungary, Beatrix Christian (screenwriter)


  • Meaning: to blossom, to flourish
  • Origin: Greek
  • Pronunciation: THAH-lee-ah
  • Variations: Thaylia, Talia
  • Trends: its popularity peak was reached in 1993 when 700 baby girls were named Thalia. Since then, the trend has decreased a little.
  • Fun fact: in Greek mythology, Thaelia was one of the nine muses. She was the goddess of idyllic poetry and comedy.
  • Nickname: Liah, Tati
  • Famous people: Thalía (singer), Thalia Pellegrini (TV presenter)


  • Meaning: happy, joyful
  • Origin: Italian, Latin
  • Pronunciation: ah-LAY-grah
  • Variations: Alegrah, Alegria, Ellegra, Felicity
  • Trends: between 1988 and 1997, this name was highly popular in the US. Another popularity boost was met in 2010.
  • Fun fact: there are many girls named Allegra in Australia where this name has a lot of occurrences.
  • Nickname: Alle, Allie, Legra
  • Famous people: Allegra Versace (Donatella Versace’s daughter), Allegra Stratton (journalist), Allegra Goodman (writer)


  • Meaning: of noble kin, great happiness
  • Origin: English, Hebrew, Russian
  • Pronunciation: uh l ee s uh
  • Variations: Alice, Alissa, Aliza, Lisa, Elisa, Alicia
  • Trends: between 1940 and 1970, there was an upward trend in terms of name occurrences. The peak was in 1970 – 1,154 baby girls named Alisa. After that, the trend has reversed.
  • Fun fact: this name is pretty popular in Finland, Thailand, and Albania.
  • Nickname: Lissy, Aly, Isa, Issy
  • Famous people: Alyssa Milano (actress), Alissa Crans (mathematician), Alicia Keys (singer)


  • Meaning: enjoyment
  • Origin: Hawaiian
  • Pronunciation: Luw-AEN-ah
  • Variations: Luena, Lana, Leona, Lynn, Lulanna, Lianna, Luna, Lane, Leanne
  • Trends: before 2016, the trend of this name was quite steady. Since 2016, there are more and more occurrences.
  • Fun fact: there’s a constant interest in this name in both Brazil and Portugal.
  • Nickname: Ly, Lu, Lou, Ana
  • Famous people: Luana Patten (actress), Luana Piovani (model)

c. The One That Will Restore Your Faith

A rainbow baby comes to help you realize that you should always have faith and never give up. Here are some amazing rainbow baby names that are associated with the concept of faith.

For Boys


  • Meaning: rock, stone, faithful
  • Origin: Greek
  • Pronunciation: Pee-tah-er
  • Variations: Patrick, Pedro, Petru, Pierre, Petrov
  • Trends: the peak of this name’s popularity was achieved in 1957 when almost 11,600 baby boys were given this name.
  • Fun fact: Peter is a biblical name. He was one of Jesus’ disciples and the Apostles’ leader.
  • Nickname: Pete, Petey
  • Famous people: Peter Dinklage (actor), Peter Sarsgaard (actor), Peter Gabriel (musician)


  • Meaning: faithful man, loyal one
  • Origin: English
  • Pronunciation: t r OO – m uh n
  • Variations: Trumon
  • Trends: the trend was quite steady, with one exception: in 1945, 540 babies were named Truman.
  • Fun fact: according to the records, the first baby boy named Truman was born in 1869.
  • Nickname: couldn’t find one
  • Famous people: Truman Capote (writer), Truman Linden Chiles (TV actor)


  • Meaning: faithful
  • Origin: Latin, Spanish
  • Pronunciation: Fee – dehl
  • Variations: Fidelio, Fidele, Phidel
  • Trends: the name’s occurrence trend was ascending until 2001 when it started to slowly decrease.
  • Fun fact: in New Mexico, you will encounter the highest number of people named Fidel.
  • Nickname: Fil, Phil
  • Famous people: Fidel Castro (politician), Fidel Edwards (cricketer), Fidel Negrete (long-distance runner)


  • Meaning: great warrior
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: g ih – d EE – uh n
  • Variations: Giddeon, Gedion, Deon, Gidian, Gedeon
  • Trends: After the year 2000, this name has gained a lot of popularity. It reached a peak in 2017, with over 1,150 baby boys named Gideon in the US.
  • Fun fact: Gideon is a Biblical character. He’s the one who saved the Jews when God asked him to.
  • Nickname: Gid, Giddy
  • Famous people: Gideon Emery (actor), Gideon Mantell (surgeon), Gideon Haigh (journalist)


  • Meaning: faithful, loyal, masculine
  • Origin: French, German
  • Pronunciation: V – eh – r – iy – l
  • Variations: Verl, Verlie, Veryl, Verle
  • Trends: it is not a very commonly-met name but this is what makes it unique and special.
  • Fun fact: you can meet men named Verrill in Maine.
  • Nickname: Verr, Vee
  • Famous people: this is a more common surname than a first name: Addison Emery Verrill (zoologist), Alpheus Hyatt Verrill (archeologist)


  • Meaning: strong lord; (from the word gryphon, a fabled creature)
  • Origin: Welsh
  • Pronunciation: GRIH-FahN
  • Variations: Griffen, Griffon, Griffith
  • Trends: after 1987, this name became more and more popular, reaching its peak in 2016, with almost 1,700 baby boys named Griffin.
  • Fun fact: New Hampshire and Maine are the US states where Griffin is most popular as a first name.
  • Nickname: Griffey, Griff
  • Famous people: Griffin Dunne (actor),  Griffin Reinhart (hockey player), Griffin O’Neal (actor)

For Girls

baby girl 1


  • Meaning: God is with us
  • Origin: Hebrew
  • Pronunciation: Eee-maah-nyu-ellaa
  • Variations: Emanuela, Emma, Emmanuelle, Emily, Emelie
  • Trends: this name features an ascending popularity trend, with a high peak in 2017.
  • Fun fact: New York, Texas, and Florida are the US states where you will find this name quite a lot.
  • Nickname: Emmie, Emma, Emy, Manu
  • Famous people: Emmanuelle Chriqui (Canadian actress), Emmanuelle Grey Rossum (American actress), Emmanuelle Gagliardi (tennis player)


  • Meaning: holy, sacred
  • Origin: German, Scandinavian
  • Pronunciation: HHEHL-Gaa
  • Variations: Hulga, Heliga, Hilga, Hilda, Helga
  • Trends: this name has known its moments of glory back in the 1960s. Now, it is less popular which makes it more special and unique.
  • Fun fact: It is a very popular name in both Iceland and Norway.
  • Nickname: Helge
  • Famous people: Helga Zepp-LaRouche (public speaker and activist), Helga Stevens (politician)


  • Meaning: wished-for-child, lady of the sea
  • Origin: French
  • Pronunciation: Mee-mee
  • Variations: Marylin, Mimie, Mamie, Miriam, Maria, Mira
  • Trends: in the early ’60s, this name was quite popular. Since then, it has been on a decreasing trend, with many fluctuations.
  • Fun fact: Mimi is one of the characters in “La Boheme”, a well-known opera.
  • Nickname: Mimi
  • Famous people: Mimi Rogers (actress), Mimi Walters (stockbroker)


  • Meaning: loyalty, belief, fairy
  • Origin: French, Gaelic
  • Pronunciation: FAY
  • Variations: Faye, Fay
  • Trends: until 1916, this name’s popularity was constantly increasing. After 1916, it has decreased but since 2008, it is on an ascending trend again.
  • Fun fact: You can encounter many women named Fae in Chile and Argentina. In the US, Pennsylvania is the state with the highest number of women named Fae.
  • Nickname: Fe, Fea
  • Famous people: Fae Ellington (news presenter)


  • Meaning: reference to the holy trinity
  • Origin: Latin
  • Pronunciation: Tree-ni-tee
  • Variations: Trinitee, Serenity, Tristan
  • Trends: in 2004, more than 5,600 baby girls were given this name. After that period, the name’s popularity decreased. On the current US name popularity charts, Trinity is located on the 98th place.
  • Fun fact: Trinity is popular in the US, but it is even more popular in the Bahamas.
  • Nickname: Trinee, Triny
  • Famous people: Trinity Rose Likins (actress), Trinity Fatu (wrestler)


  • Meaning: faithful, loyalty, dark beauty
  • Origin: Swahili, Spanish
  • Pronunciation: L AY – l uh
  • Variations: Leela, Layla, Lila, Lola, Lula, Lillie, Leelah
  • Trends: this was a popular name during the 1920s. After that, its popularity decreased but it seems to have gained a bit of its past sparkle starting with the year 2000.
  • Fun fact: in the US, this name is most popular in the following states: Mississippi, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Alabama.
  • Nickname: Lee, Lilly
  • Famous people: Lela Rochon (actress), Lela Brown (rapper), Lela Rose (fashion designer)


  • Meaning: hope, cheerful, dear one
  • Origin: French, English
  • Pronunciation: sh aa r ee s
  • Variations: Charissa, Cherise, Cherice, Sharis, Charice
  • Trends: between 1949 and 1980, this name was continuously growing in popularity and occurrences. After that period, its popularity started to fade away although it remains an interesting name choice.
  • Fun fact: in the US, this name is most popular in New York and California.
  • Nickname: Cherry, Chrissy
  • Famous people: Charice Pempengco (singer)


What Baby Girl Name Means Rainbow?

Amitola – is the Native American word for rainbow. Related to this one are other names which are also beautiful: Celia and Cerys. The first one means heavenly and the second one translates into love.
There are also other names that mean rainbow such as Iridiana for girls and Walken for boys.

What Rainbow Name Has the Meaning “Bringer of Joy?”

The name that means “bringer of joy” is Beatrice which comes from Latin.
What Rainbow Baby Name Has the Meaning “Wished for Child?”
I get that you love your new baby girl deeply and are so attached to her that you want her name to symbolize this deep affection. Mia should be your go-to option because it means both “wished for child” and “mine.”

What Unique Names Are the Best for My Baby Boy?

There are plenty of interesting options out there: Theodore, Silas, Jasper, Atticus, Oliver, Milo, etc. Just pick the one that most resonates with your preferences. Follow your instinct.

What Does a Rainbow Pregnancy Mean?

A rainbow baby is the one that is born in a family that has already lost a child before. The previous infant could’ve died or perhaps the mother had a miscarriage.

What Are the Most Powerful Baby Names for Boys?

Amory – leader and brave;
Aiden – fiery;
Andrew – courageous;
Aaron – enlightened;
Alexander – ruler of men.

The Best Rainbow Baby Names – Final Thoughts

The heartbreak of losing an infant is more than overwhelming. All these infant names provide a beacon of light in a sea of darkness, another chance to life, another baby growing inside of you. Your little miracle will be honored to have a beautiful rainbow name, whether it’s a girl or a boy.

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