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Best Maternity Belly Band Ideas For The Expecting Mom

Best Maternity Belly Band Ideas For The Expecting Mom

Whether you’ve had kids of your own, you’re currently pregnant, or you have a loved one who is pregnant, you know that back and abdomen pain is an all-too-common ailment during pregnancy. A maternity belly band is a great way to alleviate back, belly, and waist pain without being too tight or constricting.

It can also make mom feel much more supported, as her baby bump will be slightly compressed and gently cradled instead of left to hang free. This can also help correct poor posture and relieve overall pregnancy pains.

If you have more questions about maternity belly bands, keep reading. I have a whole rundown on the specifications you may need, as well as a list of our favorite products based on their quality of materials, actual support, comfort, and price.

Top 3 Picks

Best Overall: Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt by NeoTech

With stellar reviews and easy to adjust Velcro straps, this pregnancy support maternity belt is sure to ease the pressure around your lower back and abdomen. This belt is super easy to tailor right to your own unique body shape.

Best Quality: Belly Band by KeaBabies Store

This belly band will give you the best quality because it has plenty of supportive bands in the abdomen and pelvic areas. It comes in ivory or black, so you can easily wear this belly band under your clothes.

Best Price: Belly Band Support Brace

Easily adjustable and super soft, this maternity belt is ideal for supporting your abdomen and back. At the best price you can find, this band melds high quality with an affordable belt that is ideal for expectant mothers.

What Is a Belly Band?

A belly band is an elastic or Velcro band that supports an expectant mother’s growing belly. As the baby grows, so will the tummy, so this band will help ease the body into carrying this excess weight. The lower back and abdomen are the two most common spots on a mom’s body that start to ache, so the band will help compress and add some support.

Belly bands are stretchable and can be made of various materials, such as cotton, spandex, viscose, or even polyester, but are usually very breathable. The skin can still get some fresh air to prevent any rashes. These are typically lightweight materials and can help ease overall body aches, especially while walking around.

Pros and Cons to Belly Bands

Maternity support

There are many good reasons to buy a belly band, but they may not be for everyone. Here are a few of the most common pros and cons of using a belly band or maternity belt.


  • Will help carry weight
  • Supports abdomen
  • Supports lower back
  • Supports upper back
  • Can help evenly distribute weight around hips and pelvis
  • Helps support abdominal muscles
  • Soft and breathable
  • Eases overall pregnancy pains


  • May be too tight for some
  • Not all fabrics may be breathable

Reasons Why You Should Wear a Belly Band

There is a lot to love when it comes to using a belly band. Here are a few of the most common reasons an expecting mom would want to wear a belly band as her baby grows.

Stabilize Pelvis

A belly band can definitely help stabilize the pelvis, as this band will support the weight around the hips, lower back, and pelvis floor. These bands can even help with your abdominal muscles and prevent overall pain and discomfort. As your baby grows, you may notice that more pressure and discomfort is placed on your body.

While this is totally normal, you do not have to suffer, as a belly band can help carry this extra weight and turn it into a weight that can be evenly supported around your entire body. Think of it as wearing a backpack instead of carrying a heavy messenger bag over one shoulder.

Improve Posture

With pregnant bellies, the tendency to slouch grows more and more. It may be hard to stand up straight and tall with a growing belly, but a belly band will help add extra support to your lower back and help your posture.

Good posture helps with so many other things, such as overall back health and hip alignment. The better your posture is, the less likely it will be to have pain in your hips, back, and even shoulders. It’s important to keep your spine aligned, so if your lower back is happy, your whole body will be happy.

Helps with Aches and Pains

A belly band can help with various aches and pains. Since you are actively making sure the baby belly weight is more evenly distributed around your body, you won’t have so many targeted aches and pains. Instead, your body will work in conjunction with the belly band and help alleviate pressure for these targeted areas.

You will feel better overall since you do not have to carry all this extra weight on your own. This will help with day-to-day fatigue and help you sleep better and prevent other fatigue-related ailments such as headaches and foot swelling.

Helps Distribute Weight Evenly

The better distributed your baby belly weight is, the happier your body will be. Nothing is worse than feeling too much weight in one designated spot, such as the belly, so a belly band will help you keep this weight from affecting one part of your body.

With an even weight distribution, you will find that it is much easier to walk and do your normal daily habits, even as your belly swells. Your back, pelvis, and even your hips and feet will thank you for the added support.

Different Types of Belly Bands

There is no standard “one size fits all” type of belly band out there. Instead, there are a few different options that you can choose from which will be perfectly tailored to your unique body shape. Here are a few of the most popular options out there.

Full Coverage

A full-coverage belly band kind of resembles Spanx or a slip you’d wear under a dress. These full-coverage belly bands cover the entire belly and are usually made of spandex or some kind of stretchy material such as viscose. These bands cover the whole belly area, so they are good at compressing and keeping your belly closer to your body.

Under Belly Support

Underbelly support bands target the lower part of the belly, so they will help lift your belly. This type of support is great for anyone who tends to get hot using a full coverage band and just needs a little extra support at the bottom to help with back pain. These bands are great for a little added support without too much coverage.


A belt is an easy-to-adjust band that can be made tighter or looser depending on what stage of pregnancy you are in. Belts are a bit more area targeted, so you can either tighten them up and wear them in the middle of the belly or loosen them to fit under the belly or right at the point of the belly that swells out the most.

These are highly adjustable and can be used in several different ways to help bring in comfort.

Combo Belly and Back Support

The holy grail of belly and back support, these combo bands or belts come with extra straps and bands to support the belly and your back all at once. Kind of like the full coverage bands, these supports are meant to make sure your back, belly, and pelvis are supported without full coverage.

Instead, separate but connected bands or belts are used to wrap around the top and bottom of the belly that can be easily adjusted to fit you just right. These supports are best used toward the end of the pregnancy when the belly is at its heaviest.

What to Look for In a Maternity Belly Band

Maternity Belly Band

There is a lot to love about maternity belly bands, but here are a few factors you should consider before purchasing one.


You will want to choose a belly band that will grow with you and is made of high-quality materials. Once you start using your belly band, you will probably not want to stop, so be sure that you have chosen a belly band of high quality.

The worst thing would be to chaff or develop a rash or find out that your belly band is just not comfortable to wear for extended periods. Choosing a belly band made of high-quality, soft materials will help keep you cool and comfortable.


We cannot stress this enough – comfort is key. The more comfortable your belly band is, the easier it will be to wear and work better. There are so many different materials out there to choose from, so you can take your time and check out all types of belly bands until you find one that will make the most comfortable possible.


Quality is key, so make sure you are paying attention to the finer details on your belly band, such as the stitching, fasteners, and even the tags attached to it. If anything looks frayed or feels cheap or made with ultra-thin plastic, odds are your belly band won’t be very comfortable and won’t last you as long as you’d like it to.

This doesn’t mean going out and buying the most expensive belly band you can find, but it just means that you should pay attention to the finer details that will let you know if it is a quality product or not.


The design of your belly band can range. We discussed the differences between full coverage bands, underbelly support belts, standard belts, and combo back and belly support bands. While you may love a full coverage belt, someone else may hate them, so it really just depends on which design you are most comfortable with.

Unique Features

While you are shopping for your belly band, keep an eye out for any unique features. Some belly bands come equipped with pockets so you can insert a cool or warm pack to further help with any belly pain. Other belly bands can specialize in extra breathability for sensitive skin. It’s these little extras that can help you on your way to purchasing the most comfortable belly band ever.

The Best Maternity Belly Band Ideas

Maternity Belt by Azmed

Maternity Belt by Azmed

With extra support for the back, waist, abdomen, and belly, this brace is sure to help ease any discomfort.

  • Type: Belt
  • Material: Polyester
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Warranty: Free returns through Amazon Prime

It is highly adjustable with a hook and loop closure and can be adjusted for all the different stages of your growing belly. It is highly breathable and gentle on the skin, so no need to worry about chafing or rashes.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Easy to use
  • Provides gentle compression


  • May be scratchy on the skin for some
  • A bit bulky to wear under clothes

Belly Band from KeaBabies Store

Belly Band from KeaBabies Store

If a durable band is what you are looking for, look no further than this belly band by KeaBabies Store.

  • Type: Band
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Price Range: Less than $20
  • Warranty: Free returns through Amazon Prime

It is a soft and breathable support belt that will support your pelvis, too, with superior support bands. It’s great for wearing under pants, dresses and is sure to be your next favorite pregnancy back brace.


  • Complete ergonomic support
  • Breathable
  • Soft
  • Helps you stay active while pregnant


  • May be too thick for some
  • Not many colors to choose from

Full Support Maternity Belt

Full Support Maternity Belt

NeoTech has designed the holy grail of maternity belts with this extra supportive belt that will cradle the belly and support the back, waist, and abdomen.

  • Type: Full support brace
  • Material: Polyester
  • Price Range: Less than $30
  • Warranty: Free returns through Amazon Prime

This belt acts as a full brace, with straps to loop around the top of the belly and a strap to cradle the lower belly or mid-belly – wherever it feels the most comfortable.


  • Full support brace
  • Comes in a variety of sizes
  • Extra soft
  • Extra durable


  • May be too much coverage for some
  • Velcro may be too hard for some

Diravo Maternity Belly Band

Diravo Maternity Belly Band

This belly band by Diravo features a non-slip silicone stretch support band for all stages of pregnancy. This belly band is a full coverage band that is extra comfortable and breathable.

  • Type: Full coverage band
  • Material: Silicone
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Warranty: 30-day returns

It is made of soft elastic fabric, so it is easy to move around in or wear under clothes. This type of band is ideal for helping mom stay active, as it will stay in place all day long.


  • Comfortable and breathable
  • No-slip materials
  • Made of soft silicone
  • Great for exercising or workouts


  • May be too thin for some
  • May be too hot for some

Belly Band Support Brace

Belly Band Support Brace

This maternity belt acts as a great belly band or a support brace, depending on what you need it to be at the time. It is a highly breathable and lightweight maternity belt that is made of breathable polyester.

  • Type: Belly brace
  • Material: Polyester
  • Price Range: Less than $20
  • Warranty: Free returns through Amazon Prime

You can easily adjust this band to grow with you as your belly grows. It is ideal for use at all stages of your pregnancy.


  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable
  • Can help with posture


  • Straps may be too thin for some
  • Not everyone may like polyester

Belly Band by Maddie Moo

Belly Band by Maddie Moo

These maternity and postpartum shirt extenders and breathable, machine washable, and may become your new favorite supportive belly band.

  • Type: Belly band
  • Material: Cotton and spandex
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Warranty: 30-day returns

They can follow you through all stages of your pregnancy and are not only flexible but also highly fashionable. These are nonrestrictive bands that are stretchy and can be used to extend your clothing.


  • Made of cotton and spandex
  • Machine washable
  • Seamless undershirt layering
  • Great for daily wear and workouts


  • May be too thin
  • May not offer full support

Seamless Belly Band by Rheane

Seamless Belly Band by Rheane

Just because you are pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be fashionable. These pants extenders are great for keeping your normal clothes and just adding an extender for your belly.

  • Type: Belly Band
  • Material: Cotton and spandex
  • Price Range: Less than $25
  • Warranty: 30-day returns

This band is made of cotton, is ultra-breathable, and has a silicone strip inside, so you won’t feel it slip around on you.


  • No-slip strips
  • Made of cotton and spandex
  • Super soft
  • Breathable


  • May not offer too much support
  • May be too thin


Question: When Should I Start Wearing a Pregnancy Belly Band?

Answer: You can wear a pregnancy belly band at any stage of your pregnancy or when you start to feel like you need some added support.

Question: Are Belly Bands Safe During Pregnancy?

Answer: Yes. Belly bands are safe and made specifically for pregnant women, so no harm will be done to you or your growing baby.

Question: What Are Maternity Belly Bands Used For?

Answer: Maternity belly bands are used for extra support and help prevent body pains, such as back or pelvic pain.

Question: How Often Should You Wear a Belly Band During Pregnancy?

Answer: You can wear a belly band all day if you like.

Final Words

So, there you have it, all you ever needed to know about belly bands and how great they are. Whether you are an expecting mom or you have a pregnant loved one you would love to gift a belly band to, you simply can not go wrong with a little extra support here and there.

If you ask me, I’d say the Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt by NeoTech is the best choice for its overall quality and support.

Did you find this article useful? We hope you did. Do you have any experience using belly bands? We would love to hear from you. Feel free to add your comments and thought in the section below. And for more helpful tips on maternity wear, check out our guide to the best nursing tank tops.

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