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The Best Postpartum Pads to Consider Purchasing for After Giving Birth

The Best Postpartum Pads to Consider Purchasing for After Giving Birth

It’s true that once you give birth, you’re completely focused on taking care of your little bundle of joy. Still, there are certain issues you will deal with, one of which is leakage and discharge.

Your body needs a recovery period so you must take good care of yourself during that time. So, you will definitely need a good product that helps you keep your clothes clean. Once you choose one of the best postpartum pads on the market, you will be able to stress less and enjoy precious moments with your baby.

The Best Postpartum Pads – 7 Main Options

*The following products were listed in no particular order. I have selected and included them in the list based on their level of effectiveness, popularity, and user ratings.

The Best Postpartum Pads to Consider Purchasing for After Giving Birth

1. Always Infinity Feminine Pads for Overnight Protection

Always Infinity Feminine Pads for Overnight Protection These pads work excellently for when your flow is heaviest and this tends to normally happen during nighttime or early in the morning. One of the reasons why I like these pads is the fact that they don’t have any scent whatsoever.

They also come with the ultra-light Flex foam feature for improved absorbency. The product is so well-thought that it even takes the form and shape of your body. Recently, the company has fine-tuned the pads’ sizing system and, you can now select from five different available dimensions. You will find a sizing chart on the brand’s website which will help you find your perfect fit.


  • These pads are thin and they don’t feel bulky at all;
  • Infinity pads by Always are highly absorbent;
  • You will receive additional coverage in the back part because each pad features a wider back. This characteristic comes in handy, especially when you’re sitting down;
  • The pads’ surface has a smooth texture that won’t pluck around the stitches;
  • Each pad comes wrapped in its own individual package so you can easily sneak them in your purse;
  • All the pads are very comfy due to their foam filling as well as their wings which hold them safely in place;
  • You may find cheaper pads out there, but Always Infinity pads still remain some of the most affordable options on the market.


  • A few users have complained about the fact that these pads have an unpleasant odor similar to a chemical smell. This might happen because of the Flex foam filling;
  • Some other users said that the pads have a noisy liner which sometimes makes a crinkling sound. This might make women feel a tad insecure and self-conscious about the fact that they are wearing a pad.

2. Acti-Fresh Panty Liners by Carefree

Acti-Fresh Panty Liners by Carefree The Carefree panty liners work great since the moment your lochia lessens. So, once that happens, you can ditch regular pads and replace them with this kind of thinner panty liner.

The Acti-Fresh product is fragrance-free. One huge advantage that truly differentiates Carefree pads from the other similar products on the market is their odor-control feature. It seems that most users are really pleased with how these pads work.

You will find different sizes of Carefree panty liners: regular, thin, long, and extra-long. Also, there are two packaging alternatives: you can either purchase individually-wrapped pads or choose the large box in which the panty liners are packed flat. Acti-Fresh works for a woman’s postpartum period but it’s also great after because the majority of women need and wear panty liners every day.


  • Carefree Acti-Fresh pads are very thin, slim, and they fit your body shape so you will feel very comfy wearing them;
  • If you want to use them on the go, you can opt for those that are wrapped individually. Otherwise, in order to lower waste, you can go with the bigger box, to use at home;
  • It seems that these pads really do the trick when it comes to controlling odor;
  • Many women say they’re more than happy with Carefree’s extra-long pad size;
  • Carefree pads are pretty low-priced but this is normal when you think about it. After all, they aren’t regular pads created for full absorbency.


  • Carefree panty liners don’t come with wings so they provide less protection, especially if you move a lot;
  • These pads will absorb liquid pretty well but they are good for very light flows;
  • A few users say that even the long pads are still not long enough.

3. Organic Menstrual Pads by Rael

Organic Menstrual Pads by Rael

These pads stand out due to their fabric. They are completely made from organic cotton which makes them natural and healthy products. Furthermore, Rael pads are non-GMO and have received a certificate from the USDA, not to mention they are environment-friendly.

Simply put, by using these pads, you will keep your body away from chemical exposure. The only synthetic material included in these products is the non-toxic plastic glue used for both the wrapping and the adhesive. The napkins are totally biodegradable.

Rael pads are made from a special type of cotton that is grown at a farm in Texas. The manufacturer doesn’t use chemical fertilizers. Moreover, the pads are fragrant-free and the fabric is breathable as well as absorbent. There are three available varieties: regular, overnight, and large.


  • Due to these pads’ organic material, your skin will be protected and you will avoid any potential allergic or irritating reactions;
  • The pads are breathable and very comfortable to wear, especially during hot weather;
  • Not only are these pads free of chemicals but they are also hygienic due to their individual wraps;
  • Rael comes with wings that hold them in place;
  • These products are biodegradable.


  • Some women have said that Rael pads might be too stiff which can keep them from conforming to your body shape;
  • Other clients stated that the product isn’t absorbent enough;
  • Being an organic option, Rael costs more than regular alternatives, although it isn’t as expensive as other organic pads.

4. Ultrathin Postpartum Pads with Wings by Veeda

Ultrathin Postpartum Pads with Wings by Veeda

Veeda pads are hypoallergenic. The company that makes them claims they are effective, pure, and safe. The company was launched in Australia but now, the brand’s pads and tampons are marketed in 17 different countries all over the world.

While the brand’s tampons are made 100% of cotton, the pads contain cotton but they aren’t entirely made of it. These products come wrapped in BioFilm, a biodegradable material. Veeda pads work great for overnight and early postpartum use.


  • These pads are free from chlorine. Instead, the producer whitens them with oxygen so they are environment-friendly;
  • Being free of fragrance and dyes makes these pads non-irritating so they are a great choice for women who have sensitive skin;
  • The pad’s liner, which is the part that touches your skin directly, is completely made of cotton;
  • Veeda pads have a very good level of absorbency;
  • The wrappings are biodegradable;
  • The pads come with wings for a more secure fit and a more comfy feeling.


  • If you’re a huge fan of natural materials and products, you will be disappointed to know that the manufacturing company doesn’t disclose all the fabrics that went into creating Veeda pads;
  • These pads aren’t cheap but we could say they have a medium-level price.

5. Super Absorbent Pads by Genial Day

Super Absorbent Pads by Genial Day

Not only will Genial Day absorbent pads help you with your postpartum lochia while also lowering the risk of irritation but they will even protect the environment due to their non-toxic material.

The best feature of this product (which is patented) is its anion strip which contains both tourmaline and silver ions. The first element is used as a holistic healing solution, being a semi-precious stone. Silver ions feature antibacterial properties.

Genial Day pads are made from SAP which is a superabsorbent polymer, the same kind that’s used in creating disposable diapers. Furthermore, the manufacturer focuses on biodegradable and non-toxic fabrics that are safe to wear without hurting your skin.

By the way, the company is a family-owned one and the headquarters are located in Europe. This business has received a lot of certifications due to its animal cruelty-free approach.


  • These pads are effective, safe, and antibacterial;
  • They will protect you against odors;
  • The pads are made with biodegradable SAP which doesn’t hurt the environment;
  • Genial Day pads come with wings that hold them in place;
  • The adhesive is non-toxic;
  • You won’t feel any wet sensation while wearing these pads due to their stay-dry cover sheet;
  • The back sheet works great at preventing leaks while also being breathable.


  • Although the company claims that tourmaline is very beneficial for one’s organism and it is even used by traditional and holistic healers, this element’s real benefits aren’t actually proven yet, at least, not on a scientific level;
  • These pads are expensive.
GENIAL DAY Super Absorbent Heavy Flow Pads

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6. Hesta Organic Reusable Cloth Pads

Hesta Organic Reusable Cloth Pads

Hesta pads are organic and they come in one single variety: white which shows the natural and unbleached cotton material. Heck, you will even see tiny speckles that remain in the fabric when the cotton is processed.

These cloth pads are reusable and each pad has six cotton layers, one of which is coated in order to become waterproof. Due to the fact that cotton is a breathable material, issues like a bad smell is easily and naturally controlled through ventilation.

These products are especially good for those of you who have sensitive skin that gets easily irritated. Also, if you don’t want to expose your body to chemicals, Hesta pads could be the perfect choice for your preferences. Their shape is similar to one of the disposable pads. However, instead of wings that you can glue to your underwear, Hesta organic cloth pads have snaps that hold them in place.


  • You can opt from four available sizes and levels of absorbency. There are also winged or un-winged Hesta pads;
  • These products are organic and safe to wear. So, those with sensitive skin can easily use them without worrying about irritations;
  • The model is secure due to the fact that it is equipped with snaps;
  • The level of absorbency is a very good one;
  • These reusable cloths are friendly to the environment. Also, they might feel a tad expensive when you purchase them but you must keep in mind that you can reuse them multiple times.


  • Some users complained about these pads, saying they can sometimes move around, despite their snaps, especially when they walk a lot;
  • You must be careful with the way you clean these pads. To prevent shrinkage, you should air-dry them;
  • Hesta pads are very expensive.

7. Natracare Maternity Pads

Natracare Maternity Pads

Unlike many other similar pads, Natracare products were specially created to target new moms. They are maternity pads but, unfortunately, they don’t have wings.

For that reason, some clients purchase Natracare feminine products but prefer to choose regular pads rather than maternity ones. Still, Natracare maternity pads have adhesive strips on the back but it seems that they aren’t strong enough to keep the pads in place for a long period or as firmly as one might expect.

The manufacturing company does its best to provide natural and organic feminine products which are free of toxins or synthetics.

You won’t find any dyes or fragrances in these pads. For what’s worth, they are both compostable and biodegradable. In fact, the list of ingredients is a very short one: organic cotton, cornstarch, ecologically-certified cellulose pulp, and non-toxic glue.


  • These pads are non-irritating and they are made with organic and hypoallergenic cotton;
  • You will enjoy a soft, absorbent, and breathable pad;
  • The company doesn’t test its products on animals so they apply an animal cruelty-free policy;
  • The pads don’t contain chlorine and they are friendly to the environment.


  • The company doesn’t sell individually-wrapped pads which might be a bad thing for you if you want to use them on the go;
  • The pads don’t have wings to protect your underwear or to keep them in place;
  • They are expensive.

How to Choose the Best Postpartum Pads? – Things to Look for

  • Softness – to achieve an optimal level of comfort you will need a soft pad, especially because your peritoneal area tends to be sore right after giving birth. So, you should avoid too textured pads that can get stuck on your stitches;
  • Absorbency – at first, your lochia will feature a heavy flow so you will need a highly absorbent pad. Later on, you can use thinner pads;
  • Materials – more and more women want to use and wear products and clothes made from organic or natural fabrics. On the other hand, it is pretty complicated to create disposable postpartum pads without including at least one synthetic element such as glue. Feminized weed seeds amazon are genetically engineered to produce female plants. You could opt for reusable pads which are 100% natural but you must also be willing to wash them frequently;
  • Shape and size – at first, the right type of pads that you should wear are the ones that come with wings and have larger or wider sizes. As time goes by, new moms will safely make the transition towards smaller pads;
  • Additives – most postpartum pads contain additives like perfumes, dyes, and lotion. Still, many new moms prefer natural pads that are free from all these substances.

Bottom Line

Although all the postpartum pads mentioned in today’s article are good and effective, you should choose the one that matches your unique needs and preferences.

For instance, if you want a product of a decent quality that’s also affordable, you should go with the Infinity overnight pads made by Always. Another important advantage of Always pads is given by the wide choice of available sizes.

On the other hand, if you’re more into an ecological lifestyle, you could try Natracare pads, marketed by a business that’s committed to protecting the environment. Finally, if you still have the energy to clean and wash the pads, I suggest you consider the reusable cloths manufactured by Hesta.

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