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Hatch Maternity Collection Review: Will You Fall In Love with It?

Hatch Maternity Collection Review: Will You Fall In Love with It?

Maternity clothing, unlike compression wear, ought to be supportive but not restrictive. Timeless, chic, fashionable, and the ability to adequately cover the growing bump without flattering your body symmetry is an added advantage. And Hatch maternity collection is these, plus more. To cut down on time spent clicking through their collection, we have prepared a detailed Hatch maternity collection review for you.

The review will explore all you need to know about the Hatch maternity collection. To make it skim-able for our busy mothers and those to be, we will break the review into broad categories.

For trimesters, we will chronologically review what Hatch maternity collection has to offer from trimester one through to three, and of course, for postpartum (here are the best post-partum pads). We shall then briefly sample real reviews, plus pros and cons, from those who have used Hatch maternity clothes.

We shall then weigh the collection against alternative maternity brands, for the sake of diversity, some FAQ, before signing out with a brief wrap-up of the review. To start us off is a brief intro on Hatch maternity collection;

Hatch Maternity Collection- In-depth

Hatch Maternity Collection Review

Hatch Maternity wear is a specially designed pregnancy line of clothes. It is made to see you through conception, pregnancy, and beyond with a touch of class and sophistication that is not only trendy but comfortable.

Unlike most maternity collection wear, Hatch Collection features exquisite oversized sweaters to see you through winter. Plus, it has zippered walkabout jumpers that hug both your curves and protrusion but still easily come off and on.

For comfort and maintenance, they mostly feature a blend of humanely harvested merino wool, nylon, and alpaca. The long and short is, Hatch maternity collection has all the essentials and basics for that smooth and memorable motherhood journey. Here is a quick rundown of their collection;

Bras by Hatch Collection

Bras Hatch Maternity Collection Review

The Hatch maternity bras come in soft fabrics that will smoothly caress while holding or supporting your breasts. Within the collection are stretchy bras that can easily and seamlessly stretch to accommodate your ever-changing breast anatomy.

To steadily stay in position, the bras have extra (check out the best maternity belts) padded straps and bands to minimize up and down riding in the back. And four or more layers of wide hooks to allow for continuous size adjustment as your breasts enlarge.

As the breasts enlarge, they become fuller and heavier. Pair these with months of pulling, suckling (reward yourself with these best disposable nursing pads), or even pumping, and you have pretty sensitive skin, nipple, and sagging breast. And Hatch is cognizant of all these.

This is why their supportive bras are made to prevent sagging and offer ultimate support without compromising your posture or gait. To adequately cover the nipples and disguise the nursing pads, the bras have molded cups that fully cover the breasts.

The essential pumping bra is smooth, soft, and with breathable fabric. They are designed to be hands-free and features an easy pull fabric to allow for pumping. For care, you simply machine wash them and tumble dry. Overall, the bras have a soft texture made from stretchy fabrics. They adequately cover, accentuate and support your breasts from pregnancy through to postpartum.

For ease of use, they sport clip-down straps, easy pull fabrics, and extensively padded straps for minimum tension on your shoulders. Others have a touch of gold for hooks for that dashing luxury look. They are available in different colors and sizes. Buy them here.

Dresses by Hatch Collection

Dresses easily rank as the must-have essential for any pregnant woman. And it is for a good reason too. They are easy to put on or off for those frequent bathroom visits, clean easily and come in various colors and styles.

Top this with how easy some are to match with either a cowboy boot, flats, or even heels, and you have a companion through pregnancy and beyond.

Maxi Maternity dresses

Hatch Maternity Collection Review Maxi Maternity dresses

Made from a blend of cotton and spandex fabric, these dresses are a day to a night wardrobe staple that is sure to last from week 1 to 40 and beyond.

The dresses feature a flattering empire waist and an ingenious overall design that will hug all the right curves and flaunt your growing bump. These versatile pieces easily sit between casual and formal can be easily matched with heels or flats.

Hatch Maternity Womens The Savina Dress

Check Price
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03/03/2024 03:56 pm GMT

Special Occasion Maternity Dresses

Special Occasion Maternity Dresses

Who said you couldn’t pull that stunning and stylish look when you are pregnant? With the Hatch Special Occasion maternity collection, you can afford that confident, glamorous and elegant look you always wore pre-pregnancy.

Their special occasion maternity dresses are gorgeous, come in either full or knee-high lengths, and can be free-flowing or dreamy. They feature a sleek fit and flare that is a definite eye-turner for that split-second attention grabber.

Nursing and Breastfeeding Dresses

Nursing and Breastfeeding Dresses

These delightfully discreet pieces are impeccably stylish and are designed to double up as both nursing and postpartum wear. They are dreamy, floaty, feminine, and feature easy-access seams and panels that are flawlessly tailored for convenient, fuss-free nursing.

Hatch Maternity Womens The Sonia Ribbed Dress
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Cold weather staple

Cold weather staple

Within this collection are heavy woolen sweater dresses for those chilly mornings and cold winter days. Most have turtleneck collars with mid-full to long sleeves. For the shorter maxi dresses, they can be easily matched with leggings for that much-needed warmth.


Hatch Maternity Collection Review T-Shirts

Casual V-neck or formal O neck, solid color to color block or even plain, with pocket and without, Hatch maternity collection has them all. They are soft, comfortable, and lightweight.

Their fabric can machine wash and tumble dry to allow more time with your baby. For diversity, they are available in either long or short-sleeved versions with ruched sides, allowing for a super stretchy fit.

For matching, they are as versatile as your style. And they can be matched with leggings (check our hand-picked list of the best leggings), jeans, and even booty shorts.

Sweaters and Hoodies

Hatch Maternity Collection Review Sweaters and Hoodies

Most of the Hatch hoodies have a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex. And as for closures, they have drawstring closures with zippered breast openings. These make for comfortable and discrete nursing experiences. The quality is a top range and will most definitely give you that ultimate comfort you so much need.

For sweaters, Hatch features stylish feminine sweaters with boat necks. The material used renders them insanely soft, cozy, and easy to maintain. They allow for a 4-way stretch, meaning they will hug your bump well while allowing you to flaunt your beauty bone.

For cardigans, the Hatch maternity collection has wearables made of soft knit fabrics. The cardigans come in long-sleeved options that are reasonably long, stretchy, and comfortable. The cardigan’s versatility allows them to easily pair and match with leggings, shorts, jeans, among other clothing.

Rompers and Jumpsuits

Hatch Maternity Collection Review Rompers and Jumpsuits

These lifesaving pieces of clothing are another must-have for any expectant or nursing mother. They come in different fabrics, colors and designs.

The denim fabrics feature shape-hugging and curve-fitting designs. To the shoulder and back are adjustable straps for different torso size adjustments, front, side, and back pockets as well bust pockets.

Other fabrics come in a blend of rayon, spandex, and cotton. Other than the denim, the overall and rompers either come with or without straps. They have smocked busts, wide legs, tie fronts, and smooth to soft texture against the skin.

For cleaning, they can be machine washed and being tumble dried. The straps allow for easy breastfeeding as they effortlessly strap on or off.

Pros and Cons of Hatch Maternity Collection


  • Have stylish and sophisticated pieces.
  • They can be worn from pregnancy through to postpartum.
  • Have sizes to fit all body sizes.
  • Most of their collections are easy to match with other existing wearables.
  • Their collection allows for easy transition between seasons and occasions.


  • Are Pricey.
  • Irresponsive customer service.
  • Only offer value for money if bought at the start of the pregnancy period.

Hatch Maternity Collection Reviews

Most users feel that with Hatch, there is value for money. Their vast collection is diverse enough and has not frustrated them on size, fabric, and colors. Additionally, just as promised, their collection lasts through the pregnancy trimesters and beyond.

However, those who feel shortchanged note that the Hatch collection is pricey, low quality, and is served by unresponsive and irritable customer service.

Alternatives to Hatch Maternity Collection

Old Navy

Old Navy

Unlike Hatch that almost exclusively deals in maternity wear, Old Navy dedicates only a section for maternity wear. Their collection has comfortable, trendy, and stylish maternity essentials that are continuously updated to be in tandem with the latest fashion.

To keep you warm and cozy, they have woolen hoodies, sweaters, and other long-sleeved clothes warm enough for the chilly nights and evening draughts. To cover you for those occasional evening dates and other special occasions, they have an assortment of stylish body-hugging dresses in a vast range of colors and fabrics.

The gorgeous dresses loosely firm around your tummy, hug your curves and narrow around the neck to allow you to complete your look with a dazzling necklace.

Similar to Hatch, their collection can also be worn for all three trimesters and beyond. But unlike Hatch, they are pretty cheaper and tend to incorporate leisure, comfort, and latest performance technology across all their maternity wear.

The one drawback to Old Navy is that they are exclusively online. However, they have pocket-friendly prices, an easy return policy, frequent discounts, and pick-up in-store features to make up for this. Here is where to buy the Old Navy maternity dresses.



Unlike Hatch and Old Navy, ASOS pieces are designed to allow you to constantly pull that chic, stylish and trendy look during and after pregnancy. For them, pregnancy is a sure time to get fun and comfort without breaking the bank. Their styles rank among the most stunning outfits every woman will want to sport, even post-pregnancy.

Theirs are best suited for special occasions such as weddings, candle-lit dinners, late-night dinners, among other events.

Their pieces uniquely stand out as they predominantly feature colorful prints, sequins, and laces. These classic pieces effortlessly allow you to dress up and shine through your pregnancy. And just like Old Navy, they are only online. Here is where we buy ASOS maternity wear.



If you are unsure of your size and want a plus-size floral maternity dress, then try PinkBlush. Their collection features a mix of stylish maternity clothes, jumpsuits, casual to formal dresses with fitted florals among others. Just like Hatch, they have a 30-day return policy for all their products. But, their return policy does not cover the return fee. And, it is effective from the delivery date.

Similar to ASOS, the collection features flirty basics that are affordable, classy, and curve-hugging. Within their collection are swinging maxi dresses that are soft and comfortable. To conform to the diverse needs of breastfeeding, most of their dresses have straps to enable you easily pump milk or breastfeed your young one. Here is where to

Question: Does hatch maternity sell children wear?

Answer: Yes, Hatch does have a specially curated line that is dedicated to children. The line is based on the principle of sustainable exploitation of resources.

Question: Are all Hatch collections eco-friendly?

Answer: No. Although most of Hatch’s collections are sustainably obtained and are eco-friendly, some are still not fully eco-friendly, but they are steadily working towards an environmentally sustainable line across all their products.

Question: Does Hatch maternity offer discounts?

Answer: Yes. From time to time, Hatch rolls out promotional offers that can be claimed through special codes and coupons.

Question: Does Hatch maternity have a return policy?

Answer: Yes, the return policy can be accessed through their website. According to the policy, clients within the US have a 30-day window to return products ordered. However, Hatch will pay for the return through a FedEx label which must be used within 15 days from the issue date.

Final Thoughts

Unlike the past, where women had to contend with tent-like maternity clothes, now they have a variety of trendy and stylish maternity brands to choose from.

The brands continuously launch fashionable clothes that will flatter their curves for 9 months and beyond. The one constant in all this cut-throat go-to brand competition has always been quality and comfort. In this, they have a consensus.

And the consensus is a maternity cloth that is soft, comfortable, and able to hug both the belly and your curves. And Hatch’s maternity collection may be your two-in-one quality and comfort solution.

Their ideal customer is any mother who values class, durability and wants an all-in-one place to shop for all their maternity trimesters. Though pricey, they do not skimp on quality and have curated pieces made from humanely raised Merino sheep. Here is where to buy Hatch maternity clothes.

Should you be low on budget, prefer trendy and stunning prints, and have time to plow through collections, ASOS is your go-to alternative. However, for neutral, plain, and discounted collection Old Navy will do just fine.

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