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52 Hippie Baby Names: Origin and Meaning

52 Hippie Baby Names: Origin and Meaning
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The beauty of hippie names for your baby is that you can use a lot of them interchangeably whether you have a baby boy or baby girl.

They can also be the perfect way to pay homage to a decade when things were all about peace and love. What’s more appropriate as a name for your precious infant than one which represents peace and love? And regardless of whether or not you consider yourself a modern day hippie, these hippie baby names are still perfect for babies today.

Hippie names for babies can also be a way to fit in a nature-themed (inspired by nature) or just unique baby name you won’t find in your typical baby naming book. There’s nothing wrong with going with a more common name for your baby, especially if the name is a meaningful family name. But if you want a hippie baby name, you will likely get one that helps your little one stand out in the best way.

52 Hippie Baby Names Origin & Meaning

The hippie free love movement began in the 1960s as a response to the Vietnam War and as an alternative to the ongoing idea that violence was the answer within society. Hippies emerged as individuals who promoted love, peace, and a way of living sustainably wherever possible.

As a result, a lot of hippie names are nature-based. Names like River or Forest allow parents to pay tribute to nature with a truly unique hippie name. Other hippie names can have a different kind of significance, like Chakra or Sunshine for peace and tranquility.

How to Choose A Baby Name

Choosing a baby name, including a hippie-themed one, can take on a different meaning, depending on who you are as a parent. Some parents choose a name based on family names and take it from there. If it has always been your goal to name your firstborn son after your great grandfather, then that makes it a little easier for you. But if you were always a fan of the hippie movement and feel yourself called to peaceful names with different kinds of meaning. Then hippie baby names are likely where your primary tastes lay.

Why We Love Hippie Names For Babies

baby girl 7

If you already identify as a modern-day hippie or someone who is in tune with nature or inner peace, then choosing a hippie name for your baby is almost a given. Another reason why it’s easy to love hippie names for babies is that with some of these hippie names, your little one is sure to have a unique name that not many other kids will also have.

Naming your baby is one of the first major decisions you will make for your child. In some cases, your baby’s name can set the tone for big moments in their life. And you can’t really go wrong with choosing a hippie name that is both unique and peace-centered.


Arlo Meaning:

Cairn, hill

Arlo Origin:

Old English

Arlo Pronunciation:


Arlo Alternatives and Variations:

Arlow, Arlowe, Arrlo

Famous People Named Arlo:

Singer Arlo Guthrie, historian Arlo Haskell

Arlo Baby Name Trends:

After the 1940s, the name Arlo dropped off in popularity until a sharp spike in 2012 when 267 people in the United States were recorded to have been given that name.

Fun Facts about Arlo:

Arlo was also the name of the lead dinosaur character in the 2015 Disney Pixar film The Good Dinosaur.


Arrow Meaning:


Arrow Origin:


Arrow Pronunciation:


Arrow Alternatives and Variations:

Aaro, Arri, Arrio, Aryo

Famous People Named Arrow:

Fictional superhero Green Arrow

Arrow Baby Name Trends:

There were a few babies named Arrow in the 1940s, but by 2015, those numbers had risen to 60 girls and 94 names for boys given that name.

Fun Facts about Arrow:

The spike in popularity for the name Arrow actually came around the time the CW superhero action-drama Arrow rose to popularity.


Atlas Meaning:

To carry

Atlas Origin:


Atlas Pronunciation:


Atlas Alternatives and Variations:

Atlasi, Atlasar

Famous People Named Atlas:

The Greek god Atlas in Greek Mythology, actress Anne Heche’s son

Atlas Baby Name Trends:

In 2015, the name Atlas rose to sudden popularity, as it made the top 500 names in the United States that year.

Fun Facts about Atlas:

The name also maintains the meaning of strength since Atlas was a god who carried the world on his shoulders.


Atticus Meaning:

From Attica

Atticus Origin:


Atticus Pronunciation:


Atticus Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Atticus:

The fictional character Atticus Finch from the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, actor Atticus Shaffer

Atticus Baby Name Trends:

It rose to popularity in 2014 and in 2018, Atticus was one of the top few names chosen for boys.

Fun Facts about Atticus:

The name is often associated with intellect and it’s one of few names that doesn’t really have a designated nickname for it.


August Meaning:

Great, magnificent

August Origin:


August Pronunciation:


August Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named August:

Edgar Allan Poe’s fictional detective Auguste Dupin, sculptor Auguste Rodin

August Baby Name Trends:

It checked in at number 178 on the top names in the United States in 2018.

Fun Facts about August:

Although it is the name of a month, using August as a baby name has recently spiked in popularity.


Basil Meaning:


Basil Origin:


Basil Pronunciation:


Basil Alternatives and Variations:

Basley, Basile, Bazeel

Famous People Named Basil:

British film director Basil Dearden, olympic bronze medal winner Basil Bennett

Basil Baby Name Trends:

It was most popular in 1904, when it reached 328 on the top names, but has recently fallen in popularity.

Fun Facts about Basil:

It’s a name more commonly found in the United Kingdom and, of course, is also the name of a popular herb.


Birch Meaning:

Tree (English meaning)

Birch Origin:


Birch Pronunciation:


Birch Alternatives and Variations:

Byrch, Berch

Famous People Named Birch:

Senator Birch Evans Bayh

Birch Baby Name Trends:

It has yet to reach much popularity, as the name Birch ranked 12,996 in 2019.

Fun Facts about Birch:

As a tree, the birch is the national tree of Russia, where it used to be worshipped.


Bodhi Meaning:

Awakening, enlightenment

Bodhi Origin:


Bodhi Pronunciation:


Bodhi Alternatives and Variations:

Bodie, Bodey

Famous People Named Bodhi:

Actress Jenna Elfman’s son, a fictional character in the movie Point Break

Bodhi Baby Name Trends:

It ranked 314 in the United States in 2018.

Fun Facts about Bodhi:

The name is also associated with a Buddist concept meaning nirvana.



Cedar Meaning:


Cedar Origin:


Cedar Pronunciation:


Cedar Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Cedar:

Actor Larry Cedar

Cedar Baby Name Trends:

Because Cedar is more commonly known as the name of a tree rather than for babies, there isn’t much data on it as a name.

Fun Facts about Cedar:

There is a U2 song by the name of “Cedar.”


Celeste Meaning:

Celestial, heavenly

Celeste Origin:


Celeste Pronunciation:


Celeste Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Celeste:

Oscar-winning actress Celeste Holm

Celeste Baby Name Trends:

It ranked number 441 in the United States in 2018.

Fun Facts about Celeste:

The name has been steadily popular since the late 1800s.


Chakra Meaning

Wheel, circle

Chakra Origin:


Chakra Pronunciation:


Chakra Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Chakra:

The South Korean pop group

Chakra Baby Name Trends:

As a name, Chakra is fairly uncommon, so there is no surefire data on it.

Fun Facts about Chakra:

There are 114 chakras in the body as energy centers.


Charity Meaning:

Generous love, charity

Charity Origin:


Charity Pronunciation:


Charity Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Charity:

Actress Charity Shea

Charity Baby Name Trends:

It ranked 966 nationally in 2013 but has since dropped off in popularity.

Fun Facts about Charity:

It originated as the name of the Christian Saint Charity.


Cosmo Meaning:

Order, beauty

Cosmo Origin:


Cosmo Pronunciation:


Cosmo Alternatives and Variations:

Cosimo, Cosma

Famous People Named Cosmo:

German singer Cosmo Klein

Cosmo Baby Name Trends:

This one has never ranked among the top 1,000 names in the United States, so it really is a unique option.

Fun Facts about Cosmo:

Cosmo is based on the Italian variant of Cosimo, which the 18th century second Scottish Duke of Gordon named his son.


Daisy Meaning:

Day’s eye

Daisy Origin:

Old English

Daisy Pronunciation:


Daisy Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Daisy:

The fictional character of Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, actress Daisy Eagan

Daisy Baby Name Trends:

It rose to popularity in 2018 and landed at number 169 nationally.

Fun Facts about Daisy:

Some consider Daisy to be the namesake for the more widely known name Margaret.


Dharma Meaning:


Dharma Origin:


Dharma Pronunciation:


Dharma Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Dharma:

A title character from the comedy Dharma and Greg, Canadian Flickr founder’s birth name Dharma Jeremy Butterfield,

Dharma Baby Name Trends:

In 2019, the name Dharma ranked lower than 15,000 in the United States.

Fun Facts about Dharma:

Some Buddhists use the name Karma in place of Dharma.

hippie baby 1


Evangeline Meaning:

Bearer of good news

Evangeline Origin:


Evangeline Pronunciation:


Evangeline Alternatives and Variations:

Eva, Angel, Evy

Famous People Named Evangeline:

Actress Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Baby Name Trends:

It ranked number 277 in 2018.

Fun Facts about Evangeline:

There are tons of songs that have the title of “Evangeline,” including songs by the Jerry Garcia Band and Bad Religion.


Ezra Meaning:


Ezra Origin:


Ezra Pronunciation:


Ezra Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Ezra:

Actor Ezra Miller, the rock band Better The Ezra

Ezra Baby Name Trends:

It is currently one of the trendier names and was ranked at 59 in 2018.

Fun Facts about Ezra:

In the Bible, Ezra led Israelites out of slavery.


Forrest Meaning:

Dweller near the woods

Forrest Origin:


Forrest Pronunciation:


Forrest Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Forrest:

Author Forrest Aguirre, the fiction title character from Forrest Gump

Forrest Baby Name Trends:

It clocked in at 571 in 2018.

Fun Facts about Forrest:

Although there are famous people in history with the name Forrest, somehow a fictional character is probably the most famous of all.


Griffin Meaning:

Strong lord

Griffin Origin:


Griffin Pronunciation:


Griffin Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Griffin:

Jimmy Carter’s Attorney General, Griffin Bell

Griffin Baby Name Trends:

The name has seen a recent spike in popularity, with a particular rise starting in 2012 onward.

Fun Facts about Griffin:

A griffin is also the name of a flying mythical creature.


Harmony Meaning:

A beautiful blending

Harmony Origin:


Harmony Pronunciation:


Harmony Alternatives and Variations:

Harmonee, Melody

Famous People Named Harmony:

Director Harmony Korine, music group Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony

Harmony Baby Name Trends:

It was on a recent upswing and was in the top 200 nationally in 2018.

Fun Facts about Harmony:

It’s an easy alternative name to something like Melody or Lyric.


Hope Meaning:

Trust, faith

Hope Origin:

Old English

Hope Pronunciation:


Hope Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Hope:

Actress Hope Davis, soccer player Hope Solo

Hope Baby Name Trends:

Hope had a sudden spike in popularity in 2002 but was on a steady decline until 2015.

Fun Facts about Hope:

The name originated with the Puritans, much like the name Charity.


India Meaning:

From the river Indus

India Origin:


India Pronunciation:


India Alternatives and Variations:

Indy, Indie

Famous People Named India:

Actor Chris Hemsworth’s daughter

India Baby Name Trends:

In 2018, India just barely made it into the top 1,000 names in the United States.

Fun Facts about India:

U.S. President George W. Bush owned a cat named India.


Jasper Meaning:


Jasper Origin:


Jasper Pronunciation:


Jasper Alternatives and Variations:

Jesper, Gasparo

Famous People Named Jasper:

Comedian Jasper Redd

Jasper Baby Name Trends:

Jasper has been on a steady rise in popularity since the early 2000s.

Fun Facts about Jasper:

It’s also the name for a darker variety of quartz.


Juniper Meaning:


Juniper Origin:


Juniper Pronunciation:


Juniper Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Juniper:

Author Margaret Wise Brown’s pen name

Juniper Baby Name Trends:

In 2011, the name Juniper was in the United States’ top 1,000 names for the first time.

Fun Facts about Juniper:

It rose to popularity as a hippie name thanks to the 1969 1969 Donovan song “Jennifer Juniper.”


Kai Meaning:


Kai Origin:


Kai Pronunciation:


Kai Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Kai:

Bodybuilder Kai Greene, journalist Kai Bird, Donald Trump Jr.’s daughter

Kai Baby Name Trends:

It recently rose to the 235th most popular baby name in the United States.

Fun Facts about Kai:

It may have started out as a hippie name, but it’s safe to say that Kai is also a hipster name these days.

girl 1


Leif Meaning:

Heir, descendent

Leif Origin:


Leif Pronunciation:


Leif Alternatives and Variations:

Lief, Leaf

Famous People Named Leif:

Norse explorer Leif Erikson, actor, and singer Leif Garrett

Leif Baby Name Trends:

Leif saw a slight increase in popularity in 2017 but is still on the lower end of the spectrum.

Fun Facts about Leif:

It’s one of the most popular Scandavanian names, despite being on the lower end of overall popularity.


Lily Meaning:

Flower name

Lily Origin:


Lily Pronunciation:


Lily Alternatives and Variations:

Lillie, Lilly

Famous People Named Lily:

Poet Lily Brown, actress Lily Collins

Lily Baby Name Trends:

As a highly popular name, it ranked 31 in the United States in 2018.

Fun Facts about Lily:

Lots of modern-day celebrities have chosen Lily as the name of their babies.


Luna Meaning:


Luna Origin:


Luna Pronunciation:


Luna Alternatives and Variations:

Lulu, Nova

Famous People Named Luna:

Harry Potter character Luna Lovegood

Luna Baby Name Trends:

Luna reached 23 in the top baby names in the United States in 2018.

Fun Facts about Luna:

Luna was also the Roman goddess of the moon.


Marley Meaning:

Pleasant seaside meadow

Marley Origin:


Marley Pronunciation:


Marley Alternatives and Variations:

Marely, Marlee

Famous People Named Marley:

Singer Bob Marley

Marley Baby Name Trends:

It currently ranks at 221 in the United States.

Fun Facts about Marley:

It’s actually higher on the popularity scale for naming dogs, likely due to the 2008 movie Marley & Me.


Meadow Meaning:

Grassy field

Meadow Origin:


Meadow Pronunciation:


Meadow Alternatives and Variations:

Mea, Mia, Doe

Famous People Named Meadow:

Tony Soprano’s daughter on the show The Sopranos, actress Meadow Sisto

Meadow Baby Name Trends:

The name Meadow has risen in popularity in recent years, but it still barely taps into the top 500 names in the country.

Fun Facts about Meadow:

The name actually comes from an Old English word which means “a mown field.”


Melody Meaning:


Melody Origin:


Melody Pronunciation:


Melody Alternatives and Variations:

Melodia, Mel

Famous People Named Melody:

Singer Melody Gardot, White House executive for former U.S. President Obama Melody Barnes

Melody Baby Name Trends:

Melody has remained in the top few hundred names in the country for the past several decades.

Fun Facts about Melody:

It combines the Greek words melos, meaning song, and aeidein, which means to “sing.”


Milo Meaning:

Merciful soldier

Milo Origin:

Old German

Milo Pronunciation:


Milo Alternatives and Variations:

Milu, Miles

Famous People Named Milo:

Actor Milo Ventimiglia

Milo Baby Name Trends:

After a decades-long lull in popularity, the name Milo saw a recent spike in popularity in the last couple of years, possibly due to the actor Milo Ventimiglia’s fame on the NBC series This Is Us.

Fun Facts about Milo:

Also, the similar name Miles is more popular and common than Milo, Milo actually predates the name Miles.


Mist Meaning:

Particles of water

Mist Origin:


Mist Pronunciation:


Mist Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Mist:

Volleyball player Misty May-Treanor

Mist Baby Name Trends:

Because the name Mist is so unique and uncommon, it hasn’t recently or in the past several decades hit any major popularity milestones.

Fun Facts about Mist:

It has never ranked in the top 1,000 names in the United States.


Moon Meaning:

Inspired by the planet

Moon Origin:


Moon Pronunciation:


Moon Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Moon:

Frank Zappa’s daughter Moon Unit, the fictional character Sailor Moon

Moon Baby Name Trends:

Because it’s such an uncommon name for babies, there is no solid research on the popularity of the name Moon.

Fun Facts about Moon:

Although the name Moon isn’t altogether unheard of, most of the time, parents opt for the similar Luna instead.


Nirvana Meaning:

Place of great bliss

Nirvana Origin:


Nirvana Pronunciation:


Nirvana Alternatives and Variations:

Nirvanah, Nervana

Famous People Named Nirvana:

The rock band Nirvana

Nirvana Baby Name Trends:

The name Nirvana has seen a steady increase in popularity since roughly 2008.

Fun Facts about Nirvana:

In Buddhism, the name Nirvana means a perfect state free from suffering.


North Meaning:


North Origin:


North Pronunciation:


North Alternatives and Variations:

There are no known variations of the name North

Famous People Named North:

North West, the daughter of Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West

North Baby Name Trends:

To date, the name North still hasn’t ranked among the top 1,000 names in the United States.

Fun Facts about North:

If Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye West name their next children South, West, and East, they will have every corner of the compass covered.


Ode Meaning:

From the road

Ode Origin:


Ode Pronunciation:


Ode Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Ode:

German actor Erik Ode

Ode Baby Name Trends:

Ode is such an uncommon name that there isn’t any concrete data on Ode name trends.

Fun Facts about Ode:

Even though it’s an uncommon name, Ode is actually more common as middle names for girls.


Orion Meaning:

Son of fire

Orion Origin:


Orion Pronunciation:


Orion Alternatives and Variations:

Rowan, Zorion

Famous People Named Orion:

Football player Orion Martin, pianist Orion Weiss

Orion Baby Name Trends:

It ranked 300 on the top baby names list in the United States in 2018.

Fun Facts about Orion:

“Orion” is also a popular song by Metallica.


Oz Meaning:

Strength, powerful, courageous

Oz Origin:


Oz Pronunciation:


Oz Alternatives and Variations:

Ozni, Osmond, Osborne, Ozzy

Famous People Named Oz:

Director Osborne “Oz” Scott, Ozzy Osborne

Oz Baby Name Trends:

Although the name Oz hasn’t ranked among the top 1,000 names in the United States, it did recently spike in popularity regardless.

Fun Facts about Oz:

It’s hard to say which is more famous for the name Oz — The Wizard of Oz or singer Ozzy Osborne.


Rain Meaning:

Abundant blessings from above

Rain Origin:


Rain Pronunciation:


Rain Alternatives and Variations:

Reign, Raine

Rain Famous People Named Rain:

Actor Richard Pryor’s daughter.

Rain Baby Name Trends:

The name Rain is not currently ranked in any of the top baby name lists in the United States.

Fun Facts about Rain:

When you change the spelling to name of Reign, the name actually takes on a whole new meaning.


Rex Meaning:


Rex Origin:


Rex Pronunciation:


Rex Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Rex:

Football player Rex Burkhead, actor Rex Lee

Rex Baby Name Trends:

The name Rex is currently ranked at number 637 in the United States.

Fun Facts about Rex:

Babies named with such a regal moniker will have a lot to live up to.

hippie baby


River Meaning:

Body of water

River Origin:


River Pronunciation:


River Alternatives and Variations:

Rivyr, Rivers

Famous People Named River:

Actor River Phoenix

River Baby Name Trends:

River ranked at 197 in the United States in 2018.

Fun Facts about River:

You’d be hard-pressed to find a parent who doesn’t use a similar nature-based theme in naming their other children when they have one already named River.


Rosemary Meaning:

Dew of the sea

Rosemary Origin:


Rosemary Pronunciation:


Rosemary Alternatives and Variations:

Rosemarie, Romy

Famous People Named Rosemary:

Singer and actress Rosemary Clooney, actress Rosemary Murphy

Rosemary Baby Name Trends:

Rosemary reached an all-time high at 75 on the top names list in 1946, then declined in popularity, and is steadily on the rise again.

Fun Facts about Rosemary:

It’s also the name of the title character in the cult classic movie Rosemary’s Baby.


Sage Meaning:


Sage Origin:


Sage Pronunciation:


Sage Alternatives and Variations:

Saige, Sayge

Famous People Named Sage:

Author Sage Blackwood, race car driver Sage Karam

Sage Baby Name Trends:

The name Sage has remained in the top 1,000 names in the United States for the past few decades.

Fun Facts about Sage:

Although sage is also the name of an herb, it literally means wise, so you wouldn’t necessarily be naming your child after a kitchen spice.


Star Meaning:


Star Origin:


Star Pronunciation:


Star Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Star:

Actor Antony Starr

Star Baby Name Trends:

The name Star has never ranked in the top 1,000 names in the United States.

Fun Facts about Star:

Although Star isn’t as popular of a name, the more common Stella does often take its place.


Storm Meaning:


Storm Origin:


Storm Pronunciation:


Storm Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Storm:

X-Men fictional character Storm

Storm Baby Name Trends:

It has been almost 30 years since the name Storm made it into the top 1,000 names in the United States.

Fun Facts about Storm:

Some consider Storm to be a strong unisex name.


Summer Meaning:

The summer season

Summer Origin:


Summer Pronunciation:


Summer Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Summer:

Olympic swimmer and actress Summer Sanders

Summer Baby Name Trends:

In 2018, Summer was ranked as the number 199 name on the nation’s top 1,000 baby names.

Fun Facts about Summer:

It’s a much more common name in England than the United States.


Sun Meaning:


Sun Origin:


Sun Pronunciation:


Sun Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Sun:

Jazz musician Sun Ra

Sun Baby Name Trends:

There isn’t enough data on the name Sun for it to be considered popular or inherently unpopular.

Fun Facts about Sun:

Sun is easily a unisex name, despite there being so little knowledge out there about the uncommon name.

baby 8


Willow Meaning:

Willow tree

Willow Origin:


Willow Pronunciation:


Willow Alternatives and Variations:

Will, Willa

Famous People Named Willow:

Willow Smith

Willow Baby Name Trends:

In 2018, Willow ranked 62 in the top 1,000 baby names in the United States.

Fun Facts about Willow:

The Romani believe the willow tree has the power to heal the sick.


Wolf Meaning:

Traveling wolf

Wolf Origin:


Wolf Pronunciation:


Wolf Alternatives and Variations:

Wolfgang, Wolfie

Famous People Named Wolf:

CNN reporter Wolf Blitzer, Composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Wolf Baby Name Trends:

It has never ranked in the top 1,000 names list in the United States.

Fun Facts about Wolf:

Although the spelling of Wolfe makes the name for of a surname, Wolf is suitable as a first name.


Zappa Meaning:


Zappa Origin:


Zappa Pronunciation:


Zappa Alternatives and Variations:

Because it is inspired by the surname Zappa, there aren’t any designated alternatives

Famous People Named Zappa:

Musician Frank Zappa

Zappa Baby Name Trends:

It hasn’t recently ranked on any top name lists in the United States.

Fun Facts about Zappa:

The name Zappa rose to popularity decades ago, likely for the sole reason of Frank Zappa, so you should probably be a fan if you’re going to stick your kid with the name.


Zephyr Meaning:

West wind

Zephyr Origin:


Zephyr Pronunciation:


Zephyr Alternatives and Variations:


Famous People Named Zephyr:

Actor Zephyr Benson

Zephyr Baby Name Trends:

There is no data about the recent popularity of the name Zephyr.

Fun Facts about Zephyr:

The name stems from the Greek god of the west wind.


Ziggy Meaning:

Victorious peace

Ziggy Origin:


Ziggy Pronunciation:


Ziggy Alternatives and Variations:

Sig, Ziggie

Famous People Named Ziggy:

Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy Marley

Ziggy Baby Name Trends:

The name Ziggy remained vastly unpopular until it had a sudden spike in popularity in 2006 and has risen from there.

Fun Facts about Ziggy:

David Bowie went by the name of Ziggy Stardust for his stage persona.

Final Thoughts: Top Unique Hippie Baby Names

Even before your baby is born, thinking of a cute name for him or her (unique baby girl name) is plenty important. It’s a decision that will stay with your child forever and if you want to go with a hippie baby name, there is clearly a lot of cute names to choose from. You will just have to determine which one has the most important meaning for your little one and once you figure that out, you can rest just a little easier before your baby arrives.

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