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The Best Maternity Bras That Will Make You Happy

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Even before you give birth, your body is changing in ways you might not have prepared for. But because having a comfortable bra during and after your pregnancy can make a whole world of difference, these are six of the best maternity bras out there right now.

If your natural style is to wear a more sporty kind of bra, then you’re in luck, and if you want to find a way to wear something sexy still, there are even maternity bras for that. Really, you can’t go wrong with any of these maternity bras, and the comfort is only half of what you get with them.

Comfort is key when looking for the right maternity bra, but there’s also price, support, and coverage to consider. Depending on your current cup size, you may need more coverage. Or, you might prefer a little less to have more breathability with the maternity bra. And when it comes to supporting underneath, no one wants to deal with an underwire in their maternity bra, so strong support is an obvious must. These are all acceptable options for a maternity bra, but when it comes down to it, but chances are, you’re going to end up favoring one or two over the others, and that’s okay too.

1. HOFISH Seamless Clip Down Deep V-Neck Push-Up Nursing Bra

The most important thing about a maternity bra that you will want to wear every day is that it’s comfortable enough to be able to do just that. The HOFISH Women’s Push Up Deep V Nursing Bras provides that much-needed comfort in the form of a seamless bra without any underwire and with additional clasp extenders so that you can really get the perfect fit possible.

The front has a plunging V shape to not only feel breathable as you wear it but to also allow you to show off your cleavage and feel like yourself even when you’re still in the days of nursing and pumping. Speaking of which, there are easy to use clasps to fold down the front of the cups for breastfeeding or pumping pretty much any time of the day or night, and the sidebands are extra wide to help you hide any extra inches under your arms.

Sizes: It comes in sizes small-extra large, but each bra also comes with a set of clasp extenders.

Support: There are no underwires, but the straps are adjustable, and the triangle cup design is meant to help hold your breasts up comfortably.

Coverage: The design of the bra is a V shape, which gives it more of a plunge than full coverage.

Where To Buy: At this time, you can primarily find the bra on Amazon.

The Best Part: Overall, it’s comfortable enough to wear any time of day or night and even has removable padding to help you feel secure.

The Not So Great: With more elastic than anything, there isn’t a lot of support, especially for those with larger breasts.

Price: On Amazon, a 3-pack of the HOFISH Women’s Push Up Deep V Nursing Bras starts at $16. Check out the latest price!

2. iLoveSia Womens Nursing Bralette

The iLoveSIA Womens Nursing Bra is another maternity bra that, as to be expected, is made without any uncomfortable underwire which can feel even worse when you’re nursing or pregnant with a growing cup size.

What it does have, however, are full formed cups to help give you some support while the band underneath is thick enough to do the same. It also has four different settings on the bra clasp, and it’s made of soft and breathable fabric so you won’t have to worry about overheating while trying to stay comfortable as an expectant or nursing mom. For nursing or pumping, the front of the bra can be unhooked and folded down for easy access and can even be done with one hand. Plus, much of the fabric is ribbed to allow for more stretching as you grow and as your cup size fluctuates.

Sizes: It comes in sizes small-extra large.

Support: The thick ribbed band underneath the cups helps provide some support, while the adjustable straps can also help the cups from dropping too low since there is no underwire.

Coverage: There is a slight dip between the cups, but otherwise, the bra is designed to provide an ample amount of coverage and comfort.

Where To Buy: At this time, you can primarily find the bra on Amazon.

The Best Part: For the most part, the fabric remains unpiled and just as soft after washing them in a washer, provided that you opt to hang dry them afterward.

The Not So Great: For some, the removable pads can get in the way and might make the bra too bulky, especially if you need to add in nursing pads as well.

Price: On Amazon, a 3-pack of the iLoveSIA Womens Nursing Bralette is $21. Check out the latest price!

3. Bravado Designs Body Silk Seamless Yoga Maternity/Nursing Bra

One of the best parts about the Bravado Women’s Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra is that long after you’ve stopped nursing or even before you need it while expecting, you’ll want to use the bra.

It looks like a standard sports yoga bra and can be used when you’re doing low impact workout, like yoga or Pilates, while nursing, or even just as an everyday bra. You can wear the adjustable straps as standard bra straps or have them cross in the back, depending on your needs, and there are discreet claps to drop down the front for nursing or pumping. Since the bra itself allows for plenty of stretching, the sizes will fit most women from a size B to DDD cup, which is convenient for women of nearly any size.

Sizes: The bra comes in sizes small-extra large.

Support: The criss-cross straps are adjustable, and the cups are individually formed to cradle and help add support, along with the stretchy band that goes all the way around.

Coverage: Since it’s made to fit a low impact and lightweight sports bra of sorts, there is plenty of coverage, but a minimal enough dip for breathability.

Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon or in-store at Target.

The Best Part: The Silver Breeze technology helps to keep the bra free from odors and bacteria buildup.

The Not So Great: For smaller or more petite women, the bra might feel a little loose in spots, even with the smallest size.

Price: On Amazon, the Bravado Women’s Body Silk Nursing Bra is $49. Check out the latest price!

4. Kindred Bravely Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free Bra

The Kindred Bravely Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free Bra doesn’t have an underwire built in for support but for some, it might actually feel like it does.

With the molded cups, plunging V design, and thick band below the cups that go all the way around the bra, you’ll still get plenty of support while also wearing a comfortable bra that’s made to accommodate your growing cup size. At first, it may not even look like your standard maternity bra, but rest assured, the cups to drop down for easy pumping or breastfeeding at a moment’s notice. And the buttery soft fabric will make it easy to want to wear the bra, even when you’re sleeping.

Sizes: It comes in a number of sizes, from 32B-40D.

Support: The molded cups and adjustable straps help give you support, as there is no underwire to provide the more standard kind of support bras typically have.

Coverage: The plunging V design makes this a non-full coverage maternity bra, but there is still enough to feel comfortable.

Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

The Best Part: While the cups are shaped and well-formed, they also don’t add too much padding, which is convenient, as padding can be uncomfortable for some women.

The Not So Great: Because of the deep plunge in the front, there is the chance that laying on your side can inadvertently cause a wardrobe malfunction.

Price: On Amazon, the Kindred Bravely Marvella Maternity & Nursing Underwire Free Bra is $50. Check out the latest price!

5. A Pea in the Pod Full Coverage Nursing Bra

Some women just prefer the most coverage possible with a maternity bra, and with A Pea in the Pod Full Coverage Nursing Sleep Bra, that’s almost what you’ll get.

Even with the full coverage wrapped design, however, there is still enough breathability to allow air to pass through and keep you from overheating in the middle of the night or rally, throughout the day. The straps themselves are thick, but that may help add some support and help prevent the uncomfortable feeling of standard thin straps digging into your shoulders. Since the straps can’t be adjusted and it’s more of a sleeping maternity bra than anything else, you’ll have to rely on simply getting the right size in order to have enough support, but the front can be folded down for easy middle of the night feedings, and there is still plenty of comforts there.

Sizes: It comes in sizes from extra small-extra large.

Support: The bra provides medium support with non-adjustable straps and no underwire.

Coverage: It’s mostly full coverage, with enough open space to allow plenty of breathabilities.

Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

The Best Part: It’s comfortable enough to feel as though you aren’t even wearing a maternity bra, which can be convenient during and after your pregnancy.

The Not So Great: As far as maternity bras go, even for a maternity bra, there isn’t much support to be had.

Price: On Amazon, A Pea in the Pod Full Coverage Nursing Sleep Bra is $38. Check out the latest price!

6. Cake’s Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra


cake lingerie

Although it doesn’t outright advertise itself as a full coverage option, Cake’s Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra does seem to fit most women that way.

It still provides a decent amount of support though, with adjustable straps and molded cups for the best fit possible. It also has a low T-back design in the back for added support, which is convenient for anyone, much less an expectant or new mom. The fabric itself is ultra stretchy and soft too, which only adds to the comfort that the bra provides. Plus, you can easily unclasp and fold down the front for breastfeeding and pumping. Without any tags, you’re also sure to have a truly seamless fit with the bra, as it also doesn’t have any bulky or uncomfortable padding, removable or not.

Sizes: The bra comes in sizes small-extra large.

Support: There is a medium amount of support, which is made even more possible with the low T-back design.

Coverage: For the most part, you’ll get more or less full coverage with this particular bra.

Where To Buy: You can find it on the manufacturer’s website and Amazon.

The Best Part: The fabric is not only stretchy, but the is also both breathable and super soft.

The Not So Great: For those with larger breasts, the bra might not be the most comfortable or provide close to the necessary support.

Price: On Amazon, the Cake’s Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra starts at $43. Check out the latest price!

Final Thoughts

There are plenty of ways to stay comfortable during and after your pregnancy, provided of course that you get the right kind of maternity bra. If you can find one on this list that will work well for you, then that’s one less thing to worry about before your little one arrives and even afterward, when you’ll probably be far too tired to be worrying about a new bra.

The ability to pump or breastfeed while still wearing your bra is a wonderful thing that also helps to make things easier for new moms, and in most cases, these maternity bras help out with that too. As long as you have the right size and the right fit, the perfect maternity bra really can make a huge difference.

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