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The Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds

The Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds

In a digitalized era in which most kids would rather spend their time staring at a screen instead of playing outside, it is recommended that parents promote outdoor activities and encourage their little ones to tag along for some old-school backyard fun and entertainment.

Outdoor toys allow your children to get a healthy and well-deserved dose of fresh air on a daily basis. I found some excellent choices for 4-year-olds that will keep your little ones engaged for hours in healthy and educational physical activities.

The Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds – Top 8 Choices

You can create many wonderful experiences for your children with any of the following outdoor toys for toddlers. They are all engaging and fun, not to mention they improve cognitive and motor skills.

I have listed these products in no particular ys. They were chosen based on their features, play opportunities, and ratings.

1. Kids Explorer Bug Catcher Kit

Kids Explorer Bug Catcher Kit

This bug catcher kit for 4-year-olds is a great way to encourage your child to play outside and avoid spending too much time in front of a screen. With this toy, you will transform your backyard into an exciting wilderness. The kit features everything your toddler needs for hours of adventure and exploration.

The box contains nine functional tools: a compass, a headlamp, a flashlight, a pair of binoculars, a butterfly net, and more. The flashlight doesn’t need batteries because it charges by a crank. With the headlamp, children can pretend they are inside a cave while exploring their back patio.

This amazing kit will keep your kids outside for hours at a time and will help you to keep them away from the TV. All the toys provided by this kit mimic a real camping trip experience. All the items are made from good-quality materials. Expect your little one to catch caterpillars and other bugs right in their backyard.

2. Kid’s Flying Rings

Kid’s Flying Rings

This kit of flying rings might seem like a simple throw-and-catch game, but it is the perfect gift for young children. A 4-year-old may not be completely prepared for a game of Frisbee, but you can still encourage them to get active with this flying ring set. Unlike a classic Frisbee, these rings are easier to catch or throw because they fly straight, and their size is perfect to fit in small hands.

The Activ Life flying rings are perfect for a day at the beach because they float on water. The box contains two rings that come in many available color combinations: blue and red, green and orange, purple and pink, navy and teal, black and white, yellow and cyan, and even a glow-in-the-dark alternative.

According to many parents, their kids were able to throw these rings surprisingly far due to the items’ aerodynamic shape and lightweight structure. They feature open centers that come in handy, especially when you play with these rings at the beach. Unlike Frisbee discs, these rings won’t hold sand or dust.

3. Golf Toy Set for Kids

Golf Toy Set for Kids

This affordable golf toy set will help your toddler develop both mentally and physically. With this toy, you can bond with your child and spend some quality time together while also teaching your little one how to play golf. There are plenty of educational and learning opportunities that this toy provides: creativity, sports knowledge, thinking, logic, patience, hand-eye coordination, social interaction, motor skills, etc.

The iPlay, iLearn toy is an interactive game that keeps your child’s mind engaged as well as entertained. It develops hand-eye coordination and promotes social interaction. Each set includes a base unit, a tee stand, a golf club, 15 golf balls, and two club heads. The club is adjustable, which means that your child will be able to use this game for a very long time.

The manufacturing company praises the design of this toy, saying that most children won’t get bored easily with it. It is quite easy to assemble. It is true, however, that your little one will have to practice quite a bit to overcome that small learning curve.

4. Rocker Kids Seesaw by Pure Fun

Rocker Kids Seesaw by Pure Fun

This toy is a durable and fun rocker seesaw made to be used by multiple children at the same time, which encourages social interaction. It is a hybrid toy that combines the relaxing motion of rocking chairs with the playful and fun experience of a seesaw. The rubber padded rockers are made of steel, and they are water-resistant.

It is also a great toy for those toddlers who have older siblings because they can play together. In fact, this Pure Fun teeter-totter appeals to children of ages up to 10 years old. You can use it both indoor and outdoor, and it is safe but entertaining enough. The plastic seats are comfy yet sturdy. If you have a smaller backyard, this might be a great addition to your kid’s toy collection because it doesn’t occupy a lot of space.

One thing you should keep in mind, though: putting all the elements of this toy together might take some time, and it can be a tad arduous. According to the manufacturer, this toy will last for a long time, even if you leave it outside in the rain or snow.

Pure Fun Rocker Kids Seesaw
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5. Sandbox with Sand Toys

Sandbox with Sand Toys

A sandbox with dedicated plastic toys represents a popular invitation to outdoor play. In their sandbox, children can dig, pretend play, and build sandcastles. The ideal type of sandbox is one that comes with a cover to prevent stray cats from using it. Other great additions would be some fun accessories such as spoons, mini shovels, toy trucks, buckets, and funnels.

Usually, little girls love creating “sand cakes” while little boys play with trucks and make sand tunnels for their toy cars. I am sure your little one will adore playing with a sand baking set that will help him, or her make mud pies and sand cakes. There are great sets out there that include items such as whisks, measuring cups, mixing bowls, and mixing spoons.

A fun sandbox should also feature some built-in seats where your little ones can sit while they’re playing. The lid offers protection from both critters and weather factors. More and more parents choose sandboxes that have a contemporary design.

6. Outdoor Swing Set

Outdoor Swing Set

A swing set for your backyard or playground is definitely one of the best outdoor toys for 4 year olds. Your kids will play on for years. Some of the swing set models are simpler, with just a few rings or swings while others are more complex, featuring all sorts of swing variations. Parents who have trees in their yard might prefer a simple swing that hangs from one of their trees.

Either way, this type of toy will soon become your child’s favorite playtime option. Choose a product that comes with an iron frame for increased durability. Also, most parents prefer seats made of plastic. Another aspect you should consider is a stable A-frame construction.

A simple swing set is normally easy to assemble, and it makes the perfect gift idea. While swinging, children burn calories and develop many muscle groups, especially quadriceps and hamstrings. Swing sets will also encourage social interaction and promote friendship.

7. Princess Castle Play Tent

Princess Castle Play Tent

All kids love fairytales, and they imagine themselves to be princesses, queens, and kings. So, what better way to allow their creativity to grow than this enchanting pop-up castle tent. The space is large enough to comfortably accommodate 2-3 kids at a time. Features like the roll-up door and the tent’s construction are amazing perks that come with this outdoor toy.

Both the folding and storing processes are easy. When placed in a standing position, the height of the tent reaches 54 inches. As soon as you fold it, the entire structure becomes compact, and it will measure only 17 inches. There’s also a useful carrying case that enables you to take this outdoor toy with you wherever you go with your child to the park or a public playground.

One thing that will simply amaze your little princess is the star print of the tent that glows in the dark. This product is fun and highly affordable. It enhances your little one’s imagination and provides her with her own private space. This lightweight and portable construction is an ideal option for backyard adventures.

8. Spikeball Game Set

Spikeball Game Set

This 3-ball play kit is an engaging and competitive game that will keep your 4-year old active, happy, and healthy. There must be two teams of two team players each. The game’s rules are pretty similar to the ones of volleyball. It is an exciting outdoor game that involves the entire family.

It is the perfect setup for your backyard. The product’s legs are foldable, which lets you store this item quite easily in your closet, garage, or even your car’s trunk. The net is also adjustable and can be tailored to your preferences. You can take this game on the road with you, during your family trips because the set comes with a drawstring bag for increased portability.

All you need to ace this game are some space to play, four players, and a bit of practice. I mentioned that this is similar to volleyball, which is true. However, unlike in the case of volleyball, where you must hit the ball over the net when you play Spikeball, the ball must go into the net every single turn.

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds

1. Check Your Backyard Space

Before purchasing any outdoor toy for your 4-year-old, you should always measure the space you have available in your yard. Then, try to pick sandboxes, swing sets, and other games that won’t overcrowd or overwhelm that space. Even after you set up a toy, your kids should still run safely around it.

2. Don’t Forget About Safety Features

This is the most important aspect when it comes to your child. Make sure that the toy you’re about to buy meets all the required safety standards. Its materials should be non-toxic, and its components should lack any sharp edges or harmful shapes.

3. Know Your Child’s Interests

Before selecting any outdoor toy, you should first know exactly what your child’s preferences are. Otherwise, all those brand new toys will remain untouched in your storage area. Not to mention that, toy kids will become a complete disappointment for both parents and children.

4. Opt for Modular Sets

From both money and product perspectives, it is best to buy modular toys because they are the ideal choice for highly active children. These types of outdoor toys provide a wide range of fun challenges and numerous healthy and educational activities that your little one will happily engage in. One great example is a set comprised of slides and swings.

5. Pay Attention to the Product’s Quality

While the price is an important aspect of any purchasing decision, quality is also essential, especially when it comes to products made for kids. You will definitely find good-quality outdoor toys that are safe for your children and that are also marketed at average costs. Compare different products and always read all their provided information.

Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds

The Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds – Frequently Asked Questions

How Can You Keep Your Kid’s Outdoor Toys Clean?

There are several viable methods through which you can keep your little one’s outdoor toys clean and ready to use:
Use a mix of baking soda and vinegar – these two elements are multi-purpose cleaning tools, and their combined solution will bring extra cleaning power. Feel free to also add a few drops of lemon juice;
Try home cleaning products – magic cleaners such as the ones you use for your cooking stove or sink could also work wonders when applied on outdoor toys because they have a high power of erasing stains that otherwise would be hard to remove;
Cover the outdoor toys up – toys like sandboxes should come with lids to protect the inside elements. If that’s not the case, you should cover them yourself or store them when your child isn’t using the toys.
How Can You Store Your Kid’s Outdoor Toys?
You can buy a large bin for your outdoor toys and keep them in it when you’re not using these items. Another way would be to fold, if possible, and store the toys in your garage. If you don’t have a garage, basement, or attic, you could even consider trying a DIY storage project for your outdoor toys (e.g., creating some durable shelves or crafting a rolling storage cart.

What Are the Benefits of Outdoor Play for Children?

There are many skills and abilities that kids can seriously improve when they play outside:
Learning and cognitive abilities;
Imagination and creativity enhancement;
Physical and mental health;
Social skills;
Language abilities;
Overall well-being.

What Can Parents Do Outside With Their Children?

There are many fun and engaging activities that you can do outside together with your kids:
Painting on the sidewalk;
Playing in the sandbox;
Going on bug hunting sessions in your backyard;
Sliding or swinging;
Riding bikes or scooters;
Planting flowers in the garden;
Building sandcastles;
Playing with water tables, etc.

The Best Outdoor Toys for 4 Year Olds – Bottom Line

All the outdoor toys presented above will engage your kids in exciting and healthy activities. They are a great way to spend some quality time with your little ones and bond with them on a deeper level. Who knows?! Maybe, this way, you will discover their true passions and interests from a very young age.

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