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11 Best Maternity Support Belts for Comfort & Lift

11 Best Maternity Support Belts for Comfort & Lift

A maternity belt can be a real lifesaver during pregnancy. If you’ve never been pregnant, it is almost impossible to explain to anyone what it feels like to carry all of that extra weight but a maternity belt can help you carry the load.

Thanks to technology, there are various maternity belts available on the market, suitable for different maternity support problems and common pregnancy circumstances.

Lets’ face it, being pregnant puts a LOT of stress on your body.

I researched a wide variety of different maternity belts after my last pregnancy and came up with only the best – our little way of making the load lighter on you.

Maternity Support BELT vs Support BAND?

One of the issues I struggled with when searching for the right support was the difference between a maternity support belt vs a maternity support band. 

Many brands and review sites use these terms interchangeably, but there are some KEY technical DIFFERENCES worth noting up front.

Without clasps, maternity support bands will provide compression but not lift the abdomen and carry some weight. Belts with clasps are designed to provide compression and some weight lift.

Step one is to know which one you really want. For THIS ARTICLE, I am discussing maternity support belts, designed specifically for pregnancy support and lift. 

If you think a pregnancy belly band is actually what you need, check out our article on the best belly bands here

Do I really need a maternity belt?


maternity belt

Many women go through their pregnancies without ever needing a maternity belt. As with everything in life, the answer to the question of whether or not you need a maternity belt depends on each unique individual and circumstance.  There are, however, some pregnant ladies that may benefit more from a maternity belt than others.

Pregnancy-related pains

If you are experiencing a lot of back, hip or pelvic pain during your pregnancy, a maternity belt may alleviate some of that pressure. You may also suffer from conditions such as hernias and varicosities in which case your doctor may recommend wearing a maternity belt. Always discuss any pain you might have during your pregnancy with your doctor first.

Carrying twins

A pregnancy belt can assist in carrying some of that additional weight. If you are pregnant with your third or fourth child, your abdominal muscles and ligaments might also be weak in which case you may also want to consider wearing a maternity belt.


Many women wish to continue exercising during their pregnancy. A maternity belt (pregnancy support belt) can help you stay active during your pregnancy by providing gentle compression on your tummy when exercising. Think of it as wearing a sports bra! This will make exercising more bearably as you enter your second and third trimester.

Working conditions

If your job requires you to be on your feet a lot or if you have to be very active, a pregnancy support belt can provide much needed additional support for your belly.

Prevent stretch marks

Okay, so this last one hasn’t been proved yet, but many women swear by it. A maternity belt can help “lift” your belly and “keep everything together,” which may reduce the occurrence of stretch marks but as always, there is no guarantee and stretch marks has been proven to be hereditary so if your mamma has them, chances are you will get them too.

Here is our pick of the top 11 best maternity belts on the market:

1. Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Support Belt

Belly Bandit Upsie Belly Support Belt

The Belly Bandit is well-known as a fitness support belly compression band, but they also have a similarly well designed maternity support band for expecting mothers. It’s more expensive than others in my list here, but it’s also the mostly likely to work for most moms-to-be! 

The soft bamboo viscose band molds to your body and can be adjusted up to 12 inches. You can also slip a hot/cold packet into the back of the band for additional relief.

his belt can help expecting moms with bladder pain, low back pain, sciatic pain and leg pain. It may also increase blood flow and circulation, which could help to prevent hemorrhoids and hernias. As always, check with a medical professional if you suspect any of these issues!

Need More Details? Read the Full Belly Bandit Review

2. AZMED Maternity Support Belt

azmed pregnancy belt

No list of maternity belts would be complete without the mention of the AZMED Maternity Belt, probably one of the most popular maternity belts currently on the market.

The AZMED Maternity Belt is a one-size-fits-all belt that can be adjusted by means of Velcro. It offers just enough compression to support your growing baby bump and abdominal muscles and helps prevent hip, lower back pain, and pelvic pains (provides pelvic support). The belt evenly distributes the weight around your waist, preventing additional strain on your back.

The AZMED Maternity Belt is soft, elastic, and features very breathable material. You may find that you have a bit of material left in the early trimesters, but this is only to provide you enough room to grow. The one-size-fits-all belt is suitable for bellies up to 46 inches.

AZMED Maternity Belt
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02/22/2024 07:43 pm GMT

3. Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

Gabrialla Maternity Support Belt

The GABRIALLA Support Belt has already received multiple awards offers ample abdominal support during your pregnancy, minimizing back and hip pains. The strength of the belt combined with the breathable material used, also makes this belt a great choice for running and other types of exercises.  

What really caught our attention though, is the two 6” pockets on the side of the belt itself, allowing you to add either cold or hot therapy packs. This is a perfect way to provide a bit of pain relief when you need it most!

The Gabrialla Support Belt is available in different sizes (Small, Medium, Large) as well as different colors (White, Black, Beige).

The belt uses Velcro-like material in order to adjust the pregnancy support belt. Due to its sturdiness, the belt is not very flexible and should not be worn directly on the skin. We also like the fact that this belt can be used postpartum, offering you more value for your money. The smaller strip in the front also makes it more comfortable to sit in.

GABRIALLA Elastic Maternity Support Belt
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03/07/2024 03:55 pm GMT

 4. FlexGuard Support Belt

flexguard FlexGuard is an excellent choice for plus-size moms thanks to the array of available sizing they offer. The FlexGuard Maternity Belt consists of front support, back support, and a top band and is fully adjustable. The top band is optional so you don’t always have to wear it if you find it uncomfortable, even with the added maternity support.

The maternity belt is manufactured from a breathable material. What’s more, is that this belt offers a lifetime warranty.

The FlexGuard Maternity Belt supports your belly during pregnancy and also assists with hip, back, and pelvic pain. The maternity belt, much like all the other belts on the market, makes use of Velcro to adjust and FlexGuard offers several different sizes in order to accommodate different size mommies.

The support belt may at times be uncomfortable to sit in, and because it is a little bulky, it is likely to show underneath your clothing.

Lower Back Brace by FlexGuard Support
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03/08/2024 12:45 am GMT

5. Maternity Fitsplint Maternity Support Belt

Maternity Fitsplint Maternity Support Belt

The Maternity FITsplint is a great option for moms who wish to stay active during their pregnancy. We love the  Maternity FITsplint because of its versatility – The belt can be worn in three different ways, each providing a different type of support for your belly. This means that you can wear the belt according to your own needs and adjust the belt as your needs change with each trimester.

The belt is manufactured from a mixture of neoprene, nylon, and silicon in order to increase flexibility, making this one of the more comfortable maternity belts on the market. The material is also fairly breathable. The different positions offered by Maternity FITsplint can assist with back pain, bladder pressure, sciatic pains and diastasis recti.

The belt is also very comfortable for use when running. The maternity belt fastens using Velcro. Maternity FITsplint is available in different sizes.

Maternity Fit Splint
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6. Babo Care Maternity Support System

Babo Care Maternity Support System

The Babo Care Breathable Lower Back and Support Maternity belt wraps around your belly and waist, offering adequate support for weakened abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy and minimizing spinal strain. The Babo Care Maternity Belt also promises pain relief in the pelvis, hips, and pain caused by sacroiliac when worn.

We love that the Baby Care Maternity Belt is a little larger in the front than most maternity belts. This certainly offers increased support when you are on your feet a lot. However, you might feel a little uncomfortable when sitting down. The maternity belt is available in Nude and Beige and also comes in different available sizes.

Maternity Belt by Babo Care
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7. NEOtech Maternity Belt

neotech care

The NEOtech Maternity Belt is very similar to the FlexGuard maternity belt we discussed earlier. However, the supportive bands are fairly larger in width, offering a bit more support than its competitor.

The NEOtech Maternity Belt is fully adjustable by means of Velcro and is manufactured from breathable, multi-layered elastic lining and wraps around the belly as well as the waist.

The material is soft, yet firm enough to give you the support you need. The top band creates a safe and snug feeling when wearing your maternity band.

The NEOtech Maternity Belt belt is available in white, black, and beige and also comes in sizes small, medium, and large. Be warned that the maternity belt has an extremely strong Velcro and it WILL get stuck to your clothes some time or another.

On the bright side though, it does make the belt very strong and durable. While the larger supportive band offers more support, using the bathroom can become quite uncomfortable as you will probably have to take the Maternity Belt of every time you need to go.

NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt
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8. Groin band by CABEA

Groin band by CABEA While the Compression Groin Band from CABEA  is not technically a Maternity belt on its own, we felt that it was important to include all types of “support” you might require during your pregnancy. The Baby Belly Band is a maternity band on its own with the option of purchasing the Compression Groin Band separately.

The Compression Groin Band from CABEA attaches to the maternity band by means of Velcro in a V-Shape. The Compression Groin Band from CABEA was created to provide additional support to pregnant mammas struggling with prolapses, Femoral and Inguinal hernias, vulvar or vaginal varicosities and SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction).

The bands are manufactured from perforated neoprene with a nylon outer that is both supportive and breathable. The bands can be thrown in the washing machine as well as the tumble dryer and compression can be adjusted by means of the Velcro bands to provide optimal comfort.

While the thin bands are very discreet when worn, the bands do have a rather short life span due to the Velcro being worn out as multiple trips to the bathroom are inevitable. That being said, we have to mention that CAVEA has been very accommodating in this regard and multiple moms-to-be has stated that the company even offered to replace the Velcro, free of charge.

Baby Belly Band Medium
$65.50 ($65.50 / Count)
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03/06/2024 02:41 am GMT

9. MaternaLift

MaternaLift The MaternaLift caught our eye because unlike all of the other maternity belts, the MaternaLift comes in the form of a bodysuit. The bodysuit is unique in that although it offers support for your belly, it doesn’t use an actual belt around the pelvis. The suit makes use of elastic straps situated on your sides (just above the hips) and the back of the bodysuit to adjust the pressure manually.

The bodysuit, consisting out of 86% nylon and 14% spandex, offers support for your back, pelvis, hips, and legs. We love that thought has been put into the design, creating extra stretch zones over the breast and belly area. Perhaps one of our favorite features though is that the bodysuit is crotch-less, making it easy to use the bathroom. Simply slip your own pair of panties over the bodysuit.

MaternaLIFT High Performance Back and Pelvic Maternity Suppor
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10. Gorgeous Pixels

Gorgeous Pixels Maternity Belly Band 2-in-1

Gorgeous Pixels Maternity Belly Band 2-in-1 is perfect for when you require extra support during your pregnancy. The belt relies on its Triple compression fastening that provides a great amount of support and offers pain relief. The maternity belt is wide both at the back and at the front, distributing the weight you have to carry during pregnancy.

We like that this maternity belly band is useful as post-partum as well (hence the name 2-in-1), saving you a bit of dough once your baby arrives! The Gorgeous Pixels Maternity Belly Band 2-in-1 belt is comprised of a soft, flexible material, so you will feel it move with your body.

 11. Mabel Maternity

mabel maternity

The Mabel Maternity Belly Support Band is a seamless maternity belt which means no tags, labels or straps that can become irritating over time. Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex, this maternity band is great for everyday use. It offers mild support for your belly and can help combat back pain related to pregnancy.

The Mabel Maternity Belly Support band is also comfortable to exercise in. The only downside is that while the back is smaller (and thicker) than the front in order to accommodate your growing belly, the material does tend to ride up from time to time, making it a little uncomfortable. This is probably one of the most comfortable maternity belts out there but remember that it will only offer you mild support.

Bonus: Babymoov Dream Belt

Babymoov Dream Belt


We saved this little gem until last for all you pregnant mammas to enjoy – While most maternity belts are designed to offer you support during the day, the Babymoov Dream Belt will offer you a good night’s sleep during your pregnancy.

The Babymoov Dream Belt, containing memory foam support on both the left and right side, comfortably fills the gap between your hips and the mattress to provide a comfortable night’s rest.

The adjustable belt relies on a hook and loop system to offer a good fit during each stage of your pregnancy. The removable cover is also safe to throw in the washing machine. It can move around a little during early pregnancy though so make sure of the sizing when buying one.

That concludes our pick of the top 10 maternity belts available on the market. We at The Baby Swag tried our best to include a wide variety of belts, suitable for different scenarios, needs, and stages of pregnancy that expectant moms may experience.

Also, take a peek at our top tips on what to look for when searching for your perfect maternity belt.

How to Evaluate a Good Maternity Belt

Even if you didn’t end up picking one of the options I listed above, here are some best practices to keep in mind while shopping for ANY maternity belt system.


Too much pressure applied by your maternity belt could be harmful to you and your baby and could hinder your baby’s development. Look for a belt with a snug fit that still offers room to grow. Fortunately most belts these days tend to be adjustable, allowing you to control the pressure.


It is important to remember that while a maternity belt is designed to help you carry some of that extra weight, maternity belts should be worn in moderation and preferably for no longer than 2 hours at a time unless your doctor prescribes otherwise. While a maternity belt does offer some relief for your growing belly, the support it provides might further weaken your spinal and abdominal muscles.


We suggest you look for a belt that is strong and durable and that will last you more than one pregnancy if needed. It is also a good idea to look for a belt that you can wear for the duration of your pregnancy as well as postpartum.


You are going to become excellent friends with your maternity belt so look for one that is comfortable, and that is not too hot if you find yourself in a very hot or humid climate.


Keep in mind what purpose you require your maternity belt for. Some belts are more suitable for running and exercising while others will provide you more support if you are suffering from a specific condition. Also, remember that some belts are more comfortable while standing and walking around while those that are a little more flexible will be more comfortable when you have to sit down often.


While we agree that a good quality maternity belt is essential, keep in mind that you will only be using it just for a short period of time. If you are lucky, you will be able to wear the belt postpartum as well so keep this factor in mind when considering the cost of the belt.

We wish you the best of luck in finding your perfect fit!

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