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The Best Nursing Tanks for Moms – Why Do You Need One?

The Best Nursing Tanks for Moms – Why Do You Need One?

It doesn’t matter whether you’re pregnant now and intending to breastfeed or your bundle of joy has already arrived and you’re in the thick of it. Nursing tanks are a godsend for breastfeeding moms. They are comfortable and can be very stylish.

When someone is constantly latched onto you, you can feel not quite like yourself. Having comfortable clothing that makes it easy (because, believe me, it’s never easy) is a must. Nursing tanks are versatile, so you can literally wear one every day of your breastfeeding life and it will also be convenient.

About Breastfeeding


Breastfeeding is a nutritious way to get your baby the food he needs in the first few months of life and beyond. Many women breastfeed for a year or more while others find that just a couple of months is enough for them. Either way, comfortable clothes that make it easy to breastfeed are important for you and baby.

The Best Nursing Tanks for Moms - Why Do You Need One?

In the beginning, you’ll want anything that keeps you comfortable. You’ll be dealing with sore nipples, raw skin, and bleeding, not to mention let downs, leaks, and embarrassing accidents that will have you running for the bathroom to change your shirt.

Your baby needs easy access to his food, but you’ll also need a way to feed him easily while you’re out and about. You may not leave the house right after you get home from the hospital, but as the months wear on, you’ll need travel-friendly solutions for breastfeeding in public. Taking your shirt off isn’t the best option for anybody.

While breastfeeding in public is less taboo than it used to be, you may still want to be modest and comfortable without draping a blanket or a cover over your baby’s face. Nobody likes to eat with their face covered, and nursing tanks provide a fantastic solution.

About Nursing Tanks

Nursing tanks are great alternatives to nursing bras. They’re tank tops with a built-in nursing bra, so you can breastfeed discreetly.

They work well as undershirts if you want to wear a nursing shirt over the top. You can wear them alone if you feel comfortable doing so. You can also wear them like a cami under a professional work shirt or button-down shirt to make it easier to pump at work.

Nursing tanks serve a lot of purposes. They’re comfortable to wear under your maternity clothes as you start getting bigger. It can save you money to stock up on nursing tanks now and wear them throughout your pregnancy. Take them to the hospital with you and you’ll have a wardrobe that pulls double duty for when you head home with your baby.

Nursing tanks are made for longevity because they go through a lot of wear and tear from your frequent breastfeeding sessions. They’re a great investment and if you purchase them in every color, you’ll have one that goes with everything.

Nursing tanks could also eliminate the need for nursing bras and shirts because they enable you to skip the bra altogether. If you wear nursing tanks under your shirts, they don’t have to be nursing shirts at all. You can go back to wearing your pre-pregnancy wardrobe as soon as everything fits again. By wearing a nursing tank, you can lift up a regular shirt without exposing skin, because you’re covered up underneath.

Why Nursing Tanks

nursing tank

First of all, let’s talk about those growing tender breasts during pregnancy. If you stock up on nursing tanks now, you’ll be comfortable and have plenty of room to grow. You can get them in all colors to match the rest of your clothes and then wear them under anything. Many nursing tanks are so stretchy, that they’ll fit over your growing belly, too.

Whether you prefer nursing bras or nursing shirts, a tank top can cover your bases and your breasts until they’re needed. A nursing tank has a built-in nursing bra with extra coverage and support for the rest of your torso.

Nursing tanks are cool and comfortable in the summer when it’s hotter than blazes outside and you still have this little space heater attached to your body all day long. There’s no need for a nursing bra and a shirt when you can just wear a tank top.

In the winter when you do need some extra layers, nursing tanks are great options for wearing under your sweater because they eliminate the need for a nursing shirt, too. You can go back to wearing your regular clothing to work with a nursing tank underneath.

It’s easy to remove your outer layer to pump while still staying covered up. When you go out with your baby, you can wear a cute button-down over your tank to keep you warm, and still be able to breastfeed by simply unbuttoning a few buttons.

Forget going out. You can wear nursing tanks to bed to make it easy to feed or pump in the middle of the night. They provide the support you need when your breasts are tender, plus, they’re comfortable even after you’re done breastfeeding. Just don’t tell anyone we told you.

Types of Access

When it comes to nursing tanks (or nursing bras, or nursing shirts), there are several different types of openings. Each product and each manufacturer does things a little bit differently, but here are the most common options.

Some nursing tanks have an empire layer that lays over your breasts. Lifting up on this layer exposes the breast, or provides access to the clasp that exposes them, so you can breastfeed more discreetly. Some nursing tanks have elastic or spandex necklines that allow you to pull down on the fabric and expose your baby’s food.

Other tanks have layers of vertical fabric, like pleats, that you can pull to either side of your breast to expose the cover. Others will have side access, much like the lift up or pull down method, where you move a layer of fabric to the side.

Some nursing tanks are very simple and work more like camisoles. They simply have a clasp on the strap that allows you to unhook the bra portion of the tank and pull it away for breastfeeding. The access type you choose will be a personal preference and depend on when and how you choose to wear it.

The Right Nursing Tank for You

If you plan to wear it around the house or during the night, you’ll want something easy and with as little restriction as possible. A simple camisole nursing tank is best. It has a simple clasp that allows you to unhook and pull away with one hand while you hold your baby.

If you plan to wear your nursing tank out with your baby, you may want something that looks a bit more like a shirt so you can wear it alone and still look put together. Depending on the way it opens, it may also provide more coverage for when you need to move it aside to breastfeed.

Tanks with flowing fabric or pleats that you move to the side can be moved easily to latch your baby and then replaced close to your baby’s face to keep it all covered. When you choose to wear a tank top under something else, you can choose which kind you wear based on the style of the shirt you’re wearing or how easily you need to be able to breastfeed or pump.

Our Recommendations

Not only do you have to contend with different styles, but there are also plenty of brands out there to choose from. They all fit differently and even the individual clasps are different, so it’s a tough decision to make.

The best recommendation we can make is to try several different styles, decide which you like best, and then purchase it in more colors once you’re sure it’s the best option for you.

HOFISH Maternity & Nursing Cami Tank Top

maternity top

Why we like it: Best versatile breastfeeding tank

This is what we’re talking about. A versatile solution that’s functional during pregnancy and while nursing plus an affordable option for stocking up now.

A three-pack on Amazon? Yes, please! The molded foam cups provide extra coverage but you can remove them if they’re uncomfortable. You can drop the cups with one hand when it’s time to feed and they come in plenty of sizes and neutral colors.

HOFISH Ultra Soft Nursing Tank Tops
Hofishs' Tank Tops are so comfortable and can be used from being pregnant to enjoying in comfort while breastfeeding your newborn thanks to the easy drop cups.
Buy Now

Leading Lady Nursing Cami with Lace Back

Leading Lady Nursing Cami with Lace Back

Why we like it: Most feminine style

The racerback of this nursing cami is stylish and supportive. It’s like wearing a nursing sports bra. For some, that feels infinitely more supportive and comfortable than a regular cami with bra-like straps.

This is a great budget option in all sizes with soft fabric and just a touch of lace. It’s flattering and comes in a few feminine colors like baby blue and pink as well as black and grey.

Leading Lady Women's Empire Waist Nursing Cami
Having a good-looking but also comfortable nursing cami is definitely a must when you're out in public, so this black laced cami would totally be your best friend when you're out with your little one.
Buy Now

Smallshow Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Tank

Smallshow Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Tank

Why we like it: Best nursing tank for large breasts

This really is a sleeveless shirt, not a cami. It provides excellent coverage for women with large breasts, and who doesn’t while they’re breastfeeding? If you can’t get away without the extra support that a nursing bra provides, but you still love the idea of nursing tanks, invest in a three-pack of these.

They come in plenty of sizes and infinite color combinations. These are perfect for all of the same benefits of a nursing tank with extra coverage and support, plus they look great under a cardigan.

Smallshow Women's 3 Pack Maternity Nursing Tank Tops
For moms who are fashionable and enjoy in soft fabric, these would be definitely perfect! They come in pack of 3 and can be easily combined with your favorite pair of jeans.
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Medela Slimming Nursing Cami

Medela Slimming Nursing Cami

Why we like it: Most slimming style

This slimming tank (and who doesn’t want slimming?) offers a simple but stylish solution that’s best for women with small breasts. Sure, they’ve probably gotten bigger to accommodate for breastfeeding, but if you’re still on the small side, you’ll enjoy the versatility of this one.

It provides padding for a little extra cushion, but you can remove them if you don’t like it. It’s sleek and stretchy with clasps you can detach with one hand. It comes in plenty of sizes, but only black, white, and grey colors. The cool thing about this one? You can criss-cross the straps in the back for a little extra flair or wear them normally.

iLoveSIA Seamless Nursing Tank Top

iLoveSIA Seamless Nursing Tank Top

Why we like it: Offers the most coverage and belly sucking action

The iLoveSIA tank top is extra-long and form-fitting for extra support through the belly, which is great when you’re pregnant and even greater when you have some extra skin you’d rather hide right after your baby comes.

The length of this tank allows you to tuck it into your pants for extra coverage. This is the best tank to get if you plan to wear it under your other clothing because it’s so form-fitting that you’ll look fantastic and feel comfortable at the same time. People may not be able to believe you just had a baby. It’ll be our little secret.

iLoveSIA 2pack Seamless Nursing Cami Tank Top
Speaking of tank tops and breastfeeding bras, this definitely is one of my favorites, as not only can they be combined with different types of pants, but also are very easy to set up for your breastfeeding session.
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Suiek Nursing Cami

Suiek Nursing Cami

Why we like it: Plain, simple, and plenty of colors and designs

These sweet little tanks are perfect for sleeping, which we all know is a precious commodity. There are no clasps. Just pull the layered v-neck down for easy breastfeeding when you’re sleep-deprived.

The crossover design is cute and comfy, plus they’re affordable and come in all colors and patterns. A three-pack of various colors and designs of your choice is the perfect way to get some shut-eye and look like an angel doing it.

Nursing Tops Tank Shirts Cami for Maternity and Breastfeeding
If you have a colorful personality, I bet you will love these tops that come in pair of 3. They are soft and have pouches for inserting pads to prevent leakings and are the real deal for your nursing sessions with your baby when outdoors.
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Bearsland Sleeveless Maternity Nursing Tanks


Bearsland Women's Maternity Nursing Tank Tops
If you like your breastfeeding top to look more like a shirt you can wear everywhere, Bearsland have you covered. Thanks to the bright colored options we bet you will feel comfortable and fashionable in the same time.
Buy Now

Why we like it: Bright color options

You can never go wrong with black and white, but if you’re looking for something with a bit more pizazz, these tanks are a fun addition to your wardrobe while breastfeeding. Spice it up with tangerine, green, blue, or purple. Of course, you can still get black, white, and grey.

With lace on the shoulders and different prints to choose from, you get style and comfort in one. They also look great layered under sweaters. They offer the same easy access as other nursing tanks with a top layer that lifts up.

Rumina Pump Nurse

Rumina Pump Nurse

Why we like it: Great for pumping

If you’re looking for a great solution for breastfeeding and hands-free pumping, this tank is for you. As a new mom, you wish you had extra hands more than anyone, so use this one to eliminate the need for a pumping bra.

If you know you’re headed to work where you’ll still pump every few hours, this is the ultimate solution for pumping while you work. Keep your hands free for responding to emails from the privacy of your pumping room so you don’t lose time.

Latched Mama Tanks

Latched Mama Tanks

Why we like it: All around best style and quality

For even more versatility, variety, and flair check out my personal favorite, Latched Mama. You want nothing more than to feel human again, and breastfeeding can have you feeling anything but.

Latched Mama has too many options to pick a favorite, and it will largely depend on your personal preference, but what I’m trying to highlight here is that these tanks are just like your regular clothes.

Latched Mama designs their clothing with you in mind. You. Not your baby. Not you and your baby. Just you. Breastfeeding is something you do, but it’s not who you are. If you’re aching to get back to normal as much as possible, these are the best breastfeeding clothes money can buy.

The Verdict

Breastfeeding and the things you wear while doing it is largely a personal choice, but beyond your style preferences, nursing tanks hold many benefits. From comfort and ease of breastfeeding to versatility in wear, they’re an affordable option for many pregnant women and moms.

Beginning in pregnancy, nursing tanks provide a comfortable and supportive solution for clothing that will fit as you grow. It’s an economical choice when it comes to clothing you will need for after your baby comes, too.

While you’re breastfeeding, there are many scenarios in which you may choose a nursing tank either alone or under other clothing from something easy to wear at night to something that supports you and provides plenty of coverage.

Beyond breastfeeding, nursing camis and tanks can be stylish options for continued wear so you get your money’s worth out of the clothing you spend your money on. Give nursing tanks a try, because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed. If you don’t like it, try another! There are plenty of options out there.

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