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The 57 Best Musical Baby Names That You’ll Love

The 57 Best Musical Baby Names That You’ll Love
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Whether you’re a musician yourself or you simply love music as an avid listener, there are many good reasons for giving your little one a musical name. These names are joyous, sophisticated, and optimistic, and all of them have a great story behind them. These are 57 of the best musical baby names you should definitely consider.

Our vast collection of the greatest music-related baby names contains wonderful names for both girls and boys – and there are also many gender-neutral options. Each of the names will be marked by the gender: ’ for masculine names, ‘f’ for feminine names, and ‘m/f’ for unisex choices. We’ll discuss their meaning and origins, their usual pronunciation (IPA system), famous people of that name, and also some attractive alternatives for those who strive for originality. But let us begin with a short history behind musical names

History of Musical Baby Names

Most of the musical baby names we use today sound quite modern and contemporary. But musical names were not unusual in the past too. In fact, some of the older musical names are so common now, that we probably don’t even realize how “musical” they are – just think about Melody, Harmony, Harper, Cecilia, Carol, or Piper.

Of course, musical names were traditionally popular mainly with the musicians. Many of the older musical given names were originally used as occupational surnames: Piper was the one who played on pipe or flute, Harper was harp player, and so on.

In more recent history, musical names became especially popular with aristocrats and celebrities. Many of them are still particularly popular as exotic and graciously sophisticated middle names.

How to Choose the Best Musical Baby Name 

Want to give your baby a musical name, but struggle to choose the one that’s just perfect? Our quick guide will make it a bit easier for you. Here are some of the factors you should consider:

1. History and tradition in your family

Did you have a musician in your family? What instrument or genre did he/she play? Many musical names are directly derived from the name of musical instruments or genres, so you can pick the one that has a special meaning to your family.

2. Your favorite artists or musical inspiration 

If you name your child after your favorite artist or someone who truly inspires you, it will be a perfect tribute to both of them.

4. Songs you can’t get out of your head 

Musical name can be any name that appears in your favorite song. Think about The Beatles’ Lucy in the sky with diamonds, Kaiser Chiefs Ruby or Rolling Stones’ Angie.

5. Musical names by nationality

Did you know that musical name can honor both your love for music and your origins? There are many beautiful Italian musical names, tons of Latino musical names, many French musical names, some lovely Russian names, etc.

Why We Love Musical Baby Names 

Musical names are simply wonderful – just like the music itself. They are joyful, full of playful energy, sophisticated yet far from mundane. If you meet a Melody or Caprice, you will probably automatically expect her to be bubbly, kind, and fun. Allegra, Sonata, or Alto will make you feel really special as if you were just entering some Italian opera house. And Jazz, Rock or Riff will remind you of the spontaneous youthful energy.

Musical names truly remind us of many beautiful things and brighten up our days. They are also often easily understandable to anyone around the world. Even if they meet your kid for the very first time, it’s unlikely they will misspell their name, if it’s something as international as Lyric, Harmony, or Viola.

Now let’s take a look at the best musical names we think you should consider:

The List of 57 Best Musical Baby Names

  • Viola (f)

Meaning of Viola:

Stringed musical instrument

Origin of Viola:


Pronunciation of Viola:


Alternatives and variations of Viola:

Violla, Violet

Famous people named Viola:

Actress Viola Davis, actress Viola Allen

Viola trends:

Records show that since 1880, 127,067 girls in the US have been named Viola. This name reached its peak of popularity in 1918.

Viola fun fact:

Viola is also the name of a skipper butterfly kind.

  • Chanson (f)

Meaning of Chanson:

Song/French genre of songs

Origin of Chanson:


Pronunciation of Chanson:


Alternatives and variations of Chanson:

Chansone, Chansoneau

Famous people named Chanson:

Chanson is still waiting for its first famous representative.

Chanson trends:

This name is popular (but still quite unique) in France, Canada, and other French-speaking countries. It’s very rare in the U.S.

Chanson fun fact:

Nouvelle chanson is a modern pop music genre established in the 1990s.

  • Calypso (f)

Meaning of Calypso:

She that hides/Afro-Caribbean music style

Origin of Calypso:


Pronunciation of Calypso:


Alternatives and variations of Calypso:

Callipso, Kalypso

Famous people named Calypso:

Composer Calypso Rose, French model Charlotte di Calypso, French singer Calypso Valoise

Calypso trends:

This name is very rare i the U.S., but relatively popular in Romani, Gypsy, and Greek communities.

Calypso fun fact:

In Greek mythology, Calypso was a nymph.

  • Harmony (f)

Meaning of Harmony:

Musical richness and balance

Origin of Harmony:


Pronunciation of Harmony:


Alternatives and variations of Harmony:

Harmonia, Harmonie

Famous people named Harmony:

Director Harmony Corine, artist Harmony Hammond, Australian singer Harmony Jones

Harmony trends:

This old musical name was almost extinct before it was resurrected in the early 2000s. Its popularity grows ever since. Currently, it ranks #175 (U.S. charts).

Harmony fun fact:

‘Harmony’ is also a song by Elton John.

  • Melody (f)

Meaning of Melody:

Singing of songs, harmonious music

Origin of Melody:


Pronunciation of Melody:


Alternatives and variations of Melody:

Mellody, Melodia, Melodie

Famous people named Melody:

Singer Melody Thornton (Pussycat Dolls), politician Melody Barnes

Melody trends:

Melody was popular mainly during the 40’s swing and jazz era. Currently it ranks #137.

Melody fun fact:

Melody is also a 1953 animated film by Disney.

  • Harper (m/f)

Meaning of Harper:

Harp player

Origin of Harper:

Old English

Pronunciation of Harper:


Alternatives and variations of Harper:

Harpher, Harpper

Famous people named Harper:

Writer Harper Lee, basketball player Harper Williams

Harper trends:

Harper is a gender-neutral name, but it’s far more popular with girls, currently ranking #9 in the U.S. Among boys Harper ranks #971.

Harper fun fact:

Ex-Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and famous football player David Beckham named one of their kids Harper.

  • Piper (m/f)

Meaning of Piper:

The one who plays pipes

Origin of Piper:


Pronunciation of Piper:


Alternatives and variations of Piper:

Pfeifer, Pipper, Fifer

Famous people named Piper:

Actress Piper Laurie, figure skater Piper Gilles

Piper trends:

Piper’s popularity is steadily on the rise and currently, it ranks #88.

Piper fun fact:

In the U.S., Piper is especially popular in the northern states (Iowa, Montana, Vermont, Idaho, etc.)

  • Philomena (f)

Meaning of Philomena:

Loving song/Friend, lover

Origin of Philomena:


Pronunciation of Philomena:


Alternatives and variations of Philomena:

Filomena, Philomenia, Philomene

Famous people named Philomena:

Irish singer Philomena Begley, writer and Holocaust survivor Philomena Franz

Philomena trends:

Philomena is an old name that was particularly popular in Ireland and England in the late 19th/early 20th century. Today it’s a very rare name.

Philomena fun fact:

Saint Philomena is a patron saint of children.

  • Shiri (f)

Meaning of Shiri:

My song, tune

Origin of Shiri:


Pronunciation of Shiri:


Alternatives and variations of Shiri:

Shira, Shirin

Famous people named Shiri:

Actress Shiri Freda Appleby, Israeli singer Shiri Maimon

Shiri trends:

Shiri is a popular name mainly in Israel and among Jewish communities around the world. It remains quite rare in the U.S.

Shiri fun fact:

Shiri is the name of two villages in Iran.

  •  Mavis (f)

Meaning of Mavis:


Origin of Mavis:


Pronunciation of Mavis:


Alternatives and variations of Mavis:

Maevis, Mauvis

Famous people named Mavis:

South African athlete Mavis Hutchinson, sculptor Mavis Ehlert, Canadian writer Mavis Gallant

Mavis trends:

Mavis was very popular between the 1920s and 1940s. Its popularity declined sharply later – currently it ranks #883.

Mavis fun fact:

Mavis is also the name of a small Lunar crater.

  •  Odele (f)

Meaning of Odele:


Origin of Odele:

Old English

Pronunciation of Odele:


Alternatives and variations of Odele:

Odel, Odelle

Famous people named Odele:

Your baby might be the first! 🙂

Odele trends:

Odele is a very rare name that doesn’t appear in any official rankings.

Odele fun fact:

Odele Beauty is a popular range of hair cosmetics.

  •  Alto (m)

Meaning of Alto:

High/Musical part higher than tenor but lower than soprano

Origin of Alto:


Pronunciation of Alto:


Alternatives and variations of Alto:

Aldo, Alte, Alton

Famous people named Alto:

German saint Alto of Altomünster, saxophonist Alto Reed

Alto trends:

If you want to give your kid original name, Alto is a rare musical name that will make him stood out in the crowd for sure.

Alto fun fact:

Alto’s Adventure is a popular snowboarding video game.

  •  Jazz (m/f)

Meaning of Jazz:

Musical genre

Origin of Jazz:


Pronunciation of Jazz:


Alternatives and variations of Jazz:

Jazzy, Jazzie, Jazlyn

Famous people named Jazz:

Activist Jazz Jennings, actress Jazz Smollett

Jazz trends:

Jazz is a unique name that doesn’t appear in official ranks yet, but its popularity seems to be on the rise.

Jazz fun fact:

Jazz is popular mainly as a middle name for both boys and girls.

  •  Carmen (f)

Meaning of Carmen:


Origin of Carmen:


Pronunciation of Carmen:


Alternatives and variations of Carmen:

Karmen, Carmene, Carman

Famous people named Carmen:

Actress Carmen Electra, model Carmen Kass, gymnast Carmen Whelan

Carmen trends:

Carmen maintains its exotic zip, but it is a popular and renowned name currently ranking #433 in the U.S .

Carmen fun fact:

‘Carmen’ is a famous opera by French composer Georges Bizet.

  •  Lyric (m/f)

Meaning of Lyric:

Related to lyre/text of a vocal song

Origin of Lyric:


Pronunciation of Lyric:


Alternatives and variations of Lyric:

Lyricus, Lyrick

Famous people named Lyric:

Actor Lyric Lennon Parker-Angel

Lyric trends:

Lyric currently ranks #937 as a boys name and #323 as a girls name.

Lyric fun fact:

‘The Lyric’ is also a poetry magazine.

  • Rhythm (m/f)

Meaning of Rhythm:

Timing of musical sounds

Origin of Rhythm:


Pronunciation of Rhythm:


Alternatives and variations of Rhythm:

Rhythmus, Rhytmo

Famous people named Rhythm:

No one really famous yet, but some celebrities already named their kids Rhythm (for example Whitney & Brandon Whatby from Big Rich Texas)

Rhythm trends:

Rhythm is a very rare and bold name suitable for both girls and boys.

Rhythm fun fact:

There are many popular songs about Rhythm: “Rhythm of the Night” by DeBarge and

“Rhythm Is Gonna Get You” by Gloria Estefan are just two of them.

  •  Kai (m)

Meaning of Kai:

Music of triumph

Origin of Kai:


Pronunciation of Kai:


Alternatives and variations of Kai:

Cai, Kaj, Kaye

Famous people named Kai:

American bodybuilder Kai Greene, Chinese actor Wang Kai

Kai trends:

Records show that since 1880, 21,371 boys in the US have been named Kai.

Kai fun fact:

Kai is also a popular nordic name with a different meaning.

  •  Aria (f)

Meaning of Aria:

Song or melody

Origin of Aria:


Pronunciation of Aria:


Alternatives and variations of Aria:

Arie, Arya, Ariana

Famous people named Aria:

Filipina singer Aria Clemente, American actress Aria Wallace, Canadian opera singer Aria Tesolin

Aria trends:

Before the 2000s, Aria was a very rare name in the U.S. Currently it ranks #19!

Aria fun fact:

Aria Stark is a famous character from the popular Game of Thrones series. This TV show made Aria n extremely popular name in recent years.

  •  Allegra (f)

Meaning of Allegra:

Joyous, lively (also in music)

Origin of Allegra:


Pronunciation of Allegra:


Alternatives and variations of Allegra:

Allegria, Alegra

Famous people named Allegra:

Socialite Allegra Versace, writer Allegra Goodman, ballet dancer Allegra Kent

Allegra trends:

Allegra is a rare name – currently, it ranks #3,032 in the United States. It’s much more common in Italy, where it originates, or even in the UK.

Allegra fun fact:

Allegra is a popular product name too – Opel Allegra is a German make of car, Allegra is a renowned allergy medication, and it’s also a name of a train in Japan.

  •  Sonata (f)

Meaning of Sonata:

Sound, played music

Origin of Sonata:


Pronunciation of Sonata:


Alternatives and variations of Sonata:

Sonnata, Sonate

Famous people named Sonata:

Lithuanian athlete Sonata Tamošaitytė

Sonata trends:

Sonata is a popular name in the Baltic region. In the U.S., it still remains off the official ranking.

Sonata fun fact:

Sonata is a perfect name for any classical music lover as hundreds of classical pieces from the most renowned composers are named “Sonata xx”.

  •  Rock (m)

Meaning of Rock:

A genre of popular music/stony formation

Origin of Rock:


Pronunciation of Rock:


Alternatives and variations of Rock:

Rocky, Rockie, Rocko

Famous people named Rock:

American football player Rock Ya-Sin, actor Rock Hudson

Rock trends:

Rock is a rare name that appears often only as a nickname. It was quite popular in the 1950s though, climbing up to #620 at one point.

Rock fun fact:

There are currently 6 towns or unincorporated communities named Rock in the U.S.

  •  Bell (m/f) 

Meaning of Bell:

Bell as an instrument/the ringer of the bell

Origin of Bell:


Pronunciation of Bell:


Alternatives and variations of Bell:

Belle, Bella (but the meaning of both is different – non-musical)

Famous people named Bell:

Feminist writer Bell Hooks

Bell trends:

Bell is definitely not the most common name around. Most of the popularity goes to its feminine cousins Belle and Bella.

Bell fun fact:

“Bell effect” is a musical technique in which separate instruments play notes of a chord in a sequence.

  •  Solo (m)

Meaning of Solo:

Musical piece for one performer

Origin of Solo:


Pronunciation of Solo:


Alternatives and variations of Solo:

Sólo, Sollo, Soló

Famous people named Solo:

All of the famous Solos we found use this name only as a nickname.

Solo trends:

This is a perfect name for those who prefer originality and uniqueness above all. It’s quite unlikely your Solo will ever meet anyone named the same.

Solo fun fact:

Han Solo is a key character in the Star Wars franchise.

  •  Ava (f)

Meaning of Ava:

Song, voice

Origin of Ava:


Pronunciation of Ava:


Alternatives and variations of Ava:

Aeva, Eva

Famous people named Ava:

Actress Ava Gardner, filmmaker Ava DuVernay, singer Ava Max

Ava trends:

Ava is in the top 10 for straight 12 years in a row. At the moment it ranks #3!

Ava fun fact:

Ava was a very popular name during the Hollywood’s Golden Era. Then it almost vanished only to return in full strength from the 1990s.

  •  Beste (f)

Meaning of Beste:


Origin of Beste:


Pronunciation of Beste:


Alternatives and variations of Beste:

Besta, Besste, Best

Famous people named Beste:

Turkish actress Beste Bereket

Beste trends:

Turkish people love music and names with a musical meaning are very popular there. On the other hand, your little Beste will surely be one of a very few with this name in the U.S.

Beste fun fact:

Beste also means “the best” in several Germanic languages, which makes the name even more attractive.

  •  Leelo (f)

Meaning of Leelo:

Folk song

Origin of Leelo:


Pronunciation of Leelo:


Alternatives and variations of Leelo:

Leelu, Leilo, Lilo, Leeloo

Famous people named Leelo:

Estonian poet Leelo Tungal, Estonian-German musician Leelo

Leelo trends:

Leelo is a popular name in Estonia, but it doesn’t rank in the U.S. popularity charts.

Leelo fun fact:

Leeloo was Mila Jovovich’s character in Fifth Element.

  •  Yaron (m)

Meaning of Yaron:

To sing

Origin of Yaron:


Pronunciation of Yaron:


Alternatives and variations of Yaron:

Jaron, Jaro, Yaro

Famous people named Yaron:

Israeli documentarist Yaron Zilberman, Israeli pianist Yaron Kohlberg

Yaron trends:

Yaron is now not appearing in any popularity charts in the U.S. It’s mostly popular in Isreal and among Jewish communities.

Yaron fun fact:

Although Yaron is Hebrew name, it does not appear in the Bible.

  •  Ron (m)

Meaning of Ron:

Song, joy

Origin of Ron:


Pronunciation of Ron:


Alternatives and variations of Ron:

Ronn, Ronnie

Famous people named Ron:

Jazz musician Ron Carter, actor Ron Perlman

Ron trends:

Ron was popular mainly during the 1950s and 1960s. It dropped out of the Top 1,000 chart in the early 1990s and currently awaits its resurrection.

Ron fun fact:

Ron is also a popular nickname or shortcut to Ronald, Ronson, and Aaron.

  •  Mele (m/f)

Meaning of Mele:


Origin of Mele:


Pronunciation of Mele:


Alternatives and variations of Mele:

Melle, Meile

Famous people named Mele:

Aviator Mele “Mel” Vojvodich, American soccer player Mele French

Mele trends:

Mele is a beautifully rare and exotic name. If you ever meet any Mele, it will probably be on the Hawaii itself. This name is off the charts currently.

Mele fun fact:

Traditional Hawaiian ‘mele’ was a chant to commemorate some special occasion or event.

  •  Rodion (m)

Meaning of Rodion:

Song of the hero

Origin of Rodion:


Pronunciation of Rodion:


Alternatives and variations of Rodion:

Rod, Herodion, Rodeon, Rodya

Famous people named Rodion:

Mathematician Rodion Kuzmin, musician Rodion Azarkhin, composer Rodion Shchedrin

Rodion trends:

Rodion is a popular eastern Slavic name that is quite frequent mainly in Russia and among Russian communities around the world.

Rodion fun fact:

Rodion Romanovich Raskolnikov is the main character of the famous Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s novel Crime and Punishment.

  •  Cantrelle (f)

Meaning of Cantrelle:


Origin of Cantrelle:


Pronunciation of Cantrelle:


Alternatives and variations of Cantrelle:

Chantrelle, Cantarella, Cantrell

Famous people named Cantrelle:

Seems like the world is still waiting for its first famous Cantrelle!

Cantrelle trends:

This name does not currently appear in the Top 1,000 (U.S).

Cantrelle fun fact:

Cantrell is also a common surname.

  •  Aoede (f)

Meaning of Aoede:

Muse of voice and singing

Origin of Aoede:


Pronunciation of Aoede:


Alternatives and variations of Aoede:

Aoide, Aoidé

Famous people named Aoede:

As far as we know, there’s no famous Aoede yet!

Aoede trends:

This is a rare and unique name that currently avoids any charts and rankings.

Aoede fun fact:

One of Jupiter’s moons (Jupiter) XLI is also called Aoede.

  •  Ode (m/f)

Meaning of Ode:

Glorifying song or poem

Origin of Ode:

Old English

Pronunciation of Ode:


Alternatives and variations of Ode:

Odo, Otto

Famous people named Ode:

There are no matching celebrities yet.

Ode trends:

You can hardly expect to find Ode in any popularity charts yet, but who knows what the future will bring.

Ode fun fact:

‘Ode to Joy’ is the final movement of Ludwig van Beethoven’s famous Ninth Symphony.

  •  Caprice (m/f)

Meaning of Caprice:

Lively piece of music

Origin of Caprice:


Pronunciation of Caprice:


Alternatives and variations of Caprice:

Capris, Caprise, Capricio

Famous people named Caprice:

Actress Caprice Bourret, wrestler Caprice Coleman

Caprice trends:

Caprice doesn’t rank in the Top 1,000 yet, but we can see it now much more often than in the past.

Caprice fun fact:

Caprice (1913) is a famous silent-era movie starring Mary Pickford.

  •  Diva (f)

Meaning of Diva:

Prima donna, prime singer/Female diety

Origin of Diva:


Pronunciation of Diva:


Alternatives and variations of Diva:


Famous people named Diva:

Filipino actress Diva Montelaba, musician Diva Zappa

Diva trends:

Diva is an exotic and unusual name that doesn’t appear in the official popularity charts.

Diva fun fact:

‘Diva’ is the name of Annie Lennox debut solo album released in 1992.

  •  Musette (f)

Meaning of Musette:

Little muse

Origin of Musette:


Pronunciation of Musette:


Alternatives and variations of Musette:

Musetta, Musete

Famous people named Musette:

Aristocrat Musette Majendie, civil rights activist Musette Brooks Gregory

Musette trends:

Musette is a rare name with European origin that doesn’t rank in any charts.

Musette fun fact:

Musette de Cour is a baroque French type of bagpipes.

  •  Wolfgang (m)

Meaning of Wolfgang:

Traveling wolf (but the name is really famous due to the Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart)

Origin of Wolfgang:


Pronunciation of Wolfgang:


Alternatives and variations of Wolfgang:

Wolfgangus, Wolf

Famous people named Wolfgang:

Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, German chess player Wolfgang Uhlmann

Wolfgang trends:

Wolfgang was a popular male name in Germany mainly in the first half of the 20th century. Currently, it’s considered rare in Germany and very rare in the U.S.

Wolfgang fun fact:

Wolfgangsee is a popular lake in Austria.

  •  Carol (m/f)

Meaning of Carol:

Song, Christmas carol

Origin of Carol:


Pronunciation of Carol:


Alternatives and variations of Carol:

Carole, Caroll, Carolle

Famous people named Carol:

English actress Carol Harrison, novelist Carol Ryrie Brink, Olympic long jumper Carol LeGrant Lewis

Carol trends:

Carol occupied various positions in Top 10 most popular names during the 1930s – 1950s, but its popularity dropped sharply and now it’s not even in the Top 1,000.

Carol fun fact:

Carol is considered to be a female version of Charles, but Carol is also a boy name.

  •  Banjo (m)

Meaning of Banjo:

Stringed instrument

Origin of Banjo:


Pronunciation of Banjo:


Alternatives and variations of Banjo:

Benji, Banji

Famous people named Banjo:

Australian poet Banjo Paterson, NASCAR driver Banjo Matthews, Australian Aboriginal Activist Banjo Clark

Banjo trends:

Banjo is very rare in the U.S. It’s used mainly in Australia.

Banjo fun fact:

Actress Rachel Griffiths named her son Banjo too.

  •  Elvis (m)

Meaning of Elvis:

Allwise (but associated mainly with musician Elvis Presley)

Origin of Elvis:

Ancient English/Scandinavian

Pronunciation of Elvis:


Alternatives and variations of Elvis:

Alvis, Elviss

Famous people named Elvis:

Singer Elvis Presley, musician Elvis Costello, figure skater Elvis Stojko

Elvis trends:

Elvis currently ranks #904 in U.S. name charts.

Elvis fun fact:

Thanks to Elvis Presley, this name had been in the top 1,000 boy names from 1955 to 2010.

  •  Symphony (f)

Meaning of Symphony:

Sophisticated musical piece

Origin of Symphony:


Pronunciation of Symphony:


Alternatives and variations of Symphony:

Symphonia, Symfony, Symphonie

Famous people named Symphony:

Voice actress Symphony Sanders

Symphony trends:

Symphony is a unique name that doesn’t rank in the Top 1,000 yet.

Symphony fun fact:

In ancient times Symphonia was a name used for various instruments ranging from drums to bagpipe or clavichord.

  •  Reed (m/f)

Meaning of Reed:

Red-haired/woodwind instrument’s vibrating mouthpiece

Origin of Reed:


Pronunciation of Reed:


Alternatives and variations of Reed:

Reid, Read

Famous people named Reed:

Actor Reed Hadley, aviator Reed Chambers

Reed trends:

Reed is mainly known as a surname. It’s still quite rare as a given name.

Reed fun fact:

The Reed reaction is a chemical reaction that produces chlorosulfonated polyethylene (CSPE).

  •  Ninad (m)

Meaning of Ninad:

Sound or hum

Origin of Ninad:


Pronunciation of Ninad:


Alternatives and variations of Ninad:

Ninnad, Nined

Famous people named Ninad:

Indian historian Ninad Bedekar, Bollywood actor Ninad Kamat,

Ninad trends:

Ninad is a popular male Indian name, but it doesn’t appear in the U.S. popularity charts.

Ninad fun fact:

Ninad Concert Series is a regular Festival of Classical Indian Classical.

  •  Rei (m/f)

Meaning of Rei:


Origin of Rei:


Pronunciation of Rei:


Alternatives and variations of Rei:

Rai, Ray

Famous people named Rei:

Japanese fashion designer Rei Kawakubo, Japanese actress Rei Yoshii

Rei trends:

Rei is one of the most popular Japanese given names (unisex, but used mainly for girls). Outside of Japanese communities, this name is very rare and exotic in the U.S.

Rei fun fact:

There are dozens of manga and anime characters named Rei.

  •  Maina (m/f)

Meaning of Maina:

Sing and dance

Origin of Maina:


Pronunciation of Maina:


Alternatives and variations of Maina:

Maiyna, Maena

Famous people named Maina:

German artist Maina-Miriam Munsky, Kenyan human rights activist Maina Kiai

Maina trends:

You wouldn’t find this name in the U.S. charts, but it’s very popular in France, Africa, and some Arabic countries.

Maina fun fact:

Maina is also an island in the Cook Islands’ Aitutaki group.

  •  Orpheus (m)

Meaning of Orpheus:

Fatherless/Legendary ancient Greek musician

Origin of Orpheus:


Pronunciation of Orpheus:


Alternatives and variations of Orpheus:

Orpheo, Orfeus

Famous people named Orpheus:

Australian actor Orpheus Pledger

Orpheus trends:

Orpheus is a beautifully unusual name all around the world.

Orpheus fun fact:

Aside from the legendary Orpheus of Greek mythology, Orpheus is also a character in the Matrix movie Franchise.

  •  Shadi (m/f)

Meaning of Shadi:


Origin of Shadi:


Pronunciation of Shadi:


Alternatives and variations of Shadi:

Shadya, Shadee

Famous people named Shadi:

Iranian women’s rights activist Shadi Sadr, German actor Shadi Hedayati

Shadi trends:

Shadi is a quite popular male given name in Arabic and a female name in Persian communities. It doesn’t rank in American Top 1,000 though.

Shadi fun fact:

Shadi also means ‘pelican’ in Native American languages.

  •  Tarana (f)

Meaning of Tarana:

Music, song, melody/Type of musical composition in India

Origin of Tarana:


Pronunciation of Tarana:


Alternatives and variations of Tarana:

Taranna, Tara, Tarane

Famous people named Tarana:

Azerbaijani weightlifter Tarana Abbasova, American activist Tarana Burke, Indian actress Tarana Raja

Tarana trends:

Tarana is, obviously, a pretty unusual and exotic name. It’s mainly popular among Indians and Azerbaijanis, but it recently attracts Afro-American communities too.

Tarana fun fact:

Pakistani national anthem is called “Qaumī Tarāna”.

  •  Apollo (m)

Meaning of Apollo:

Ancient Greek god of music

Origin of Apollo:


Pronunciation of Apollo:


Alternatives and variations of Apollo:

Apollon, Apolo, Apollonius

Famous people named Apollo:

Polish writer Apollo Korzeniowski, rocket scientist Apollo M. O. Smith

Apollo trends:

Though the name sounds rare and unusual, it actually ranked #517 in 2018 and steadily rises.

Apollo fun fact:

Name Apollo is strongly connected with the space research: it was the name of the most famous American space program, a group of asteroids, and also one crater on the Moon.

  •  Cecilia (f)

Meaning of Cecilia:

Blind/Patron saint of musician

Origin of Cecilia:


Pronunciation of Cecilia:


Alternatives and variations of Cecilia:

Cécilia, Cecile, Cecillia

Famous people named Cecilia:

Princess Cecilia of Sweden, Italian mezzo-soprano singer Cecilia Bartoli

Cecilia trends:

Cecilia is currently a remarkably popular name – it ranks #155 in the U.S. charts.

Cecilia fun fact:

‘Cecilia’ is also a famous Simon & Garfunkel song.

  •  Ligeia (f)

Meaning of Ligeia:


Origin of Ligeia:


Pronunciation of Ligeia:


Alternatives and variations of Ligeia:

Lígia, Lygia, Ligea

Famous people named Ligeia:

One of the mythical Sirens of ancient Greek mythology.

Ligeia trends:

Ligeia is a very rare name. Ligia and Lígia are its more popular alternatives – they are mainly used in Spain, Latin America, and Portugal.

Ligeia fun fact:

Edgar Allan Poe named one of his stories Ligeia in 1838.

  •  Ezgi (f)

Meaning of Ezgi:


Origin of Ezgi:


Pronunciation of Ezgi:


Alternatives and variations of Ezgi:


Famous people named Ezgi:

Turkish actress Ezgi Asaroğlu

Ezgi trends:

This name was very popular in Turkey during the 1990s. Currently, it’s considered to be relatively rare.

Ezgi fun fact:

In its original Turkish version, this name is written with a dotted İ (EZGİ).

  •  Gita (f)

Meaning of Gita:


Origin of Gita:


Pronunciation of Gita:


Alternatives and variations of Gita:

Gitta, Geeta, Ghita

Famous people named Gita:

Indian writer Gita Mehta, Indian actress Gita Dey, Indian TV personality Gita Piramal

Gita trends:

Gita is popular mainly among Indian communities around the world. But it also appears in various Slavic languages (Czech, Latvian, Slovak).

Gita fun fact:

In Sanskrit, Gita is also a 700 verse scripture forming a part of the famous epic Mahabharata.

  •  Cadence (m/f)

Meaning of Cadence:

Beat, rhythm

Origin of Cadence:


Pronunciation of Cadence:


Alternatives and variations of Cadence:

Cadenza, Cadance, Cadencia

Famous people named Cadence:

Canadian rapper Cadence Weapon

Cadence trends:

As a feminine name, Cadence ranks #488. A male version of the same name is much rarer, only about 70-80 American boys are named Cadence per one year.

Cadence fun fact:

Princess Cadence is an important character in the popular animated TV show for kids ‘My Little Pony’.

  •  Wakana (f)

Meaning of Wakana:

Music, harmony

Origin of Wakana:


Pronunciation of Wakana:


Alternatives and variations of Wakana:

Wakanna, Wacana

Famous people named Wakana:

Japanese actress Wakana Yamazaki, Japanese actress and marathon runner Wakana Fukushima

Wakana trends:

Wakana is a popular Japanese name, that still waits to be discovered outside of the Japanese communities.

Wakana fun fact:

Wakana is also a small village located in Maharashtra, India.

  •  Wren (m/f)

Meaning of Wren:

Small bird

Origin of Wren:

Old English

Pronunciation of Wren:


Alternatives and variations of Wren:


Famous people named Wren:

Teacher and writer Wren Blackberry, Canadian ice hockey coach Wren Blair

Wren trends:

Wren currently ranks #468 in the U.S. and its popularity rises sharply.

Wren fun fact:

Wrens are tiny brown passerine birds.

  •  Daina (f)

Meaning of Daina:

Vocal folk song

Origin of Daina:


Pronunciation of Daina:


Alternatives and variations of Daina:

Daena, Dainna, Daiana

Famous people named Daina:

Latvian artist Daina Skadmane, Australian actor Daina Reid

Daina trends:

Daina is quite a common name in several Baltic states, but you can see it only very rarely in English speaking countries, where Diana and Dana are much more common alternatives.

Daina fun fact:

Daina also means ‘from Denmark’.

  •  Laya (f)

Meaning of Laya:

Rhythm, tempo

Origin of Laya:


Pronunciation of Laya:


Alternatives and variations of Laya:

Laia, Leah

Famous people named Laya:

Telugu movie actress Laya, Indian cricketer Laya Francis, German dancer Laya Raki

Laya trends:

In the U.S, Laya is a rare and unusual name. But in France, for example, it currently ranks #400 and rises.

Laya fun fact:

The masculine form of Laya – Lay – is the 243rd name of Lord Shiva

Frequently Asked Questions 

What names mean ‘music’?

If you want to name your kid after the music itself, there are various options coming from different languages. Aria is a song or melody in Italian; Kai is triumphant music in Chinese; Zimri means ‘my music’ in Hebrew, and Chanson is a song in French. For more tips, read our full article.

Are musical names good for both genders?

There are tons of musical names for girls, slightly less musical names for boys, and a handful of very nice gender-neutral names for both of them. There’s no reason why musical names shouldn’t be suitable for any of the genders.

What girls’ names mean ‘song’?

Gita means ‘song’ in Hindi, Chanson is ‘song’ in French, and Odele represents the Old English term for a ‘song’. There are many other similar options in our article.

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